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🌏 | US Senate Democratic Party announces "wealth tax" proposal Taxes on unrealized gains on assets Mr. Musk opposes


US Senate Democratic Party Announces "Wealth Tax" Proposal Taxes on Unrealized Gains on Assets Mr. Musk Opposes

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However, not all ultra-rich people disagree.

[Washington, XNUMXth Reuters] -US Senate Democrats announced a tax increase plan for the ultra-rich on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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wealthy class

wealthy class(Fusouso) is relatively large above a certain leveleconomic power,Purchasing powerHaveIndividualHousehold..Or, after reconsidering it more broadly, subdividing itwealthy class(HNWIAlso written as, the amount of assets held is$ 100 millionOr100 million yenOr more) orSuper wealthy(Ultra-HNWIAlso written as, the amount of assets held is$ 3000 millionOr500 million yenThe above terms are used.

According to the World Ultra Wealth Report 2017Super wealthy人口は226,450人、アメリカが73,110人と最も多くなり、次いで、日本16,740人、中国16,040人、ドイツ13,420人、イギリス8,860人、フランス8,630人、カナダ8,590人、香港7,650人、スイス5,940人、イタリアの5,530人(上位10カ国)となったが[1],from now onSuper wealthyFor population,Preservation of wealthIn contrast to Europe and the United States, which have entered the “stage,” in emerging Asia, “Creation of wealthIs expected to expand[1].

the term

Property owner, rich manTo theUnsealed"("History-A word from "Kanshuden", "Imaari Shimomuji Chichibuki no Mikoto, Jue Eup no Iri Ichiraku Yore no Hito, Anniversary Anniversary[2].

"Vegetarian"Originally, there is nothing to add. "seal"" Means lord, lord.Place,Territory (In the case of Japan, the territory is not the private property of the feudal lord, and basically the authority that could be given to the territory / resident was limited to tax collection rights, administrative rights, judicial power, etc.)Even withoutPrincesEqual wealthTo have.Big assetsTo have.Also, that person.Rich, rich, wealthy,Wealthy man.[2][3]

"UnsealedOnly with ""Rich "people"It means "", and it is not necessary to add "house" originally.However,"Wealthy manAfter the Meiji era, "the rich man""Man"When expressing "", add "house" to "Unsealed houseIt came to be like[4].


RBC Wealth Management

RBC Wealth Management (Japanese-English) Etc.wealthy classIs defined as the main residentialReal estate, Collectables,Consumer goods,andDurable consumer goodsExceptOver $100 million OfinvestmentThe household owns possible assets[5].. in EnglishHNWI Notated as (high-net-worth individual).2012 According to the statistics, there are about 1100 million affluent households in the world, the country with the most affluent population in the world is about 306 million households in the United States, and Japan is about 2 million households. Also,Over $3000 millionHouseholds owningUltra-rich (Ultra-HNWI)Is defined as

Nomura Research Institute

Nomura Research InstituteIs "Ultra-rich (household netFinancial assets・5 million yen or more)" "Wealth class (1 million yen to 5 million yen)Reports classified into[6]..According to this report, the size of the wealthy market in 2015 was 114.4 million households, the total net financial assets was 197 trillion yen, the size of the ultra-rich market was 7.3 households, and the total net financial assets was 75 trillion yen. ..Also,Baby boom generation Ofretirement,andLow birthrate and aging populationIn the backgroundInheritanceIt is expected that the affluent people market will expand for some time in line with the increase in.

New wealthy class

in recent years,Information and communication technologyDevelopment ofFinancial regulationMore people are making money through relaxation[7].

Wealthy people survey

World Wealth Report

FranceConsulting firmCapgeminiAnnounced by2019 OfThe wealthiest people in the worldIt is a number ranking.Mainly for residential useReal estate, Collectables,Consumer goods,andDurable consumer goodsExceptOver $100 million OfinvestmentHouseholds owning possible assetswealthy class(HNWI, High-Net-Worth Individual)[8]. The top 25 countries in the world's richest population are:

wealthy class
RankingCountry / Regionpopulation
1United States flag America5,909,000
2Japanese flag Japan3,387,000
3German flag Germany1,466,000
4Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku1,317,000
5French flag France702,000
6British flag The United Kingdom591,000
7Swiss flag スイス438,000
8Canadian flag カナダ392,000
9Italian flag イタリア298,000
10Dutch flag Netherlands287,000
11Australian flag Australia284,000
12Indian flag India263,000
13Republic of Korea flag South Korea243,000
14Spanish flag スペイン235,000
15Russian flag ロシア215,000
16Kuwait flag クウェート207,000
17Saudi arabia flag Saudi Arabia203,000
18Brazilian flag Brazil199,000
19Norway flag ノルウェー182,000
20Taiwan flag Taiwan178,000
21Hong Kong flag Hong Kong172,000
22Austrian flag オーストリア155,000
23Swedish flag スウェーデン142,000
24Kingdom of Thailand flag Thailand134,000
25Indonesian flag Indonesia134,000

World Ultra Wealth Report

スイスFinancial giantUBSBy aggregation such as2019 OfThe world's ultra-richIt is a number ranking.Super wealthy(UHNWI, Ultra HNWI) as net worthOver $3000 millionIt is defined as the owner, and it is said that there are 29 people in the world.The most countries are the United States, the most cities are New York (Tokyo is third)[9]..The top 10 countries in the world's ultra-rich population are:

Super wealthy
RankingCountry / Regionpopulation
1United States flag America93,790
2Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku27,755
3Japanese flag Japan19,820
4German flag Germany15,960
5Canadian flag カナダ11,285
6French flag France11,000
7Hong Kong flag Hong Kong9,955
8British flag The United Kingdom9,690
9Swiss flag スイス7,200
10Indian flag India6,515


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