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🌏 | The Nikkei average in the previous session fell back, economic concerns smoldered support for buying


The Nikkei average in the previous session fell back, and economic concerns smoldered to support buying

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Individually, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group was strong, and NYK and JAL were also strong.

[Tokyo XNUMXth Reuters] – The Nikkei average on the Tokyo stock market in the previous market was XNUMX yen lower than the previous business day by XNUMX yen. → Continue reading


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Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.(Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group,British: Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc., Abbreviation:MUFG) IsMitsubishi UFJ BankPut them under your umbrellaMitsubishi Group OfFinancial holding company.Nikkei Stock AverageandTOPIX Core30,JPX Nikkei Index 400One of the constituent stocks of[5][6][7]..The abbreviation for listed stock is "Mitsubishi UFJ".


Mitsubishi GroupMitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group(MTFG) andUFJ Group OfUFJ Holdings[Note 2](UFJHD)2005/10/1TomergerWas born.With assets of approximately 190 trillion yen, it is one of the largest financial groups in the world.

Currently, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupMitsubishi UFJ Bank,Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation,Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Holdings,Mitsubishi HC Capital,Mitsubishi UFJ NikosIt is a "comprehensive financial group" centered on five major core companies.

Old predecessor of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJBank of Mitsubishi・OldSanwa Bank・OldTokai BankAre eachCapital Area-Keihanshin・,Chukyo area OfThree major metropolitan areasIs the ground.Formerly a foreign exchange bankBank of TokyoIt has an advantage in international business as well.Also abroadAmericaRegional banksUnion BankIs a subsidiary and is the largest shareholder of Morgan Stanley.AlsoThailand OfAyutthaya BankIs under the umbrella of the company, and it is also characterized by being aggressive in expanding overseas.

First in the domestic banking group in the fiscal year ending March 2015Net incomeExceeded 1 trillion yen[8][9]..Also on June 6thCompany with CommitteeMoved to[10].

Corporate colorIs "MUFG Red".The group slogan is "The power of the world to advance."

Background of its inauguration

The background to the merger and group management integration of Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group (hereinafter "MTFG") and UFJ Holdings (hereinafter "UFJHD") is on the UFJ side, especially.UFJ BankThe bad debts of the company have expanded, making it difficult to maintain a sound management stance.So UFJ HD is under the umbrellaUFJ Trust BankCo., Ltd. once in June 2004Sumitomo Trust BankThe company announced a policy to sell it to a joint-stock company (hereinafter referred to as "Sumishin"), but in July 2004, UFJHD turned around and announced a policy of business integration with MTFG.On the other hand, SumishinTokyo District CourtWe applied for provisional disposition to ban the integration of MTFG and UFJ HD.2004/7/27, The Tokyo District Court approved Sumishin's application (the objection filed by UFJHD was also rejected on August 8), but on August 4th,Tokyo High CourtApproved the UFJ HD appeal and rejected Sumishin's application.As a result, the following day, the 12th, the basic agreement on business integration was announced.Sumishin will be on August 8thSpecial appealI went there on August 8thSupreme CourtWas decided to reject this application as the Tokyo High Court's decision was valid.Sumishin to UFJHDRestitution for DamagesI switched to a claim and appealed,2006/11/21The settlement was reached by paying a settlement of 25 billion yen to Sumishin proposed by the Tokyo High Court.

2005/2/18The merger was officially decided on October 2005, 10, and it was announced that the group name would be "Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group" and that MTFG 1 shares would be allotted to UFJ HD1 shares at the time of the merger.Group companies have also adopted a policy of merging with the former MTFG side as the surviving company of the absorption-type merger on the same date as the holding company, except for some, but the ordinary banks Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank and UFJ Bank are large-scale due to the merger. Concerned about system failureFinancial Services AgencyIn response to the recommendation ofMe Net SecuritiesKabu.com SecuritiesAs for the merger, kabu.com Securities just listed its shares and the response was delayed, so both were in 2006.1/1It was changed to.Lease and card / credit sales respectively2007/4/1Merged with[Note 3],consumer loanIsMobitReorganization was also promoted[11].

Successive presidents

NameTerm of officeAlma mater
1Nobuo KuroyanagiJanuary 2005-January 10Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo
2Katsunori NagayasuJanuary 2010-January 4Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo
Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration
3Nobuyuki HiranoJanuary 2013-January 4Faculty of Law, Kyoto University
4Kanetsugu MikeJanuary 2019-January 4Keio University Faculty of Economics
University of PennsylvaniaWharton School
5Hironori KamezawaApril 2020-Current positionGraduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo

Main group companies

Intimate bank

Former intimate company

Major large customers

Investment, etc.

2008/10/13,Morgan StanleyInvested 90 billion dollars (about 9000 billion yen in Japanese yen at that time) and acquired 21% of the issued shares.9/29ToCommon stockAt $ 30 billion,Preferred stockOnce agreed to invest $ 60 billion in10/10Morgan Stanley's stock price plummeted, and as originally agreed, there was a possibility of a large loss on the MUFG side, so as a result of reexamination, it became a fully preferred stock.[16].

After that, the Morgan Stanley side announced a public offering in stages, so in response to this, some of the preferred shares are redeemed and common shares are acquired.[17][18][19], Continue to vote[Note 4]Continues to maintain over 20% of.In addition, integration of Mitsubishi UFJ Securities and Morgan Stanley Securities (Japanese corporation)[20], Dispatch of directors to Morgan Stanley[21]The construction of a concrete collaborative system is gradually beginning.


BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorWe are dealing with.Colors may not be displayed properly depending on the viewing environment. ((Template: Color)

MUFG RedMUFG Gray[22]

Branding TheNippon Design Center OfKazumasa NagaiWorked on[23]..By superimposing circles, the symbol mark represents "a new comprehensive financial service created by concentrating the collective strengths of the group" and "a friendly service with a sense of unity with customers."[22].

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, which is also used as a symbol markCorporate color"MUFG Red" expresses "the passion to face each and every customer, always pursuing the highest level of service, valuing the vitality to dynamically change financial services in the future, and valuing the connection with customers." ing[22]..Also, "MUFG GlobalLogo type"MUFG Gray" used in "" represents "a sense of trust as a truly reliable comprehensive financial group."[22].

According to Nagai, when MUFG was launchedDentsu,Landor Associates[Note 5],HakuhodoHakuhodo was adopted from the competition, and Hakuhodo and NagaiIvan ChermayeffI had them come up with a design proposal.Nagai and Chermayeff proposed 2 designs each, for a total of 6 designs, but the first president of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupNobuo KuroyanagiIs a prompt decision and the current plan proposed by Nagai[Note 6]Said to[24].

The logo mark was slightly revised in 2015, and the font of the "MUFG" logo was changed to "MTFGIt became close to the logo.


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