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🌏 | Omicron positive test, male in his 30s, Namibian diplomat = Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare


Omicron positive on test, male in his 30s, Namibian diplomat = Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare

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The meeting of the relevant ministers will be held from 5 pm and will be attended by the Prime Minister, Chief Cabinet Secretary, and Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

[Tokyo XNUMXth Reuters] – Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Shigeyuki Goto announced on the XNUMXth that a new mutant strain of the new coronavirus "Omi ..." → Continue reading


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Ministers concerned

Chief Cabinet Secretary

Chief Cabinet Secretary(I don't knowBritish: Chief Cabinet Secretary[1]) IsJapan OfCabinet Secretariat OfSecretary[2].

Incumbent is the 86th generationHirokazu Matsuno(Appointment: 2021 〈Reiwa3 years>May 11 -).For a list of Chief Cabinet SecretariesPast Chief Cabinet SecretarySee.


Cabinet SecretariatIt is,CabinetIs an auxiliary institution ofPrime MinisterAs an institution that directly assists and supportsCabinetArrangement of matters, CabinetGeneral affairs, Comprehensive coordination of measures of each administrative department, important policies of the CabinetInformation gathering surveyEtc. are in charge[3]..The Chief Cabinet Secretary is supposed to govern the office work of the Cabinet Secretariat and govern the duties of the staff.Secretary of StateWill be allocated with[4].

The office work of the Cabinet SecretariatExecutive branchSince it can cover almost all areas of Japan, the duties of the Chief Cabinet Secretary who supervises it can also be extremely wide-ranging.Some of the most important functions of the Chief Cabinet Secretary today include:[5].

  1. Coordinator of various administrative departments for various cabinet matters.
  2. Similarly for various projects,国会eachParliamentary group(EspeciallyRuling party) And the coordinator.
  3. "Government spokesman" who announces important matters handled by the Cabinet and official views of the government on various situations (SpokespersonRole as).

The office isPrime Minister's OfficeOn the 5th floor,Special occupation Ofgovernment officialIsSecretary of StateOne person is assigned, and multiple people seconded from each ministry and agency are assigned to handle secretary affairs.Also, if you wish, a special jobAssistant MinisterOne person can be assisted.CabinetThen act as a facilitator[5].

other than this,Cabinet Office Establishment LawIn Article 8Ministerial Committeeas well as the Minister for Special MissionsExcluding the department in charge ofCabinet OfficeIt is supposed to be in charge of generalizing the office work ofCabinet Office Minister's Secretariat,Imperial Household Agency,Award Bureau,International Peace Cooperation Headquarters,Public-Private Personnel Exchange Center,Reemployment Monitoring CommitteeBesides, nowabductionVictim supportAinuAlso in charge of policy promotion[6].

Chief Cabinet Secretary on the premises of the official residenceOfficial residence 2002 (HeiseiIt has been installed since March 14),EmergencyThere is an example in which the Chief Cabinet Secretary stayed and responded promptly when such a situation occurred,Permanent residenceNever used as[7].


The Chief Cabinet Secretary is sometimes called the "Prime Minister's right arm."CabinetAppointed first and works as the prime minister's right arm[8].Prime MinisterAlong with this, it is an important post with high importance, and it is said that the chief cabinet secretary's coordinating ability determines success or failure in resolving serious concerns, and it is said to be the cornerstone of the Cabinet.

PrewarCabinet SecretaryCorresponds to[2],Under the current constitutionThen initiallyEmperorWas a non-certified officer who was not certified by1963 (Showa38 years)Hayato IkedaThe prime minister,MinisterJudging that it is necessary to have the same rank as the minister in order to instruct[9],Second Ikeda Cabinet (second remodeling)From June 6 of the same yearCertifierBecame[9]..Until then, it was formally a lower post than the minister, but now it is completely treated as a minister.tv setThe exposure is noticeable throughout and every dayPress conferenceIs reported on TV and is the face of the administration[9]..Nowadays, it is often regarded as the actual number 2 cabinet.[10].

Of future prime minister candidatesClimbing gateAs a typical post, there are also cases where relatively young promising stocks are allocated with an emphasis on practical ability with a small turn, and veteran big-name politicians are appointed with an emphasis on policy adjustment ability with glaring eyes on the Diet and government agencies. Sometimes.In any case, it is customary for a politician close to the prime minister to take office.OnceLDPIn the administrationPresidentFactionIt is customary to be appointed fromNakasone CabinetAnd other factionsMasaharu GotodaWas unusual when he was appointed.Since then, there have been multiple appointments from other than the presidential faction.Coalition governmentThen, there are many appointments from the prime minister's party,Hosokawa CabinetThen of other partiesMasayoshi TakemuraHas been appointed.

News reportAtGovernment leaderThe word "CustomRefers to the Chief Cabinet Secretary. This is coverage記者Informal remarks such as talks with (Off-the-record) Is an expression used for. In addition, if necessary for the operation of national government,Cabinet Secretary Compensation FeeCan be spent at the discretion of the Chief Cabinet Secretary.

2000 (Heisei12 years) After AprilTemporary Deputy Prime MinisterAlthough there is a custom of designating five prospective persons, the Chief Cabinet Secretary is designated as the first or second place. If the Secretary of State other than the Chief Cabinet Secretary is designated as the 5st place, the Secretary of StateDeputy Prime MinisterIn the case of the Chief Cabinet Secretary, it is not called the Deputy Prime Minister. The person who was appointed before the time when he did not necessarily designate a temporary candidate for the Prime Minister was called the Deputy Prime Minister even if he was the Chief Cabinet Secretary.

Going outIncludingBusiness tripInstead of the prime ministerCrisis managementIt is said that it is desirable to have a system that allows you to enter the official residence within one hour because you are in charge ofTokyoCan hardly leave[Annotation 1]..Also, if the Chief Cabinet Secretary leaves Tokyo,Chief Executive OfficerIt is desirable that the Prime Minister is in Tokyo.It is sometimes reported that the situation where the Prime Minister and the Chief Cabinet Secretary leave Tokyo at the same time is unusual.[11],In that caseDeputy Secretary-General, Cabinet SecretariatWill be in charge of crisis management in Tokyo[12].


The following official positions are appointed to assist the Chief Cabinet Secretary. The text in parentheses is the abbreviation and the Cabinet Act is abbreviated as law.


  • 1879 May 3 - Prime Minister"Cabinet" is the predecessor of the Chief Cabinet SecretaryCabinet SecretaryWas set up for the first time, and a large clerk and a minor clerk are placed as the subordinates.
  • 1885 May 12 -Become a formal permanent job with the establishment of the Cabinet System.
  • 1890 May 6 -Cabinet promulgation of officialsRoyal officerIt is said that the mandate is determined. At that time, the duties of the Prime Minister were: “The Prime Minister is in charge of confidential documents. The Cabinet is in charge of general affairs. Of the CabinetJudgmentThe following personnel personnel rights will be enforced)”.
  • 1898 May 10 -Cabinet officesSecretaryThe commanding power of the secretary-general is changed to the commanding power.
  • 1924 May 12 -The Cabinet official staff system was completely revised, and the department directly under the Secretary General was reorganized into the Cabinet Secretariat. In addition, “Prime Minister Wosuke” will be added to the duties, and the assistant of the Prime Minister will be clearly stated.
  • 1947 May 5 - The Constitution of JapanWith the enforcement ofCabinet SecretaryBased on the law of administrative agencies as a succeeding jobChief Cabinet SecretaryIs installed.Secretary of StateSince it was not a supplementary job, when the person who is the Secretary of State is the Chief Cabinet Secretary, the appointment will be "Appoint also serving as Chief Cabinet Secretary". In the case of a person who is not the Secretary of State, the appointment is "Appoint the Chief Cabinet Secretary."
  • 1949 May 6 -With the expiration of the administrative agency law, the position will be based on the Cabinet Law. Since it was stipulated in the law that the Minister of State could apply, in that case, it would be the notation of "Order the Chief Cabinet Secretary." If the person is not the Secretary of State, he appoints the Chief Cabinet Secretary as before.
  • 1963 May 6 - At the timeHayato IkedaBy the instructions of the prime minister[9], The Cabinet Act has been partially revised andCertifierBecome[9].. If the person who is the Secretary of State is the Chief Cabinet Secretary, he is certified as the Secretary of State, and if the person who is not the Secretary of State is the Chief Cabinet Secretary, he is certified as the Chief Cabinet Secretary.
  • 1966 May 6 -With a partial revision of the Cabinet Law, the Cabinet Secretary will be devoted to the Secretary of State (no longer a single certifier).
  • 1984 May 7 - General Affairs AgencyIn addition to the Cabinet Secretariat,Prime Minister's OfficeIt will also be in charge of general organization (excluding ministries etc.).
  • 2000 May 4 -The designation of the temporary appointment of the Prime Minister, which had been pointed out to be inadequate due to multiple issuing methods, has been changed to a method of pre-issuing up to the 5th rank at the time of formation, and in principle the Secretary of State, Cabinet Secretary It will be specified in the ranking.
  • 2001 May 1 - Reorganization of central ministriesIn line with theCabinet OfficeI will be in charge of general arrangement (excluding ministries etc.).

List of Cabinet Secretaries

"Past Chief Cabinet SecretarySee.

Cabinet Secretary's Commendation

The Chief Cabinet Secretary said, "Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, in response to the public's service to the work under the jurisdiction of the Cabinet Secretariat.Recognition(( Cabinet Secretary賞, Chief Cabinet SecretaryLetter of thanksIncluding)). This is similar to the "Prime Minister's Commendation" and is awarded to those who have made a contribution to gender equality and the sound development of young people. In addition, the Cabinet Secretary's Award has been awarded for those co-sponsored and sponsored by the Cabinet Secretariat in slogans and contests of the Road Safety Association. In addition to this, he was active in the worldOlympicThere is also an example of presenting a "Cabinet Secretary's Certificate of Appreciation" to athletes.


  • Youngest inauguration record: 42 years old- Hirohide Ishida
  • Longest consecutive tenure record: 2,822 days (7 years and 8 months)- Yoshii Kan
  • Longest incumbent record: 2,822 days (7 years and 8 months) --Yoshihide Suga


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