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🌏 | U.S. companies changing political contributions, the largest number of congressional attacks in history = investigation


U.S. companies changing political contributions, the largest number ever in a parliamentary attack, etc. Impact = investigation

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At the same time, some companies such as Delta Air Lines made public statements on social and political issues.

[New York, XNUMXth, Reuters] – Among the companies that make up the US S & P XNUMX Comprehensive Stock Index, make political contributions ... → Continue reading


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Political issues

Political issuesWhat is (Seiji Mondai)?PoliticsOn社会 問題Phenomena that are of general social concern, and issues that need to be considered in policy making and policy making.

Below thatDiplomatic issuesThere are also various frames such as (gaikomondai).


Political issues政治家Scandal (→bribe) Etc. from the problems of individual politicianspolicyLike a failure政府 OfcreditUntil the problem, againEducationFrom policy外交Wide variety, often社会 問題It gets entangled in one end of.

Regarding these political issues, there are many fields in which the administration side is repeatedly searching, and the part where it is difficult to find a solution to these unsolved cases is similar to social issues. On the other hand, if the actions or incidents taken by some politicians develop into distrust of politics, the politicians are moving.Political partyTruncate from (so-called ""LizardThere are also things like "Tail cutting"), and the ethics of those involved in politicsMassesIn some cases, it becomes a difficult gap between the ethics of.

DemocracyIn society, political issues are directly linked to the selection of government officials.

Political issues and social phenomena

Regarding political issues,Feudal systemIf the people are not directly involved in the choice of the administration, social dissatisfactionRiotBecomeCoup d'etatThere is a tendency to explode depending on the nature. So-calledrevolutionIf you take into account, there are many examples in history.

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