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🌏 | Sumitomo departs from Ukrainian expatriates, moving from family to neighboring countries Itochu


Sumitomo leaves Ukraine as a representative, and Itochu moves from his family to neighboring countries.

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According to Kyodo News, ITOCHU will also send expatriates to Japan.

[Tokyo XNUMXth Reuters] -Sumitomo Corporation temporarily departs expatriates from Ukraine, where the situation is becoming tense, on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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ITOCHU Corporation

ITOCHU Corporation(Shoji Itouchi,British: ITOCHU Corporation) IsTokyoMinato-kuOsakaOsakaKitaA major headquartered inGeneral trading company.Nikkei Stock AverageandTOPIX Core30,JPX Nikkei Index 400One of the constituent stocks of[5][6][7].


PrewarWas the core company of Itochu Zaibatsu. Since ITOCHU Zaibatsu was a textile conglomerate with a number of textile companies under its umbrella, the sales of the textile division were outstanding, and it was once the largest textile trading company in the world. It has a large number of leading companies under its umbrella, and in addition to its founding textile business, it has strengths in non-resource fields such as food and daily necessities, information and communication, insurance, and finance.

Regarding loan and capital relationship with banksPacific WarOld to oldSumitomo Bank(CurrentSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation), ButAfter the warGradually withdrew from the Sumitomo family, the oldDaiichi Bank(CurrentMizuho Bank) Approaching.Daiichi Kangin GroupCurrently, he belongs to the members of Sankinkai.

A large general trading company with a single employee (Itochu Corporation,Mitsubishi Corporation,Mitsui,Sumitomo Corporation,Marubeni)2015/Every time(2016/In the fiscal year ended March 3, the company surpassed Mitsubishi Corporation in final profit and became the top in the general trading company industry.However, this is also due to the fact that Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsui & Co., which have large profits from the resource field due to the fall in resource prices, became the first final deficit since their establishment, and the president'sMasahiro Okafuji"It's like a bye and a ring."[8].

Promote employee healthHealth managementAre promoting[9].. Encourage morning work[10], Support for coexistence with cancer treatment for employees, such as early detection of cancer and free cancer advanced medicine[11][12]Have been reported.

2018/In April, Okato is chairman andChief executive officerAppointed as (CEO). The system in which the chairman of a major trading company serves as the CEO is exceptional, and because the alliance with Okafuji's focus on China's largest state-owned conglomerate, "China Chushin Group" (CITIC), remains a challenge in terms of effectiveness, For the time being, we have a “two-head system”[13].


1858/,XNUMXst generation Chubei ItoIs founded by the start of the "carry-out" peddling of Azabu. It has the same origin as Marubeni of the same industry. Then onceMarubeniWas split, but merged again during the war (Daiken Sangyo), postwarZaibatsu DemolitionAs a result of the measures, the two companies will be split again,1949/Established ITOCHU Corporation, which is directly connected to the present.

Expansion into the department store business and setbacks

1962/Is the founderJinichiro NakabayashiAfter his death, management was deterioratingKyoto City OfDepartment store"Whole thing(CurrentKintetsu Department StoreOne of the predecessor companies of) ”Nikko SecuritiesObtained from.this is京都-Gifu-Tokyo (Ikebukuro)(Currently IkebukuroParco)・ToyohashiThe main aim was to strengthen the domestic sales network and deal with the liberalization of imports of consumer goods by distributing ITOCHU products to these four stores.[14][15]..As part of the partnershipsupermarketWe have a "Mac Store" in the suburbs of Osaka.

Also, before investing in MarubutsuKanazawa OfDepartment store"Marukoshi(CurrentKanazawa Mza), And is the largest shareholder of Marubutsu and Marubutsu.Nagoya RailwayBy partnering with (Meitetsu), it was also planning to strengthen the leisure sector.This is because in the leisure division, we had exclusive sales and rental rights in Japan for American Machine and Foundry.[14].

However, both plans failed, suggesting that the company would sell its shares in Marubutsu and dissolve the alliance.In the Keihanshin areaAbeno・ Only two stores in Uehonmachi had department storesKinki Nippon Railway(CurrentKintetsu Group Holdings) Has announced relief1966/Sold all shares to[16][15]..However, the successor Kintetsu Department Store is still one of the business partners even now that the capital relationship has disappeared.[17].


  • 1858/(AnseiAnnual)5 -As a wholesale business of linens by Ito ChubeiOmi countryInukami DistrictHachimemura (currentlyToyosato TownLarge printFounded in (Hachime).
  • 1872/(MeijiEra)1 -Osaka Prefectural University of Tokyo (laterHigashi Ward, Current city of OsakaChuoHonchoFounded Benchu ​​on 2 chome. Virtually relocated head office.
  • 1884/(17th year of the Meiji era)-Set Benichu as the Ito head office.
  • 1893/ -Open the Ito thread store.
  • 1914/(Taisho3 years)12 -Reorganized into ITOCHU Joint Stock Company.
  • 1918/December-ITOCHU joint-stock company, ITOCHU Corporation (predecessor of Marubeni) and ITOCHU Corporation to split.
  • 1941/(Showa16 years)9 -Marubeni Shoten, ITOCHU and Kishimoto Shoten merge to become Sanko Co., Ltd.
  • 1944/September-Sanko, Daido Trade,Kureha SpinningWill be merged into Daiken Sangyo Co., Ltd.
  • 1949/May 12 -Daiken SangyoExcessive Economic Force Concentration Exclusion LawIt is divided into ITOCHU, Marubeni, Kureha Spinning, and Amagasaki Nail Factory (currently Amatei).
  • 1961/December-Merged with Morioka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • 1962/May 8 --Kyoto department storeWhole thing(CurrentKintetsu Department Store) Announces the acquisition of 150 million shares.
  • October 1962-Acquires shares of Marubutsu.
  • October 1962-Partnered with MarubutsusupermarketOpened the first Awaji store of "Mac Store".
  • 1964/4 -Merged with Aoki Shoji Co., Ltd.
  • 1966/4 ――Marubutsu stockKinki Nippon Railway(CurrentKintetsu Group Holdings) To sell.
  • 1977/10 --Merged with Ataka & Co., Ltd.By taking over the steel division from Ataka, it will be the beginning of a leap from the conventional textile center to a general trading company in both name and reality.Bankruptcy industrySee also section).
  • 1992/ --The English company name was changed to "ITOCHU Corporation" and a new logo mark was established.[Annotation 2].
  • 2005/(Heisei17 years)- NetherlandsAustriaSports brand with headquarters in(English editionStarted license development of apparel and accessory related products in the Japanese market[18].
  • 2008/2 - ITOCHU ENEX,Osaka Gas,Japan Energy(CurrentENEOS), With 5 companies with Nissho LP GasFUELFull-scale examination of business restructuring integration started.
  • 2011/May 5 -Started the medium-term management plan "Brand-new Deal 2012".
  • 2011/May 8 -Osaka HeadquartersJR Osaka StationNorth gate buildingMove to[19].
  • 2011/May 6 -Investment in Columbia Coal Mine of US Drummond.
  • 2012/May 12 --Acquired the Asian and fruit and vegetable business and the global processed food business of Dole, the world's largest fruit and vegetable major.
  • 2014/May 5 - EdwinInvested in a group.
  • 2014/May 7 -Strategic business alliance with Thailand's largest conglomerate, Charoen Pokphand Group.
  • 2015/May 1 -China's largest state-owned enterprise group together with Chalong Pokapan groupChina Chushin GroupStrategic business and capital tie-up with the core company, Chushin Group.
  • 2017/October 10-Serbia's first large-scale PPP (public-private partnership) waste disposal power generation business signed a contract with the Belgrade city government.
  • February 2019- Descente Co., Ltd.TOB started and established.

Successive presidents

  • First generation  Ito Chubei(First generation)

Business strategy

  • The ratio of non-resources (non-resources) to profits is extremely large at 2013% (US GAAP) in 83 and 2014% (International Accounting Standards) in 108. Boasting the largest profit scale in the industry, it reached 2014 billion yen in 2254[21].
  • The major consumer-related brands are as follows.

Major subsidiaries and affiliates

As of July 2018[22].Taizi: Consolidated subsidiary

Textile Company

Machinery Company

Metal Company

  • ITOCHU Metals Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • Nihon Iron Ore Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • ITOCHU Mineral Resources Development Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • Marubeni-Itochu Steel Co., Ltd.(Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Energy & Chemicals Company

  • ITOCHU ENEX CORPORATION(Minato-ku, Tokyo): Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • ITOCHU Oil Exploration Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • ITOCHU PLASTICS CO., LTD.(Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)
  • ITOCHU Retail Link Co., Ltd.(Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
  • Nippon Sanipack Co., Ltd.(TokyoShibuya
  • Takiron CAI Co., Ltd.(Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture): Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Chemical Logitec Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • Nissho LP Gas Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
  • Solasia Pharma KK (Minato-ku, Tokyo): Tokyo Stock ExchangeMothersListing
  • Japan South Saha Oil Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
  • Kushiro Coal Sales Co., Ltd.HokkaidoKushiro)

Food company

Housing Life Company

Information & Finance Company

8th Company

Other affiliated companies

  • ITOCHU Financial Management Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • ITOCHU Human Resources & General Services Co., Ltd.(Minato Ward, Tokyo)

Major overseas bases

PR activities

Scandals, incidents, problems, criticisms

Including group companies.

Toshiba Machine Cocom violation case

In 1987, Toshiba MachineCocom regulationIn the case of illegally exporting large machine tools to the Soviet Union in violation of the above, ITOCHU, which acted as an intermediary, was suspended for three months.

Suspicion of fraudulent accounting

November 2016, 7 in the United StatesInvestment fundGlaucus Research Group California, LLC. Has issued a report claiming that ITOCHU's accounting process is fraudulent and the stock price will fall by 50%.[26][27]..In response, ITOCHU disclosed a counter-argument document.[28]..After that, although the stock price fell by about 10%, fraud was not proved, and it started to rise one month later.Was going at the same timeShort saleThe plan of the Graucus Research Group, which was trying to make a profit in Japan, failed.

Chinese spy case

2018 ChineseNational Security AgencyRestrained byProsecutionThe male employees in their 40sGuangzhouof(District court) On November 2019, 11, for "Crime that harmed China's security ()"Imprisonment3 yearsPrison sentenceJudgment, And forfeiture of property 15 yuan (about 230 million yen)Ministry of Foreign AffairsFound by.According to a source between Japan and China, the ruling found that "the inside information of a public institution was illegally obtained," and the male defendant of an ITOCHU employee wasappealDo notPrison sentenceThe judgment is finalized.In response, ITOCHU announced comments such as "I'm sorry for causing concern to everyone involved."[29][30][31][32].

Impact of suspension of US beef imports by Yoshinoya #BSE

ITOCHU was involved in importsbeefThe problem was that there was a dangerous part in the.

Douglas Grumman case
PrologisPark Iwanuma 1 Fire

Japan accessA fire broke out on April 1, 2020 at the logistics facility "Prologis Park Iwanuma 4" where such companies are located, and the total floor area is 30 m.2Building burned down[33].

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注 釈

  1. ^ We had our headquarters in Osaka,1960 eraFrom the middle of the two offices in Osaka and Tokyo,1970 eraMany of the functions of the Osaka head office have been transferred to the Tokyo head office in Minato-ku.
  2. ^ Until then, it was written as "C. Itoh & Co., Ltd." or "Chu Ito & Corporation".
  3. ^ ITOCHU was in charge of licensing the mascot of the Aichi Expo[25].


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  • Takashi Hayakawa 『Japanese upper society and bargaining (Itochu family From Omi line merchant to giant trading company) Kadokawa Shoten 1983 pages 107-110

外部 リンク

Kyodo News

Kyodo News(Kyoto Tsushinsha) isJapan OfNews agency.Kyodo News AgencyAnd its subsidiariesKyodo News, Inc.Two companies exist under the same name, "Kyodo News Agency".Therefore, when it is necessary to distinguish between the two, "Association joint""KK jointIn many cases.In this paper, we will focus on "joint association".


Kyodo News Agency(Kyodo News)TokyoBased inInstitute OfNews agencyIs. Inside and outside JapanNewsAnd data related to photos and articles, newspaper publishers in Japan,NHK,Private broadcastingIt is provided and distributed to stations, etc.English,ChineseIt is a comprehensive international news agency representing Japan with a foothold in Asia, which is also distributed by[3].

Main business

Article distribution to member companies

Kyodo News wrote in the Kyodo News Editorial Committee OfficeeditorialAnd news collected by some member companies with newspaper companies nationwideNHK, It is distributed to private broadcasting stations that are contract companies, some newspaper companies, and online media.In addition to news articles, we also distribute serialized articles (novels, entertainment, life, economy, book reviews) and serialized 4-frame manga.

If the newspaper article has a credit such as "(joint)", it is clear that the article is distributed by Kyodo News, but on the other hand, the member newspaper may publish it without credit.For this reason, trouble may occur over the responsibility of the delivered article (""Show origin"reference).

In addition to the above distribution to member companies and contract companies, distribution to companies other than the news media and overseas media is also carried out through subsidiaries.

In addition, Kyodo News is also a Japanese news agency in the international news department (with an office in Washington, USA) of the non-profit news agency "Center for Public Integrity", which was established in 1989. Participating as a representative of.Reporters and journalists from more than 60 countries work together to cover and report on international crimes in the sector.

Database service for member companies

Professional baseball,Public competitionDeliver past data such asDatabaseAre offered.

Other news distribution


Mainly for ships navigating not only near Japan but around the worldShort waveUse to distribute news, etc. News took the form of paperfaxThe official name in the newspaper is "joint news." The sent paper is pasted on a bulletin board on board to be viewed. Originally intended for contracts,Radio faxSince it is not scrambled due to its nature, anyone with any equipment can receive it.Kagoshima Prefectural Fisheries Radio StationHas a transmitting station.

Digital signage, etc.

Due to advances in digital technology,Digital SignageSpecializing in news distribution proposal planning and online distribution to companies that operateProduction ProductionWe are delivering news to.[4]



Main office

TokyoMinato-kuHigashi Shimbashi1-7-1 Shiodome Media Tower[9]

  • Editorial bureau
    • News center
    • Organizer
    • Editorial Committee
    • Editorial board room
    • General Election Center
    • Schedule Center
    • Sports planning room
    • Special Press Room
    • Life News Department
    • Political department
    • Economic Department
    • Economic Data Department
    • Social department
    • Regional news department
    • Sports Department
    • Sports Special Credit Department
    • Sports data section
    • Faculty of Science
    • Ministry of Culture
    • Tokyo Entertainment Team
    • Go/Shogi Team
    • Foreign Ministry
    • Digital editorial department
    • Editorial Office
    • Editorial contact
    • Research Department
    • AI cyber news team
  • International Bureau
    • Overseas Department
    • Multilingual service room
    • Paper service room
  • Broadcast news station
    • Broadcast Division
  • Digital Promotion Bureau
    • Digital Service Department
    • Digital Division
    • Media Lab
  • Visual news agency
    • Photo Club
    • Audiovisual section
    • Graphics department
    • Illustration room
    • Photo data section
  • Information Technology Bureau
    • Solution group
    • Operation group

Branch office

Branch office

Branch offices and branch offices are often located in the head offices of local newspapers that are members of Kyodo News (for example, Hakodate, Asahikawa, and Kushiro branch offices).Hokkaido ShimbunIt is in each branch office of.ExceptionallyFukushimaWith bureauNahaSince there are multiple member companies of the same size, the branch office is not set up in the member company's head office. ).

Overseas Bureau/Correspondent



Middle East


North America

South America


Overseas correspondent(10 places)

Contract media

Yomiuri Shimbun Group, Asahi Shimbun's own coverage network is substantialMajor newspaper publisher, Nationwide private broadcasters (not all), some newspaper publishers who do not have the financial resources to join jointly, and cannot join the Japan Newspaper Association because it is not a commercial newspaperEngine paperThis includes publishers and productions specialized in Internet video distribution. If a private company or government agency whose main business is not in the media field wants to distribute news, in Japan, sign a contract with KK Kyodo or Kyodo Digital, or overseas with Kyodo News International or a local subsidiary of NNA. In principle (described later).

As of April 2018, 4, there are 1 contract newspapers and 10 contract commercial broadcasters.In addition to distributing articles to a total of about 110 Japanese newspapers and Japanese broadcasting stations overseas, it also supplies news to about 40 ocean-going vessels and fishing vessels.[10]..The contract newspaper companyAsahi Shimbun,Yomiuri ShimbunIn addition to national newspapers such asKii Minpo,Kumano newspaper,Kishu Shimbun,Yamaguchi newspaper,Yaeyama DailyIncluding local newspapers such as.Contract commercial broadcastersTBS TV,Fuji Television Network, Inc,TV Asahi,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Not only key stations such as, but also local stations all over the country from Hokkaido to Okinawa[11].

In the 2010sSatellite general broadcaster(Before 2011Consignment broadcaster) Or online deliveryproductionA new form of video-based mass media has emerged, such as those companies that individually cooperate with Kyodo Newsletter, or if there is a contractor with the same capital, supply the Kyodo Denshi through that company. is recieving[Annotation 1].

On the other hand, there are conspicuous cases where the newspaper company, which is a contract company, signs "●● day ●●●● correspondent" like its own article while posting the article distributed by Kyodo News as it is.Occasionally, if there is an error in a Kyodo news article, you can find the exact same error in the contractor's article.It may even be named after a reporter who should not have been in the country.In other words, there is no (joint) credit in the international articles of the contractors, but they are published practically every day.However, Kyodo News has never filed an objection with each contractor.

Editorial (editorial), the same sentence may be published on multiple papers only by changing the title. For example, on July 2012, 7, in the Ibaraki Shimbun, Gifu Shimbun and Sanin Chuo Shimpo2 bullying suicide cases in Otsu city"Is it necessary to sway the compulsory authority that would surely upset the children in anticipation of cooperation from the school and the city board of education?"

Relationship with contractors

1998/, All three major newspaper companies (Yomiuri, Asahi, Mainichi), which were receiving only foreign news articles at that time, demanded a reduction in contract fees.Following this move, Sankei Shimbun also demanded a reduction in the amount of investment.In response, Kyodo News rejected the requests of the four companies.

However, there are many member companies that have a friendly relationship. For example, 2010Okinawa Times-Ryukyu Shimpo-Kyodo News launched a joint project of three companies, "Futenma Negotiations for 3 Years of Error," and became a core presence in the so-called "Futenma issue".


Serialization plan

Kyodo News has many serialization plans. Here are some of them.

  • "Earth Human Pattern" is "@ Korea", "@ Other Areas", "@ America", "@ China", "@ LOVE", and 5 weeks is one cool, and it depicts a human pattern of "living now". The main character and themes are set for each region.
  • "Inconvenient Truth of Nuclear Power Plant" is explained by the front-line reporter about the truth about the convenience of nuclear power plant such as "prevention of global warming", "stable supply" and "cheap power generation cost". ..
  • "The Story of Arirang" introduces the story about "Arirang," which is the title of a legendary movie made in Korea during the colonial era, in both Japan and South Korea. 


When broadcasting from the news station floor etc. on a news programBee bee beeThere may be a sound on the back. This is the first report of the news (in addition to "Extra", from its evoking sound "Pico"[12]It is a notice announcement when a newsletter, broadcast station, or other media is sent from Kyodo News.[13].. In a piece of critical news, this "news" isKeen corn carn cornSuch as the school chime style (Westminster BellIf it is news that the newspaper company issues an extra issue, it will be delivered and announced in this "flash".

Affiliated reporter

Above all"world"Has been a regular author of.

Representative of successive Kyodo News


Approved by the 1949th Board of Directors in 29 to amend the articles of incorporation regarding the abolition of the presidential system. In the same year, at the 10th General Meeting of Employees and the 30th and 31st Board of Directors, he becomes the chairman, managing director and managing director system.

  • Chairman of the Board[22]
    • Sadakichi Odashima(President of Nihon Keizai Shimbun): 1949 --1952
    • Keno Abe(President of Hokkaido Shimbun Press): 1952-1956
    • Yora Aichi(President of Chunichi Shimbun): 1956 --1958, 1966 --1968
    • Hideo Nomura(Chairman of Japan Broadcasting Corporation): 1958-1959
    • Denji Hironaka (President of Nishinippon Shimbun): 1959-1961
    • Naoji Tsuji(President of Nihon Keizai Shimbun): 1961 --1966
    • Maeda Yoshinori(Chairman of Japan Broadcasting Corporation): 1968-1972
    • Jiro Nishimura (Chairman of Niigata Nippo): 1972-1974
    • Hidefumi Miura (Chunichi Shimbun Chairman): 1974-1977
    • Toshio Ueseki (President of The Hokkaido Shimbun Press): 1977--1980
    • Miichiro Kato(President of Chunichi Shimbun): 1980-1987
    • Kikuo Watanabe (President of The Hokkaido Shimbun Press): 1987-1990
    • Hide Aoki (President of Nishinippon Shimbun): 1990-1998
    • Hirohiko Oshima(President of Chunichi Shimbun): 1998-2004
    • Akishige Tada (Nishi-Nippon Shimbun): 2004-
  • Vice-president
  • managing director
  • Managing Director
    • ,

Due to the resignation of Senior Managing Director Iwamoto and the establishment of the president system at Kyodo News and the relocation to the new office building at the 1966rd Board of Directors meeting held on March 3, 3Articles of IncorporationPartial change was approved.

Delivered news agency

Kyodo news outlets in Japan that deliver news are as follows:[30].

Member company (invested in the operation of Kyodo News)

  • NHK -However, NHK has a high rate of independent coverage, and news from Kyodo News is used only as a supplement.

Newspaper issued by contract company

Contract private broadcasting station

Contractor specializing in Internet distribution

Medium issued by NNA

Group Enterprise

  • Kyodo News, Inc.
Kyodo News, Inc.(Kyodo News, KKKyodo News) is a comprehensive information service company wholly owned by the Kyodo News Agency.
Established for the purpose of selling information to non-media,Central governmentLocal governments, private companies other than the Japanese-based media, etc. have contracted with KK to receive news distribution. After the 2010s, some customers are shifting their contracts to Kyodo Digital.
Publishing is also done by a stock company,Professional baseballOfficial record collection "Official Baseball Guide",FM information magazineKnown for producing "FM fan",TV information magazineIt also publishes "BSfan" ("TVfan" from 2008). As a separate volumeSex and the citySuch asForeign dramaDealt withMookWhile continuing to publish the book and publishing "I want to know more! Korean TV drama" from that flow, I got a big hit by riding the booming Korean wave that started to rise.KoreanIt was the forerunner of the Mook book, which dealt only with the. In addition, he actively publishes Korean entertainment information on the official website and translates the entertainment information from the Korean Money Today newspaper and publishes it every day.
In 2013KoreanBecame the founder of the 10th anniversary executive committee,Korea Content Promotion AgencyAt a symposium held inKoreanAnnounced various businesses for activation[33].
On March 2018, 3, it announced that it acquired 30% of the total issued shares of a major market research company with its subsidiary Quants Research and made it a group company.[34].
News distribution service, website / mobile site operation, system development, server maintenance / operation, etc.
Shooting, production, distribution and sales business of general visual contents such as photographs, videos, illustrations, graphics, animation, computer graphics (CG) in Japan and abroad
A web service that distributes press releases of companies and organizations to domestic and overseas media and reprints them on affiliated sites.
Editing and publishing of economic business information in Asian countries and regions, information distribution service in Japan, research business, advertising business, etc.
Financial-related WEB content planning and management services, financial information distribution services, consulting using financial engineering, sales support system
Development of platforms and provision of services that optimize the distribution of news content on the WEB
Kyodo News Article Delivery Company.ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クHeadquartered in.
Sales and related information equipment such as PCs and copiers, focusing on monitoring and operation of collection and distribution systems for affiliated and contracted companies (newspapers, broadcasts, etc.) and user support of Kyodo News, and sports data recording processing. business
Comprehensive research company covering all industries and markets
Real estate business for renting and redeveloping the former Kyodo News headquarters building in Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Suspicious reports, etc.

False positive

  • August 1955, 6,Ceylon(CurrentSri Lanka)soTotal solar eclipseWas observed.Although it was broadcasting live, it was broadcasting the state of the solar eclipse, so when I reported the "observation success" of the planned draft, it was actually canceled due to sudden changes in the weatherFalse positiveIt became.
  • August 2002, 6,2002 FIFA World CupAccording to the report,Representation from Japan I accidentally delivered the draft "Tragedy of Osaka". In fact, the Japanese national teamTunisia National TeamWon 2-0 and decided to advance to the final tournament.
  • August 2002, 8,Shintaro IshiharaRegarding the adoption of the textbook in Ehime Prefecture, the Governor of Tokyo refused, "I think Ehime made the choice of Ehime," and said, "I don't follow the process properly, and there is no closed-door, unilaterally decided section." I criticized it. "However, in reality, it was a statement to the opposite effect that "the adoption of past textbooks" did not follow the process properly.The Kyodo News side said, "It is a rudimentary mistake that misunderstood the purpose of the governor's remark, and there is no excuse. It is regrettable and apologize for the inconvenience caused to the people concerned. I want to thoroughly check the system in-house. "[Annotation 18].
  • On October 2004, 10, a Japanese youth in Iraq,Iraqi War Al Qaeda OrganizationIn the case of being held hostage, he reported an article concluding that the body found in Iraq was Mr. Koda.After that, it turned out that the body was a different person from Mr. Koda.[38].
  • August 2010, 1,Political Funds Control LawRegarding the violation, he reported that "Mr. Ozawa's re-listening, seeing off, special investigation department, political influence is also taken into consideration"[39]..After that, it was re-listened on January 1th.
  • October 2010th, 10, Japan Soccer International Friendly MatchGiraffe challenge cup』, delivered an article with comments added like comments heard on the day of the discourse that was not actually covered, and four newspapers, Tokyo Shimbun, Fukui Shimbun, Kobe Shimbun, Sanin Chuo Shimpo, were published in the morning edition on October 4.[40]..Kyodo News is inappropriate, but I do not think it is a forgery, I commented that I corrected it because there was an error and delivered an apology[Source required].
  • On February 2012, 2, in the report of the corpse abandonment case that occurred in Oita prefecture, another mother-daughter photo was distributed as a photo of the suspect (mother) and the victim (daughter), and more than 5 newspapers nationwide An incorrect photo was published in the morning edition on the 30th.I made an apology comment due to lack of confirmation of the photo[41][42].
  • August 2012, 10,Naofumi MoriguchiHas misreported that he has applied artificial pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) clinically, and has dismissed five people including Fumikazu Yoshida, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief.[43].
  • August 2012, 11,Amagasaki incidentAs a defendant, he dismissed a total of 10 officers and staff, including the president, Satoshi Ishikawa, due to the problem of misdelivering a photo of another person.Kyodo News sent a photo of his face as a defendant to newspapers nationwide on October 10, but the photo was found to be a different person on October 23.[44].. In 2012, there were a series of other false alarms, which were criticized within the Kyodo News third-party "reports and readers" committee.[45].
  • On September 2013, 9, it was revealed that a photographer who failed to shoot a home run was distributing another photo of the same player as a home run in three professional baseball games.The Kyodo News commented, "I apologize for the act that is not allowed as a news agency that should tell the truth. I take it very seriously and will investigate it retroactively."[46].
  • On August 2014, 8, the Asahi Shimbun said it was unreliableYoshida testimonyWhen canceling 16 past articles on Kyodo News, the problem was that Kyodo News had delivered articles on Yoshida testimony seven times in the past.The Kyodo News side explained that since around 7, there were voices questioning the credibility of the intellectuals, so 1992 was the last article to be covered.[47].. On January 2014, 11,Hokkaido Shimbun Canceled one Kyodo News article about "Yoshida Testimony" published in the past because it was not credible[48][49][50].

Press that conflicted views with the parties

  • August 2006, 2,Murakami Fund(M&A Consulting Co., Ltd.) is a department store in NagoyaMatsuzakayaHe reported that he had informally consulted with him about a review of management strategies, including the dismissal of all employees and the closure of stores.On the same day, M & A Consulting Co., Ltd. announced that the press was not true.[51].
  • Held in Kobe City on August 2013, 8Southern All StarsTo liveTohashi Hashishita"Even if tens of thousands of spectators were excited and stood up, Mr. Hashishita was almost sitting down," he reported.At a press conference, Hashimoto said, "(The article) is malicious. It's too terrible." There "[52]I argued.
  • On December 2014, 5,Henry Scott StokesIt was reported that the translator denied the "Nanjing Massacre" in his book "The Delusion of Allied Victory History Seen by British Reporters" without permission of the author.[53]..On the other hand, the publisherShodenshaAnnounced the "author's view" that the part reportedly added by the translator is the same as Stokes' view.[54].
  • On September 2018, 9, 2 electric power companies with nuclear power plantsMOX fuelIt has been reported that the cost for reprocessing and reusing it as fuel has been stopped since FY2016, and in fact, MOX reprocessing has been abandoned.[55],Hiroshige Seko“I think it's very regrettable that the reports were completely different from the facts,” Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry stressed on April 4.[56]In a press conference held after the Cabinet meeting held in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's interview room on September 9th, "I would like to ask you to correct the misinformation that the government has stopped reprocessing MOX fuel". Strengthened[57].Federation of Electric Power CompaniesAlso issued a statement on September 9 that there was no fact of giving up on the reprocessing of spent MOX fuel.[58].
  • August 2019, 8,Yasukuni ShrineLast fall, asked His Majesty the Emperor to worship the 150th anniversary of the founding of the shrine.Imperial Household AgencyI went to but reported that I was refused[59]..Yasuhiko Nishimura, Deputy Director of the Imperial Household Agency, denied at a regular press conference on the 26th that "there was no request or refusal."[60].
  • October 2019, 10Recruitment problemReported that it is considering a plan to create an economic fund in[61]..Secretary of State Suga denied at a press conference on the morning of the 29th that "there is no such fact."[62][63].
  • November 2019, 11, by Japan and RussiaNorthern TerritoriesAs a pilot (trial) project for joint economic activities at the end of October to the beginning of NovemberKunashiri,SeizureOn a sightseeing tour to both islands, it was reported that the Japanese government had warned participants through a travel agency outsourced to call them "Northern Four Islands" instead of "Northern Territories".[64]..Member of the House of Representatives about this reportMaruyama HodakaOn November 11, the government replied, "There is no such fact as you asked."[65].
  • On November 2019, 11, Prime Minister Abe reported that he had been denied a UN speech based on the testimony of several government officials.[66][67]..Regarding this, Secretary of State Suga and Environment Minister Koizumi explained that the Prime Minister had declined the request of the United Nations due to schedule reasons, and denied the facts.[68][69].
  • On December 2019, 12, Seven-Eleven Japan reported that it is considering reorganizing the field employees who are in charge of store guidance to reduce the current number of employees from about 17 to about 3.[70]..Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd. announced on the 18th that there is no fact of personnel reduction as described in the article.[71].
  • On May 2020, 5, the government announced that the ground-based interception system "Aegis ashore, The current plan was abandoned at the Ground Self-Defense Force Araya Exercise Area (Akita City), and it was reported that adjustments were made to select state-owned land in Akita Prefecture as a new candidate site.[72].Taro KonoThe defense minister said at a press conference on the 8th, "Fake newsWas criticized[73].. On June 6, the Ministry of Defense announced that the process of deploying the system in both Akita and Yamaguchi prefectures would be suspended due to the difficulty of dropping the booster into the Mutsumi Exercise Area in Yamaguchi Prefecture, but the Minister of Defense announced his blog. So, I answered that this decision and the report on May 15 are irrelevant.[74][75].
  • August 2020, 5,New coronavirus infectionCandidates for therapeutic agentsAviganReported that no clear effectiveness has been shown.[76]..Fujita Medical University, which is conducting clinical research on Avigan, announced on the 20th that "it is done to ensure safety, not the main purpose of determining effectiveness", and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare also said "on the way." It is too early to judge by the progress. "[77].
  • May 2020, 5, betsMahjongResigned atHirotsugu KurokawaRegarding the disposition of the former Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office (63), the Ministry of Justice initially decided that the "disciplinary" disposition was appropriate, but reported that it had made a lighter "admonition" disposition due to the intention of the official residence.[78]..Meanwhile, Prime Minister Abe and Secretary of State Suga denied at a press conference on the 25th that the disposition was in line with the views of the Ministry of Justice and that the official residence was not involved.[79][80].
  • On June 2020, 6, Kochi City will identify people who do not have financial institution accounts.antisocial forcesWith a biased recognition thatSpecial fixed benefitReported that it was excluded from the target audience[81]..The mayor of Kochi announced on the same day that the article was unfounded.[82]..On the other hand, Kyodo News has interviewed the person in charge of the city benefit window three times and has obtained the consent to report it as the city's view, and the mayor's counterargument contradicts the explanation of the person in charge. Criticized that[83].
  • May 2020, 6, ChineseHong Kong National Security LawJapan reportedly refused to participate in a joint statement criticizing China by the United States and Britain.[84]..At a press conference on June 6, Secretary of State Suga denied the report that "Japan is directly communicating its strong position directly to the Chinese side at a high level and clearly disseminating it to the international community."[85]..On the other hand, he did not disclose the contents of the report, "whether or not there was a consultation" and "whether or not he refused."[86].
  • Russian media announces the Russian Olympics on July 2021, 7fencingDirector Irigal Mamedov said, "The room in the Olympic Village of the Tokyo Olympics is small.中 世It seems that he criticized it. "[87], Former fencing playerYuki OtaAccording to the person himself, it turned out to be a dramatization except that he said that the shower head was broken and he was in trouble.[88][89].
  • November 2021, 8 in KoreaKorean Athletic MeetAbout the use of the Rising Sun Flag at the Olympic venueInternational Olympic CommitteeAs a result of discussions with, "Article 50 of the Olympic Charter prohibiting political promotion activitiesRising Sun BannerI received a written decision to apply to[90], Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic GamesToshiro MutoThe Secretary-General denied on the 9th, "It's not true. I confirmed with the IOC."[91][92].

Scandals and criticisms

Anonymous press acceptance / socialist sympathy

  • 2006/Former Kyodo NewsKatsuhiro KurodaIn a dialogue, why earlier with irresponsible criticism of distributing bearer articles of Kyodo News, the main media, as a news agencyAbduction issueWas not reported in the mainstream media, Sankei reported the disappeared person, and then reported the earliest allegations of abduction by North Korea, and Asahi and Kyodo News were behind in reporting the abduction issue until the recapture of the abductees in 2002. "It's a tough problem for Asahi, but the responsibility is serious.NorthIt was Asahi that spoiled me. I was in frontKyodo NewsSo too. "It has said.Regarding the background of the sweet public opinion and coverage of North Korea, one of the points of the view of North Korea in "postwar journalism" such as Kyodo News and Asahi Shimbun is due to the illusion of socialism.USSR,ChugokuIt is pointed out that there is support for Eastern countries such as, and that those who have socialist sympathy as an ideological trend were considered intellectuals, and that the atonement consciousness was too strong.Reflecting on the fact that the idea that North Korea is not a subject of criticism, but an ideal and an object to be evaluated, and a country that should be watched warmly appeared in the press and had a negative impact on Japan. Should be.Asahi Shimbun's Hayami Ichikawa also admitted to newspaper reporters that many people with a lot of support for innovation and socialist sympathy were the mainstream in the company, and that it was difficult to post criticisms to North Korea in the company. Admitted that the influence of the abduction issue was in Japan, including the delay in discovering the abduction issue.[93].

Inappropriate behavior of the Human Resources Manager for female students

  • 2012/May 12To Kyodo NewsGeneral Affairs BureauDeputy headandhuman resourcesManagerThe fact that he was bringing a female student whom he met at a company briefing session to the hotelWeekly Bunshun] Was reported by. He called in a female student saying "I'll correct the composition" and suggested that he stay at a hotel near Kyodo News, and came into the woman's hotel room and pressed for a relationship. The female student protested strongly and the HR manager was removed from the position, but Kyodo News did not disclose this fact[94].. Initially, the Kyodo side refused the internal investigation itself, as the boss of the General Affairs Bureau responded to the interview of "Weekly Bunshun" by saying, "Do you just investigate every single mere rumor?"[95]In addition, one of the people in charge explained, "There were various rumors because the HR manager was off." "I'm absent because I'm sick."[96].. According to an article in "Weekly Bunshun," the HR manager said "I ask the company" for the interview, and the in-house inspector said, "I can't help what I liked." Say[97].2013/May 5A special article will be published from "Weekly Bunshun," commenting on the newsletter of Kyodo News, "Currently, we are working on a committee within the company to investigate."May 5And the disciplinary dismissal of the personnel manager was decided[98].. In response to Fumiharu's suggestion that the publication was significantly delayed due to concealment, the Kyodo News Agency said, "because of consideration so as not to affect the student's job hunting activities."[99].. Kyodo News announced the punishment of five executives and employees, such as strict caution and reduction of remuneration. Similar dispositions to President Ishikawa and others were misdelivery of photos in the abandoned corpse case that occurred in Oita prefecture in February 5, misreporting problem regarding iPS cells in October 2012, Amagasaki city continuous death in November 2 It is also done in the misdelivery of photos in the case[100].
  • On May 5, the Kyodo News Agency said, “We often consider false facts about the weekly Bunshun article (...) We may consider taking legal action.” “The interview by Bunshun is at the level of a hearing story. It was discovered that internal documents with contents completely different from the facts such as ``I should do my best'' were ``The leave of the HR manager was sick because of a large-scale transfer etc.'' even at the stage of May 22 As a result, "Weekly Bunshun" reports that it will develop into a problem of management retreat.[101].. In the local newspapers that the co-owners are distributing articles, the morning edition of the next daySolid articles(The article is composed of about one column, and the type is small and thin in the headline). On the other hand, there is high interest overseas, and it was reported that this issue was also reported in Taiwan and China.[102][103].. On May 5, President Ishikawa decided to take responsibility for a series of scandals and resign[104].

Suspected unauthorized connection in remote computer operation case

  • 2013/May 4, Multiple reporters from the social departmentComputer remote control incidentIt was discovered that at a webmail site that seemed to have been used by a person who sent the crime statement to lawyers, he entered the email address and guessed password, accessed multiple times, and browsed the records of sending and receiving. The Kyodo side says that the information obtained from this access is not an article[105].
  • May 6, Kyodo News reporters together with Asahi Shimbun reportersUnauthorized access prohibition lawA document was sent on suspicion of violation, but Kyodo News Director of Social Affairs said, ``I explained to the law enforcement authorities that it was an act of gathering information to approach the truth of the case, although it may conflict with the law in terms of form. I think you got it.''[106].. On the other hand, at the beginning of the discovery of the incident, the comment saying "(It was for the purpose of getting closer to the true criminal), but there was too much in the interview" was deleted from the comment.[107].

Reporter patient data crossflow

  • 2014/May 2,Cervical cancer vaccineA reporter from the International Bureau of Kyodo News, which participated in the "International Symposium on Serious Adverse Reactions of Cervical Cancer Vaccine" sponsored by the opposition group, provided the personal information of about 140 patients obtained during the interview process of the vaccine problem, Disseminated to symposium officials and Diet members, and the information was used at the symposium[108].. In addition, the reporter acted as the host without giving permission from the company, giving the company name, and making statements in line with the intention of the organizer. Kyodo News reportsDismissalAlso, the two directors, including the director of the International Bureau, reduced the salary due to the responsibility of management supervision.[109].. Kyodo News General Affairs Bureau commented, "I apologize for the inconvenience caused to the people involved in the act that deviates significantly from reporter ethics. We will thoroughly conduct reporter education."

Suspicion of distribution of medical articles based on compensation

  • In 2017, a Kyodo News group company distributed an article praising pharmaceutical products as a news article, and in response to the distributionDentsuWaseda Chronicle, a non-profit organization, reported that it had received a success fee from[110].

Kicking off the gates of ordinary households who were refused coverage

  • 2017/May 4,ChibaAbikoA case where the body of a Vietnamese third-year elementary school girl (3 years old at the time) was found in (Chiba small 3 girl murder case(See), a male reporter who was interviewing a general household near the site,IntercomThe fact that he was kicking up the outer wall of the house of a neighboring resident who refused to interview over theresurveillance cameraBy the inhabitants along with the video recorded inTwitterIt was reported that it was written in. Residents of the victims said they would not report the company name of the reporter and report it to the police.[111]..After that, it turned out that the reporter in the video in question was a male reporter in his 20s at Kyodo News, and the company said, "We will give strict guidance after listening to the situation," and the executive and this reporter visited the residents' house. He said he apologized directly[112].

Inappropriate coverage of Kake Gakuen

  • August 2018, 6,Kake school problemWhen the secretary-general of the school corporation "Kake Gakuen" met with an executive of Ehime prefecture on May 5, he said that he had inappropriately interviewed an IC recorder in a recorded state in a private meeting room. It was announced that the reporter of the Social Affairs Department was disciplined for blame and the reporter of the Matsuyama branch was punished with strict caution.We also apologized to Ehime prefecture.[113]

Unauthorized replacement of online articles

In this regard, the botanistYuichi TsukayaHowever, "The manuscript of a scientific paper is not something that is decided to be published at the discretion of the editorial department once it is submitted. It is necessary to pass it after being reviewed and reviewed by a third party. [...] For reviewers, People who have an interest in the author are not selected. For the sake of fairness, even if they belong to the same institution as the author, they are not selected as reviewers. [...] Therefore, Yamanaka No matter how the professor is one of the founding members of the scientific journal or one of the editorial board members, there is no room for further attention in publishing the paper. "[115].

Entering a private house at a debris flow site in Atami City

  • August 2021, 7,Atami City Izusan Debris Flow DisasterA reporter in his thirties from Kyodo News entered the outdoor terraces of two private houses adjacent to the debris flow site without permission, and photographed the damage and search activities for a total of about one hour. On September 30, Kyodo News reporteder suspected of trespassingAtami Police StationAnnounced that the documents were sent to.Kyodo News has disciplined this reporter[116].


Japan Press Club Award

  • 1983-"Attack reporter or as a cap of series planning persistently pursuing social themes, for "attitude to act as a lifelong reporter"" Social Affairs and Editorial Committee:Saito Shigeo
  • Fiscal 2004-"For many years, working on US-Japan relations research coverage. For the work that came close to the truth by excavating materials from a huge archive and gathering interviews with related parties” Editorial Chairman:Haruo Mikio
  • 2013-"As a literary reporter, Haruki Murakami, Shizuka Shirakawa, and other activities aimed at bridging readers through direct interviews with writers and scholars." Kyodo News Editorial Committee Member and Editorial Writer:Tetsuro Koyama

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