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🌏 | German CPI, up 10% year-on-year in October, the largest increase since the start of aggregation


German CPI rises 10% year-on-year in October, the largest increase since the start of aggregation

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Fritzi Koehler-Geibpersist of the German Reconstruction and Finance Corporation (KfW) Bank said that if supply constraints continue next year, it will have a negative impact on economic growth.

[Berlin, XNUMXth Reuters] -October Consumer Price Index (CPI ...) released by the German Federal Statistical Office on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading


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German Reconstruction Finance Corporation

KfW(alonereading:Car F VOrGerman Reconstruction Finance Corporation(German Fukkokin Yukoko) and Japanese translation)The Federal Republic of GermanyState-owned financial institution.The official name isKfW banking groupAnd KfWReconstruction Credit InstituteIs an abbreviation for.HeadquartersFrankfurt am Main.


KfW is the KfW method[1]It is an organization based on (Gesetz über die Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, German Reconstruction Finance Corporation Law). 80% of KfW's capital is owned by the Federal Republic and the remaining 20%Federal stateOwned by.

Based on the KfW Law, implementation of subsidized projects by financing SMEs, freelance businesses, companies, venture capital, housing supply, environmental protection, infrastructure development, technological innovation, government bond development cooperation, etc., financing to local organizations and special purpose associations, Financing for measures with educational and social purposes, as well asEuropean Investment BankIt has the function of providing loans in the field of promoting economic interests of the European Union and the European Union.The business fields are as follows.

  • KfW Mittelstandsbank: Subsidies for SMEs and ventures
  • KfW Privatkundenbank: Private Housing and Education Loans
  • KfW Kommunalbank: Infrastructure development loans for local governments, loans to the Landesförder institute
  • KfW IPEX-Bank: andProject finance
  • KfW Entwicklungsbank: Public Development Assistance Activities
  • DEG: Financing for private sector investment in developing countries
  • Capital market activities: financing, securitization, etc.

Bonds are also actively issued in Japan.


  • 1948: By Integrated Economic Region HeadquartersMarshall PlanEstablished for the purpose of allocating funds.
  • 1994 yearsGermany reunificationLater, old(German versionTake over the business of (Staatsbank).
  • 2001: Acquired Deutsche Investitions-und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG) from the Federal Republic.
  • 2003: Merged with the German Coordinating Bank (DtA: Deutsche Ausgleichsbank).

Organization overview

Deutsche BankHermann Josef Abs was the chairman.

List three executives from the brilliant management team.First,German Postal UnionServed as chairman ofWest GermanyBecame the head of the German Trade Union Confederation amid the turmoil and turmoil of the economyErnst BrightIs.The other is JewishWalter HesselbachButThyssen, Krupp,Volkswagen,Salzgitter,Rule coalItinerary of the executive of.furtherRWEHe is a global human resource who has been a vice chairman of the company and has been active in banks other than Germany.For example, before the war, Dreyfus Bank (since 1994)Mellon Financial), But after the warTel Aviv OfIsrael Continental Bank Ltd[2],Luxembourg OfIsrael European Company[3]He was chairman of various banks.And the third personGunter Sasmanshausen.German shellHe was also an executive of Salzgitter.

  • Number of employees: 5,190 (2012): Approximately 21% domestic business activities, approximately 23% supporting developing countries, approximately 11% export finance andProject finance, The rest are engaged in management department work
  • Total assets: 5,116 billionEuro, Loan balance: 3,668 billion euros (December 2012, 12)
  • Tier 1 capital ratio: 18.2%, total capital ratio: 20.6% (December 2012, 12)


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  2. ^ Address: PO Box 37406, 65 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv-Jaffa 61373
  3. ^ Paris familyRothschildEdmon (1926-1997) is the president.Edmon is in Tel AvivIsrael General Bank But he was president.

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