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🌏 | US, vaccine companies and Omicron strains = Fauci Chief Medical Advisor


Supports US, vaccine companies and Omicron strains = Fauci Chief Medical Advisor

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Fauci told reporters at the White House that the US government is working with Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson (J & J) on several emergency measures.

[Washington, XNUMXrd Reuters] – Biden's U.S. administration's chief medical adviser, Fauci, said on the XNUMXrd that the new coronavirus ... → Continue reading


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White House

White House(British: White House)President of the United StatesLive and workofficial residence-Official residence.


The White House is a Japanese "Prime minister's residenceIncluding the staff working thereAdministration centerIt is also a common name for.United States Presidential GovernmentIs a part of the stationWhite House Office(Depending on the material, "White House SecretariatYou can also see the Japanese notation).In addition, among the former, there are four major buildings in particular.Executive Residence,Waist wing(West Building),East Wing(East Building),Eisenhower Government Building, And four gardensRose garden,Jacqueline Kennedy Garden,North Lawn,South LawnAnd point toWhite House Complex".

The United States of America OfcapitalIsWashington DCLocated in the center of the city, its address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is the most famous address in the United States.

Executive Residence
Also known as the "Main House", where the president and his family live.Official residenceIn addition to meetings with key figures such as foreign leaders and members of parliament, signing ceremonies of important treaties and important bills, appointment appointments for senior officials, important press conferences, interviews with visitors, dinners and receptions, and more. It is also the place for public events. From the residence, a corridor called "Colonnade" extends east to west and connects to the West Wing and East Wing respectively. The Coronado itself is also a large connected building with an office inside.
Waist wing
"Oval officeIn addition to the presidential office called "," the Cabinet Office, the National Security Council,Vice President,Chief of Staff, Presidential Assistant, Press Secretary,Legal adviser, senior adviserThe center of the US government, which houses offices for senior staff such as. Expand underground to the worldU.S. ForcesAnd the highest level of information collaboration with related organizationsSituation roomThere is.
East Wing
First lady,The staff's office[Annotation 1],andWhite House Social Services OfficerThe office of Also, the underground is called a bunkerNuclear shelterWith featuresPresidential Crisis Management CenterIt has become.2001 Of9.11 terrorismReceived a report that a hijacking machine was approaching the capitalCheneyVice President,riceNational Security OfficerAnd other White House staff immediately evacuated here.
Rose garden,Jacqueline Kennedy Garden,North Lawn,South Lawn
Events may be held on sunny days.The area surrounded by the residence and the West Wing is called the "Rose Garden", and the area surrounded by the Residence and the East Wing is called the "Jacqueline Kennedy Garden". Press conferences and speeches are often held.Rose Garden1962 Was a gardener and philanthropist, but in July 2020, the plant was replaced and the pavement of the sidewalk was replaced.[1]..Further south of South Lawn, literally called "The Ellipse"ellipseThere is a vast garden in shape. The White House, which tourists can see from the Constitution Street over the fence, is a view through this “The Ellipse”.
Eisenhower Government Building
Also known as the "Old Executive Office Building," it is located on the west side across the path from the West Wing.Vice President OfficeOther here[Annotation 2],National Security CouncilSecretariat,Office of Management and BudgetThe office staff is packed, such as entering.

The White House and its adjoining Lafayette Park, The Ellipse, andWhite House Visitor OfficeIs for conveniencePresidential park(Daito Ryoko Koen)National parkThe land and buildings are designated asNational Park ServiceIs managed by.


Construction and design

Construction of the White House, which is the presidential office, was started by the first presidentGeorge WashingtonWhen,1792 May 10The foundation stone was placed on the ground and construction started, but the official foundation stone ceremony was not held.[2].

In 1790Washington DC(Colombia Special Zone) was decided and the division was decided.PhiladelphiaWashington began designing Cheong Wa Dae as the construction of a new capital to replacecompetitionRecruited from 9 final candidatesIrelandI'm an architect fromJames HobanWas adopted. Hoban is the currentIrish National AssemblyContainsDublin OfLeinster HouseModeled on[3].. The basic part was at that timeBlack slave, Stonework mainlyEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euA person was in charge of the construction.It was completed in November 8, eight years after the start of construction, but the first president, Washington, had not only resigned from his presidency but died the previous year, and never saw it completed.Therefore, it was the second president who first moved into this presidential palace.John AdamsIt became.Since then, Cheong Wa Dae has been located here, and even now, more than 200 years later, it is still the center of American politics along with the capital Washington.

The building is an Italian architect of the 16th centuryAndrea Palladio OfPalladian styleIs adopted in ItalyVicenzaVilla (mansion) in the suburbs "La RotondaIt is very similar to "(registered as a World Heritage Site in 1994).Palladio himselfVillaNot (mansion)PalazzoIt is classified as (palace).

Burned down by war

In August 1814, the presidential palace1812 war OfBattle of BradensburgDefeated inBritish ArmybyBurning offHowever, everything was returned to the ashes, leaving the outer wall of the masonry. 4th PresidentJames MadisonHas appointed designer James Hoban as director to rebuild the official residence, which is almost the same as before it was burned down, using the unburned outer wall.1817 It was completed in.At that time, the burnt outer wall was painted white, so the official residence became known as the "White House" as it is today.[Annotation 3]..Some of the burnt walls are still preserved and can be seen on the Truman balcony.

About 200 years after the burning, 2018, the United States against CanadaNational securityBecause ofTariff measuresWas announced and confronted, and a telephone talk was held between the two leaders.Justin TrudeauThe prime ministerNational securityI said that I can't do it because ofDonald TrumpThe president argues that Canada (actually British troops) has burned down the White House in the past[4].

To the present shape

The 1902th President in 26Theodore Roosevelt Waist wingWas expanded and the office of the staff, which had been on the second floor until then, was moved here.The vacant 2nd floor was completely renovated into a living space, and the 2st floor was also slightly renovated.During this period, the White House officially became the "Washington White House" (White House – Washington).

In 1942Second World WarThe 32nd President duringFranklin RooseveltIn the basementAir defense shelterWas added to the East Wing. This air defense shelter is currentlyPresidential Crisis Management CenterAnd in 20019.11 terrorist eventAt that time, the ministers have been evacuated.

1948rd generation in 33President TrumanTried to install a balcony outside the "Yellow Oval Room" on the second floor of the residence.However, the strength inspection conducted at this time revealed that the structural strength had deteriorated due to aging, so a complete dismantling and repair work was to be carried out.The construction was a large-scale project that took five years to recreate the entire interior, including the foundation, leaving only the outer wall of the masonry.Therefore, the president's guesthouse (guest house) is located on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue.Blair House (Blair House) will temporarily function as the presidential office. 5 years have passed since then1952 The construction was completed successfully, and the "Truman Balcony" was newly established. As a result, the present appearance that many people see is completed.

Executive Residence Facilities


  • Floor area: about 5 ft2 (5100 m2)
  • number of rooms:132
  • Washroom: 35 places
  • Number of floors: 3 above ground and 3 below
  • Doors: 412 sheets
  • Windows: 147 places
  • Fireplace: 28 places
  • Stairs: 8 places
  • Elevator: 3 units
  • Chef: 5 people


Ground floor(Ground Floor[Annotation 4])

Center Hall,Basement 1)
Central hall. The hall is about 5m wide and 49m long and runs through the center of the residence basement from east to west. The ceiling isArchedIt has become. The east end of the hall leads to the East Wing visitor lobby, and the west end to the Palm Room, which forms part of the West Wing colonnades.
Diplomatic Reception Room,Basement 2)
Diplomat reception room.At the entrance from the south garden, it is used as an arrival port for ambassadors of each country to attend the credential presentation ceremony.President Franklin Roosevelt said in front of the fireplace in this room, "Fireside chat (Fireside chats) ”Was held on a regular radio discourse.
Map Room,Basement 3)
28th PresidentWilsonAnd the 30th presidentCoolidgeAt that time,ビ リ ヤ ー ドIt was an entertainment room with a stand,Second World WarInside, President Franklin Roosevelt used it as a war situation reporting room,FrontIt was called a map room because it posted a map to display the situation. Currently used for personal meetings of the president and first lady.
China Room,Basement 4)
China here is not China,磁器The tableware of the White House, which stores high-quality porcelain tableware used for dinner with foreign heads of residence. Wilson'sMrs. EdithOf the successive presidents磁器Tablewareコ レ ク シ ョ ンSince it was exhibited, it has come to be called the China Room. This room, which is characterized by red tones throughout, displays porcelain from the times of successive presidents in chronological order.
Vermeil Room,Basement 5)
1956 Left by Mrs. Margaret Thompson Biddle(English edition)(FriPlating officialSilverIt was so called because it exhibited its collection. It is also called "The Gold Room" because of its yellowish decoration.Eleanor Roosevelt,Jacqueline Kennedy,Ladybird Johnson,Patricia Nixon,Nancy ReaganEach ofFirst ladyThe portrait of is displayed. It is currently used as a waiting room for women at ceremonies.
Kitchen,Basement 6)
kitchen.In addition to presidential and family meals, the White House officialDinner partyAlso cooks the dishes ofCook5 people (of whichPastry chef1) and about 20 part-time staff are working. From light meal to full coursedinnerMake up, dinner for 140 people,Hors d'oeuvreThen we can provide more than 1000 people.
White House Curator's Office,Basement 7)
White House curator room.Mrs. 35th PresidentJacqueline KennedyBut,1961 White HouseHistory museumIt was installed because it appealed to. The White House curator manages and restores more than 1 historically valuable furnishings and works of art in the White House.
Library,Basement 8)
Study. Originally used as a laundry room, this room was renovated by President Theodore Roosevelt.pokerIt was converted into a room and then into a study during President Franklin Roosevelt.1973 January,Major countries summit"Library Group" 4 countries (United States of America)United Kingdom-West Germany-France) Was held here.39th generationPresident CarterMade a weekly radio chat from this room, following Franklin Roosevelt's “Fireside Chat”.
Clinic,Basement 9)
Medical office. For the president and his family and the White House staffClinicIt consists of an examination room and an examination room equipped with medical equipment.
Doctor's Office,Basement 10)
Full-time doctor office.

1 floor

State floor(State Floor[Annotation 4])

Cross Hall (Cross Hall,1 floor 1)
Crossing hall. The shape is a corridor.
Blue Room,1 floor 2)
Red Room,1 floor 3)
Green Room,1 floor 4)
Designed as a dining room adjacent to the East Room, it is called the Green Room because the walls are green. 3rd generationPresident JeffersonWas used as a dining room, but since then it has been used for multiple purposes. President Madison made this the office, and the cabinet also held here. 5th generationPresident MonroeIt is,Playing cardsUsed as a card room to enjoy.It was from Theodore Roosevelt that the purpose and decoration of the Green Room took root in the present.
East Room,1 floor 5)
It has been used as an "official audience room" since the White House was founded, and it is still one of the most important press conferences of the president.[Annotation 5]Large-scale events such as conventions, signing ceremonies of important bills, dinners and receptions will be held in this East Room. 16th assassinatedLincoln PresidentAnd the body of President KennedyCongressBefore being officially enshrined in, it was temporarily placed in this room. It is also famous as a room with a full-length portrait of George Washington.
State Dining Room,1 floor 6)
"Great dining room".State guestThe official when welcomingDinner partyIs done here.
Family Dining Room (Family Dining Room, during dinner party,1 floor 7)
The name family is used in contrast to the state, and is actually used for small formal and informal dinners other than large formal banquets for state guests. NS.The family dining that the president's family uses every day is on the second floor.
Entrance Hall,1 floor 8)
Front entrance hall.
South Portico,1 floor 9)
South porch.

2 floor

Second floor(Second Floor)

Central Hall (Central Hall,2 floor 1)
Central hall. The shape is a corridor.
Yellow Oval Room,2 floor 2)
Reception room. From the name of "Oval", it may be thought that it is the president's office, but it is not the office. The original "oval room" isWaist wingIn other words, the official residence. Both are confused by their "oval" (elliptical) shape.
Living Room,2 floor 3)
Living room.
Treaty Room,2 floor 4)
During the signing of the treaty. Mainly used as a study.
Lincoln Bedroom,2 floor 5)
Lincoln Sitting Room,2 floor 6)
Bedroom and living room.
Master Bedroom (Maser Bedroom,2 floor 7)
Master bedroom.
Master Dressing Room,2 floor 8)
Main changing room.
West Sitting Hall,2 floor 9)
"Western living room". A hall that also serves as a bedroom and living room.
East Sitting Hall,2 floor 10)
"Eastern living room". A hall that also serves as a bedroom and living room.
Queen's Bedroom,2 floor 11)
Queen's Sitting Room,2 floor 12)
Bedroom and living room.
East Bedroom,2 floor 13)
East bedroom.
West Bedrom,2 floor 14)
West bedroom.
Private Dining Room (Private Dining Room,2 floor 15)
A dining room for the presidential family.
Family Kitchen,2 floor 16)
Presidential familykitchen.
Beauty Salon,2 floor 17)
Hairdressers and barbers.
Truman Balcony,2 floor 18)
#historyNewly built area in 1952, as in. The name is named after Truman who installed it.

3 floor

Third floor(Third Floor)

Central Hall
Central hall.
Music Room
music room.
Game Room
Entertainment room.
Workout Room
Training gym.
Sun Room


  • Tennis court
  • Bowling alley
  • Movie theater
  • Jogging route
  • Pool

The average number of visitors per day, including staff, staff, and tourists, is 1.[Source required].


  • National flagIt is an international regulation that the time to display is from sunrise to sunset.Stars and stripesMany Americans who have a strong attachment to the national flag believe that the national flag practice in the White House is widely recognized and that leaving the national flag raised at night is not a good practice.Richard NixonOfficially announced in the United States Presidential Notification No. 1970 issued on September 9, 4, "Unless there are unavoidable conditions such as bad weather in the White House, the United States flag will always be displayed."When the night hoisting actually started, a person who did not know the notification of No. 4000 sometimes called, "Does the White House know how to raise the national flag?"
  • Previously, its internal tour was famous and it was a must-see tourist attraction.At the adjacent "Visit Center", basically anyone can tour the premises and whenever circumstances permit, by performing simple administrative procedures.PresidentAides andFirst ladyAnd if you're lucky, you may have the opportunity to meet the president.Currently a group of 10 or more, and must agree to a background check via a federal parliamentarian with a reservation up to 6 months in advance.[5].
  • Prewar OfDainichi this empireThen "ShirokaikanIt is written as "(Hakuakan, read as "Hakuakan" or "White House").
  • It is easy to think that the outer wall is pure white, but actually it is a yellowish white called "cream white". If it is pure white, the color fades due to the action of sunlight and the color changes, but in the case of the cream-white outer wall, there is no concern that the color will change. Also, with a light-sensitive camera, when taking a color image of a pure white painted surface in fine weather, the phenomenon of sky color entering the lens and causing a blue discoloration is induced, but in the case of cream white, it is effective in preventing it.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the entire premises.42nd generationClintonDuring his presidency, he was the first lady at the time.Hillary ClintonIntroduced by.
  • There is a vegetable garden on the premises.44th generationObamaIn 2009, during the presidency, of the president's wifeMichelle ObamaBy the suggestion oforganicA vegetable garden was created to grow vegetables.Before that,Eleanor RooseveltThere is an example of a farm called "Victory Garden" by the President of the United States.[6].
  • "White House Honey AleIs calledbeerThere is a brewery.There are two types of beer produced, "light" and "dark".honeyIt is a flavor[7].. In September 2012, at the request of disclosure of information by beer lovers, the recipe for beer produced at White House Honey Ale was released.[8].
  • All private expenses for the first family are at their own expense. Not only each eating and drinking fee and dry cleaning fee, but also the eating and drinking fee of the party for the inauguration ceremony and the holiday season, the decoration fee of the party, the personnel cost of the staff working at the party,John F. KennedyOr later,George HW BushAlmost all first family concerns except food and beverage costs were spared[9].
    • Glover clevelandThe president is the only active president to have a wedding at the White House.
  • The interiors of the facilities and equipment used by the president (such as the White House, presidential planes, and villas) are made up of common wood, furniture, and designs, and the atmosphere and sound are similar everywhere.[10]


  • In the White House itselfsecret Service-US Congress Police-Washington DC Capital Police OfSWATDue to strictsecurityIs laid. On the roof of the residence,Sniper rifleとbinocularsIf a special person carrying a mobile phone is guarding the area around the White House 24 hours a day, and there is an intruder who can be judged to pose a serious threat to the president / Cheong Wa Dae by law, he / she should be present.SniperYou have been granted the authority that is possible.However, since it is so noisy, they are usually hidden in the shadows that cannot be seen from the ground, and care is taken not to make the surrounding tourists worry as much as possible.If you see a figure moving on the roof of a residence, you can think of it as a change or movement of personnel.Furthermore, as a security against attacks from the sky,Stinger missileIs said to be equipped.All details regarding the specifications have not been released.
  • The White House has been shot several times in the past2011 May 11A rifle bullet was fired from the inside of a car parked nearby to the residence wing of the president's family, and an actual hit occurred. In order to deal with such shooting, in 2017 with an acoustic sensor that detects the firing soundtrigonometryAn introduction test of a new security system using[11].


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注 釈

  1. ^ However,Hillary ClintonThe first lady had an exceptional office in West Wing.
  2. ^ However, Vice President Cheney had an exceptional office in West Wing.
  3. ^ However, there is an objection to this, and the first appearance of the existing "White House" is said to be in 1811.
  4. ^ a b Generally, in English, "ground floor" means "ground floor", that is, "first floor", but in the White House, it is called underground.
  5. ^ Regular press conferences often use West Wing's regular press conference room.


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United States Federal Government

United States Federal Government(American school,British: Federal government of the United States) IsUnited States ConstitutionWas established based onThe United States of America OfFederal central government.

The federal governmentLegislative office,Executive branch,JudiciaryIt consists of three departments.Separation of powerUnder the system and the system of "check and balance", the three rights have the authority to act on their own judgment, the authority to control the other two departments, and the exercise of that authority from other departments. Receive control[1].

Federal policyHas wide-ranging influence on US politics and foreign affairs. The power of the entire federal government is limited by the constitution. Ie(English edition)Stipulates that all powers other than the powers constitutionally granted to the federal government are reserved to state governments.

FederalCapital function TheCommonwealthIsWashington DC(Special District of Columbia).

Legislative office

United States CongressIs the legislative body of the federal government.House of RepresentativesとSenateConsists ofBicameral systemIs taken (United States Constitution Article 1 Section 1). There are 435 parliamentarians qualified to vote in the House of Representatives, each representing a constituency. The term of office is two years (Article 1 Section 21). In addition, there are five non-voting members, four of whom are delegates and one is a resident commissioner. The delegate isWashington DC,Guam,Virgin islands,American samoaOne by one, and the resident commissionerプ エ ル ト リ コIs a representative of[2].. The seats of the House of Representatives are distributed to each state according to their population. The Senate, on the other hand, has two seats in each state, regardless of population. With 2 states now, there are a total of 50 seats in the Senate, with a term of six years (a third is re-elected every two years).United States Constitution Article 1 Section 3(1 and 2).

Each House has its own special authority. The Senate must give “advice and consent” to many appointments by the President (United States Constitution Article 2 Section 2(2), the House of Representatives must initiate the proposal for a bill to collect revenue (Article 1 Section 71). However, in order to enact the law, approval by both houses is required (Article 1, Section 7, Paragraph 2). Congressional powers are limited to those listed in the United States Constitution (mainlyUnited States Constitution Article 1 Section 8), all other powers are reserved to the state and the people (Article 10 of the same amendment). However, there is a "necessary and appropriate clause" in the US Constitution that authorizes Congress to "enact all necessary and appropriate laws to exercise the powers listed above." Article 1 Section 8 Paragraph 18).

Elections for members of each houseLouisianaとState of WashingtonThen.Small district2 votes system, In all other statesSimple election systemIs being done in.

The constitution does not require the establishment of a Congressional Commission. However, as the country grew, so did the need for more thorough investigation of the bill under discussion. In the 108th Congress (2003-2005), there are 19 standing members of the House of Representatives and 17 members of the Senate, as well as a standing member of the Congressional Library, which oversees the Library, Printing, Tax, and Economics. There were four meetings. In addition, each institution can set up special committees to study specific issues. There are about 150 subcommittees under the standing committee to increase the workload.

Congressional powers

The US Constitution gives Congress various powers (United States Constitution Article 1 Section 8). Among them areTaxImposing/collectingdefenseIn preparation for自由To promote the pursuit of (1),currencyCasting and controlling its value (section 5),currencyEstablishing penalties for counterfeiting (6),post officeInstall and (7),AcademicTo promote the progress of (8),Federal Supreme CourtEstablish a lower court below (paragraph 9),PirateAnd defining and punishing felony (paragraph 10),Declaration of war(Section 11),armyRecruiting and maintaining (12),NavyTo establish and maintain (13), to establish rules regarding discipline of the Navy (14),militiaOrganize, arm, and discipline (section 15),District of ColumbiaExercising exclusive legislative powers against (17) and enacting the necessary and appropriate legislation to enforce these Congressional powers (18).

Congressional oversight function

Congress to prevent waste and injustice, to respect civil liberties and human rights, to make the executive government comply with the law, to gather information for legislation and public awareness, and to assess the executive's performance. Supervision by[3].

It covers cabinet departments, executive agencies, regulatory commissions, and presidents. The oversight function of the Congress takes various forms.

  • Hearing in committee
  • Formal consultations with the president and reports from the president
  • Senate Advice and Consent on Presidential Personnel and Treaties (Article 2, Section 2, Paragraph 2 of the US Constitution)
  • House of RepresentativesimpeachmentProsecution rights (Article 1, Section 2, Section 5 of the United States Constitution) and subsequent impeachment of the Senate (Section 3, Section 6).
  • 25th Amendment to the US ConstitutionBased on the procedure of the House of Representatives in the event of an accident in the President or in the absence of the Vice Presidential office
  • Informal meetings between lawmakers and government officials

Executive branch

All administrative powers (executive powers) of the federal governmentPresidentIs given to (United States Constitution Article 2 Section 1Item 1).However, that authority isCabinetOften delegated to members and other officers of.With the presidentVice PresidentHas a four-year term and up to two terms.Presidential election TheIndirect electionAnd of 50Each stateas well as the Washington DC(District of Columbia) will be assigned a number of electors according to the number of seats in the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives (representative in the case of Washington DC),Electoral groupElect the president and vice president in pairs.


The executive branch consists of the president and his representatives. The presidentHead of state(Head of state)Head of government(Head of government)U.S. Forces)ofHQ Commander(Only when performing actual military affairs. United States Constitution, Article 2, Section 2, 1), Chief Diplomat, andPolitical partyParty leaderHave a position as. According to the United States Constitution, the president must be careful to enforce the law in good faith (Article 2). The president directs a federal executive branch, a huge organization with approximately 3 million personnel, of which 400 million are active military personnel.

The president can decide whether to sign a bill passed by Congress or to invoke a veto. If the veto is invoked, the bill will not be a law unless two-thirds of both houses vote to overturn it (Article 3, Section 2, paragraph 1 of the United States Constitution). With the consent of more than two-thirds of the Senate, the presidentTreatyCan be concluded (Article 2, Section 2, Paragraph 2). On the other hand, he may be impeached by a majority of the House of Representatives, and is dismissed from the job when he is impeached by a special majority of two-thirds of the Senate for treason, bribery or other felony and misdemeanor ( Section 3 of the same article). President of the CongressDissolutionRightBy-electionThere is no right to claim. For those convicted of a crime against the federal governmentpardonAuthority (Article 2, Section 2, Item 1),Presidential decreeAuthority to issue (with consent of the Senate) the Supreme Court Judge andFederal Lower CourtHas the power to appoint judges (Article 2, Section 2, Paragraph 2).

Vice President

Vice PresidentIs the second federal executive officer.United States Presidential SuccessionIf the president dies, resigns or is dismissed, the vice president becomes president. That happened nine times in American history. The other responsibilities of the Vice President, which is stipulated in the constitution, is to serve as chair of the Senate and participate in the vote in the case of equal numbers (Article 1, Section 9, Paragraph 1 of the United States Constitution).

Relationship with Congress

The relationship between the President and Congress was as it was when the United States Constitution wasBritish monarchとParliamentReflects the relationship. Congress can enact legislation to constrain the executive power of the president, as well as the highest command of the army. However, this power is very rarely invoked. A prominent example isVietnam WarDuring,Richard NixonBy the presidentCambodiaIt was a limit imposed on the bombing operation. The President could recommend to Congress the measures he deems necessary and appropriate (United States Constitution Article 2 Section 3), the legislation requires a supporter of Congress. As mentioned above, the President has the right to veto the bill and the Congress has the right to impeach him. To the president who received the impeachment charge,Andrew Johnson,Bill Clinton,Donald TrumpThere is. President Clinton was sentenced to impeachment in the House of Representatives, but was acquitted in the Senate and completed his second term.Richard NixonPresidentialWatergate caseIn this case, the president resigned before the move to prosecution was taken, and the impeachment was not prosecuted.

The presidentCabinetMinisters and expatriatesambassadorApproximately 2000 administrative officers will be appointed, including those that require the Senate's advice and consent.

The President has a constitutional obligation to the Congress at any time (usually once a year).General textbook speechI do. The constitution does not require the President to give a speech address by himself, but it can be sent in the form of a letter (19st centuryWas done in the form of a letter).


Take control of US jurisdictionFederal courtIs the supreme courtSupreme CourtIt consists of the (Supreme Court of Justice), the 13 appeal courts below it, and the lower courts such as 94 below it.

A federal court is (1) a case occurring under the United States Constitution, federal law or a United States treaty; (2)ambassador-Minister-ConsulEtc., (3) maritime cases and cases involving maritime jurisdiction, (4) United States government-related cases, (5) interstate lawsuits, (6) disputes between citizens of one state and another state, (7) Disputes between citizens of different states (state difference cases), (8) lawsuits between states (or their citizens) and foreign countries (or their citizens/subjects), (9) bankruptcy cases, etc. ..11th Amendment to the US ConstitutionThus, cases in which citizens of one state are plaintiffs and governments of other states are accused are excluded from federal jurisdiction. Note that cases where the state government is the plaintiff and citizens of other states are the defendants are not affected by this amendment.

The Supreme Court is the supreme court in federal court. Established under Article 3 of the U.S. Constitution, it hears discretionary appeals from the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court of the State (for U.S. constitutional issues) and has jurisdiction over a few cases. The Supreme Court judge's term of office is life-long, appointed by the president, and approved by the Senate. The Supreme Court, regardless of the federal or local government,Unconstitutional examination rightCan be exercised to be unconstitutional or invalid.

The lower courts have the power of Congress to create or abolish it under Section 3 of the United States Constitution. Parliament also has the power to determine the number of federal judges. The district court is a court of first instance with general jurisdiction dealing with criminal cases and civil cases between individuals. That is, the case trial (Inquiry) Is done in the district court. The Court of Appeal is an appeals court that hears appeals in cases determined by the district court. Some appeals courts also hear direct appeals from government agencies. The judges of these Article 3 courts of the Constitution are for life.

In addition to these general courts, there are also courts, such as tax courts, that specialize only in handling certain types of cases. The Bankruptcy Court, which is a division of the District Court, is not a judge appointed under Section 3 of the United States Constitution and has no term of life.

State Government, Tribal Government, Local Government

Has a great deal of influence on the daily lives of Americans because it deals with issues that are most relevant to residents of the state.If the economy isn't doing well, the state government will cut public budgets[4].

Each state has its own constitution (state constitution), government (state government), and law (state law). By stateproperty-crime-Health-EducationLaws and procedures related to various issues such as these may differ greatly. The top provincial officialsGovernorIs. Each state is (NebraskaEach state exceptBicameral system) Has been established, whose members represent state voters. Each state also has its own system. Residents elect the judges of the Supreme Court and lower courts, but many are appointed.

As a result of the Supreme Court ruling, it is subject to the federal government but not normally affected by the state governmentHave sovereigntyIt is considered a "democratic subordinate country" that runs the government. Many laws, administrative orders, and courts have changed tribal-state relationships, but the two have been recognized as independent entities. The ability of tribes to operate a robust government varies from a simple council dealing with tribal issues to a large and complex bureaucracy with several branches of government. Tribes empower their government and at the same time are empowered by that government. Those permissions areプ エ ブ ロAs can be seen in, there are elected tribal councils, elected tribal chiefs, and religious leaders. Tribal citizenship (and voting rights) are usually limited to native descent, but tribes are free to set their requirements.

State autonomy is usually a municipal/city/county council,WaterStation,FireStation,library, Other similar departments are responsible and affect the particular arealawTo establish. Those laws areTransportation,alcoholKind sales,AnimalHandle issues such as feeding.

The top bureaucrats in a town or city are usuallyMayor.New EnglandIn rural areas, the townDirect democracyOperated by.Rhode Island,ConnecticutIn some states, the counties have little or no authority. The counties exist solely for geographical division. In other areas, the county governmentTax collection,PolicemenHas authority such as administration of the office.


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裁判 所
Government agency
Including legislative, administrative and judicial institutions.
States and overseas territories

外部 リンク


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