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🌏 | OPEC Plus, maintaining a small increase in production in July = related sources


OPEC Plus maintains a small increase in production in July = related sources

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Based on the agreement in July last year, it has eased record production cuts by about 7 barrels a day every month.

[London / Dubai XNUMXth Reuters] – OPEC member countries and non-member countries such as Russia ... → Continue reading


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    40 million barrels

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      Daily amount

      Daily amount(Nichiryo, February 1771, 2-May 18, 1851) is the 5th lord of Taiseki-ji Temple.He is a Qing dynasty.


      • 1771(Meiwa8 years) Born on February 2th at Fuji Jojo.
      • 1789(KanseiIn the first year), he entered the Hosogusa Danrin.
      • 1797(Kansei 9th year), Kyo KujoJuhonji Temple(CurrentShoshinkaiOccupied by a monk) Chief priest.
      • 1808(culture5 years), became the main danrin danrin in his 80s.
      • 1808(Culture 5 years) August, Edo ShitayaJiji TempleChief priest.
      • 1813(Culture 10 years) November,Oishi TempleReturn to the mountain.
      • 1815(12th year of culture), became the scholarch of Taisekiji Temple.
      • 1816(Culture 13th year) On December 12th, he wrote the praise of Wasan Koume.
      • 1817(14th year of culture) February 2, 16thNissenReceived the attachment of the law, and was seated as the 48th day.
      • 1817(14th year of culture) In November, he wrote successive biography after the day.
      • 1820(Bunsei) In August 3rd, the law was attached to the 8th Nisso, and the law was transferred to the life-long ward.
      • 1823(6th year of Bunsei) In May, he wrote a detailed magazine [Treasure Book] at Fuji Taisekiji Temple.
      • 1824(7th year of Bunsei) In June, he wrote a book about his specialty.
      • 1825(8th year of Bunsei) February,NikanHe wrote a biography of superiors. In November, he wrote a biography of the Eye Master.
      • 1826(9th year of Bunsei) In November, encouraged Owari Honmei Kosha.
      • 1827(10th year of Bunsei) Encourage the Owari believers on January 1.
      • 1828(11th year of Bunsei) Encourage the Owari believers in December.He writes a suspected student report.
      • 1830(Tempo5st year) May 8th, 49th Nissou loneliness. On June 6th, I went to the seat again.
      • 1831(Tenpo 2nd year) August,NichirenRepair the Great Saint 550th Anniversary.
      • 1831(Tenpo 2nd year) September, daily amount, 9thNichijouAttached to the law and moved to the life span.
      • 1832(Tenpo 3rd year) In November, in Mino TaruiDayThe 500 stupa of the Great Stupa was erected.
      • 1836(7th year of Tenpo) May 5st, 1th day of loneliness.Daily amount, law 50stJapanese-EnglishAttached to.
      • In May 1836 (Tenpo 7), he wrote a sequel to the family. In November, he wrote Ichinen Sanzensho.
      • 1840(Tenpo 11th year) February 2, EdoJosenji TempleInTeneiinThe 100th anniversary of the memorial service was executed for 3 days.
      • 1841(Tenpo 12) In October, I will reply to the 10 articles of the Shogunate.
      • 1843(Tenpo 14th year) In December, he wrote the title of this body.
      • 1846(Hiroka3 years) In October, he wrote a draft record of Tominobu's questions and answers.
      • 1850(Kaei3rd year) On November 11th, he wrote an abbreviation for Koushi Ichidai.
      • 1851(Kaei 4th year) He died on May 5, at the age of 29.

      List of chief priests of Taisekiji TempleNext generation


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