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🌏 | German CPI May, + 5% year-on-year, spurring observation of high-level rate hikes for the first time in about 8.7 years


German CPI May, + 5% year-on-year, spurring observations of high-level rate hikes for the first time in about 8.7 years

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According to the National Statistical Office, energy prices in May rose 5% year-on-year.

[Berlin XNUMXth Reuters] -The European Union (EU) Standards (HI ...) in May announced by the German Federal Statistical Office on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading


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    38.3% increase from the same month of the previous year

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    Statistics Korea(Tokeicho, National Statistical Office)South KoreaInMinistry of Economy and FinanceAffiliated nationAdministrative agency.statisticsResponsible for the processing of various statistical data, such as planning the work in general, setting statistical standards, and comprehensively adjusting.JapaneseMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics BureauEquivalent to.


    • Daejeon920 Tunshan-dong, Seo-gu Government Complex Daejeon 3 Buildings



    • Director
      • Spokesperson
    • Deputy head
      • Planning Coordinator
      • Audit Officer



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    • First Circulation (Valley) March 1 (Mountain) February 1972 (Valley) June 3
    • First Circulation (Valley) March 2 (Mountain) February 1975 (Valley) June 6
    • First Circulation (Valley) March 3 (Mountain) February 1980 (Valley) June 9
    • First Circulation (Valley) March 4 (Mountain) February 1985 (Valley) June 9
    • First Circulation (Valley) March 5 (Mountain) February 1989 (Valley) June 7
    • First Circulation (Valley) March 6 (Mountain) February 1993 (Valley) June 1
    • First Circulation (Valley) March 7 (Mountain) February 1998 (Valley) June 8
    • Eighth Circulation (Valley) July 8 (Mountain) December 2001 (Valley) April 7
    • First Circulation (Valley) March 9 (Mountain) February 2005 (Valley) June 4
    • 10th Circulation (Valley) February 2009 (Mountain) August 2 (Valley) March 2011
    • 11th Circulation (Valley) March 2013 (Mountain) September 3


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