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🌏 | DBS acquires Taiwan's consumer division from US City


DBS Acquires Taiwan's Consumer Division from US City

If you write the contents roughly
DBS will be Taiwan's largest foreign bank in terms of asset size.

[Singapore XNUMXth Reuters] – Singapore's leading bank DBS Group is from Citigroup, USA ... → Continue reading


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List of banks(Ginkou no Ichiran) is a major player in the worldbank,Financial institution OfListIs.This item is organized by country and region.

Top 10 lines

Shows the top 2020 banks of total assets as of January 1[1].

RankingBank nameAmount ($ 10 billion)
1Industrial and Commercial Bank of China4,009
2China Construction Bank3,400
3Agricultural Bank of China3,285
4Bank of China2,991
5Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group2,784
6JP Morgan Chase2,533
7HSBC Holdings2,251
8BNP Paribas2,235
9Bank of America2,281
10Credit Agricole2,117


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