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🌏 | Tennis-Mr. Wilander, Federer "to see the reality" after returning


Tennis-Bilander, Federer "to see reality" after returning

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Wilander said in a Eurosport interview that players like Alexander Zverev (Germany) and Daniil Medvedev (Russia) are improving their abilities, saying, "It is possible for him (Federer) to return. Let's go.

[Reuters] – Mats Wilander, who has won seven major tennis tournaments, was injured ... → Continue reading


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Euro sports(British: Eurosport[† 1][† 2]) IsThe United States of America OfMediaAffiliated companies,DiscoverySpecializing in sports under the umbrella of the companyBroadcaster.Satellite broadcasting,Cable TVEtcEuropeIt is broadcast in 59 countries and 20 languages ​​around the world.


1989 ToEuropean Broadcasting UnionOpened as Europe's first sports channel as a joint venture between (EBU) and Sky Television.afterwards,1991 Sky merged with British Satellite Broadcasting (BSB) (company name changed to B Sky B after the merger, in 2014ス カ イChanged to), in conflictSky SportsDue to the concentration on the euro sports, instead of the FrenchTF1Became the parent company.2012 Starting with the acquisition of 20% of the shares by Discovery, Inc.2014 After acquiring a 51% stake in2015 TF49 has agreed to sell the remaining 1% of the shares to Discovery.2015 January,International Olympic Committee The2018 Winter Olympicsから2024 Summer OlympicsAnnounced that it has sold its exclusive rights to the Olympic Games in Europe to its parent company Discovery and Eurosport.[1].

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  2. ^ French pronunciation: [øʁɔspɔːʁ] Uros Paul


  1. ^ IOC awards all TV and multiplatform broadcast rights in Europe to Discovery and Eurosport for 2018-2024 Olympic Games --International Olympic Committee (IOC) News Release Retrieved August 2015, 8

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