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🌏 | Stellantis to raise stake in Chinese joint venture to 75%


Stellantis to raise stake in Chinese joint venture to 75%

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On the 27th, it announced that it would continue to cooperate with Guangzhou Automobile Group to develop the brand in China.

[Milan XNUMXth Reuters] – European and American automobile giant Stellantis was established on the XNUMXth with a XNUMX-XNUMX investment with Guangzhou Automobile Group ... → Continue reading


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Guangzhou Automobile Group

Guangzhou Automobile Group (ChineseSimplified characters : Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.,English: Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Abbreviation:Guangzhou Automobile Group,GAC Group) Is,People's Republic of ChinaIs an automobile manufacturer.


Established in 1955 as a company specializing in the manufacture and maintenance of automobile parts.

1985 years,PeugeotAs a partner of Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Company (Simplified Chinese:Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Company, English: Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Company, abbreviation: GPAC) was established and the cooperative relationship continued until 1997.

In 2005, with Guangzhou Automobile Industry GroupJoint stock company OfHolding companyBecame.

In 2008, the company established a subsidiary "Guangzhou Automobile Group Passenger Car Co., Ltd." for the purpose of manufacturing and sales with 100% investment by the company.

In 2010, Guangzhou Automobile Group Passenger Car Co., Ltd.Alfa romeoThe first in-house brand "Trumpchi (Trumpchi)"Trumpchi, Trumpchi) ”was launched.In the same yearHong Kong Stock ExchangeSo in 2012Shanghai Stock ExchangeToListing.

2018 year 1 month,Detroit Motor ShowAnnounced to enter the North American market in 2019[1]..However, when entering the North American market, the company's own brand, "Trumpchi (Trumpchi) "President of the United States"Donald Trump (Donald Trump) ”Was decided to change the brand name because of the political issue of being very similar to[2]..In August of the same year, it announced that it would enter the Russian market in 8 at the Moscow Motor Show.[3]..And in October of the same yearParis Motor ShowAnnounced that it will enter the European market[4].

September of the same year,SAIC Motor GroupAnnounced a comprehensive alliance over 5 years, and announced mutual support such as core technology development support, industrial chain sharing, new business and overseas market development.[5].



  • - 2008/A wholly owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Group, which was established in China.Trumpchi (Trumpchi, Trumpchi) etc.Africa,Saudi ArabiaMiddle east, etc.Eastern EuropeSold in each country.

Joint venture

  • Guangqi Honda(Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.) --After the withdrawal of Peugeot1998/In 7 monthJapan OfHonda Motor Co., Ltd.とJoint VentureEstablished.同年10月からFrom October of the same yearAccordStarted test production of (Yakaku).2007/, Established Guangzhou Honda Research and Development Co., Ltd. (GHRD) with investment from Guangqi Honda, and set up research and development facilities such as test courses.
  • GAC Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Co., Ltd.-GAC Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Co., Ltd. 2010/January,ItalyEstablished GAC Fiat as a joint venture with Fiat.Production started in Changsha City, Hunan Province, and after the merger of Fiat and Chrysler in 2014, the name was changed to Fiat Chrysler, which is sometimes abbreviated as Guangqi FCA.
  • Guangqi Mitsubishi (Guangqi Mitsubishi Motors Co., Ltd.)-JapanMitsubishi Motors-Mitsubishi CorporationJoint venture with. 2010å¹´10月に三菱自動車が技術提供していたTechnology was provided by Mitsubishi Motors in October XNUMXGAC Changfeng MotorAcquired by Guangzhou Automobile Group by raising its stake2012/In 5 monthHunan ProvinceChangshaProduction started at.It manufactures and sells electric vehicles such as the Sachi and Sachi EV.

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