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🌏 | MLB = Padres' Tatis, suspended for 80 games for banned drug positive


Padres' Tatis suspended 80 games for banned substance

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The Padres are currently in second place in the National League West, but even if they made it to the postseason, the suspension would keep Tatis out.

[XNUMXth Reuters] – The US Major League Baseball (MLB) organization announced on the XNUMXth that Padres infielder Fernando Tatis (… → Continue reading


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    League West 2nd place

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      Post season

      Post seasonIsSportsIn league games (especially ball games), ranking tournaments by teams with the highest results in league games (especially ball games)play off) Is expressed as a whole.

      North America

      In North America4 major professional sports leagues(MLB,NFL,NHL,NBA)WhenMajor League SoccerTeams participating in each (MLS) tournament are divided into several blocks (generally multiple conferences, and teams are distributed by region. In the case of MLS, one league match is divided into two divisions, east and west). The teams with the highest performance in the league (eg, MLB is based on the 1 teams that ranked 2st in each district and the 1 teams with the highest winning percentage among the teams that could not finish 3st in both leagues.PO advance deciding matchWinner = "Wildcard』1 team, a total of 4 teams) participated in the tournament format (generally 5 races 3 wins, 7 races 4 wins, etc.Number gameThe winning team is decided by (there are many formats).


      In Japan, this system is adopted in the following league games. After the round robin with all the teams, the teams with the highest grades will compete for the pieces.

      • Professional baseball-Climax series(Top 3 teams in both Central League and Pacific League Playoff system (Nippon Professional Baseball)See also section)
      • same·Japan Championship Series(Annual champion teams of both the Central League and the Central League) From 2007 onwards, the finals of tournament-style post-season games will be called the Japan Series, and the non-finals will be called the Climax Series. There is no unique name for the entire post-season game (climax series + Japan series) in tournament format.
      • BCL (Baseball challenge league) ・ District Championship (3 races each in East and West) / League Championship (5 races in total)
      • Shikoku Island League plus・ Championship (5 races in total)
      • Japan Independent League Grand Championship(5 races in total) baseball OfIndependent LeagueA championship tournament in which the winning teams of the Shikoku Island League plus and BC leagues compete for the number one position in the independent league in Japan.
      • Japan Professional Soccer League(J League Championship(CS) The championship deciding match by the 1st place teams in the first half and the second half of the regular season)
        • 2015From to 2016, we adopted an irregular two-season system + postseason combination (the winning teams in the previous and next seasons will play against the 2nd and 2rd place teams in the year. The team that won the tournament will participate in the championship. , Compete for the annual champion with the team with the highest points of the year)
      • basketball-bj league(Top 4 teams from East and West Bj League PlayoffsSee also section)
      • same·NBL(East and West top 3 teams each)
      • same·B League(B.LEAGUE Championship(CS) Top 3 teams in each of the 6 districts and 3 teams in the top 2 or lower in each district)
      • same·W League(Top 4 teams)
      • volleyball-Premier League(After the round-robin semi-final league of the top 6 teams for men and women, the top 3 teams will win the "Final 3 Tournament")
      • Ice hockey-Asian League(Top 6 teams)
      • soft ball-Japan Women's Softball League(Top 4 teams)
      • soft ball·Japan Men's Softball League(Top 4 teams from each of the east and west)
      • rugby-Top league(Final tournament by the top four teams in the league match "Microsoft"Cup Cup" (In the season from 2005 to 06, the top eight teams in the league played the Microsoft Cup, but it was considered to be a tournament independent of the top league. Therefore, the idea that each tournament is a qualifying league and a final tournament. It wasn't, but it was integrated from the 8-2006 season))
      • American Football-X League(Final stage and Japan X Bowl. Until 2008, FINAL 2 by the top two teams in each district)

      South Korea

      • KBO League(Korean Baseball CommitteeProfessional baseball run by. ) Of the 10 teams, the top 5 teams of the regular season advance, the wild card deciding match where the 4th and 5th places play, the semi-playoff where the 3rd and wild card deciding winners play, and the playoff where the 2nd and semi-playoff winners play. , 1st place and the playoff winner will play in the order of the Korean Series, and the Korean Series winning team will win the year.

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