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🌏 | Weibo to raise $ 3.85 million on listing in Hong Kong = sources


Weibo to raise $ 3.85 million on listing in Hong Kong = sources

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Weibo is already listed in New York.

[Hong Kong XNUMXnd Reuters] – According to sources, China's social media giant Weibo is ... → Continue reading


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Sina Weibo

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: LogoImage providedplease.(2020/7)

Sina Weibo(Sina Weibo, Sina Weibo,NASDAQ: WB) IsPeople's Republic of China OfSinaOperated by (SINA Corporation)Mini blogThe site.


TwitterとFacebookIt is said that it also has the elements of, and accounts for 57% of all miniblog users in China and 87% of the number of posts. Currently one of the most popular websites in China[2][3][4].. Sina Corp. was established in August 2009 and has more than 8 million users worldwide as of September 2016.Greater ChinaThe biggest social media.

Origin of service name

"Sina Weibo" is the operating company "Sina", Which means" microblogging "in Chinese.Weibo'[5]Is a combination of. Weibo is the name of a general service, and there are several other microblogging services called Weibo.People's Republic of ChinaSina Weibo in particular refers to "Sina Weibo".


Since around 2007, microblogging services such as Twitter have been popular internationally, but in ChinaGolden shieldIt was not possible to use it due to communication restrictions. Therefore, we developed our own microblogging service and released the first test version of Sina Weibo in 2009.May 8Published to.

In September of the same year, a version with basic functions (message function, private message function, comment function, reply function) was released. After that, the number of users increased steadily,2010 In December, there was a failure due to a surge in access.2011 In March, the number of registered users exceeded 3 million. At the end of December 1, Sina Corporation announced that it had more than 2012 million registered users.

August 2014, 4,The United States of America OfNASDAQListed on the market.It plans to raise up to $ 3 million. As of September 8000, the number of users has exceeded 2016 million worldwide.Currently, the number of users has exceeded 9 million in China alone.Stephen Hawking[6],Bill Gates[7]Overseas celebrities who are popular in China have also opened accounts.

Japanese corporation

Sina Weibo Co., Ltd.(Shinanihon Weibo Kabushiki Kaisha) is a Japanese corporation of Sina Weibo. Mainly engaged in advertising management and account verification.

In Japan, Find Japan Co., Ltd. has been a pioneer since July 2011.[8]Became the official partner of Weibo in Japan and started issuing and reviewing "official accounts" of Japanese companies and providing advertising services. In June 2016, Sina Japan General Network Co., Ltd.[9]Was established, and acquired the sales rights for advertising and PR of "SINA" in Japan and the sales rights for advertising and PR of "Weibo" in Japan, and started the business.

Currently, Sina Japan is in charge of services in Japan.

Japanese entertainers who currently have a Weibo accountAkanishi Jin Tomohisa Yamashita,Kimura Takuya,Yamazaki Kento,Shogi Shibata,Ryoma Takeuchi,EXILE,AKB48,Kyary Pamyu Pamyu,Fukuyama Masaharu,Kenshi YONEZUAnd so on[10].


Many of the features of Sina WeiboTwitterIt's similar to. The character limit for posting is 140 characters (increased to 2016 characters as of January 1, excluding reposts and comments)[11].

You can comment on other users using the "@UserName" formathashtagCan be added or follow other users. There is also a feature similar to Twitter's retweet feature, which displays posts on your timeline and posts on your timeline.

A recent update allows you to add imagesInstagramIs similar to[12].

  • You can post images.
  • You can send personal messages between followers (chat function).
  • You can post stories like Instagram.

Hashtags are slightly different between Sina Weibo and Twitter, and adopt the double hashtag "#HashName #" format (ChineseBecause there is no space between the characters, the end tag is required).

If you are not registered, you will not be able to view or comment on all posts, so you will need a confirmed account.

It is said to be the Chinese version of Twitter, but it combines elements of Twitter, Facebook, and Medium.

International version

For Sina WeiboSimplified charactersと繁体字Both characters can be used. There are also versions for Hong Kong and Taiwan users[13].. Current,EnglishAnd other言语Is developing an international version. On January 2018, 1, the company conducted a week-long public test of the English version. iPhone and iPad apps are available in English.


Sina WeiboChinese net censorshipWe work with you to tightly control posts about the service[14][15].

Posts with links that use some URL shortening services (including Google's goo.gl) or posts with blacklisted keywords are not allowed[16][17].. Posts on politically sensitive topics are manually checked and then deleted.


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