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🌏 | Former US President Trump fines $ 1 a day, neglects to submit documents, contempt of court


Former US President Trump fined $ 1 a day, neglected to submit documents, contempt of court

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Mr. Trump's lawyer said he intends to appeal the decision.

[Reuters] – A court in New York, USA, refuses to submit documents to the Attorney General on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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Playing cards (disambiguation)

Playing cards(British: Trump)


  • Playing cards - GameForcardA kind of. "Trump" isJapanThe name used in ("card" in English, Playing card).
  • Originally aboveGames with cardsIntrumpThat.In turn, it means "last resort" (Countable noun).
  • Meaning of "winning" and "putting out a trump card"verbBut also.When D. Trump, described below, was elected President of the United StatesLady GagaSign, "Love trumps hate "[1]It is also used in the phrase.


originally"victoryMeansEnglish OfTriumph( triumph ,French: Triumph).or,Old english Of deceived (Trumpet) Is the etymology.

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  • Trump Organization --A company run by the above Trump family.
  • Trump shuttle —— An airline that once existed and is an affiliate of the above companies.

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