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🌏 | US December Mining and manufacturing production and manufacturing industry decline unexpectedly Automobile production declines


US December Mining and manufacturing production and manufacturing industry decline unexpectedly Automobile production declines

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The year-on-year rate of increase in December was 12%.

[Washington, XNUMXth Reuters] -December XNUMX announced by the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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12(Junigatsu) isGregorian calendarでYearsThe ninth ofMonthThere are 1 days for (the last month of the year).

JapanThen,Lunar month septemberToTeacher","Teacher"(Squeeze/shihasu) or"Polar moonI have called it "(Kiwamarizuki, Gokugetsu, Gokuzuki)".

Now "Shiwasu" and "Gokutsuki" areNew yearAlso used as an alias for December.

EnglishMonth name in December Is "10Meaning "second month", meaning "tenth" in Latin dec It is derived from the word.What is different from the actual month number is46 BCWas used up toRoman calendar 3In the calculation (so2Means few days), which means 3th since March[1].

December 12 of the Gregorian calendar is the yearMay 9Same asDay of the weekBecomes (→365 days).

Meiji EraToJapan Lunar calendarからsolar calendarThe number of days in December was set to 12 days in order to reduce the salary at the end of the year whenMeiji 5May 12The day afterMeiji 6May 1And).

Etymology of shihasu

I don't know the origin of "Shihasu" because it is old. "Sea of ​​words”Is said to be “Toshihatsu's abbreviation Katounfu, or Ha”[2]In addition, it is said that "Twelve months is a month, Sbete is rehabilitated, and it's a good name." ("Mutsuki")[3].. In addition, the theory from the Heian period that the monks (the teacher is the meaning of a monk) is busy running around in Buddhism (Colored leaf paper), but this isEtymology(LinguisticsThere is no concrete basis for this, and it is an etymological origin)AddressIn the Heian era, the etymology of "shihasu" was already unknown.[4][5](Folk etymology#Folk etymology in Japanese).

Various theories

Japanese language dictionaryDoes not describe the etymology. Only the following nine theories are listed at the end.[6][7].

  1. From the place where the monk runs from east to west in order to raise the sutras, the name of Shihase’s冒包鈔].
  2. From the end of the four seasons, the meaning of the Shihatsu (Quadruple) moon [Miss Zhi, Yasushi Ya, Nihon Bukkaku].
  3. The meaning of Toshihatsuru (year-old, year-end, year-end) [Toga, vocabulary, thoughts of similar juveniles, Japanese syllabus, twilight essay, ancient and modern handwriting, Wakun Shiori].
  4. Abbreviation of Natsuha Tsurutsuki (Successful month)
  5. After the end of farming, the new grain of tribute is from the time when it is the month of Cinehatsuru (External collection of Rabbiten novel).
  6. About Shihias, which refers to rice fields without rice. Si is the auxiliary word for vocalization. Hias is the meaning of the dried sword.
  7. The meaning of Shiohae Omezuki (Original Japanese Language = Jinomi Hayashi).
  8. Sehashi’s meaningManyodai Takumi].
  9. Shibashi (temporary) moon sense


  • Finally (yellow winter)
  • Ototsuki (younger brother)
  • Oyakozuki (parent and child month)
  • Tsuki no Tsuki (contract month)
  • Kurekozuki (Living month)
  • Kenkyugetsu
  • Very good
  • Wrinkle
  • Harukimachi (Harumachi month)
  • Banto (late winter)
  • Hyougetsu (Ice Moon)
  • Bosai (Kurei)
  • Rougetsu (臘Moon)

September annual events

Once upon a holiday

Sports held in September

July theme song

In addition, many Christmas songs by various musicians have been announced.



  1. ^ Similarly, October, November, and December of the general calendar are the 9th, 10th, and 11th months of the Roman calendar, respectively, meaning the Latin words "7,8,9th," "7th," and "8th." "septimus", "octavius", "nonus" Derived from
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