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🌏 | Putin orders continued attack in Ukraine After taking control of eastern Luhansk Oblast


Putin orders continued attack in Ukraine After taking control of eastern Luhansk Oblast

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This islet, with rocks protruding from the surface of the sea, has played a major role in the Ukrainian military's strategy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin seizes the city of Lysychans'k, Luhansk Oblast, eastern Ukraine on the 4th ... → Continue reading


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    Ukrainian army

    Ukrainian army(Ukraine,Ukrainian : Збройні Сили України [ЗСУ]; Zbroini syly Ukrainy, [ZSU]) Isウクライナ OfNational army.. OldSoviet armyof,,Carpathian Military District,Black Sea FleetEtc. inherited the unit.Regular armyThe total force of the troops is estimated to be 20 (reported as of January 9000).Ukrainian conflict[8]And follow2022 Russia's invasion of UkraineHave practical experience in[9].

    The commander-in-chiefPresident of UkraineAnd the top of the military organization is (in 2020)Chief of Staff(Newly established by separating the duties as general commander of)[10].



    The Ukrainian Army consists of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Air Mobile Army, and Special Operations Command.ServiceConsists of.

    At the beginning of independenceUkrainian Air Defense ForceExisted, but was incorporated into the Air Force in 2004 and disappeared.

    Control mechanism

    Main base location

    • Kieu(Ukrainian Capital, Army and Special Operations Command)
    • Kharkiv(Formerly known as Kharkov, Army and Air Force)
    • Vinnytsia(Air Force)
    • Odessa(CrimeaUkrainian Black Sea Fleet base after the fall, Navy)
    • Zhytomyr(Aerial Mobile Army)

    2022 Russia's invasion of Ukraine

    2022 Russia's invasion of UkraineOn the occasion,Russian FederationToCyber ​​attackBear theITTroops[9], ForeignersVolunteer soldierConsists ofUkrainian Legion of Territory Foreign ArmyWas organized.Also, to make up for the shortage of personnel, Ukrainian prisoners with military experience are recruited.Penal troopsA plan to put it on the front line is also being considered.[11].


    Ukrainian armyclassThere are two types, army type and navy type.The Navy rank is used only by Navy workers, and the Army rank is used by all other services.In 2NATO rankAt OF-10 (MarshalUkrainian Army General (class)Генерал України) Has been abolished and has a diamond-shaped 9-star rank emblem that corresponds to OF-4 (general class).Senior general(Colonel-General,oftenBrigadier generalHas a 4-star rank insigniageneral(Gen.) Was changed.howeverOleksandr SyrskyFor those who were promoted before the colonel general was abolished, such as, continue to wear the rank of the colonel general.[12].

    Army class

    Army class (Армійські звання) List of.

    Navy class

    Navy class (Корабельнж звання) List of.

    • officer:Офіцерський склад
      • general:Вищий офіцерський склад
        • general : адмірал адмірал
        • Lieutenant General:vice-admiral
        • Major General:контр-адм ірал
        • Brigadier General:Komondor
      • Field Officer:Старший офіцерський склад
        • Colonel:капітан 1 рангу XNUMX рангу
        • Lieutenant Colonel:капітан 2 рангу XNUMX рангу
        • Shao Zuo:капітан 3 рангу XNUMX рангу
      • Junior Officer:Молодший офіцерський склад
        • Captain:капітан-лейте нант
        • Senior Lieutenant:lieutenant
        • Lieutenant:Lt.
        • Ensign:молодший лейтенант
    • Noncommissioned Officer:Сержантський і старшинський склад
      • Senior Warrant Officer:старший мічман
      • Warrant Officer:me
      • Master Sergeant:головний кора бельний старшина
      • Master Sergeant:головний старшина
      • Petty Officer: First Class:старшина 1 статтті
      • Petty Officer Second Class:старшина 2 статтті
    • Soldier:Рядовий склад
      • Senior sailor:senior sailor
      • Sailor:sailor

    Paramilitary organization

    In addition to the Ukrainian army, each ministry and agency has jurisdiction over Ukraine.Paramilitary organizationExists.


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