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🌏 | Disney's next top is female for the first time in 98 years of history


Disney's next top is female for the first time in 98 years of history

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Under Eiger, Disney has acquired a variety of peers such as Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox.

Walt Disney announced on the 1st that it has appointed Susan Arnold as its new chairman.The company's 98-year history ... → Continue reading


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21th Century Fox

21th Century Fox(21st Century Fox, Inc., Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc.,21CF) Is an American multinational headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York.Mass mediaA company.Founded in 1980 by Rupert MurdochNews CorporationIt was one of two companies that spun off its publishing division in 2013 and was a legal successor. In 2Walt Disney CompanyNo. 4 in the United States until acquired byMedia conglomeratewas.

On July 2018, 7, 27st Century Fox shareholders agreed to sell most of their assets to Disney for $ 21 billion.The target of the sale was20th Century Fox,FX broadcasting,National Geographic PartnersMost of 21CF's entertainment assets, such as.After a bid battle with FoxSky plc(British media group in which Fox held shares)ComcastAcquired separately, Fox'sFSNRegional sports networks are subject to antitrust rulingsSinclair Broadcast GroupWas sold to.Fox broadcastとMy network tvThe rest of the network, Fox's national broadcast, television stations, news and sports businesses will be the new company.Fox CorporationIt was spun out to and started trading on March 2019, 3.After Disney's acquisition of 19st Century Fox ended on March 21, the remaining 3st Century Fox assets were scattered across Disney's divisions.


2013 year 4 month,News CorporationFrom your companyEntertainmentSeparated departments and new company21th Century FoxAnnounced that it will establish (it was called "Fox Group" until the name was announced)[3][4], Next monthboard of directorsbyStock splitOn June 6th of the same year, the movie companyMovie studio Of20th Century FoxAnd AmericanBroadcasting networkIsFox broadcastIt was born under the umbrella of entertainment-related companies (excluding some).Excluding companies under our umbrellaPublicationBusiness etc. was newly born after the spin-offNews CorpIs in charge.

In addition, NASDAQStock trading hits 3 days after the company is establishedMay 7More starting[5].2016/As of December, in the United StatesStock marketThen.NASDAQ 100 Indexas well as the S & P 500Included in[6],AlsoAustralian Stock ExchangeConsists of listed stocksS & P / ASX 50Also included in[7].

2015/ToNational Geographic SocietyBuy the media division of the new companyNational Geographic PartnersEstablished (73% of the shares are Fox and the remaining 27% is the Association), and has acquired the association's magazines and cable TV.

Acquisition by Walt Disney

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayWalt Disney CompanyIs the 21th Century Fox and TV production division, which is a movie production division under the umbrella of 20st Century Fox.20th Century Fox TelevisionandFox 21 Television Studio,Cable broadcastingOf the businessFXandNational geographic,Satellite broadcastingBusiness Englishス カ イAnnounced that it will acquire (Our company holds 39.1% of the shares and plans to acquire the remaining shares in the future)[8][9][10].

Furthermore, DisneyVideo distribution serviceOf the businessHulu(Disney originally owned 30% of Hulu's stake, but with this acquisition, the 30% owned by the Company will be added, and it will exceed 6% on its own.[11]) And by strengthening video content such as movies and TV programsNetflixIt is a policy to counter such things[8][9][10]..In addition, the western part that organizes TV and movie writersWriters Guild of AmericaHas expressed opposition to the aforementioned acquisition[10].

2019/May 3Disney officially announces that it has completed the acquisition of 21st Century Fox-owned film and television assets[12].

Major affiliated companies / owned assets

Shows the assets owned by the affiliated companies before the acquisition by The Walt Disney Company.

20th Century Fox Movie

FOX Networks Group

Sky & Star


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