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🌏 | JERA can generate electricity for 5 days even at maximum output Stop receiving water this morning


JERA can generate electricity for 5 days even at maximum output Stop receiving water this morning

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Hekinan Thermal Power Station is said to have an inventory of industrial water equivalent to about 5 days even if it continues to operate at maximum output.

[Tokyo XNUMXth Reuters] – JERA (Tokyo Central ...), in which TEPCO Holdings and Chubu Electric Power have a XNUMX-XNUMX stake. → Continue reading


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Hekinan Thermal Power Station

Hekinan Thermal Power Station(Hekinan Karyoku Hatsudensho) isAichiHekinan CityLocated at 2-8-2 KonanchoJERA OfcoalThermal power plant. Important portIsKinuura PortLocated on the eastern shore of.On the opposite bank of the portTaketoyo Thermal Power StationIs located.1991/Unit 10 went into operation in October, and by 1, Unit 2002 had been built.

Unit 3 is the first in JapanUltra-supercritical pressure OfboilerandSteam turbineThe main steam temperature is 538 ℃, the reheated steam temperature is 593 ℃, and the main steam pressure is 24.1MPa. The output of Units 4 and 5 is 100 million kW, which is the largest in Japan.2011/Current,coalIt is the largest thermal power plant in Japan and one of the largest in the world.[1].

As of 2018carbon dioxideEstimated emissions are 2,664 million tons, relative emissions arekWhEstimated to be 1.394 kg per unit, it is one of the 10 most carbon-fired power plants in the world.[2].

2019 year 4 month,Chubu Electric PowerからJERAWas transferred to.

In 2021, JERANew Energy and Industrial Technology Development OrganizationWith coalammoniaWe applied for and adopted a subsidy for the mixed combustion business.Design and construction will start from the same year, and mixed combustion will be carried out using Unit 2024 in 4.[3]However, it was advanced in 2023.[4].

Power generation equipment

  • Total output: 410 million kW[5]
  • Site area: Approximately 160 millionm2
unitfuelTypesRated outputStart of commercial operationStatusSteam conditionsThermal efficiency (low calorific value standard)
Unit 1coalSteam turbine700 MW1991/10/18drivingSuper Critical43%
Unit 2coalSteam turbine700 MW1992/6/12drivingSupercritical pressure43%
Unit 3coalSteam turbine700 MW1993/4/22drivingUltra Super Critical44%
Unit 4coalSteam turbine1000 MWMarch 2001drivingUltra-supercritical pressure44%
Unit 5coalSteam turbine1000 MWMarch 2002drivingUltra-supercritical pressure44%

Environmental Initiatives

Approximately 100 million tons of coal ash is generated annually at this power plant, but by taking advantage of the fine particles, light weight, and increased strength of coal ash, the recovered particles are used.Fly ashIt is used as a substitute for clay raw materials for cement, which have similar components as (improving the fluidity of concrete) and clinker ash (excellent in water retention, drainage, and breathability).[6].

Also included in the exhaust to prevent pollutionSulfur oxidesIn the desulfurization equipment in the power plantCalcium carbonateIs used, but it was generated by absorbing sulfur as a by-product.石膏Is called desulfurized gypsum and is effectively used as a raw material for cement.These are originally treated as industrial waste, but most of them are due to the tightness of landfill disposal points and the viewpoint of resource recycling.Taiheiyo CementReused as a resource at the Fujiwara Factory[7].

For these transportations, rail transportation is used, which has the advantages of being capable of mass transportation, having a low environmental load, and avoiding the impact on transportation in the surrounding area.[7]..In this transportation, the outbound route is a freight car dedicated to calcium carbonate produced at the Taiheiyo Cement Fujiwara Plant (JR Freight Hoki 1000 type freight car)Sanki Railway Sanki LineHigashi Fujiwara StationNear the power plant via the JR lineKinuura Rinkai Railway Hekinan LineHekinanshi StationTransport to.On the return trip, fly ash generated at the power plantKinuura Rinkai Railway Hekinan LineHekinanshi StationNear the cement factorySanki Railway Sanki LineHigashi Fujiwara StationIt is a circular transportation that transports to.

This initiative is rare in Japan, but here1990/It has been carried out since (2)[7].

Adjacent facility

  • Hekinantan Topia
  • Henankai Fishing Square-The revetment near the outlet of the Kitagawa of the thermal power plantfishingIt is open to the public for free as a plaza.There is a tall fence to prevent falls, so even children can enjoy fishing with peace of mind.Since the hot drainage is discharged, many fish gather and you can enjoy fishing all year round.FreeParking Lot,WC, Small with playsetparkIs maintained, for sabiki fishing, small throw fishing, etc.イ ワ シ,Sappa,Konoshiro,Goby,Black Sea Bream,Ainame,SeigoEtc. can be caught[8].
  • Kinuura Eastern Purification Center


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