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🌏 | U.S. manufacturing new orders, up 5% in December


New orders from the US manufacturing industry, up 5% in December

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On the other hand, orders for electrical equipment, home appliances and parts decreased by 1.0%.

[Reuters] – The US Department of Commerce announced on May XNUMX that new orders for the manufacturing industry will increase by XNUMX%, the market forecast is XNUMX ... → Continue reading


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    Power equipment

    Power equipment(Denryokuki, electric appliance)ElectricalVarious necessary to usemachineIs a general term for types[1]..Electric power equipmentPower generation, Conversion of electrical energy to other energy,Storage,Voltageconversion·Power factorAdjustment, power接 続-BlockAnd so on.Electrical equipmentAlso called (electric device), both are abbreviated as "electric".

    Equipment that converts other energy into electrical energy

    Equipment that converts electrical energy into other energy

    Equipment that stores electrical energy with other energies

    Equipment that directly stores electrical energy

    Equipment for voltage conversion and power factor adjustment of electric power

    Equipment that connects / disconnects power

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      1.0% decrease


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