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🌏 | Meme stock slump, game stop and AMC about 30% lower since the beginning of the year


Meme stock slump, game stop and AMC about 30% lower since the beginning of the year

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Even in the trading on the morning of the 24th, GameStop fell by more than 18% and AMC also fell by about 20%.

[Reuters] – Popular with individual investors as "meme stocks (stocks traded through online information diffusion)" ... → Continue reading


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GameStop(Game stop,NYSEGME) IsThe United States of AmericaTexas(English edition)The world's largest headquartered inComputer games(en: Video game)retail store.. USA as of 2012,Canada,Australia,Austria,Denmark,Finland,France,Germany,Ireland,Italy,New Zealand,Norway,Portugal,プ エ ル ト リ コ,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,United KingdomApproximately 6700 stores are open in (GB).


Babbage's era (1984 --1994)

If you go back to the history of GameStop,1984/Named James McCurry and Gary M. KusinHarvard Business SchoolTexas by two classmatesDallasGet to Babbage's, which was founded in[4]..This company name isCharles BabbageIs taken from[5], In the early stagesRoss PerraultfromInvestmentWith the help of him, the first store(English edition)Was opened in a shopping mall in Dallas[6].. Babbage's was the most popular game console at the time.Atari 2600Focus on selling[4],1987/ToNintendoStarted selling games[7]..And in 1988Initial public offeringAchieved[5].. In 1991SalesTwo-thirds were computer games[7].

NeoStar Retail Group era (1994–1996)

Babbage's Etc. Era (1996–1999)

Barnes & Noble Booksellers Era (1999–2004)

Successful period as GameStop (2004-2016)

Decline (2016-)

2019/,online gameStock prices fell by more than 8% from the beginning of the year to August due to the outflow of customers to the market and the decline in sales.The company has announced a reduction of 70 head office staff positions as a countermeasure.[8].

Strategy Battle (2021)

In January 2021, GameStop sharesStrategy battleIt became the stage of.As a composition,Hedge fundAgainst short salesRedditThe stock price at the beginning of the year (about $ 17) suddenly jumped about 1 times to about $ 29 on January 468, as individual investors of users bought it, and the hedge fund suffered a large loss and cut off the loss. The result was forced to[9].


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