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🌏 | Hitachi Construction Machinery shares are not being considered for sale at this time = Hitachi


In fact, the consideration of selling Hitachi Construction Machinery shares has not been decided at this time = Hitachi

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ITOCHU also commented on the acquisition of Hitachi Construction Machinery shares, "It is true that we are considering it, but there are no specific events to be announced at this time."

[Tokyo XNUMXth Reuters] -Hitachi will sell half of Hitachi Construction Machinery shares to ITOCHU and others on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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ITOCHU Corporation

ITOCHU Corporation(Shoji Itouchi,British: ITOCHU Corporation) IsTokyoMinato-kuOsakaOsakaKitaA major headquartered inGeneral trading company.Nikkei Stock AverageandTOPIX Core30,JPX Nikkei Index 400One of the constituent stocks of[6][7][8].


PrewarWas the core company of Itochu Zaibatsu. Since ITOCHU Zaibatsu was a textile conglomerate with a number of textile companies under its umbrella, the sales of the textile division were outstanding, and it was once the largest textile trading company in the world. It has a large number of leading companies under its umbrella, and in addition to its founding textile business, it has strengths in non-resource fields such as food and daily necessities, information and communication, insurance, and finance.

Regarding loan and capital relationship with banksPacific WarOld to oldSumitomo Bank(CurrentSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation), ButAfter the warGradually withdrew from the Sumitomo family, the oldDaiichi Bank(CurrentMizuho Bank) Approaching.Daiichi Kangin GroupCurrently, he belongs to the members of Sankinkai.

A large general trading company with a single employee (Itochu Corporation,Mitsubishi Corporation,Mitsui,Sumitomo Corporation,Marubeni)2015/Every time(2016/In the fiscal year ended March 3, the company surpassed Mitsubishi Corporation in final profit and became the top in the general trading company industry.However, this is also due to the fact that Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsui & Co., which have large profits from the resource field due to the fall in resource prices, became the first final deficit since their establishment, and the president'sMasahiro Okafuji"It's like a bye and a ring."[9].

Promote employee healthHealth managementAre promoting[10].. Encourage morning work[11], Support for coexistence with cancer treatment for employees, such as early detection of cancer and free cancer advanced medicine[12][13]Have been reported.

2018/In April, Okato is chairman andChief executive officerAppointed as (CEO). The system in which the chairman of a major trading company serves as the CEO is exceptional, and because the alliance with Okafuji's focus on China's largest state-owned conglomerate, "China Chushin Group" (CITIC), remains a challenge in terms of effectiveness, For the time being, we have a “two-head system”[14].


1858/,XNUMXst generation Chubei ItoIs founded by the start of the "carry-out" peddling of Azabu. It has the same origin as Marubeni of the same industry. Then onceMarubeniWas split, but merged again during the war (Daiken Sangyo), postwarZaibatsu DemolitionAs a result of the measures, the two companies will be split again,1949/Established ITOCHU Corporation, which is directly connected to the present.

Expansion into the department store business and setbacks

1962/Is the founderJinichiro NakabayashiAfter his death, management was deterioratingKyoto City OfDepartment store"Whole thing(CurrentKintetsu Department StoreOne of the predecessor companies of) ”Nikko SecuritiesObtained from.this is京都-Gifu-Tokyo (Ikebukuro)(Currently IkebukuroParco)・ToyohashiThe main aim was to strengthen the domestic sales network and deal with the liberalization of imports of consumer goods by distributing ITOCHU products to these four stores.[15][16]..As part of the partnershipsupermarketWe have a "Mac Store" in the suburbs of Osaka.

Also, before investing in MarubutsuKanazawa OfDepartment store"Marukoshi(CurrentKanazawa Mza), And is the largest shareholder of Marubutsu and Marubutsu.Nagoya RailwayBy partnering with (Meitetsu), it was also planning to strengthen the leisure sector.This is because in the leisure division, we had exclusive sales and rental rights in Japan for American Machine and Foundry.[15].

However, both plans failed, suggesting that the company would sell its shares in Marubutsu and dissolve the alliance.In the Keihanshin areaAbeno・ Only two stores in Uehonmachi had department storesKinki Nippon Railway(CurrentKintetsu Group Holdings) Has announced relief1966/Sold all shares to[17][16]..However, the successor Kintetsu Department Store is still one of the business partners even now that the capital relationship has disappeared.[18].


  • 1858/(AnseiAnnual)5 -As a wholesale business of linens by Ito ChubeiOmi countryInukami DistrictHachimemura (currentlyToyosato TownLarge printFounded in (Hachime).
  • 1872/(MeijiEra)1 -Osaka Prefectural University of Tokyo (laterHigashi Ward, Current city of OsakaChuoHonchoFounded Benchu ​​on 2 chome. Virtually relocated head office.
  • 1884/(17th year of the Meiji era)-Set Benichu as the Ito head office.
  • 1893/ -Open the Ito thread store.
  • 1914/(Taisho3 years)12 -Reorganized into ITOCHU Joint Stock Company.
  • 1918/December-ITOCHU joint-stock company, ITOCHU Corporation (predecessor of Marubeni) and ITOCHU Corporation to split.
  • 1941/(Showa16 years)9 -Marubeni Shoten, ITOCHU and Kishimoto Shoten merge to become Sanko Co., Ltd.
  • 1944/September-Sanko, Daido Trade,Kureha SpinningWill be merged into Daiken Sangyo Co., Ltd.
  • 1949/May 12 -Daiken SangyoExcessive Economic Force Concentration Exclusion LawIt is divided into ITOCHU, Marubeni, Kureha Spinning, and Amagasaki Nail Factory (currently Amatei).
  • 1961/December-Merged with Morioka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • 1962/May 8 --Kyoto department storeWhole thing(CurrentKintetsu Department Store) Announces the acquisition of 150 million shares.
  • October 1962-Acquires shares of Marubutsu.
  • October 1962-Partnered with MarubutsusupermarketOpened the first Awaji store of "Mac Store".
  • 1964/4 -Merged with Aoki Shoji Co., Ltd.
  • 1966/4 ――Marubutsu stockKinki Nippon Railway(CurrentKintetsu Group Holdings) To sell.
  • 1977/10 --Merged with Ataka & Co., Ltd.By taking over the steel division from Ataka, it will be the beginning of a leap from the conventional textile center to a general trading company in both name and reality.Bankruptcy industrySee also section).
  • 1992/ --The English company name was changed to "ITOCHU Corporation" and a new logo mark was established.[Annotation 2].
  • 2005/(Heisei17 years)- NetherlandsAustriaSports brand with headquarters in(English editionStarted license development of apparel and accessory related products in the Japanese market[19].
  • 2008/2 - ITOCHU ENEX,Osaka Gas,Japan Energy(CurrentENEOS), With 5 companies with Nissho LP GasFUELFull-scale examination of business restructuring integration started.
  • 2011/May 5 -Started the medium-term management plan "Brand-new Deal 2012".
  • 2011/May 8 -Osaka HeadquartersJR Osaka StationNorth gate buildingMove to[20].
  • 2011/May 6 -Investment in Columbia Coal Mine of US Drummond.
  • 2012/May 12 --Acquired the Asian and fruit and vegetable business and the global processed food business of Dole, the world's largest fruit and vegetable major.
  • 2014/May 5 - EdwinInvested in a group.
  • 2014/May 7 -Strategic business alliance with Thailand's largest conglomerate, Charoen Pokphand Group.
  • 2015/May 1 -China's largest state-owned enterprise group together with Chalong Pokapan groupChina Chushin GroupStrategic business and capital tie-up with the core company, Chushin Group.
  • 2017/October 10-Serbia's first large-scale PPP (public-private partnership) waste disposal power generation business signed a contract with the Belgrade city government.
  • February 2019- Descente Co., Ltd.TOB started and established.

Successive presidents

  • First generation  Ito Chubei(First generation)

Business strategy

  • The ratio of non-resources (non-resources) to profits is extremely large at 2013% (US GAAP) in 83 and 2014% (International Accounting Standards) in 108. Boasting the largest profit scale in the industry, it reached 2014 billion yen in 2254[22].
  • The major consumer-related brands are as follows.

Major subsidiaries and affiliates

As of July 2018[23].Taizi: Consolidated subsidiary

Textile Company

Machinery Company

Metal Company

  • ITOCHU Metals Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • Nihon Iron Ore Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • ITOCHU Mineral Resources Development Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • Marubeni-Itochu Steel Co., Ltd.(Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Energy & Chemicals Company

  • ITOCHU ENEX CORPORATION(Minato-ku, Tokyo): Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • ITOCHU Oil Exploration Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • ITOCHU PLASTICS CO., LTD.(Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)
  • ITOCHU Retail Link Co., Ltd.(Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
  • Nippon Sanipack Co., Ltd.(TokyoShibuya
  • Takiron CAI Co., Ltd.(Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture): Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Chemical Logitec Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • Nissho LP Gas Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
  • Solasia Pharma KK (Minato-ku, Tokyo): Tokyo Stock ExchangeMothersListing
  • Japan South Saha Oil Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
  • Kushiro Coal Sales Co., Ltd.HokkaidoKushiro)

Food company

Housing Life Company

Information & Finance Company

8th Company

Other affiliated companies

  • ITOCHU Financial Management Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • ITOCHU Human Resources & General Services Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)

Major overseas bases

PR activities

Scandals, incidents, problems, criticisms

Including group companies.

Toshiba Machine Cocom violation case

In 1987, Toshiba MachineCocom regulationIn the case of illegally exporting large machine tools to the Soviet Union in violation of the above, ITOCHU, which acted as an intermediary, was suspended for three months.

Suspicion of fraudulent accounting

November 2016, 7 in the United StatesInvestment fundGlaucus Research Group California, LLC. Has issued a report claiming that ITOCHU's accounting process is fraudulent and the stock price will fall by 50%.[27][28]..In response, ITOCHU disclosed a counter-argument document.[29]..After that, although the stock price fell by about 10%, fraud was not proved, and it started to rise one month later.Was going at the same timeShort saleThe plan of the Graucus Research Group, which was trying to make a profit in Japan, failed.

Chinese spy case

2018 ChineseNational Security AgencyRestrained byProsecutionThe male employees in their 40sGuangzhouof(District court) On November 2019, 11, for "Crime that harmed China's security ()"Imprisonment3 yearsPrison sentenceJudgment, And forfeiture of property 15 yuan (about 230 million yen)Ministry of Foreign AffairsFound by.According to a source between Japan and China, the ruling found that "the inside information of a public institution was illegally obtained," and the male defendant of an ITOCHU employee wasappealDo notPrison sentenceThe judgment is finalized.In response, ITOCHU announced comments such as "I'm sorry for causing concern to everyone involved."[30][31][32][33].

Impact of suspension of US beef imports by Yoshinoya #BSE

ITOCHU was involved in importsbeefThe problem was that there was a dangerous part in the.

Douglas Grumman case
PrologisPark Iwanuma 1 Fire

Japan accessA fire broke out on April 1, 2020 at the logistics facility "Prologis Park Iwanuma 4" where such companies are located, and the total floor area is 30 m.2Building burned down[34].

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  3. ^ ITOCHU was in charge of licensing the mascot of the Aichi Expo[26].


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