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🌏 | Ukraine plans a large-scale evacuation of residents from the eastern Donetsk Oblast = Deputy Prime Minister


Ukraine plans mass evacuation of residents from eastern Donetsk region: deputy prime minister

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The evacuation of the population could be extended to other areas where heavy fighting continues, such as Kherson, Kharkiv and Zaporozhye, it said.

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    Fierce battle


    Of this articleitem nameHas the following notational fluctuations.
    • Harkiu
    • Kharkiv
    • Kharkiv
    • Harikafu

    Kharkiv[1]: 151[Note 1](Ukrainian: Kharkiv [ˈXɑrkiu̯] ( Audio file) Harkiu[1]: 157[Note 2],Kharkiv[2]) IsUkraineIt is a city in the northeast.ZmiivState capital.in JapanKharkiv(Russian: Kharkiv Harikafu[Note 3]) Is also known.The population is about 144 million and the capitalKieuIt is the second largest city after.


    17st centuryIn the middleUkraine CossacksWas built by.Russian EmpireFortress was built and used as a military base in the south.19st centurySince then, it has developed rapidly as an industrial city.for that reason,RussianIs settled on a large scale, and with the development of industryJewThe population has also increased.

    19171/6から19346/24Until Kharkiv in UkraineBolshevik-SovietAs a base of power[3], Of the same factionUkrainian People's Republic, Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic,Ukraine Soviet Socialist RepublicBecame the capital of.this is,Russian RevolutionIt is said that he avoided Kiev, which was flourishing later.Also, mainly Russians and JewsWorkerThe large population and the well-developed city were favorable points for the Bolsheviks, who have a support base for the citizens of the city.

    Second World War(German-Soviet battle) Then,194110/24untilNazi Germanyoccupied by the military[4]But,19438/23ToSoviet armyRegained.It is said that tens of thousands of inhabitants were slaughtered under the occupation of the German army.

    After World War II,interned in the Soviet UnionApproximately 4000 Japanese were sent to the Kharkiv area to build roads and repair houses.[5].

    1805Was opened inKharkiv UniversityIt is also the center of culture and education.2004The 350th anniversary of the founding of the capital was celebrated in.

    2012ToEuropean football championshipWas held.

    2014On April 4, a pro-Russian group said, "Kharkov People's RepublicAn incident occurred in which the government was declared to be founded and occupied the government building.However, the next day, it was retaken by the Ukrainian government and more than 70 people were arrested.A local TV station was also temporarily occupied by pro-Russian demonstrators.[6]..On the 27th of the same month, 14 people were injured in a clash between pro-Russian and anti-Russian factions.Also on the 28thParty of RegionsBelongs to(English editionAn incident occurred in which the mayor was shot and seriously injured.[7].

    Impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine

    It was a region with strong pro-Russian sentiment,Intimidation of Ukraine by Russian troops after 2021ByRussian FederationThere was also a growing sense of caution

    [8].. On February 2022, 2, Russian troops began marching across national borders (2022 Russia's invasion of Ukraine).Russian troops invading the citytankAnd the armored car was destroyed by the Ukrainian army, showing the appearance of urban warfare.[9].On the 28th of the same month, it was reported that Russian forces indiscriminately bombed densely populated areas.[10].


    Siverskyi DonetsIs a tributary of(English edition,(English edition,(English editionAt the confluence of.


    Köppen climate classificationThen.Wet continental climateIt belongs to (Dfb).Winters are not extremely cold, and summers are not extremely hot. Average temperature in January is -1, The average temperature in July is 7 ℃.Annual averagePrecipitation amountIs 549 mm, most often in June and July.

    Kharkiv climate
    Average maximum temperature ° C (° F−2.8
    Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−8.5
    Precipitation amount mm (inch)44
    Source: Weather and climate – Kharkiv's climate [11][12]


    In the industrial center of Ukraine,Soviet UnionEven in the capitalMoscow,LeningradIt was the third industrial city after.Especially weaponstanketc),aircraft,ト ラ ク タ ーThe machine industry is thriving, including.



    • Kharkiv Station – Opened in 1869.The station became an attack target and was destroyed during World War II.After the war, the current station building was built in 1952 based on the reconstruction plan. 2 towers etc.Stalinist styleHas the characteristics of.The platform is up to line 21, which is one of the largest stations in Ukraine.



    • Kharkiv subway – Line 1 opened in 1975.Currently, the length of the three lines has expanded to 3km.


    • Kharkiv International Airport – Located 12km south of the city center. Built in 1951, Terminal B is an old Stalinist building.Terminal A is a new facility built in 2010.


    Administrative division

    1. Холодногірський район
    2. Шевченкжвський район
    3. Київський район
    4. Московський район
    5. Немишлянський район
    6. Індустріальний район
    7. Слобідський район
    8. Основ'я нський район
    9. Новобаварський район
    Административное деление Харькова.svg

      Kharkiv has nine administrative divisions (Rayong,Ukrainian: Area).

      1. Холодногірський район
      2. Шевченкжвський район
      3. Київський район
      4. Московський район
      5. Немишлянський район
      6. Індустріальний район
      7. Слобідський район
      8. Основ'я нський район
      9. Новобаварський район



      There is a soccer club whose home is Kharkov.

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      外部 リンク

      • Citynet UA – Official website of Kharkiv City Information Center (English, Ukrainian)
      • Misto Kharkiv – Official website of Kharkiv City Council (English, Ukrainian)
      • Study in Kharkiv – Official website of Kharkiv national Universities (English, French, Spanish)


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