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🌏 | Siemens Energy AG to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Gamesa for $ 43 billion


Siemens Energy AG to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Gamesa for $ 43 billion

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Siemens Energy, which spins off from Siemens and provides turbines and services to the power industry, owns a 67% stake in Gamesa.

[Frankfurt XNUMXnd Reuters] -Germany Siemens Energy is on the XNUMXst, the slumping wind turbine division Sea ... → Continue reading


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Power companyWhat is (Denryokugaisha)?electricityFor the purpose of sellingPower generationOrPower distributionOrPower transmissionThe company that does.

America,EuropeThen from the mid-1990sSeparation of shipping electricityCame to do.

Japanese power companyIt is,Power generationandPower transmissionHowever, there was a view that it should be separated as in Europe and the United States.特に2011年Especially in XNUMXGreat East Japan EarthquakeSince then, various problems have been pointed out about Japanese electric power companies (electric power industry), as in Europe and the United States.Separation of shipping electricityThe talk in the direction of advancing is becoming more active in the Diet.


JapaneseElectricity Business LawBy, the electric power companyRetail electric utility,General power transmission and distribution business,Transmission company,Specified power transmission and distribution companyAnd are classified into.

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