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🌏 | First Lady of the United States is positive for Corona, mild symptoms, Biden is negative


US first lady tests positive for coronavirus, mild symptoms, Biden negative

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President Biden tested negative for the coronavirus on Friday, the White House said.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Biden's wife Jill has tested positive for the novel coronavirus... → Continue reading


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Joe Biden

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Joseph Robinet Biden Jr.(English: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.,pronunciation:[ˈbdən],BYfrom; pronunciation: [dʒoʊ ˈbaɪdən] ( Audio file) ,194211/20 –) IsThe United States of America Of政治家,Lawyer.. 46th generation of the countryPresident[1](In office: January 2021, 1 –).Abbreviated name TheJoe Biden(Joe Biden[Annotation 2].Democratic PartyBelong toNew Castle CountyCongressman,DelawareElectionU.S. Senate-Vice PresidentInaugurated as President at the age of 2021 on January 1, 20[Annotation 3].John F. KennedySecond person sinceCatholicIs the president of[4],James BuchananSecond person sincePennsylvaniaAlso the president from[5].


August 1942, 11,PennsylvaniaScrantonBorn inDelawareNew Castle CountyI grew up in.IrelandsystemCatholic OfMiddle classBorn in a family[4]..When I was a kidStutteringIt is said that he overcame it with his own vocal practice of reading Irish poetry in front of a mirror.In high school / universityAmerican footballCrazy about[4].

After studying at the University of DelawareSyracuse UniversityDoctor of JusticeGet the issue[6]..After going to law school1969ToLawyerAnd,1970In delaware(English editionElected as a member of the Diet[4].1973In January, he was elected to the Delaware Senator at the age of 1, becoming the fifth youngest Senator in American history.[7].. In June of the same yearChristmasI lost my wife and daughter who went shopping in a car accident[7].. Current wife in June 1977JillRemarried[4].

From January 1973 to January 1, he served as a federal senator for six consecutive terms, working on diplomacy, criminal justice, and drug issues.(English editionChairman ofSenate Foreign Relations CommitteeServed as chairman of[4][7]..Established cross-partisan trust as a coordinated politician who values ​​policy realization[4].

19911 of the monthGulf WarOpposed as a senator toEastern EuropeToNATOExpansion and the 1990sYugoslavia conflictSupported the intervention in.2002 OfIraq warI supported the approval resolution, but2007Opposed to the increase in US troops.He also chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee from January 1987 to January 1, dealing with issues related to drug policy, crime prevention and civil liberties.Biden led efforts towards the enactment of the Violent Crime Control Act and the Violence Against Women Act.Robert BorkClarence Thomas OfChief of the Supreme CourtSupervised the nomination to.

2008 United States Presidential ElectionBarack ObamaHe resigned as a senator after being elected vice president. He was the fourth longest-serving senator[8]..Obama and Biden2012 United States Presidential ElectionWas re-elected in Japan and served for two terms and eight years.Biden as Vice PresidentLehman shockOversaw infrastructure spending in 2009 to counter the recession.Biden's ParliamentRepublican PartyNegotiations with the Obama administration include the 2010 Tax Relief Act, which resolved the tax stalemate, the 2011 Budget Management Act, which resolved the debt cap crisis, and the 2012 US Tax Relief Act, which addressed the imminent fiscal cliff. Helped to pass.In foreign policy the United States andRussian FederationBetweenNew STARTLeading efforts towards the conclusion of the treaty,Military intervention in LibyaUntil the withdrawal of US troops in December 2011(I.e.Has jurisdiction over American policy towards. December 2012Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting IncidentLater, Biden led the "Gun Violence Task Force", which was established to address the causes of gun violence in the United States.[9].

2015The eldest son in MayBeau BidenTheBrain tumorDied in disappointment2016 United States Presidential ElectionSeeed off[7].2017In 1 monthObamaPresident to BidenPresidential Medal of FreedomWas awarded[10].

Presidential election

2019January,2020 United States Presidential ElectionAnnounced candidacy for.2020Radical leftist candidates at the primary elections and caucuses that began in February in each stateBernie SandersDefeat them and win[7]Of the 6 deputies needed to secure party nominations in JuneThreshold(ThresholdMeet. Biden is a Senator as Vice Presidential candidate for the 2020 United States presidential election on August 8, 11Kamala Harrisannounced[11].

11/3Presidential election was held in11/7ToABC,AP communication,CNN,FOX News,NBC,New York Times,ReutersMajor media such as incumbentDonald TrumpReported that he defeated and secured victory[12].. Electoral votes were held in each state on December 12, but no breach of pledge vote occurred, ensuring a majority of 14 electors to win.[13],20211/6から1/7House of RepresentativesJoint meetingThe voting result was approved in[14].1/20At noonInaugurationInaugurated as the 46th president[15].John F. KennedySinceCatholicIs the president of[4]He is also the oldest president in history at the age of 78 when he took office.[3].

Career before becoming president

Boy / student days

August 1942, 11,PennsylvaniaScrantonAt my father Joseph Biden Sr. (Joseph Robinette Biden Sr.) And mother Kathleen Eugenia Finnegan (Catherine Eugenia Finnegan) Was born as the eldest son of four siblings[16][17]..Father Joseph Biden Sr. was in his twentiesヨ ッ ト-hunting-AutomobileHe lived a very wealthy life, such as being absorbed in his hobbies.But by the time his eldest son, Joe, was born, he failed in several businesses and had to live with Joe's maternal grandparents, the Finnegans, for several years. I was living a difficult life[18].

After that, in the economic downturn of the 1950s, my father Joseph Sr. couldn't get enough work to earn a living.[19]When I was 10 years oldDelaware(English editionAfter moving to, my father was workingAir conditioninguseboilerThere is a cleaning companyDelawareNew Castle County OfWilmingtonMoving to[18]After that, I will spend time here until I graduate from high school.Wilmington was the place where Biden later opened for the first time as a lawyer and is still home to the present day.By the way, before and after thisFluteBecause he lovedFleet Flutin JoeIt was said that it had the nickname.Then Joseph Sr.Secondhand car OfsalesmanThe Biden family will lead a stable life as a middle-class family.[18][19][20].

Biden is a private Catholic school in Claymont(English editionEnroll in1961I spent time at this school until my graduation.While in schoolfootballHe is enthusiastic about baseball, especially in football, belonging to a high school football team,Half back(Running backA kind of. ) AndWide receiverHe played an active part in the position of, and played a part in growing the team that had been defeated for many years into a strong team until achieving undefeated season in the final grade.[18][21]..Political activities were also held at the Wilmington Theater.RacismOpposeSitting inWe actively worked on it, such as participating in activities.Although he was a mediocre and unobtrusive student in terms of schoolwork[17], Biden was a student who demonstrated leadership[22].

After graduating from Archmere Academy in 1961NewarkIt is inUniversity of DelawareGo on toHistorypoliticsMajored in.Initially as enthusiastic about football as he was at Archmere Academy, he is a team at the University of Delaware.Delaware Fighting Blue HensBelonging to, initially playing as a halfback in a freshman team[21]..But when he was in his third year of college, he was on the college national team to spend some time with his girlfriend outside Delaware.Defensive backI had to give up my plan to play as[21][23]..In this way, I was enthusiastic about sports and dating with friends and lovers.[18]Because[Additional description required]In his majors in history and politics, his academic performance was not very good.Bachelor's degreeTo get[17],1965Although he graduated in Japan, he graduated with a poor grade of 688th out of 506 students.But his friends were rather surprised by Biden's cramming talent.[24].

after that,Syracuse University OfLaw schoolGo on to school.In the first year of school (1), it was discovered in 1965 that the article was plagiarized over five pages from an article in a legal review magazine (15 pages in total), and the subject "Legal Method (Legal Method)" was reported as a plagiarism case from the school. Although the "legal method)" credit was revoked, it was not subject to expulsion and Byden earned the credit in 5 the following year.[25]..Biden denies the case as malicious, saying it was "caused inadvertently by not knowing the exact rules for quoting."1968ToDoctor of JusticeGet the issue[26], The next day after completion1969DelawareBar associationJoin[26], In WilmingtonLawyerOpened as.

While attending law school1966To he is the first wifeNeilia HunterMeet and get married.2 boys and 1 girl with Neria (Joseph Robinet Biden III (nickname: Beau),Robert Hunter Biden, Naomi Biden).

Vietnam WarBiden is in college1963While attending law school1968Until the boyhoodasthma5 times because of his medical historyConscriptionI was in grace.For this reason he was not in the Vietnam War[27][28].

Since childhoodStutteringIt took me until my early twenties to overcome it.I continued to read poetry in front of the mirror.Also close relativesAlcoholismI became a prohibitionist because I was suffering from it.

Senator elected, accident of losing ex-wife / daughter

1970Biden in AprilNew Castle County(English editionHe ran as a Democratic candidate in the 4th ward of the election and won the election.[29]..It was a short time after I started working as a lawyer.

Then, in the November 1972 Senate electionDemocratic PartyRun from.I was incumbent at this timeRepublican Party Of(English editionCongressman was one of the prominent members, but Boggs was thinking of retiring from politics.However, over the succession of Boggs within the Republican Party, Pierre S. DuPont IV (later Governor of Delaware), who was a member of the House of Representatives from Delaware, and Harry G. Haskell, Jr., who was Mayor of Wilmington, confronted each other. There was a division within the Republican camp.As a breakthrough,Richard NixonPresidentBoggs accepted it because he asked Boggs to run for another term and promised full support from the Republicans.However, in the end Biden defeated Boggs and won.He was the fifth federal senator to win the election since its founding.

197212/18, My wife Nailia died in a car accident.She takes her three children to Delaware to shop for Christmas(English editionI was driving to Neria, but I was drivingStation WagonAt the intersectiontrailerNeria and Naomi, who was still young, died after being hit bybaudRobertSurvived but was seriously injured[30]..Police records at the time have already been lost, but newspaper reports at the time reveal that the trailer driver is not negligent.[31][Annotation 4]..This day was just after he was elected to the Federal Senate.

From Young Senator to Veteran Senator

Biden once tried to decline the parliamentary position because of the care and care of his sons, but at that time the Democratic SenateHospital General AffairsMetMichael mansfieldPersuaded to refrain from declining, decided to take office as a member of the Diet,19731/5Was sworn in as a senator from his son's room[31][33].1973From January, he went to the hospital as usual like other members of the Diet and started his activities as a member of the Diet.By this time Biden was thirty, and at the age of thirty, the senator was the fifth youngest in American history.Usually when you become a member of the DietWashington DCHe spent an hour and a half one-way commuting to and from his home in the suburbs of Wilmington and Washington, DC every day for his sons, with many lawmakers living in.

1974, BidentimeMagazine200 Faces for the FutureHe was selected as one of the members of the parliament, expanding his field of activity both inside and outside the parliament and increasing his name recognition.Also in private life1977In June, he married his second wife, Jill Tracy Jacobs, and had a daughter (Ashley).1978Defeats James H. Baxter Jr. to re-election[34],1984Defeats John M. Barris in the election to win three elections[35]We will continue to join the ranks of veteran lawmakers.

1974In a June interview, he explained that his political position was liberal on civil rights, liberty, senior citizen issues and medical care, but conservative on abortion and military recruitment.[36].

In the mid-1970s, there were many opponents of white Delaware voters.Bus commuting to eliminate discriminationI opposed it.Became one of the major opponents of the Democratic Senate[37]..Legal like Southern State(English editionHe was in favor of using the bus to correct the situation, but opposed the use of the bus to correct the de facto segregation resulting from racial patterns of neighboring residents such as Delaware.[38]..In 2019 at a debate on the Democratic candidate nomination battleKamala HarrisPursued from[39][Annotation 5].

The first 10 years of being a senatorArms controlWas often involved in[41][42].1979To the Democratic PartyJimmy CarterPresident and Soviet UnionLeonid BrezhnevSigned between the Prime MinistersSALT IIBiden was in the Soviet Union after he was not ratified by the U.S. CongressAndrei GromuikoTalked with the Foreign Minister and called for amendments to address US concerns and Senate Foreign Relations Committee objections[43].

Republican presidentRonald Reagan Strategic defense conceptforJUMPSBiden called for strict adherence to the treaty when he insisted on a rough interpretation of[41]. AlsoapartheidProceedSouth AfricaAt a Senate hearing about the support of the Reagan administrationSchultzAttracted attention by blaming the Secretary of State[44].

1981 year 1 month,(English edition Of(English editionWas inaugurated. 1984(English editionCooperated as a leader of the Democratic Party of Japan.Later, the law became stricter, and Biden confessed that passing it in 2019 was a big mistake.[45][46]..His supporters praise him for modifying some of the worst parts of the law, which he credits as his greatest legislative achievement.[47]..This law(English edition[48][49]And make it the most important legislature he has been involved in(English editionIs included[50][51].

1987January, the first Senate Judiciary ChairmanStanding CommitteeInaugurated as chairman of.

1988 United States Presidential Election Primary Election and Brain Surgery

19876/9, Next year(English editionAnnounced to run for[52]..His personality(English editionFamiliarity as the Senate Judiciary Chairman overBaby boomerIt was regarded as a promising candidate because of its appeal to.If you are elected presidentJohn F. KennedyWas the second youngest president after[44][53][54].

Although it was a leading candidate until the first quarter of 1987[53][54]In NovemberBritish Labor PartyParty leaderNeil KinnockThe suspicion of plagiarism of the content of the speech was raised, and the suspicion of plagiarism of the treatise during school days was also raised.[25].

1988In February, Biden suffered from neck pain and was in an ambulance.(English editionWas transported to.Cerebral aneurysmSurgery on the brain due to rupture[55][56]..During recoveryPulmonary embolismSuffering from serious complications[56]..In May of the same year, he underwent surgery for a second cerebral aneurysm.[56][57]Returned to the Senate 7 months after admission[58][59].

As Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

After recovering from his illness, Biden was once again active as a senator.19911 of the monthGulf WarVoted against[60]..In the same position as 55 out of 45 Democratic senators,(English editionOpposed that the United States bears almost all the burden in[61].

In 1991Croatia conflictInSerbianHearing the atrocities ofYugoslavia conflictInterested in[41].Bosnia and Herzegovina ConflictWhen the outbreak breaks out, the weapon embargo is liftedBosnian MuslimsTo provide and train weapons, support them with NATO airstrikes, and investigate war crimes.(English editionBiden was the first to insist on the policy.[41][62].. HoweverGeorge HW BushAdministration tooBill ClintonThe administration was also reluctant to implement this policy, fearing the Balkans would get tangled.[41][60].1993Biden in AprilRepublic of SerbiaPresidentThrobodan MilosevicIn a tense three-hour meeting, he told Milosevic, "I am you.War criminalI think that.Should be tried. "[63].1992Wrote an amendment to urge the Bush administration to provide weapons to Bosnians.1994It was changed to a slightly softer expression that the Clinton administration liked, but a year laterBob Doll,Joe LiebermanSigned a stronger proposal sponsored by[63]..Biden states that it was "the most proud moment of public life" about influencing policy on the Balkans in the mid-1990s.[60].

1997ToSenate Foreign Relations CommitteeBecame the lead member of the Minority Party, and became chairman of the committee between 2001-2003 and 2007-2009, when the Democratic Party dominated the Senate.[62]..His stance on diplomacy(English editionBased on[41][60]..He had a thick pipe with the Republicans and sometimes opposed Democratic policies.[60][62].

19993 of the monthKosovo WarInsideFederal Republic of YugoslaviaAgainstNATO airstrikesSupported[41]..Biden is a RepublicanJohn McCainIn collaboration with then-President Clinton, using all necessary forces, including ground troops, in KosovoAlbaniansCalled to block Yugoslavia's policy against Milosevic and confront Milosevic[60][64].

2001 Year of 9 MonthTerrorist attacksAfterOperation AfghanSupported[65].. In 2002, Biden became the Senate Diplomatic Committee Chairman.Saddam HusseinIs the greatest threat to national security and there is no choice but to eliminate it. "[66], May 10th of the same year(English editionAgreeed with[60]..Immediately after this, in November 2002Mid-term electionAs the Democratic Party fell into the minority party, he left the post of diplomatic chairman on January 2003, 1, when a new parliament was convened, and returned to the top member of the minority party.Also,April 2004He was eager to run for the presidential election, but eventually gave up.

after that,2006After the Democratic Party returned to the majority in the November midterm elections20071/4He has been the chairman of the diplomatic committee for the second time.At the same time, he chairs a subcommittee on crime and narcotics that is linked to the Judiciary Committee.In particular, at the Foreign Affairs Committee, he made positive statements as a leader of the committee and as foreign transportation.Also, at the Senate plenary session, in connection with the Iraqi policy that was showing a deadlock,20079/26ToRepublican PartySenatorSam brownbackAt the same time, the non-binding "Iraq Division Resolution" was passed 75 to 23.

As of 2008, he has been elected six times in a row and has been in office for 6 years, and has become a major Democratic Party of the Senate who is neither pushed nor pushed.By the way, he is the longest-serving senator in the history of his hometown of Delaware.But with so many consecutive wins and long tenures, he is a senior senator in Delaware (in the United States). Senior Senators It is called.Of the two senators in each state, the one who has been elected consecutively and has a longer term will be the senior senator. ) Was in 2, which can be said to be quite late.This is Republican Senator William Victor Ross Jr., two years senior to Biden (William Victor Roth Jr.), But in the 1971 elections since his first visit in 2000, Democratic Governor Thomas Richard Carper (--Thomas Richard CarperThis is because he maintained his seat for about 30 years until he lost to) and retired.

Second presidential election challenge, to vice president

In November 2008, it will be his second presidential election.2008 United States Presidential ElectionChallenge, butBarack ObamaHillary ClintonTwo candidates were forced to push the others out, and withdrew on January 2 due to lack of election funds.However, during this presidential election, Biden became impressed by Obama and was asked for advice on national security and foreign policy.Even when Biden was criticized for describing Obama as "the first black candidate who can say his thoughts well, is smart, clean and looks good," Obama protected him "in his heart." I have no doubts about something. I believe he always respects the racial equality of this country. "[67].

Obama, who confirmed the nomination of the presidential candidate on August 8, announced his intention to nominate the vice presidential candidate, and accepted this on August 23.ColoradoDenverHeld atDemocratic National ConventionSo, along with Obama, he was officially nominated as the Democratic Party's vice presidential candidate.

The most promising candidate for Obama's vice president was Hillary Clinton, Obama's biggest opponent.The sentiment between Obama and Clinton's supporters has deteriorated during the fierce primary, and Obama-Clinton's "Dream Ticket" was expected for internal reconciliation.Therefore, there were some surprises about the choice of Biden.It is said that the reason for this selection was that the following points were evaluated.

  • Being strong against whites (especially white workers) and Catholics, who are the voters who are said to be weak in Obama.
  • He is a heavyweight Democratic centrist and has little political and ideological bias.At that time, Clinton was considered to be more liberal by the Democratic Party as well as Obama, and there was concern that the tickets between liberals would overwhelm the middle class, who hold the key to the election.
  • Biden, who has a wealth of diplomatic experience as the Senate Diplomatic Chairman and is recognized as "foreign traffic" by the public, successfully complements Obama's weaknesses, especially in compensating for the lack of diplomatic experience that was pointed out regarding Obama. The point that you can[68].
  • Biden, who was a heavyweight of the Senate Democratic Party, can be expected to have an influence on parliamentary measures.[69].
  • The union also has a thick pipe as an Irish Catholic[68]
  • Being from the middle class.

But the RepublicanJohn McCainThe candidate isSarah PalinWas compared with the fact that he was selected as a vice presidential candidate, and it seemed to be a modest choice.In addition, Biden pointed out the lack of experience of Obama in the primary, which was criticized by the Republican Party after accepting the nomination.

In the election campaign, Biden criticized McCain violently while Obama suppressed his offensive remarks.In the opinion poll after the debate on the Vice Presidential candidate with Palin, the majority of the respondents answered that "the debate was Biden's victory", but in terms of favorability, many were in favor of Palin.

2008In the ballot counting of the presidential election held on November 11 (local time), Democratic Party Barack Obama was elected the 4th President of the United States, and he himself was confirmed to be the 44th Vice President.

Biden also ran for the Senate election, which was voted on the same day as the presidential election, assuming a defeat in the presidential election.In this election, he won 65 percent of the constituency's votes (25 votes) and was an opponent of the Republican Party.(English editionHe was elected to the Senate for the seventh time by making a big difference.Moreover20091/3In the 111th Congress, which opened in1/15He remained in the Senate position until he resigned on the same day.He resigned from his post as chairman of the Senate diplomacy committee on January 1, triggered by the convocation of a new parliament.My last job as a diplomatic chairman was in the second week of January.(I.e.-アフガニスタン-PakistanIt was a visit to the three countries and a summit meeting.Biden's seat was given to Ted Kaufman, who had been his advisor for many years, and the post of diplomatic chairman2004 United States Presidential ElectionOf the Senator who was a Democratic presidential candidate inJohn Forbes KellyWas taken over by.

Vice President

20091/20With the inauguration of Barack Obama, he was officially appointed Vice President.CapitolAttending Obama's inauguration at (Capitol Hill) with his wife, Jill, who became a second lady, prior to Obama,Federal Supreme CourtJudgeJohn Paul StevensIn the presence ofOath of officeWas done.First Vice President from Delaware[70]Became the first Roman Catholic Vice President[71][72].

In addition, he has promoted the appointment of his own staff, with Ron Klein, a veteran Democratic Party lawyer, as the chief of staff and the director of public relations.timeAppointed Jay Kearney, Washington, DC bureau chief.

Biden is his predecessorDick CheneyIs different from the traditional Vice President, he is the president in terms of policy making and practice.George W. BushWhile he was involved in the administration of the government to a considerable extent, he said, "I myself (CheneyVice President(Like) I will not be deeply involved in the president's policy decisions. "On the other hand, he said, "When President Obama makes a serious decision, he will give advice and advice in all of them."

According to members of the Obama administration, Vice President Biden's role in the administration was to dare to disagree and testify that he was trying to keep others in his position.[73]..White House Chief of Staff(English editionBidenCollective thinkingIt is evaluated that it prevented falling into[73]..Biden's spokesman also said, "Biden isSituation roomPlayed the villain of[73]..Obama also said, "The best thing about Joe is that when everyone gets together, he's forced to think, keep his position, and see things from every angle. That's very important to me. "It has said[74]

Obama, who declared that he would end his role in Iraq by August 2010, appointed Biden as responsible for Iraq in June 8, after which Biden visited Iraq once every two months.[75]Became a government dignitary to convey the message of the U.S. government to the Iraqi government[74].. Biden visited Iraq eight times until 2012, but Biden's involvement in Iraq diminished when US troops withdrew from Iraq in 8.[76][77].

September 2010, 62010 FIFA World CupSouth AfricaEngland vs AmericaWatched the game and then visited Egypt and Kenya[78].

When the Democratic Party was defeated in the November 2010 midterm elections, Biden's role in connecting with Republicans in a long parliamentary life became more important.[79][80]. New Strategic Arms Reduction TreatyIt was Biden who led the passage of the Senate[79][80].. Also in decemberBush tax cutsSummarized a compromise with the Republican Party, including an extension of[80][81].

2011 yearsNATO OfLibyan military interventionSupported[82].RussiaIn favor of having a closer economic relationship with RussiaWTOSupported membership[83]..Biden was carried out on May 2011, 5, according to some reportsBin Laden killing operationWas against[76][84].

Due to the declining approval rating of the Obama administration, there were voices saying that the vice presidential candidate should be replaced by Hillary Clinton instead of Biden in the November 2012 presidential election.[85]Obama continued to be re-elected with Biden as Vice Presidential candidate.

2012 Year of 12 MonthSandy Hook Elementary School Shooting IncidentBecame the head of a special team established in response to consider tightening gun control[86].. Republican Party on the 31stMitch McConnellConcluded an agreement with the Senate General Affairs to avoid the "fiscal cliff"[87].

2014In 3 monthRussia annexes CrimeaThe Obama administration will forceUkraineIn support of the government, it supported Ukraine and sanctioned the Russian economy.Biden also in December 2015Ukrainian parliamentMade a speech in support of Ukraine[88]..Biden is also a South American leader and has visited South America 16 times during his tenure as Vice President.[89].

2016In 8 monthEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euVisiting the presidentAlexander VucicAnd expressed condolences to the civilian victims of the bombing during the Kosovo War.[90]..In Kosovo, he contributed to the training of judges and prosecutors in Kosovo, and is the son who died in May 2015.Beau BidenA highway named after Bo was created in honor of his achievements, and his father Joe Biden attended the ceremony.[91][92][93].

2016 United States Presidential ElectionObama was unable to run due to a limited term, so Biden's run was sought after, and he was appointed by Draft.CAPWas also formed[94].. As of September 2015, 9, he said he had not decided whether to run or not.[95]Announced that he would not run on October 10st of the same year[96].Democratic primaryThen, with Obama, he did not initially express support for any of the candidates,Hillary ClintonAnnounced support for the candidate on June 2016, 6, after confirming the nomination[97].

20171/12In praise of his service as Vice President,Presidential Medal of FreedomWas awarded by President Obama.Biden, who had not been informed of the award in advance, wept and gave an improvised speech for 20 minutes.[98][99].

Biden is in the SenateChair approvalHe is also the Vice President who did not do it, and he is also the Vice President who has the longest period.[100].

Winning in the third presidential election challenge

Background of running

20176/1, Political Action Committee (PAC) "Potential of the United States (Potential in the United States)American Possibilities) ”Was announced.2020 United States Presidential ElectionIt was reported that he may be considering running for[101].

20194/25Officially announced that it will run for the 2020 United States presidential election[102].

In the statement in the video, about the reason for running2017In 8 monthVirginiaCharlottesvilleGot up inFar right"The president of the United States said by this word, noting that Trump did not blame the far right for" there were wonderful people on either side "about the death of a woman in a clash between the group and its opponents. Treated those who spread hatred and those who bravely confronted it ethically equally. "" The core values ​​of this country, our democracy, everything that makes America America is at risk. "When history looks back over the last four years, I think there are only anomalies left. But if Mr. Trump stays in the White House for eight years, he will be the essence of America and ours. It will change the nature forever and radically. You can't just look at it silently. "[103].

Party presidential nomination battle

Biden's performance in the Democratic candidate debate on June 2019, 6 was criticized, but a survey of candidates conducted by CNN on Democratic and pro-Democratic registered voters in August found that Take the lead with 27 percent support[104]..However, just before the primary election and caucuses20201/22Left-wing candidate in CNN pollBernie SandersWas overtaken by the approval rating[105].

The first match of the Democratic Party nomination candidate selection on February 2IowaA caucuse was held.In the announcement of the provisional results the next day, the centristsPete ButtigiegBecame the leader, Biden sank to 4th[106][107]..Next February 2thNew HampshireIn the primaries, Sanders took the lead and Biden was fifth.[108].. Sanders also won the third round of the Nevada Caucus on February 3, and Biden was in second place but far behind.[109]..On the 29th of the same month, it was thought that if he could not win, he would be defeated.South carolinaWon the first victory in the fourth race in the primary election[110].

Super TuesdayButtigieg on March 3st, just before the event, and on the following 1ndAmy KlobucharAnnounced that they would withdraw from the primary election campaign, and both expressed their support for Biden.As a result, the Democratic centrists were united under Biden to confront the leftist Sanders.[111][112]..He defeated Sanders in 3 states at the primary election and caucuses (Super Tuesday) held in 3 states on March 14, making him the top candidate for the number of delegates.[113]..With the victory of Super Tuesday, the approval rating also increased, overtaking Sanders to regain the top approval rating.[114].. On June 3Michael bloombergWithdrew and expressed support for Biden[115]On October 3stElizabeth WarrenWithdrew, but she didn't say who she would support[116].

3/10There were primaries and caucuses in 6 states, including Michigan, and winning in 4 states gave them even more dominance.[117].. Biden won a big victory in the primaries of three states, including Florida on March 3, and further separated Sanders to win the nomination.It can be confirmed that the liberal layer, which should have been the bedrock layer of Sanders, tends to vote for Biden away from Sanders.[118].

3/19Announced withdrawal toTulsi GabbardAlso expressed support for Biden[119]..Sanders, the last remaining opponent, also announced withdrawal on April 4.[120]Announced support for Biden on April 4[121]..This ensured Biden's nomination.In response to the candidate being decided4/14To the former presidentBarack ObamaExpressed support for Biden[122],4/15Received a statement of support from Warren who did not reveal his attitude[123],4/18Last candidateHillary ClintonEstablished a party-raising system in response to a statement of support from[124].

5/25ToPennsylvaniaAnd black menGeorge Floyd Case of being assaulted and killed by a white police officerRacist protest movement started in the wake ofBlack Lives MatterExpressed solidarity with (BLM). While clearly stating that he does not support violence by taking advantage of demonstrations, saying that "riots, looting, and arson are not protests. They are illegal acts." He criticized Trump's attitude of not denying his armed supporters as spurring the clash.[125].

8/11Of non-white women who are half black and half IndianKamala HarrisAnnounced that he was selected as the Vice Presidential candidate[126].. It is considered to be a selection of people in consideration of the rise of the BLM movement.[127][128].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Democratic National ConventionHe was officially nominated as a party presidential candidate, and gave a speech to accept the nomination on the 20th, saying, "I am proud to accept the prestigious US presidential candidate nomination." "If we unite, we can overcome the dark season of the United States. He emphasized that he emphasizes science, protects the lives and lives of the people, cooperates with allies, does not become intimate with dictators, and emphasizes the dignity and harmony of all.He also criticized Trump, saying, "This president takes no responsibility, does not try to take the lead, blames others for everything, makes friends with the dictator, and continues to inflame hatred and division."[129][130].

Presidential election final

During the presidential election, Biden was in the Trump administrationNew coronavirus"The fact is that Donald Trump has failed to protect the United States and is terrorizing the United States," he criticized for the delay in infection control.[125]He also denied the Trump administration's claim that "the worst of Corona has passed."In addition, the Biden camp held a drive-in style rally to drive in a car, and responded to the corona by requesting participants to wear masks.[131].

Commitment to federal minimum wage of $ 15 per hour, investment of $ 2 trillion in green energy, federal budget of $ 4000 billion to promote purchase of American products,Obama careExpansion, criminal justice reform to correct racial discrimination (but opposed to police budget cuts claimed by the left), abolition of tax cuts for wealthy people and companies by the Trump administration, abolition of immigration control policy by the Trump administration, Trump administration WithdrewParis AgreementReturn to, abolishing Trump's diplomatic singularismNorth Atlantic Treaty OrganizationStrengthen relations with allies such as (NATO)ChugokuDiplomacy to counter the situation, exemption from repayment of student loans, free university, and provision of pre-elementary school learning opportunities to all citizens[132]..In addition, he appealed for the mandatory wearing of masks in the US unit and the new corona measures to increase the inspection ability and expand the inspection by supporting the local government with funds and human resources, and received evaluation from infectious disease experts.[133].

The presidential candidate at that time was the cause of the Democratic Party's defeat in the last electionHillary ClintonThere was an analysis that he didn't get enough votes for the left because he disregarded the left too much, so the promise was considerably closer to the left.[134]..But for that reason, in the presidential election, Trump said, "BidenFar leftPuppet that was hijacked by[134],社会主義者of"Trojan horse""[135]It became a material to be criticized.

9/29At the first presidential debate in Tokyo, Trump often interrupted Biden's time, so from the next time onwards, measures will be taken to cut off the other party's microphone for a certain period of time when one of the candidates speaks. became[136].

10/22ToTennesseeNashvilleAt the second presidential election debate held in Tokyo, unlike the previous time, the irregular remarks of both parties disappeared, and measures against the new coronavirus andnorth koreaEach other argued and criticized various policy issues such as issues, racial discrimination and climate change countermeasures.[137]..On the issue of racism, Trump said, "No one has contributed to black as much as I do, except for former President Lincoln." "I'm the most non-discriminatory person in this room." Biden attacked, "The most racist president in American history is here."[138].

11/3ToMain election of presidential electionIs implemented,11/7Biden was the main media in the morningClose battle state OfLast belt3 states (Pennsylvania,ミ シ ガ ン 州,Wisconsin), And reported that the election was confirmed because the number of electors who were sure to win reached the majority.In response, Biden declared his victory that night and said, "I swear to be the president who unites rather than divides.State divided into red and blueInstead, to the president who sees the united state (the United States), to the president who strives with all his might to win the trust of all the people. "[139].11/13The winners of all 50 states were found, and Biden was the ground of the Rust Belt Sanshu and the Republican Party.ArizonaGeorgiaBut it's expected to win and win 306 electors (232 for Trump), media reports said.[140].

Incumbent presidentPlaying cardsDid not admit defeat and instructed ministries and agencies not to cooperate in the transition to power.(English editionHowever, there was widespread concern that delays in procedures would adversely affect national security.11/23To(English editionApproves the transition procedure.Biden is now able to receive government funding and access to confidential information to prepare for a transition[141].

With 2020 states nationwide on December 12, 14District of ColumbiaElectoral Voting Was Held[13]..No elector voted for breach of pledge[142], President-elect confirmed with a majority of 306 electors[13].

In response to this result, Biden made another speech, expressing his recognition that the democratic system had withstood despite various attempts to overturn Trump's election results, saying, "The flames of democracy were long ago in this country. It was lit. It turned out that neither pandemic nor abuse of power could extinguish this flame. "" Democracy has won the fight for the soul of the United States. "And "it's time to turn the pages (from the Trump era) and get united and healed."[143]"Through this election campaign, I said I would be president of all Americans. I will work as hard for those who voted for me as well as for those who did not vote for me."[144]Said.

September 2020, 12PfizerBiontechDeveloped byCOVID-19 vaccine(Tozinameran) Received public vaccination[145].

From January 2021, 1 in both the House and SenateJoint meetingWas scheduled to be officially finalized, but the election results will not be accepted immediately after the start of parliament.A case in which some Trump supporters break into Congress and occupy CongressThere has occurred[146]..In response to this riot, Biden "has been exposed to unprecedented attacks on our democracy." "We rushed into the Federal Capitol, broke windows, occupied offices and the US Senate chamber, and were legally elected. It threatened the safety of lawmakers. This is not a protest, it's a riot. "[147].

Parliament was suspended due to the turmoil, but resumed on the night of the 6th after the National Guard was mobilized and the invading Trump supporters were eliminated, and the results of the voter vote were approved and officially Biden on the early morning of the 7th. Winning is confirmed[148].

Preparing for the new Biden administration

After the final report of the presidential electionNew Biden administrationNominations for ministers are being made in sequence.Secretary of StateUnder the Obama administrationDeputy Secretary of StateServed asAntony Blinken[149],Secretary of DefenseFormer black army generalLloyd Austin[150],Treasury SecretaryToFederal Reserve Board(FRB) Former ChairJanet Yellen[151],Secretary of the InteriorIndigenous peopleNew mexicoCongressmanDeb Haaland[152],Attorney GeneralIs a liberal federal high judge who once failed to be the Supreme Court justice by the Obama administration in opposition to the Senate Republicans.Merrick Garland[153],Secretary of LaborToBoston Mayor(English edition[154],Secretary of TransportationToHomosexualityPerson (ゲ イ) Before professingSouth bendA young mayor who fought for a primary electionPete Buttigieg[155],Homeland Security SecretaryFormer Deputy Secretary of State for HispanicsAlejandro Mallorcus[156],Health and Welfare SecretaryIs a Hispanic Attorney General of California(English edition[157],Secretary of AgricultureAlso served as Secretary of Agriculture in the Obama administrationTom Vilsack[158],Secretary of State InformationOriginalDeputy Director of the CIA(English edition[159],Trade representativeToTaiwanOf the House of Representatives Revenue Committee Legal AdvisorCatherine Thai[160]Was unofficially decided.However, the appointment of these ministerial posts requires the consent of the Senate.[161].

White House Chief of StaffWas Biden's Chief of Staff during his time as Vice PresidentRon Klain[162], Responsible for comprehensive coordination of diplomacy and securityNational Security OfficerWas Biden's National Security Adviser during his time as Vice President.Jake SullivanWas nominated[156]..Was Secretary of State of the Obama administrationJohn Forbes KellyIs the President's Special Envoy for Climate Change[163]Was nominated for.A black woman who served as National Security Adviser and UN Ambassador during the Obama administration.Susan RiceBecomes the head of the domestic policy team[164]..Senate approval is not required for these personnel[161][164].

Biden said, "(The new administration) wants to be something that symbolizes the United States," and it is considered that personnel affairs are considered to ensure diversity such as gender and race.[156]..If the above personnel are approved by the Senate, Harland will be the first indigenous minister.[152]Buttigiegge is the first minister to publish homosexuality[165]Becomes

Also, immediately after the decision, on November 2020, 11, under the new administrationNew coronavirusLead the measuresNew Coronavirus Advisory CommitteeAnnounced that it was founded.Consists of 13 experts, including epidemiologists, immunologists, and biological weapons defense experts[166].

20211/5 OfGeorgiaWhether the Senate election final vote (2 seats) will allow the Democratic Party to take the initiative in both the House and Senate, or become a "twisted parliament"1/20It was attracting attention as an election for the future of the new Biden administration that was launched from[167]..Both President-elect Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump entered Georgia and delivered support speeches for their party candidates.Biden on the 4th of the previous dayAtlanta"(The New Year) got off to a terrible start," saying the Trump administration's slow distribution of the new coronavirus vaccine was "the president spends more time whining and complaining than dealing with the problem." "Tomorrow could be a new day for Atlanta, Georgia, and the United States," he said, saying that Democratic candidates would work to achieve a $ 2000 cash benefit for the public.[168]..After the ballot counting1/6Both seats are Democratic candidates ((English edition(English edition) Was reported.The Democratic Party has gained a majority in the Senate, including a casting vote by the next Vice President, Kamala Harris.The Democratic Party took control of the White House and both the House and Senate2009Since then[169].

On January 1th, he welcomed his absence by saying, "He's a shame for the nation. It's good not to come," about Trump, who announced his absence from the presidential inauguration.on the other hand,Mike Pence"It's an honor (if you attend)," he said of the Vice President.It will be the first time in 1869 years since 152 that the former president will not attend the inauguration of the new president.[170].."Impeachment is a parliamentary decision," he said, adding that "the impeachment is a parliamentary decision." It wasn't right. "[171].

On January 1th, the day before his inauguration, he addressed the National Guard headquarters in the name of his late eldest son, Bo, in his hometown of New Castle, Delaware. I wiped my tears[172].

President of the United States


With Kamala Harris in front of the Washington Parliament on January 2021, 1Presidential and Vice Presidential Inauguration CeremonyInaugurated as the 46th president[15].oathAfter that, "I put all my heart into putting America together and rebuilding it." "We once again learned that democracy is valuable. Democracy is fragile. And now, everyone. At this time, democracy has overcome. "" Let's write together an American story of hope, not fear, unity, not division, light, not darkness. "[15].

15 during the same dayPresidential decree[Annotation 6]Sign.Paris Agreement on Climate Change ControlReturn to, revoking construction approval for "Keystone XL Pipeline" to carry crude oil from Canada to the Midwestern United States,ア ラ ス カ 州NortheastArctic National Wildlife RefugeSuspension of leasing activities for oil and gas development in Japan, fuel efficiency standards for automobiles,methaneIndicated a shift to an environment-oriented policy, such as instructions for reviewing emission regulations[15].. However(English edition,ア ラ ス カ 州Governor OfMike DunleavyThere are criticisms from[15]. AlsoWHOCancellation of withdrawal from[174], Mandatory wearing masks and ensuring social distance in the federal government building,MexicoIncludes an order to lift the state of emergency, which was the basis for directing federal funding to the construction of the border wall with[15]..The following day, January 1, a total of 21 presidential orders aimed at accelerating vaccine supply in order to curb the spread of the new coronavirus infection.[Annotation 7]Signed[175].

By January 1nd, the White House will be redecorated and the Prime Minister of the United KingdomWinston ChurchillBust[Annotation 8]Was removed from the office and replaced by a Hispanic civil rights leader(English edition,Martin Luther KingPastor, younger brother of President Kennedy and Attorney GeneralRobert Kennedy, Civil rights activistRosa Parks,Franklin RooseveltPresident's wifeEleanor RooseveltBust was placed[176]..Also, the most prominent place above the fireplace was a portrait of Franklin Roosevelt's 32nd President (in the Trump era).George WashingtonPortrait of the first president).On both sidesThomas JeffersonConflict between the third president and then president JeffersonAlexander HamiltonPortraits of the Treasury Secretary were lined up. "The disagreement within the republic is a symbol of importance to democracy," explains the Biden administration.On the other side, with the first president of George Washington,Abraham LincolnPortraits of the 16th president were displayed in pairs[177].

Prioritize American products in government procurement on January 1(English editionExecutive order to strengthen the operation of[178]Signed[179].. On the 27th, he signed a series of executive orders on climate change measures, such as banning new drilling of oil and natural gas on public land and doubling offshore wind power generation by 2030. "Today is the White House's Climate Change Day," he said, adding that the United States "must lead" the global response to the climate change crisis.[180].. On January 1, he signed two executive orders aimed at expanding public health insurance coverage to "repair the damage caused by the former Trump administration."He also instructed federal agencies to review policies such as stricter eligibility for Medicaid (public health insurance for low-income earners) implemented under the Trump administration.[181].

On March 3, it signed and passed a $ 11 trillion new coronavirus additional economic measures bill.Regarding cash benefits, which are the pillar of additional measures, the White House estimates that approximately 1 million households will be eligible for benefits.[182].

On March 3, the promised 20 million vaccinations within 100 days were achieved in about 1 days.[183].

The first formal press conference since taking office on March 3 defined Sino-US relations as "the struggle between democracy and tyranny in the 26st century."China's ambition to become the world's largest power has stated that it will not do so as long as it is president.More children are trying to enter the United States from Mexico at the southern border, and the Biden administration has changed the policy of the former Trump administration on the problem of being kept in the facility of the authorities, and only children who are not accompanied by parents etc. can enter the country In response to the suspicion that he had begun to admit, he explained that he would hurry to take measures such as securing facilities for temporary stays, and said, "I will not apologize for stopping the Trump administration's too inhumane policy." Stated[184]..He also denied at a press conference the rumor that he was planning to quit in the first term from his age, and showed his willingness to run in 1.[184].

On March 3, it announced an infrastructure plan worth $ 31 trillion under the name of "American Employment Plan."Biden says that if the plan is successful, 2 million jobs will be created.[185]..He also proposed raising the federal corporate tax, which the former Trump administration had reduced from 35% to 21%, to 28% as one of its financial resources. It is said that it will withdraw the tax cuts implemented by the Trump administration in 2017 for preferential treatment for wealthy people and large corporations, but the corporate tax increase is strongly opposed by opposition Republicans and corporate lobbyists in Washington, and 25 from moderate Democrats There is also a compromise that we can support if we raise it to%.[186].

On April 4th, it announced the first gun control policy aimed at regulating homemade guns called "ghost guns" that have no serial number and are difficult to track.It has shown its willingness to issue additional regulatory policies.The federal parliament is discussing a bill to tighten identity verification when purchasing guns, but the opposition Republican Party is against it, and the ruling Democratic Party is also cautious.From regulatory opponentsUnconstitutionProceedings may be filed as[187].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,George Floyd"Mr. Floyd will not come back, but this verdict is a struggle for justice in the United States," he said in response to a conviction in a trial of a former police officer who had been accused of murdering him. It could be a big step forward in the world. "" We must stop here for real reform and work harder to prevent a tragedy like this one from happening again, Floyd said at the end. Don't forget the phrase "I can't breathe." It's time for a major change, "he said, calling for the need to eliminate racial discrimination and reform police.[188].

March 4Policy speech at the joint session of the Senate and SenateWas done.He took over the administration during the new corona crisis, but declared that "America has begun to move again" as it is getting out of the crisis in 100 days.Also in ChinaXi JinpingTo win the competition with China, he redefined the general secretary as "tyrannical" and said, "They of tyrannicalists think that democracy cannot compete with tyrannicalism in the 21st century." He emphasized the need for economic policies that will lead to domestic reconciliation and the revival of the middle class.He called on the people to overcome divisions and unite in order to show the superiority of democracy. "What made this countryWall streetIt's not the middle class, "he said, showing his support for low- and middle-income workers.In addition to the $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan announced earlier, it has shown additional economic measures totaling $ 1.8 trillion centered on childcare and educational support, such as free child education.He demanded budgetary measures from Congress, saying that the tax increase for the wealthy should be mainly used for financial resources.[189].

On May 5, he met with George Floyd's family at the White House, saying, "His killings have created a'summer of protest'since the civil rights movement of the 25s, making people of all races and generations peaceful. I made it into one. " In his April policy speech, he said, "I want to rebuild the relationship of trust between the police and the citizens and reform the police by the anniversary of Mr. Floyd's death." Congressional debate continues. I hope that the bill will be delivered to my desk (finally signing) as soon as possible. "[190].

The "Juneteenth Independence Day Bill" with June 6 as a federal holiday to commemorate the "Juneteenth" of June 19, 1865, when the Emancipation Proclamation was read aloud in Texas on June 6. Was signed and established."It's only been a few months since I became president, but I think this will be one of the greatest honors of the president," Biden said.[191].

On September 9, military information and technology will be exchanged with the United Kingdom and Australia as a new security framework for China.AUKUSFounded[192].

Approximately $ 5500 billion of the federal budget will be used for the development of highways, roads, bridges, urban public transportation and passenger railroads, the provision of clean drinking water, high-speed Internet lines, and the development of national networks such as electric vehicle charging spots. He promoted the infrastructure investment bill and passed it on November 11 with the approval of some Republicans, even though he was struck by some Democrats in the House of Representatives.It will be the scale of domestic infrastructure investment in the United States for decades.[193].

An online international conference inviting 12 major European countries and 9 democracies such as Japan and Taiwan to counter the hegemony of tyrannical nations such as China and Russia over the two days of December 10th and 2th.Democracy SummitOrganized.On the other hand, China and Russia have criticized that it "fuels the division of the world."[194]..At the summit, leaders of each country reported on their domestic situation based on the three themes of "defense against authoritarianism," "countermeasures against corruption," and "promotion of human rights," and discussed the promotion of democracy.Biden concludes with a closing speech, "A tyrannical nation can never extinguish the burning flame of freedom in the hearts of people around the world."[195]..At the same time as the summit, a joint statement was issued with Australia, Denmark and Norway to cooperate in the development of a code of conduct for export control to prevent the spread of technologies that tyrannical states could use for human rights violations such as surveillance of dissidents. I confirmed that they would meet each other.Biden also expressed his willingness to hold the Summit for Democracy next year in a face-to-face manner.[196].

COVID-19 Pandemicaround the world as we recover frominflationoccurred, especially in the United States after 2021.The US Department of Labor announced on December 12th that the NovemberConsumer price index(CPI) was 6.8% compared to the same month of the previous year. It was the highest number in 39 years. It has been above 6% for six months in a row, and has continued to argue that inflation is transient.Jerome PowellFed chaireven changed my mind[197].Among other factors, many voters believe that the Biden administration is also to blame.bidenflation” was also coined.Specifically, in March, when the economy was recovering, the U.S. Relief Plan Act, which was passed only by Democrats, is believed to have brought about unpopular inflation in the medium to long term.[198][199].After that, the CPI continued to rise, and finally in March, the firstPolicy interest rateDecided to raise (0.25%)[200].

Regarding the large-scale tornado damage that occurred in the southern and midwestern United States on December 12 and 12 and killed 13 people, he said that he would do everything he could to help the victims and support reconstruction. rice field[201].. On December 12th, he visited the most damaged southern state of Kentucky and expressed his intention that the federal government would bear all the immediate costs of restoration.[202].


January 2022, 1, by Trump supportersFederal parliamentary assault"The one who attacked the Capitol and the one who instigated the attack struck a dagger at the throat of American democracy." "For the first time in our history, the president who lost the election was a mob. I tried to prevent a peaceful transition of power by invading Congress. "" Let's write a new chapter in American history that marks January 1th as the beginning of the revival of freedom and fair play, not the end of democracy. "[203]..He also vowed to protect democracy in the United States, saying that the battle between democracy and dictatorship is fought in the United States and many parts of the world.[204].

On January 1th, he emphasized his achievements by stating that "my economic plan is working" regarding the improvement of the unemployment rate announced on the same day to the pre-Corona level of 7%.[205]. But,COVID-19The evaluation of important issues such as economic policy and economic policy was not good, and the approval rating dropped to 1% in the January poll.[206].

U.S. intelligence appears to have grasped the invasion plan in advance before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and Biden continued to leak the date and time when Russia was planning to invade, but the Russian side "only fueled the United States." Continued to deny the invasion plan.But on February 2th, the Russian presidentVladimir Putin Ukraine total invasionActually started.In response, Biden issued a statement, "Russia is solely responsible for the death and destruction caused by this attack." "The United States and its allies will unite and respond in a determined manner. The world will pursue Russia's responsibility." Blame[207].

On March 3, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States also attended a joint session of the Senate and Senate in the next seat.General textbook speechWas done.He did not give Putin a title and blamed him for abandoning him. "Russia's Vladimir Putin thought he could give in to his menacing way and tried to shake the foundation, but he made a terrible miscalculation. He could sneak into Ukraine and the world I thought he would be compliant. Instead, he came across a strong wall that he had never imagined, the Ukrainian people.ZelenskyFrom the president to all Ukrainian people, their fearlessness, courage and determination have inspired the world.Citizens who stretch their bodies and stop tanks.From students to retirees and teachers, everyone has become a warrior who protects his home country.In this battle, as Mr. Zelensky said in his speech to the European Parliament, "light defeats darkness."The Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States is here tonight.Let us each in this chamber tonight send a clear signal to Ukraine and the world. I declared."We have learned throughout history that if dictators do not pay the price for aggression, they will cause further turmoil. The threat to the United States and the world continues to grow," sanctioned Putin Russia. "Together with our allies, Russia will be further isolated and the economy will be squeezed," he declared."Putin is more isolated from the world than ever before. Looking back on the history of this era, Putin's war against Ukraine would be credited with weakening Russia and strengthening the world." "Democracy and monopoly The struggle for democracy is about to rise, and the world is clearly choosing the peace and security side. Putin can never undermine the determination of a liberal society. "However, he once again denied sending U.S. troops to Ukraine, a non-allied nation, and explained that he was sending troops to Eastern Europe to protect NATO allies such as Poland, Romania and the Baltic States from the invasion of Russia.[208][209]..Post-speech public radio NPR and polls from the Marist Institute raised 39 points of approval from 47% last week to 8%, with support for economic sanctions especially against Russia reaching 83%.[210].

With the exclusion of Russia from SWIFT, the freeze of assets of the Russian Central Bank, the cancellation of most favored nation treatment, the ban on imports of Russian crude oil, natural gas, coal, etc. We are promoting military and humanitarian assistance to Russia.In particular, on March 7th, the budget for the 3 fiscal year (October 16 to September 136), which includes a budget of 2022 billion dollars to support Ukraine and neighboring Eastern European countries, was signed and approved. Let me[211].Supplied to Ukraine by the USAJavelin,HIMARSweapons such asRussian armygiving a big blow to[212]

In addition, the Biden administration, which advocates "decarbonization", has been indifferent to the oil industry until now, but changed its position against the background of crude oil supply instability and soaring prices due to the Ukraine crisis.Energy SecretaryJennifer GranholmDeclared that "we are in a wartime system" and called on the industry to increase shale oil production.US crude oil production is rising rapidly, and crude oil production in December 2022 is expected to increase by more than 12 million barrels per day compared to February.[213].However, the change in production volume from then until June remained at the same pace as before.TexasIn a survey of energy companies in the surrounding area, the reasons cited were concerns about a decline in demand due to a future global agreement on decarbonization and investor attitudes.[214].In March, we also made phone calls to oil-producing countries in the Middle East.[215], In July, he visited directly and put pressure on a large increase in production,OPECPlas maintained modest production increases as before, citing crude oil price volatility as “due to ongoing geopolitical developments, not fundamentals.”[216][217].

In his speech on April 2022, 4, he said that Russia was responsible for the rise in gasoline and food prices around the world due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the government's large-scale economic measures led to the invasion. Since the inflation rate was at a high level for the first time in about 1 years, there were voices of criticism from opposition parties such as the Republican Party that the blame was passed on.[218][219].. Approval rating dropped from 12% to 45% in a Reuters / Ipsos poll released yesterday[220].

Interest rate hike of 5% in May for the first time in 22 years[221]decided to raise interest rates by 27% for the first time in 0.75 years[222].However, the CPI in June reached 6%, the first since 1981.[223]The real GDP growth rate for the first quarter was negative at -1% (preliminary figure), and unlike the previous quarter, real domestic final demand was also negative, increasing the risk of a recession.Normally, two consecutive quarters of negative quarter-on-quarter real GDP is considered a recession, but it is officially recognized by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).[224], Treasury Secretary Yellen said, "The U.S. labor market is very strong. The situation that is creating nearly 40 jobs a month is not a recession," and denied that the NBER would declare a recession.[225].

May 5 Federal Supreme Court recognizes constitutionality of abortion1973"Women's right to choose abortion is fundamental," he said in opposition to overturning the 1973 decision.However, there were criticisms that the statement was an intervention in the executive branch.[226]..Furthermore, on May 5, the "Bill for the Protection of the Right to Abortion" was rejected by the Senate of Parliament with 11 in favor and 1 in opposition by the opposition of all Republicans and one Democratic Senator."Republicans have chosen to stand in front of the right of Americans to make the most personal decisions about their bodies, their families and lives," Biden said. "The right to choose (women choose abortion)." To protect, voters need to choose more pro-choice senators in the November midterm elections. "[227].

President Biden's approval rating in June 6 Reuters/Ipsos poll tied with May's record low of 19%[228].However, a Reuters/Ipsos survey on Aug. 8 rebounded to 9%.[229].

Policy staff (Cabinet of the United States)


  • ReligionRoman Catholic..The whole family is a Roman Catholic and is located in the Brandywine district of Grenville, Delaware.(English edition OfMassAttend regularly. As of 2021, Catholics who became president of the United States were inaugurated in 1961.John F. KennedyAnd Biden are the only two[231].
  • He professes not to drink alcohol at all.This is to his close relativesAlcoholismIs because it is widespread.By the way, I fought the presidential electionDonald TrumpIs known for not drinking alcohol at all for the same reason.
  • On the other hand, I love sweets, especially ice cream.[232]..By the way, his favorite type of ice cream is ice cream with chocolate chips.
  • When I was a kidStutteringIn high school, it was so nicknamed "dash" (English equivalent to "two" in "ton-to-ton" of Morse code. Utterances are intermittent like Morse code. Morse code that made fun of hearing[233]..However, the pronunciation was thoroughly corrected by repeating special training such as reading poetry into the mirror every day.[233]..Even now, the symptoms of stuttering sometimes appear faintly, but the surroundings are completely unaware.[233].
  • I have been using pilot sunglasses since I was a college student.[234], Pilot sunglasses have become Biden's trademark. He also presented U.S. military pilot sunglasses at the first summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Switzerland in June 2021.[235].
  • Every year12/18In memory of his first wife, Neria, and his eldest daughter, Naomi, who died in the car accident mentioned above, he does not do any work.
  • It is sometimes called a "survivor" because of its turbulent career as mentioned above.
  • In taking office as Vice Presidentsecret ServiceIs assigned a code name (a common name used by guards for wireless communication during guard missions), and the code name is "Celtic".this is,"CelticIt is a word that means "of Biden"Descendants of Irish immigrantsIt is based on the origin of.
  • Philadelphia PhilliesIs a fan of the Democratic Party of JapanJimmy RollinsHanded me a special uniform[236].
  • 20103/23When President Obama signed the Medical Insurance Reform Act, which paves the way for a universal health insurance system, he hugged Obama and was so happy that he said, "This is a big fucking deal!" I said unintentionally. "FuckIs a very vulgar word in English, and the people involved were forced to put out the fire.[237].
  • 2 animalsGerman shepherd-Champ and MajorI have.After the 2008 presidential election, Champ was promised to choose a dog with his wife, Jill.Major in 2018DelawareTaken over by the Biden family through the animal protection group of[238]..These two dogs also entered the White House.Former President Trump was the first president in 2 years to have no pets, soFirst petThe tradition of "" has been revived.A spokesman for President Jill Biden told CNN TV that "Champ was enjoying a new bed by the fireplace and the majors liked running around the South Lawn."[239].
  • Since the days of the Senate and Vice PresidentAmtrakIt is said that he has traveled between his hometown and Washington about 8000 times.Therefore, it took the nickname of "Amtrak Joe".[240].. At the presidential inauguration ceremony on January 2021, 1, a plan to move from Wilmington, Delaware to the capital Washington using Amtrack was considered, but it was canceled due to the attack on the Capitol.[241]..We are also investing in railways in terms of policies such as infrastructure development and environmental protection.[240].
  • In response to the question from FOX News White House correspondent Peter Doocy after the meeting at the White House on January 2022, 1, "Do you think inflation will be a politically responsible issue in the midterm elections?" With no expression, he muttered, "It's a great asset — more inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch." Because it was picked up, it became a problem as "abusive words to the reporter."According to the reporter, one hour after the above exchange, Biden called directly to the reporter, explaining that he was "not malicious" and apologized.[242].

Relationship with Japan

  • 2016August 8, the same yearPresidential electionWas a Democratic presidential candidateHillary ClintonWith the support ofPennsylvaniaWhen I made a speech atnuclear weaponsRepublican presidential candidate who was developing the theory of possession acceptanceDonald Trump"(Japan) cannot be a nuclear power" because of criticism ofThe Constitution of JapanDoes he (Trump) know what we wrote? "It is unusual for US government officials to emphasize the drafting of the Constitution of Japan by the United States.[246].
  • Biden camp during the 2020 US presidential electionNintendoGame console "Nintendo SwitchGame for ""Animal Crossing Forest"Election Headquarters" was set up in[247].
  • After Biden's presidential electionKumamotoYamato-choMayor ofYutaka UmedaWhen (Umeda Yutaka) is read aloud, it can be read as "Joe Biden", so it was called "Joe Biden in Japan" and became a hot topic.[248]. AlsoYamaguchi Ube CityBus stop "Kamiumeda"[249]FukushimaSukagawaBus stop "Kami Umeda"[250]It became a hot topic because it could be read aloud as "Joe Biden".
  • TokyoTaitoDoll shopKyugetsu Of2021Biden and Harris were selected for "Expectation Bina" in (Reiwa 3rd year), and two Hina dolls with masks were made.[251].
  • Biden and Prime Minister of Japan on January 2021, 1Yoshii KanAt the time of the Japan-US summit meeting, the two were to call "Yoshi" and "Joe" by their first names.[252].. Successor Prime Minister on October 2021, 10Fumio KishidaIt was confirmed that they would call "Joe" and "Fumio" there as well.[253]..The reason why the leaders of Japan and the United States call each other by their first names isRonald ReaganYasuhiro NakasoneIt is said that it started with "Ron" and "Yasu".
  • February 2021, 2, Democratic PresidentFranklin RooseveltSigned in 1942Presidential decreeMade in various parts of the United StatesDetention of NikkeiIn response to the 79th anniversary of the announcement, Biden said, "I suffered from these policies.Japanese AmericanWe reaffirm the official federal apology to the United States, "and apologized again, stating that it was" one of the most shameful times in US history. "[254]..In the pastRepublican Party OfRonald Reagan, DemocraticBill ClintonThe successive presidents have officially acknowledged and apologized for the mistake in the internment of Japanese Americans. A Japanese-American detention camp in western Colorado on March 2022, 3Amachi internment campSigned a bill to make the site a National Historic Site.Until now, the site was managed by volunteers of Japanese descent, but with the enactment of the bill, the National Park Service will do it in the future.The U.S. government says it "helps tell the history of internment."[255].
  • Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reported on Twitter on March 2021, 3, that the American Foundation(English editionReceived a telegram from Biden saying, "Thank you for Abe's significant contributions around the world and for Abe's own long-standing steering of the Japan-US alliance." It is said that.Abe posted that he "feels the weight of the award again" about receiving the congratulatory telegram from Biden.[256].
  • Prime Minister at that timeYoshii KanIn 20214/15-18 daysVisited the United States on the same schedule and became the Biden administration for the first timeWhite HouseBecame a foreign leader[257]..In addition, in the US-Japan Summit Joint Statement "Japan-US Global Partnership in a New Era" released on April 4 of the same year, "the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is emphasized, and the peaceful cross-strait issue is peaceful. Prompt for a solution. "The US-Japan Leaders' Statement clearly states the Taiwan Strait1972(Showa 47) DecemberJapan-China relations normalizationprevious1969(Showa 44) Joint statement in November (Eisaku SatoRichard Nixon) Since[258][259].
  • At the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, he mentioned Japan as "the enemy of the past is now the closest friend."[260].
  • May 2022, 5, on a dedicated machineYokota baseFirst to arrive atVisit to Japandid.Quad,Indo-Pacific Economic FrameworkParticipated in the summit on the launch of (IPEF)[261].

Family / origin


January 1942England-France-Irish descentBorn as the eldest son of four siblings, born between the blood-sucking real estate agent Joseph Robinet Biden Sr. and his Irish wife Catherine Eugene "Gene" Biden (formerly Finnegan), with two younger brothers. I have one sister.He also has two boys and one girl with his first wife, Neira, and one girl with his second wife, Jill.His close relatives are:

  • Joseph Robinette Biden Sr.: Father (November 1915-September 11).
  • Kathleen Eugene “Gene” Finnegan: Mother (July 1917-January 7)[262]).
  • James Brian Byden: Brother.
  • Francis W. Biden: Brother.
  • Valerie Biden Owens: Sister (April 1945-).
  • Neilia Hunter: The first wife to get married in August 1966. He died in a car accident in December 8.
  • Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III: Eldest son (February 1969-May 2).He was the Attorney General of Delaware.Died of a brain tumor[263]..Democrat.
  • Robert Hunter Biden: Second son (February 1970-).LovingOffice Older Biden & BlairLLPCo-founder andAmtrakVice-chairman of the Management Committee of.
  • Naomi Christina Biden: Eldest daughter (November 1971-December 11).As mentioned above, he died in a car accident with Nailia.
  • Jill Tracy Jacobs Byden: Second wife married in June 1977.Second lady(April 2009-March 1),First lady(January 2021-present).
  • Ashley Blazer Biden: Second daughter (June 1981-).CurrentlySocial workerWorking as.


Biden's paternal Biden family was the generation of his grandfather William Biden.1822ToUnited Kingdom-England-SussexFrom AmericaMarylandIs a house that immigrated to[264][265]..The family name "Biden" came to be seen in England13st centuryAnd this surname isOld frenchIt seems to be derived from Buton, which means Button.11st century OfNorman ConquestIt is thought that the family name has entered England since then.[266].

Biden's maternal Finnegan family was in the days of his mother's great-grandfather OwenIrelandIt is a house that immigrated to the United States from[266]..Also for my mother Catherine's maternal grandfather(English editionParliamentarianEdward Francis BrewitThere is.His father Edward Brewitt (Edward Blewitt) Is1851At that timeUnited KingdomWas under ruleIreland-Mayo-(English editionIreland from the United States to escape famine and povertyニ ュ ー ヨ ー クWas an Irish immigrant who emigrated to[267].

Irish blood is also flowing from my father's genealogy[266], Genealogist(English editionAccording to Biden, "about five-eighths of Irish blood" is inherited.[267].

That's why Ireland got excited after Biden won the presidential election.Irish Prime MinisterMicheál MartinIs one of the first leaders to congratulate Biden, ignoring Trump, who does not admit defeat, after Biden's belief was reported.[267]..According to Prime Minister Martin, he is "the Irish-American president since John F. Kennedy."[267]..Biden himself was a Vice President2016I visited Ballina, Ireland for the first time, and deepened exchanges with relatives who remained there.The family of Irish Joe Brewitt, whose father is Biden's "my cousin"White HouseHe has a relative relationship with Biden, such as being invited to.According to him, Biden has promised to visit his hometown of Ireland again.[268].

Policy stance / main activities

Basic position Democratic PartyWithinCentristIt is positioned in.

Biden, who was just a senator, tends to be seen in liberals because of his support for the civil rights movement and his opposition to the Vietnam War, and is highly regarded by the American liberal non-profit organization "American Association for Democratic Action." Biden himself was dissatisfied with this, saying, "That association's evaluation is annoying. Thanks to that, I have to worry about how I look conservative." "Civil rights and civil liberalism I'm liberal, but that's it. I'm very conservative in most other things. My wife tells me I've never seen anyone as socially conservative as I am. " Talking to[269].

According to Brett Gadsden of Northwestern University, Biden's tendency to move away from liberals became decisive when he became a central figure within the Democratic Party against forced bus attendance to eliminate discrimination. "This general tendency to retreat from liberals begins with a reaction to bus attendance and continues to President Clinton's midway policy."[270].


In the field of diplomacy, which he is most good at, he makes various remarks and policy proposals, and also shows one side of the activist, such as visiting each country.

Basic stance

He is a follower of international liberalism (liberal internationalism) and is reflected in his foreign policy stance.In the Senate, he is a Republican leader who also advocates liberal internationalism.Jesse HelmsHe often voted with both senators (Helms was deceased) and often violated the policy of his political party, the Democratic Party.

After the presidential election202011/24"America is back" "Not only by power, but also as an example and leading the world" "Leading rather than turning away from the world. Against hostile nations and keeping allies away. Of our values I will stand up for this, "he said, breaking away from Trump's American first principle and returning to the leadership of the international community.Rule of law-Democracy-human rights such asDiplomacyAnd showed a policy of emphasizing allies[271].

First big stage

Second strategic weapons restriction negotiationA series of activities surrounding (SALT II) made Biden famous. SALT II1979In 6 monthAustria OfViennaIn the United StatesJimmy CarterWith the presidentUSSR OfLeonid BrezhnevIt was signed between the general secretaries and only waited for the approval and ratification of the federal parliament.However, in the original draft, it was a difficult situation to get approval for more than two-thirds of the number of members required for ratification, and the Senate executives had difficulty responding, and although it was expected that approval could be obtained by adding an amendment. The addition of the amendment required the approval of the partner country, the Soviet Union.So the executive department was one of the second young senators at the time, just for the sake of it.MoscowTo Biden, who was supposed to go to, the Soviet Union at that timeAndrei GromuikoHe entrusted him with the important task of negotiating with the Foreign Minister and obtaining consent to add amendments.At that time, Gromyko took the nickname of "Mr. Niet" ("Niet" means "NO" in Russian) because of his strong bargaining stance.DiplomatThis mission was a heavy burden for the young member of the Diet, Biden.But in the end, he succeeded in getting Gromyko of "Mr. Niet" to approve the addition of the amendment.After all, SALT II started at the end of the same yearSoviet invasion of AfghanistanRejected ratification by Congress due to1985Although it expired in December, without the invasion of Afghanistan, approval by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which was the biggest challenge, was certain.In other words, it was such a "big Venus".This success was subsequently booked in various fields such as bargaining.[272]But it is taken up.

Kosovo problem

Biden is especially on the Balkan PeninsulaKosovoActively tackled the issue of conflict in Japan, which attracted international attention in the 1990s.Bill ClintonHe is known for his efforts to influence the president's policies.While he repeatedly visits conflict areasKosovo ConflictAt the timeユ ー ゴ ス ラ ビ アBeing presidentSerbianWas also a representative of the forcesThrobodan MilosevicHe struggled to resolve the dispute, such as holding a confidential meeting at midnight and trying to resolve the situation.

The decision to directly intervene in the NATO army in the Kosovo WarBosnia and Herzegovina ConflictThe experience at is involved.Around 5, during the Bosnian-Herzegovina conflict that occurred about five years before the Kosovo conflict, it became difficult to overcome the situation through negotiations.MuslimsLedEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euLifting the arms embargo on the government and investigating war crimes,NATO armyWill appeal to the government for active intervention, mainly the implementation of air strikes by the government.The recommendation at this time isClintonPresident in 1999Kosovo crisisWas executed at the timeOperation Allied ForceIt was an important opportunity to allow armed sanctions and interventions against systematic human rights violations against Albanian residents, mainly by Serbian forces.In addition, during the Kosovo crisis, the president (Clinton) expressed his stance to defend the US direct attack on Serbia and cooperated with Republican lawmakers who supported it to use "all necessary force" against Serbia. The "McCain-Biden-Kosovo Resolution" was passed.Biden himself wrote in his autobiography published for the presidential campaign that his activities at this time were "the most proud achievements in foreign policy."

Policy toward the Middle East

What is Biden's relationship with Iraq?19911 of the monthGulf WarIt was the first time that he opposed the use of force against Iraq in Japan.

2003Started in AprilIraq warInGeorge W. BushWhen the administration announced that it would use force, it showed its willingness to accept it and voted in favor of the aforementioned "Resolution to allow the use of force against Iraq."However, the Bush administration aimedSaddam HusseinHe expressed opposition to the exclusion of the dictatorship.It also allows the Bush administration to act unilaterally and "preemptive strikes for self-defense."Bush doctrineAlso criticizes.In this way, while criticizing the Bush administration, at the beginningIraq warBiden was positive about the start of the war, but when the situation in Iraq became swamped after that, it turned to the opposite.2007He also opposed the government's initial bill to increase the number of US troops in Iraq.

Biden has long advocated the so-called "Iraq 3 division plan" as a means of collecting the Iraq war and the confusion and civil war that accompany it.This plan is for Iraq respectivelyShiite-Sunni-KurdishDivided into areas of, consisting of these three areasFederal stateIt is a thing to do.The above-mentioned "Iraq division resolution" is the one that officially proposed this proposal as a counter-measure to the above-mentioned US military increase bill.In proposing this resolution, he is the same Iraqi divisionist as Biden.Republican PartySenatorSam brownbackAlso expressed its support and listed as a co-sponsor.This resolution is20079/26In the Senate, it was approved by a majority of 75 to 23.

After the birth of the Obama administration aiming to withdraw troops from Iraq, Obama said, "Joe, you're going to Iraq (Joe, you do Iraq) ”, And Vice President Biden will be in charge of the Iraq issue.[273]..Since then, Biden has visited Iraq eight times by 2012 and was involved in the Iraqi issue until the U.S. military withdrew from Iraq in 8.[76][77].

Leftist candidate at the debate on the presidential candidate nomination battle on January 2020, 1Bernie Sanders"Biden agreed with the 2002 Iraq War approval resolution," he criticized.In response, Biden said, "It was a mistake to trust that they (the Bush Republican government at the time) said they would not enter the war." "They said they would just send inspectors. In fact, the world He has decided to dispatch an inspector and has entered the war, "he explained, and explained that he had worked on the return of the army as Vice President of President Obama, and his actions after that were on stage. He said he was ready to compare with other candidates[274].

Robert GatesFormer Secretary of Defense criticized Biden in his memoirs, saying, "In the last 40 years, we have been wrong on almost all major diplomatic and national security issues."Byden points out that he opposed the Gulf War based on the United Nations resolution, the response to the Iraq war, the intensification of terrorism with the withdrawal of Iraq in 2011, and the opposition to the increase in Afghanistan.[275].

Kori Sheikh, a foreign policy expert at the American Institute of Public Policy, said that Biden's diplomacy is better than Trump's diplomacy, but "lacks a consistent philosophy of when and how to use military power." And it should not be overlooked that it continues to advocate the wrong foreign policy. "[275].

Israel's after being certain to win the presidential election in November 2020Benjamin NetanyahuBiden promised to "firmly support Israel's security and the future of Jews as a democracy" in a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister, but Biden has reviewed the Trump administration's Israeli shoulder diplomacy and Israel is opposed.Iran nuclear agreementThere is uncertainty about future US-Israel relations as he is eager to return to[276][277].

On January 2021, 1, Chargé d'Affaires Mills of the United States said that the new Biden administration supported the "two-state coexistence" of Israel and Palestine, and revived and closed Palestine humanitarian aid, which was significantly reduced by the former Trump administration. The diplomatic mission has also announced that it will reopen.Clarified the stance of changing the Middle East policy of the former Trump administration, where extreme pro-Israeli diplomacy was conspicuous, and strengthening involvement with the Palestinian side.[278].

Regarding the Iran nuclear agreement, which the former Trump administration withdrew in 2018, he said that if Iran complies with the nuclear agreement, it will return, and France'sEmmanuel MacronThe president offers to act as an intermediary[279]..However, since the Trump administration imposed economic sanctions such as the embargo on Iran's crude oil after the agreement was withdrawn, Iran has repeatedly deviated from the agreement, such as exceeding the upper limit of uranium enrichment, so Secretary of State Blinken is currently in the situation. Iran said, "In many ways it hasn't followed the rules and (return) is a long way to go."Even if Iran decides to comply with the agreement, it is expected that it will take time to evaluate (performance of obligations), and it is cautious about returning early.[280].

On February 2021, 2, U.S. forces carried out an air strike on Syria's "pro-Iranian militia", the first military action under the Byden administration.[281]..According to U.S. officialsLloyd AustinPresident Biden allegedly decided with the advice of the Secretary of Defense[282].

On April 4, he announced that he would withdraw Afghanistan's troops by September, stating that "it is time to end the longest war in American history."He also touched on China, stating that "we should support (improve) America's competitiveness in dealing with fierce competition," and said it intends to shift its security focus from the war on terror to China.[283].

Effective control of Gaza Strip in Palestine in early MayIslamic fundamentalism組織HamasIn the event of an armed conflict between Israel and Israel, while supporting Israel's right to self-defense[284], Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas talked over the phone to work to ease tensions, and on May 5, a ceasefire agreement was reached through Egyptian mediation.Biden said that Netanyahu had agreed to a ceasefire with Hamas, an Islamic fundamentalist organization that effectively controls Gaza Strip, praised the decision to end the conflict and expressed his intention to urgently provide humanitarian assistance to Gaza.[285]..But former president Trump and others said, "(In the days when Trump was president) those who were against Israel knew that they would be immediately rewarded if they attacked Israel because the United States was determined to be with Israel." Biden's weakness and lack of support for Israel are causing new attacks on our allies. "[286].

April 2021, 4 The former Trump administration announced that the armed forces in February 14TalibanA peace agreement including the complete withdrawal of U.S. forces withDoha Accord) Based onアフガニスタンannounced that the final withdrawal of U.S. forces from the island would begin on May 2021, 5 and be completed by September 1, 9. over 11 yearsAfghanistan conflictHowever, the Taliban's swift recapture of control and poor withdrawal operations after the defeat-impressive withdrawal announcement were criticized from all quarters.[287][288].However, in response to these criticisms, he said in a speech at the White House on August 8 that he would "resolutely stand by my decision," indicating no change in his policy.[289].

Policy toward Europe

Biden had a series of telephone talks with European leaders on November 11 after the presidential election was confirmed, telling reporters that "the United States is back. Returning to the (diplomatic) game." "[290].Germany OfAngela MerkelTo the Chancellor of GermanyNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO)European UnionWe will strive to strengthen US-Europe relations through the (EU). "Emmanuel MacronAfrican development against the president,(I.e.situation,(I.e.He said he had discussed cooperation on nuclear issues, etc.[290].

The Trump administration took the position of disrespecting its allies with the "America first principle", but it was the European countries that suffered the damage in particular.European countries went to the United States because they requested European countries to increase defense costs, withdrew voluntarily from northeastern Syria in 2019 without notifying European countries, and decided to reduce US troops stationed in Germany in 2020. Was strengthening the repulsion of.US-Europe relations continue to deteriorate under the Trump administration,North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) fell into a state of disagreement until it was described as "brain dead" (French President Emmanuel Macron), and there was a widespread sense of security crisis that it would give Russia and China a chance to take advantage of it.[291].

For that reason, the expectations of European countries for Biden, who won the presidential election in November 2020 with an emphasis on the alliance, are high.[291].. NATOJens StoltenbergThe Secretary-General lifted Biden as "I know he is a strong supporter of the alliance."[292].

In Europe, which values ​​multilateralism, Trump has withdrawn.Paris AgreementAnd Iran nuclear agreement,whoThere are also strong voices requesting a return to the United States such as (WHO).Ursula von der LyenThe European Commission emphasized that "Europe and the United States have supported the international order of liberalism based on rules," and expressed his willingness to cooperate with the Biden administration on various policy issues such as corona and environmental issues.In the trade field as well, it is expected that the friction between the United States and Europe, which has intensified under the Trump administration, will be resolved, but there are also views that Biden is wary of strengthening protectionism by giving priority to domestic economic recovery.[292].

Biden is in EnglandBoris JohnsonIn a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister, he expressed opposition to reinstate border security between Ireland and Northern Ireland over Brexit.He argued that the Northern Ireland peace agreement should be respected and the border between Northern and Northern Ireland should be kept open rather than closed.It also warned that a trade agreement with the United States would not be realized if border security was reinstated.[293][294]..The peace agreement was at that timeBill ClintonBiden had mentioned this issue even before he was elected president, as it was realized with the help of the president and other American politicians, and on Twitter in September 2020, "Peace in Northern Ireland. The Good Friday agreement brought about cannot be sacrificed for Brexit. "[294]..Biden once criticized Johnson as a "clone" of Trump "physically and mentally".[295].

Although it is a member of NATOTurkeyBiden is likely to be in a difficult position.Turkey'sRecep Tayyip ErdoganThe president is said to have had a relatively close relationship with Trump due to poor relations with the EU.2019In December Biden criticized Erdogan by name, calling him a "dictator."[291]..Turkey is a NATO member but has procured an anti-aircraft missile system from Russia, which has caused major diplomatic problems with the United States since the pre-Trump administration, and the United States plans to develop Turkey as a state-of-the-art stealth fighter F35. It was excluded from Turkey and sanctioned.Under the Biden administration, conflicts due to human rights issues will be added to this.[296].

British Prime Minister Johnson on January 2021, 1 after taking office[295], President Emmanuel Macron of France on January 1th[297], German Chancellor Angela Merkel on January 1[298], NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg on January 1th[299]They held their first telephone summit meeting with each other, emphasizing NATO and the EU, and informing them that they would cooperate with Europe on common security issues and environmental issues such as Russia, China, Iran and Afghanistan. On February 2, the former Trump administration announced that it had frozen plans to reduce about 4 of the 3 US troops in Germany, which were decided on the grounds of "America first."The reduction plan is perceived by the German people as Trump's retaliation against Chancellor Angela Merkel, and it is also the first large-scale reduction plan for the U.S. military stationed in an ally, and there are concerns about security implications. rice field[300].

In a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Johnson on March 3, China-led economic zone "One belt one roadIn response to this, he expressed the idea that democracies need to cooperate to promote development support in developing countries.[301].

April 4, Queen of EnglandElizabeth IIPrince consortDuke of EdinburghPhilip"His Highness is the one who devoted his life to Britain." "It was an extraordinary life, including the courage to serve in World War II, tackling environmental problems, and establishing a charity." "99 I have great respect for the fact that I haven't diminished at all when I was old. "[302].

On April 4, it decided to increase the number of US troops stationed in Germany by 13, and announced a stance to change the Trump administration's disregard for Europe.About this German Defense MinisterAnnegret Kramp-Karenbauer"It's great news that not only has the U.S. military withdrawal from Germany stopped, but it can accept an additional 500 people," he said.[303].

President Biden visited the United Kingdom to attend the G6 held in Glasgow, England on June 10th.Boris JohnsonI had a face-to-face meeting with the Prime Minister for the first time.Johnson described Biden as "feeling a fresh breath" and said he was "fully cooperating" with Biden on maintaining peace in Northern Ireland, which is a concern for both the United Kingdom and the United States. They emphasized that they all agreed that they wanted to keep the 1998 peace agreement.[304].. "Ignored the royal ritual" was controversial in British society about Biden's wearing sunglasses when he had an audience with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on June 6.Grant Harrold, a royal butler, told Newsweek that "Don't wear sunglasses when facing the Queen, because it's important to look at the Queen." "President Byden wears sunglasses. That's fine, but I should have removed it when I met the Queen. "" Everyone should do that. The royal family also removes their sunglasses when they meet the Queen. "[234].

March 6Belgium Ofブ リ ュ ッ セ ルAttended the NATO Summit held in Tokyo.Jointly reaffirming the importance of US-Europe relations, pointing out that China's increasingly aggressive behavior is threatening the international order, and advising Russia that it will not return to "normal" soon. Summarized the statement[305].

EU on June 6thCharles MichelPresident of the European Parliament,Ursula von der LyenI met with the President of the European Commission.The United States and the EU have already set up a "dialogue forum" to discuss human rights issues and economic relations in China, but have agreed to set up a high-level dialogue with Russia in a similar framework.In addition, in order to restrain China, which aims to use high-tech technology for human rights infringement, "Trade and Technology Council" was established in the United States and Europe, and artificial intelligence, quantum computing, biotechnology regulation / norm making, semiconductors, etc. They also agreed to aim to strengthen the supply network.A senior U.S. government official welcomed "in line with Mr. Biden's basic strategy of working with democratic allies to confront China."[306].

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the United States on July 7. For Merkel, who has served as prime minister for 15 years, Biden is the fourth president to face him as prime minister, and his 16rd visit to the White House.However, this is the last visit to the White House as Merkel's prime minister, as he is scheduled to retire this year.There was a disagreement between the United States and Germany over the natural gas pipeline "Nord Stream 4" jointly developed by Russia and Germany, and Biden also expressed concern about "Nord Stream 23" at this meeting.The two leaders agreed that Russia should not use energy as a weapon to intimidate or intimidate neighboring countries.[307]..Biden, who respects Merkel, who confronted Trump thoroughly during the Trump era and was called "the last fort of democracy," said, "Prime Minister Merkel has always talked about what is right and has protected human dignity." The friendship between the United States and Germany will become stronger, but it will be lonely to miss you at the summit. "[308].

On September 9th, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia will launch a new security cooperation framework to counter China.AUKUSAgreed to create.This brings the U.S. government to AustraliaNuclear submarineAustralia will be able to build its own nuclear submarine by providing the technology of.As a result, Australia abandoned the $ 2016 billion worth of submarine construction orders it had with France in 370.[309]..About this in FranceJean-Yves Le DrianThe foreign minister criticized the Biden administration, saying, "It's a betrayal. I'm angry." "This one-sided decision seems to be like former President Trump."[310]..The French government strongly protested against the US and Australian governments, including the summoning of the ambassador to Australia.[309].

March 10Vatican CityVisit and Popeフ ラ ン シ ス コTalk with.Biden, a Roman Catholic, said he had a longer-than-usual meeting for more than an hour and was told by the Pope that he was a "good Catholic."However, the Pope has criticized Biden's favor for abortion as a "murder."He said he didn't talk about this.[311].

Also during his visit to Vatican, Biden met with French President Emmanuel Macron at the French embassy, ​​mentioning a submarine construction contract between Australia and France, saying, "Our response was clumsy. I thought France had been informed long ago. It's true to God, "he said, apologizing for his lack of consideration for France.[309]..In response, Macron said, "We have clarified together what we had to clarify." "The important thing now is to prevent this situation from happening in the future."[312].

Due to Russia's resistance to the war of aggression on Ukraine that began on February 2022, 2, Western cooperation and NATO's cohesiveness are rapidly strengthening.[313]..Western sanctions against Russia and support for Ukraine are being promoted. On March 3, President Biden, British Prime Minister Johnson, French President Macron, and German Prime Minister Schortz met online and agreed to continue to strengthen economic sanctions on Russia.[314].

On March 3, he visited Brussels, Belgium to attend an emergency meeting of NATO, EU and G24 over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. At a press conference after the NATO emergency meeting, Biden said, "NATO has never been as united as it is today." "Putin was betting that NATO would split." It was clear that he didn't think he could maintain this cohesion. "" Putin invaded Ukraine, and the result was exactly the opposite of what he intended. "[315].

The EU has set a goal of eliminating Russia's dependence on Russia's energy for member countries by 2027 after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.[316]..We will hurry to secure alternative supply such as increasing exports from the United States.[317]..To support this, the US EU has agreed to set up a joint special working team to secure the stability of EU energy resources.[318].

Policy toward Russia

the 1970sBiden, who has influenced US diplomacy as a senator specializing in foreign affairs, is for Russia.USSRIt was a formidable enemy from the times.Oppose Russia's annexation of Crimea even after becoming Vice PresidentUkraine OfPetro poroschenkoAs a central figure who has supported the administration, he has a deep connection with Russia. During the 2020 presidential election, Biden said about Russia: "President Putin's Russia is deteriorating relations between NATO and EU member states and destroying the foundation of democracy in Western countries." "In the US election He did not hide his anti-Russian position by declaring that he was "the biggest threat to the United States" as "interfering illegally."[319][320]..Putin was also openly criticized by calling him a "despot".[321]..He also accused Trump of being too weak against Russia and called Trump a "Putin puppy" during the presidential debate.[322].

Therefore, there is a widespread view in Russia that the US-Russia relations will worsen under the Biden administration.Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian Senate(Russian version TheFacebook"There will be more politically motivated sanctions (by the United States)." "The Biden administration has become more involved in global affairs than the Trump administration, which has given top priority to the United States, and is a force with Russia around the world. The conflict will intensify. "[323]..Russian diplomatic critic(Russian versionAlsoItal-Tass"The Biden administration could return to more pressureful policies (to Russia) in the former Soviet Union, which would be frustrating for Russia." "The Democratic Party wins around Mr. Biden in 16 years of presidential intervention. Many people are angry that Russia has robbed them. "[323].

RussianVladimir PutinThe president did not congratulate Biden shortly after he was confirmed to be elected.The only remaining nuclear disarmament framework between the United States and RussiaNew Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty(New START) expired in February 2021 and Biden has indicated its intention to extend it, but there was concern that negotiations would be adversely affected if the Russian government did not allow Biden to win.[319].. "It doesn't matter if you like it or not, it's waiting for the conflict in the United States to end," Putin said in a state broadcast on November 11[291]"We treat Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden with respect," he said. "Anyone is ready to work with someone whom Americans trust."[319]"It's clear that the Russian side was hoping for Mr. Trump's re-election in this presidential election," said BBC Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg. The reason is that it becomes a change. "[321].

Putin eventually sent a congratulatory message to Biden on December 2020, after confirming that Biden had won a majority of the electors in the electoral vote on December 12, 14."Although there are differences, we believe that the two countries have a special responsibility for the security and stability of the world and can contribute to solving many of the problems facing the world." "Cooperation and contact I'm ready. "[324].

The first telephone summit between Biden and Putin was held on January 2021, 1 to discuss protests by opposition parties in Russia.Biden has been suspected of Russia's cyberattack on the United States, allegations that Russian intelligence officials have punished Afghan rebels for the killing of U.S. soldiers, Russian opposition leaders, the U.S. government said.Alexei NawarinuiHe said he was pursuing Putin over allegations of attempted poisoning and Russia's intervention in the 2016 and 2020 US presidential elections, and that he was ready to protect the United States from cyber spying and any attacks.[325]..The new START was agreed in principle to be extended, and according to the Presidential Administration of Russia, a diplomatic document confirming the agreement was exchanged[326].. On March 2021, 3, the Biden administration's first sanctions against Russia were imposed on high-ranking Russian government officials for their involvement in Navalny's attempted poisoning.[327]On the 17th, Russia protested with the recognition that "Putin was a murderer" and summoned the ambassador to the United States.[328].

New sanctions against Russia, such as restricting the purchase of newly issued Russian government bonds from June 4, in retaliation for cyber terrorism and sabotage that attempted to disrupt the US presidential election, which is believed to be by Russia on April 15. announced[329]..It also frozen the assets of companies and individuals believed to have been involved in cyber terrorism and the merger of Crimean, and expelled 10 Russian diplomats stationed in the United States."It is unacceptable for Russia to intervene in the presidential election and launch a cyberattack on government agencies, and we will take appropriate action," Biden told Putin in a telephone talk this week. Foreign powers are in a democratic process. I can't allow you to intervene and stay unpaid. "The Russian Foreign Ministry strongly opposed the sanctions and called the US Ambassador to Russia Sullivan to the Foreign Ministry for explanation.He also indicated that he would take retaliation measures, saying that "we have no choice but to react."[330].

Biden and Putin's first face-to-face diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 6th, bilaterally for strategic stability, including the construction of a new nuclear disarmament framework in anticipation of the new START of the Nuclear Armed Forces Treaty expiring five years later. Agreed to start a dialogue.Both sides also agreed to return the ambassador who had been summoned to their own country.However, Biden warned that Russia would take appropriate steps if the Putin administration did not respond to a cyberattack on the United States.He also expressed concern about Navalny's imprisonment.He also said that the United States should be involved in protecting Ukraine's sovereignty and territory, and that Russia should make the Arctic region, where Russia continues to strengthen its armaments, a place of cooperation rather than conflict.At a press conference after the meeting, Putin said, "(Biden) was a very constructive and well-balanced person, as I expected." "I saw a momentary light." Despite the differences, both sides showed a willingness to understand the other and find a way to get closer. It was constructive. "Biden also said, "We were able to lay a clear foundation for the United States to face Russia."[331].

When attending the 11th Conference of the Parties to the UN Climate Change Framework Convention (COP2) held in London on November 26, Russia's Putin criticized the absence of the conference with China's Xi Jinping.[332].

On December 12, an online meeting was held with Putin on the issue of Russia ending Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.Biden warned that Russia would respond with economic sanctions if it launched a military offensive, and Putin argued that it was NATO who was increasing military power near the Russian border on Ukrainian territory.[333].

On February 2022, 2, pro-Russian factions called themselves "nations" in eastern Ukraine.Donetsk People's Republic"When"People's Republic of LuganskThe right to unilaterally approve the "independence" of "" and order the Russian troops to be dispatched to both regions for the purpose of "peacekeeping". "Who did Putin intend to get from?" "This is a serious violation of international law." "The beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine."Byden has banned transactions with the Russian government-affiliated banks, the Development Foreign Economic Bank (VEB) and the Promsbyajbank (PSB), which are closely linked to the Russian munitions industry, as the first step in economic sanctions against Russia.This will prevent both banks from making dollar payments.It also suspended trading of Russian government bonds in major markets such as the United States.[334]..Sanctions have also been imposed on the contractor of the gas transportation pipeline "Nord Stream 2" connecting Russia and Germany and several executives of the company.[335].

Russia's invasion of Ukraine

When Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine began on February 2022, 2, "Mr. Putin chose a pre-planned war. The death and destruction that would result. "The responsibility lies only with Russia," he accused, and declared that "the world will pursue Russia's responsibility."[336]..In a telephone conversation with President Zelensky, "President Zelensky has asked me to call on leaders from around the world to explicitly criticize the support of the Ukrainian people and the attack by President Putin. , With allies and others, will impose strict sanctions on Russia. We will continue to provide support to Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. "[337].. "President Putin is an invader. He will be rewarded," he said on February 2, expanding measures to ban major Russian banks from trading in the United States and invoking high-tech product export restrictions. Expressed[338].

On February 2, it was decided to provide additional weapons worth $ 26 million to the Ukrainian army engaged with the Russian army.[339].

February 2 Agreed with Europe for international payment networkSWIFTSanctioned to shut out Russian banks from[340].

On February 2, the Central Bank of Russia virtually frozen its US dollar assets as financial sanctions.[341]..About 12 Russian diplomats working for the Permanent Mission of the United Nations on the same dayPersona non grataOrdered to leave the United States by March 3th[342].

In a State of the Union address on March 3, sanctions were announced to ban Russian aircraft from entering U.S. airspace.[343].

On May 3Oligarch(Russian emerging conglomerate)Alisher UsmanovAnd Russian Kremlin Press SecretaryDmitry PeskovThey made it impossible to use their personal assets such as luxury yachts and private jets, saying that they "gained huge wealth by adhering to the Putin system".[344].

On March 3, Russia issued a recommendation to all Americans residing in Russia to evacuate from Russia due to the economic turmoil in Russia and fears of arbitrary legal enforcement by Russian authorities.[345]..Same day US credit card majorVisamaster CardWelcomed the announcement that it would suspend operations in Russia[346](Visa and Master account for about 7% of Russian card payments[347]).

On March 3, a presidential decree was signed to completely ban the import of Russian crude oil, natural gas, coal, etc.[348].

On March 3, it announced that it would work with the G11 and EU member countries to cancel Russia's most favored nation treatment and allow it to impose high tariffs on North Korea and Cuba.[349].

On March 3, the draft budget for Fiscal Year 15 (October 136-September 2022) was signed and passed, including a budget of $ 21 billion to support Ukraine and its neighboring Eastern European countries.Of this amount, $ 10 billion will be used for staffing the US military in charge of Europe and security support for Ukraine (anti-aircraft weapons, anti-tank weapons, ammunition, soldiers' portable food, military medical supplies such as first aid kits, etc.).The $ 22 billion will be used to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees and internally displaced persons from Ukraine, and the rest will be used to finance Russia's escape from economic sanctions and cyber attacks.At the signing ceremony of the budget, President Biden said, "Mr. Putin's invasion of Ukraine united people all over the United States, united both parties in the parliament, and united a world that loves freedom." "We directly contact the Ukrainian army. It has provided anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. It is also promoting the delivery of security assistance from allies and friends to Ukraine. It is urgently moving to further support the brave Ukrainian people who protect the country. I have. "[211].

On March 3th, in a speech at the White House, it announced that it would provide Ukraine with additional $ 16 million in military aid, including anti-aircraft missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.He also expressed the idea that he would provide a long-range anti-aircraft system.[350]..In addition, Vladimir Putin answered the question from the reporter on the same day.War criminalsIt was stated that it was.Until then, the U.S. government was in the position of investigating whether Russia's actions were war crimes, but it went one step further.[351].

Attended a NATO and G3 emergency meeting in Brussels, Belgium on March 24th over the invasion of Ukraine. NATO's joint statement stipulates that support for Ukraine has been strengthened. "We will continue to provide political and practical support."[352]..It was decided to add support for anti-tank weapons and drone weapons that have produced great results in the battle with Russia so far.[353]..They also agreed to provide Ukraine with equipment to deal with chemical and biological weapons that Russia is at increasing risk of using.[352]..In addition, we are rushing to make adjustments within the member countries in the direction of promoting the provision of surface-to-air missiles for air defense support.[352].. Decided to newly deploy NATO troops to four NATO member countries in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia) to strengthen the defense posture against Russia as a whole in Eastern Europe.[352]..He also demanded that China "do not support Russia's war or help evade economic sanctions in any way" in a statement.[352]..Russia has announced that it will impose sanctions on more than 328 Russian individuals and groups, including 48 Russian members of the House of Representatives, the head of Sberbank, Russia's largest bank, and 400 defense companies.The Russian central bank and gold transactions have also been sanctioned in order to block the transaction of selling gold and buying rubles, which is being carried out by the Russian central bank to prevent the currency ruble from collapsing.[352]..At a press conference on the same day, Biden said he thought Russia should be excluded from the G20.[354].."Depending on the G20, if countries such as Indonesia do not agree, Ukraine must be able to participate as well," he said.[315].

In a speech in Warsaw on March 3, he said in an ad lib that was not in the prepared manuscript that Putin "should not stay in power."Ripples spread both inside and outside the country, saying that this statement was "requesting a system change."[355]"The president did not mention Russia's transformation," White House officials told reporters after the speech.Biden himself denied, but refused to withdraw his remarks as "expressing moral anger."[356].

On April 4, Ukraine decided to provide an additional $ 5 million worth of anti-tank missile "Javelin".[357].

On April 4, the US Department of Defense announced that the total amount of military assistance to Ukraine since the inauguration of the Biden administration was $ 7 billion (of which more than $ 24 billion after Russia's invasion of Ukraine began).Specifically, a portable surface-to-air missile "StingerMore than 1400 shots, "JavelinAn unmanned aerial vehicle with a self-destruct attack function, with more than 5000 anti-tank missiles, including more than 1.(English editionHundreds of small arms, more than 7000 firearms, more than 5000 million ammunition, and a laser-guided rocket system.He also stated that he would "continue to identify and support the necessary weapons in cooperation with allies," including the case of long-range high-performance surface-to-air missiles requested by Ukraine.[358].

4 month 12 dayIowaIn his speech, Russia's invasion of Ukraine was "genocideI showed the recognition that it corresponds to.The next day, a spokesman for the U.S. President explained this statement, "I saw what happened at the scene and talked about what I felt." "It is Mr. Biden's way to speak openly while looking at it." I didn't certify it.The State Department has not stated whether the U.S. government will launch its own investigation into genocide certification.[359].

On April 4 and April 13, Ukraine announced that it would provide additional $ 4 million in military assistance to Ukraine, respectively.[360].

On April 4, it announced that it would ask Congress to approve an additional budget for weapons and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine on a large scale of $ 28 billion.Parliament passed a $ 330 billion budget on March 4 for the provision of weapons and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but this time it will more than double.[361].

In addition, as Russia's invasion of Ukraine shows a deadlock, the U.S. government is looking ahead to the prolongation of the war.Second World WarAccelerating the provision of weapons to the Allies duringWeapon Lend-LeaseThe policy to revive (Lend-Lease Law) has been decided.If this is revived, the procedures related to military assistance to Ukraine will be simplified at once, and it will be possible to expand the supply of weapons to Ukraine in terms of mass.Unanimously passed by the Senate on April 4[362], Also passed in the House of Representatives on April 4 with an overwhelming difference of 28 votes in favor and 417 votes against.[363]..Biden signed the bill on May 5th to coincide with the former Soviet Union's Victory in Europe Day, and passed it."We celebrated Victory in Europe yesterday (9th), the day we announced the end of World War II devastation and the overthrow of fascism in Europe," said Putin. The war is once again causing cruel destruction in Europe. "[364]"Ukrainians are fighting to protect the country and democracy from Putin's brutal war. This law is an important tool in our support."[365]Said.

High Mobility Rocket Artillery System in JuneHIMARS(Hymers) to Ukraine.Hymers' precision-guided artillery was a major force in the recapture of eastern Ukraine in September.[366][367].

Policy toward China

Originally Bidenthe 1970sA person who has supported the US policy of involvement with China since then, when he was the Vice President of the Obama administrationXi JinpingAt that timeVice President of the StateandPolitical Bureau Standing Committee MemberHu JintaoGeneral secretaryandSupreme leaderI have been interacting personally since the time when I was regarded as a successor.[368], "Know well that of him, very wisely's strict not ready at all the democratic idea but" the Xi Jinping to know well from Vice President era wrote the Guardian[369].

Biden has stated in his first foreign policy speech since taking office that he will position China as "the most serious competitor".[370], "There is no need to collide, but it will be fierce competition," he said.[371].. In 2019, even when fighting for the Democratic nomination, he was accused of underestimating China's threat by Republican Party and President Trump, saying that "China will not be a competitor to the United States."[372][373], Playing cardsHunter bidenCriticizing the business of Chinese companiesChinese governmentI was calling on Biden to investigate the parent and child[374][375]During the presidential campaign, Biden also attacked Trump by paying taxes to China to hold a secret bank account and do business in China.[376][377], By the Chinese governmentHong Kong protestsRepression andUighur concentration campIt is rapidly curing the attitude of China, such as is referred to as a "villain" the 習近 TairaSo secretary criticized (supreme leader), and the like[378]..In the backgroundthe 2010sThroughout the Republican and Democratic parties, the common understanding that China is a threat to the US-led world order has become established throughout American politics.[378].

Diplomat James Green said, "We need to protect ourselves from criticism that the new administration is sweet to China."the 2010sWe can't hope for a return to Sino-US relations in the middle. "[378].

In a speech after the presidential election, Biden said, "The best strategy for China is to be in line with all allies, which will be a top priority for the first few weeks of his inauguration." On the other handJapanShows the idea that a multilateral framework, including[379]..The Trump administration is a traditional allyJapan, South Korea,EuropeBiden has accused China of "free-riding security" and "fraudulent trade", but Biden did not do this and took cooperative action with China by deepening cooperation with allies. I promise to let you[378]..Biden also shifts US military priorities from the Middle East to Asia since the Obama administration(English editionSince it has become a driving force for China, it will continue to be in China.South China SeaThere is an analysis that it will maintain an Indo-Pacific region-focused strategy such as restraint on invasion.[378].

John Deni, a research professor at the U.S. Army College Strategic Research Institute, said the Trump administration would impose strict sanctions tariffs on China, but would not unite with its Indo-Pacific allies to counter China.・ South KoreaI have to request and pay 5 times the cost of staying inUSFKThreaten to withdrawTPPHe said that it was "chiguhagu na diplomacy" to withdraw from the country, while the Biden administration resolved such "chiguhagu" from a multilateral approach, in which the trade conflict between allies was aimed at early resolution, followed by We analyze that it may be a trend to expand existing trade and investment agreements between allies.Free tradeHe points out that the United States may rejoin the TPP, as the positive Republicans are expected to dominate the Senate.[380].

Biden, meanwhile, expressed a negative view during the presidential election campaign, saying that the Trump administration was putting pressure on China by raising and lowering tariffs, saying that it would not take punitive measures.However, after the election was confirmed, under the Trump administrationUS-China trade warHe said he would not move the US-China economic and trade agreement and tariffs on China that were realized in the above, saying that he would maintain them for the time being.He also stated that he would rigorously demand reforms from China, stating that he would promote trade policies to correct infringement of intellectual property rights and illegal industrial subsidies.[379].

When Biden was reportedly elected on November 2020, 11, the leaders of each country congratulated Biden one after another, but China'sXi JinpingThe General Secretary hasn't congratulated him for a while, only on November 11th.[381](However, government spokesman congratulated on November 11th prior to that.[380]).The text almost congratulates Trump in 2016, calling for "no conflict, no opposition, mutual respect, cooperation and a win-win spirit" and "managing each other's disagreements." It was a follow-up, but the number of characters has decreased reflecting the deterioration of US-China relations.[381].

In a speech in Delaware on December 12, he stated that he would take China as a competitor and take a strong position on China in terms of human rights violations and trade issues.He criticized China's unfair trade practices and human rights violations, and made a speech "to hold the Chinese government accountable." "In competing with China, Japan's position will be further strengthened by allied with like-minded allies and partners." "Japan alone accounts for only about 28% of the world economy, but it is a democratic partner. Unioning with the country will more than double its economic influence, "he said, reiterating the need to work with allies to counter China and denying Trump's monopoly.[382][383].

On January 2021, 1 習近 TairaSo secretary in the "international community about the severe attitude toward the United States of ChinaNew Cold WarIf you set up, threaten other countries, decouple the economy and impose sanctions, it will only lead to the division of the world. "On the contraryJen PsakiAt a press conference, a spokesman asserted that Xi's allegations would affect the Biden administration's policy toward China, saying "it's not" and "more authoritarianly domestically in recent years. Overseas, we are becoming more dogmatic, challenging our safety, prosperity and values, and we need a new approach. "[384].."Our approach to China is the same as in the past few months (diplomatic relations with China under the Trump administration)," he said.[385], The "US First" route has been reiterated as a policy to deal with it through cooperation with allies. "We want to tackle this issue with strategic patience," he said, saying the White House will discuss the issue with Congress and its allies within the next few weeks.[384]..Also, a major Chinese telecommunications equipment companyHuaweiWhen asked if China would continue to take strict regulatory measures, China's industrial espionage and intellectual property theft remained a concern, and it was cautious about deregulation.[386].

On the other hand, Biden has stated that he is "ready to cooperate with the Chinese government if it is in the national interest."[370].. Special Envoy for Climate Change on January 1John Forbes KellyPointed out that China emits the most greenhouse gases in the world and argued for the importance of cooperation with China.However, he emphasized that he would not give in to China on issues such as the South China Sea and trade in order to obtain cooperation in combating global warming.He also stated that he would not deal in cooperation on global warming countermeasures over issues such as intellectual property infringement and the South China Sea, which set him apart from the former Trump administration, which preferred deals in foreign policy.[387][388].BrinkenThe Secretary of State also said at a press conference on the same day that it would be beneficial for both countries to work together to combat global warming, but on the other hand, "many concerns about our foreign policy and with China. Should be taken into account. "[389][390].

We made the first phone summit meeting with 習近 TairaSo secretary on February 2.According to the White House announcement, Biden has stepped up its arbitrary actions in the region, including intimidating and unfair conduct in China's economics, increased control over Hong Kong, human rights violations in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and response to Taiwan. He said he expressed concern about what he was doing.According to a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Xi said that "cooperation between the two countries is the only right choice" and called for improvement of relations between the two countries, which had deteriorated under the former Trump administration. It is the internal affairs of China and is involved in the preservation of sovereignty and territory. The United States should respect China's core interests and act cautiously. "[391]..After exchanging views on common issues such as measures against the new coronavirus and climate change, he said on Twitter, "I told him that I would cooperate with China if it would benefit the American people," and cooperated on these global issues. Showed the intention to do[392].

On March 3, the U.S. governmentXinjiang Uygur Autonomous RegionSanctions have been imposed on autonomous region officials who appear to be involved in the crackdown in collaboration with European countries over human rights issues. The EU has imposed sanctions on China since the Tiananmen Square Incident in June 1989.Demanded that the Chinese government approve the liberation of detained Uighurs and other field surveys by the United Nations.[393]..Regarding Japan's failure to join the US-Europe cooperation sanctions against China, the U.S. Department of State has only stated that "we do not recommend that Japan decide on its own."[394].

At the first formal press conference after taking office on March 3, General Secretary Xi Jinping said, "Democracy does not work, and he is a smart person who sees tyranny as the future trend." The struggle between democracy and tyranny in the 25st century "."We don't want conflict, but it will be fierce competition. China must engage in fair competition and trade in accordance with the rules of the international community," he said. "China has become a world leader and the richest and strongest country. I have the goal of becoming. As long as I'm the president, I won't let you do that. "[184].

Biden administration in China on April 4Super computerAnnounced that it will take sanctions to effectively ban the export of American products for being involved in military diversion of seven companies and national research groups that develop[395].

The Chinese government has expressed "strong dissatisfaction and decisive opposition" to mention Taiwan in a joint statement of the Japan-US summit meeting on April 4.He also criticized Japan and the United States for expressing "serious concerns" about the human rights situation in Hong Kong and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, saying that it "deviates the scope of bilateral relations and harms the interests of third countries."Shows the attitude of putting pressure on Japan[396].

On April 4, the United States and China issued a joint statement on climate change.President Kerry, who visited China, met with China's climate change envoy, Kai Zhenhua, and agreed that the two countries would cooperate in climate change mitigation.[397].

On April 4, President Biden hosted the "Leaders Summit on Climate" climate summit in Washington, attended by General Secretary Xi Jinping of China.Paris AgreementIt is said that there is an aim not to give the initiative of environmental problems to the United States of "return"[398].

"The United States has informed President Xi Jinping that he will maintain a strong military force in the Indo-Pacific," he said in a policy speech at a joint session of the Senate and Senate on April 4.In addition, Xi Jinping was once again defined as a "tyrannicalist."[189]Predicted US victory over China, saying, "Competing with China and other countries to win the 21st century" and "Tyranny will not win the future."[399].

At a press conference after the closing of the G6 in the United Kingdom in June, he reiterated that the United States had returned to the international community and said, "There was no mention of China at the last G7 summit (in the Trump era). It clearly points out issues such as human rights violations in Uygur and Hong Kong, "he said, saying that he was able to show a strict stance toward China in unison at the G7.He added, "We will face China head-on. We are not only competing with China itself, but we are competing for whether democracies can compete with tyranny."[400].

On July 7, he emphasized that "manufacturing everything in the United States and creating employment" against China, which is giving preferential treatment to its own industry with a huge subsidy, and obliges the federal government to procure domestic products. Statement to strengthen the operation of "American" related laws and regulations.In particular, it said that it would increase the domestic production ratio in the supply chain of strategic supplies such as semiconductors.[401]

China's Xi Jinping was criticized for the absence of China's Xi Jinping at the 11th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP2) held in London on November 26.[332].

On November 11th, a major Chinese telecommunications equipment company from the United States by presidential decreeHuawei technologyThe measures to ban investment in Chinese companies such as (Huawei) have been extended by one year. On November 1th, we signed the China Communication Equipment Exclusion Law, which does not give the necessary certification for use in the United States to communication equipment that is regarded as a security threat in the United States for products such as Huawei.[402].

An online summit meeting was held with Xi Jinping on November 11th.When Biden expressed concern about human rights violations by China in Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, etc., Xi argued that he "does not agree with domestic interference based on human rights issues."Biden also stated that he "strongly opposes actions that undermine the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait," but Xi said, "If the Taiwan independence forces break through the red line (a line that must not be crossed), we will have to take decisive steps. I don't get it. "When Biden announced that he would work with allies and partners to protect the values ​​of freedom and democracy, Xi said, "If you draw a line with ideology and divide the camp, it will eventually bring disaster to the world." Check.The talks ended in an exchange of principles on the main axis of opposition.However, Biden said, "We should cooperate on global issues such as climate change," and Xi responded, "Climate change issues will be a new focus for Sino-US relations."[403].

On December 12, the U.S. government decided on a diplomatic boycott in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to not send government officials to the Beijing Olympics because of human rights violations by Chinese governments such as Genocide.[404]..However, opposition Republicans have criticized the diplomatic boycott for being lukewarm, and there are growing opinions calling for the IOC (International Olympic Committee) not to send American athletes and to hold the Olympics outside Beijing.[405].

Signed and passed the "Uighur Forced Labor Prevention Bill" on December 12th, which bans the import of products produced by Uighur forced labor in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region into the United States.[406]..This made it impossible to import products from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region into the United States unless the company could prove that it was not produced by forced labor.[407].

December 12 Largest drone manufacturer for being involved in human rights violations and weapons development by the Chinese governmentDJISanctions have been imposed on more than 40 Chinese high-tech companies and organizations, including those that prohibit investment from the United States.According to the US Treasury, DJI provided the drone to the Chinese Communist Party authorities, which are monitoring the Uighurs.Chinese Communist Party officials said, "The United States has broadened the concept of national security, made up various excuses and abused export control measures, and unfairly suppressed the interests of Chinese groups and businesses. China shows strong dissatisfaction. At the same time, I firmly oppose it. "[408].

On March 2022, 3, Biden said that the resolution condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine was adopted by the UN General Assembly: "2 countries agreed with the resolution condemning Putin. China withdrew. India also withdrew. They also withdrew. "Isolated" and criticized China for abandoning by name[409].

An online summit meeting was held with Xi Jinping on March 3.If China provided "physical support" to Russia, it warned China that it would face serious consequences.[410].

Policy toward Japan

In the presidential election, Biden criticized Trump's disrespect for allies, saying, "We will strengthen our alliance to protect peace in East Asia. We will not threaten to withdraw our troops."With a history of visiting Japan as a senator and vice president, the Biden administration has returned to a relatively modest policy toward Japan and was shaken by the Trump administration.Japan-US relationshipIs strongly believed to regain calm[411].

However, according to US-Japan diplomatic sources, "Some of the Biden administration's ministerial candidates are dissatisfied with'Japan does not play a broad role as an ally'," and the Biden administration has taken hard measures against China. In that case, it is reported that Japan may be required to cooperate concretely, and conversely, if it shifts to a dialogue line, it may be confusing if there is no communication between Japan and the United States.[411]..Also, regarding the North Korean issue, the former Prime MinisterYoshii KanIs the supreme leader of North Korea in the parliamentary statement of belief with the flow of US-North Korea dialogue under the Trump administration in mind.金正恩Although he expressed his willingness to "dialogue without preconditions" with him, Biden has shown a negative position to direct dialogue with Kim Jong Un, so he may return to "strategic neglect" during the Obama administration. In that case, Japan's "dialogue without preconditions" route may need to be reworked.[411]..Even within the Japanese government, the Biden administration is likely to take a hard line to North Korea to show the difference from the Trump administration, and there is a widespread view that it is unclear, including the priority of the North Korean issue.[412].

2021Burden of USFJ stationing expenses for 5 years fromCompassionate budget) Is in full swing.Whether the Trump administration's route of demanding a quadruple increase in burden on the Japanese side will be revised, the Japanese side is also considering a "provisional agreement" to continue the current burden for the time being, but it is acknowledged. It is reported that a foreign ministry official said, "I can't read what will happen."[411].

Regarding the impact on the Okinawa base problem, a professor at Okinawa International UniversityManabu SatoThe United States has positioned Okinawa as the forefront of countering China's military advance, and the premise of a hard-line stance toward China is likely to continue even after the Biden administration, so the situation surrounding Okinawa has changed. Analyzing that there will be no[413].

Free trade agreementWith the Trump administration over (FTA)Shinzo AbeConcluded by the administrationUS-Japan trade agreementThen, there are still concerns about additional tariffs by the United States because automobiles and other items are left behind.(Smolderinging[411]..Biden is also reluctant to make a new trade agreement, and it is speculated that the Trump administration's trade talks with Japan will be wait-and-see for a while.[414].

Japan and the United States were supposed to take the lead in rule-making against China.Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership AgreementRegarding (TPP), Biden was in a position to promote during the Obama administration, and even during the 2020 United States presidential election, he said, "TPP cannot rejoin under the current agreement, but there is room for renegotiation," and has a positive attitude. However, it is reported that it is unclear because the opposition to the return is deep-rooted within the Democratic Party.[415][416].

January 2021, 1 (before dawn on January 27, 2021 Japan time), Prime MinisterYoshii KanHeld the first telephone talk after taking office.Japan-US AllianceThey agreed to work closely together to further strengthen the situation and realize a "free and open Indo-Pacific".Biden is from Okinawa prefecture尖 閣 諸島Established US Defense ObligationUS-Japan Security TreatyWhile stating that it is subject to Article 5, it reaffirmed that it will continue to provide Japan with "extended deterrence" that protects Japan with military forces including nuclear forces.[417].

In a radio show on February 2thTokyo Olympics"The Japanese Prime Minister is working hard to hold the event safely. I hope it will be held, but it must be judged on the basis of science," he said.[418].

Chief Cabinet Secretary of March 3Katsunobu KatoAccording to the announcement, Suga will visit the United States in the first half of April to meet with Biden.Suga will be the first to meet with foreign leaders of Biden.It is reported that the reason for choosing Kan as the first meeting partner is to show the unity of the Japan-US alliance with China in mind.[419].

Suga, who visited the United States, had his first meeting with Biden at the White House on the afternoon of April 4 (before dawn on 16th Japan time).At a press conference after the meeting, Biden "confirmed unwavering support for the Japan-US alliance and mutual security. We will work together to face the challenge from China." "We are free and open in the Indo-Pacific. We promised to work together on issues such as the challenge from China, the East and South China Seas, and North Korea. "" Japan and the United States are two powerful democratic nations in the region. We promise to protect and develop common values. "[420]..The joint document also included that maintaining peace and security in the Taiwan Strait is important for Japan's security.Taiwan was written in the document of the Japan-US summit meeting in 1969 (Showa 44), when the then Prime MinisterEisaku SatoAnd the president at that timeRichard NixonThis is the first time since Japan-China diplomatic relations were normalized in 1972 (Showa 47).[421]..According to Suga, he expressed his intention to hold the Tokyo Olympics as a symbol of unity in the world, and Biden supported him.[422].

After Suga declared that he would not run for the LDP president on September 9, White House spokesman said, "President Biden is grateful for Suga's leadership." "I pray for Suga's future health." Made a statement to[423].. On June 9Japan-US Australia-India Strategy DialogueBiden, who met with Suga, who visited the United States at the (Quad) four-country summit, said, "(Suga) is a very big person. I feel lonely. I would like to seek advice even after I retire."In response, Suga thanked Biden for his friendship and said, "The importance of the Japan-US alliance will remain the same."[424].

Became Prime Minister in his 10s as a successor on October 4thFumio KishidaHeld a telephone talk with Biden on the following day, 5th, as the first telephone talk with foreign leaders.At a press conference about that, Kishida said, "It was an important step to raise the Japan-US alliance to a higher level." There was. "[425].

The first face-to-face summit between Kishida and Biden was held briefly on November 11 in Glasgow, England, where the 2th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention (COP26) was held.It was agreed that Kishida would visit the United States and hold a Japan-US summit meeting within the year, and confirmed that he would work closely toward the realization of a "free and open Indo-Pacific" with China in mind.[426].

Negotiations on U.S. Forces Japan stationing expenses, which had been tentative in 2021 due to the overlap of the U.S. power change, reached a consensus on December 12, and we are keeping in mind the increasingly severe security environment such as the rise of China's military. The two countries have agreed to increase the burden of stationing expenses for the US military by less than 8 billion.[427].

Kishida, who was invited to attend the "Democracy Summit" hosted by Biden on December 12th and 9th, said, "For actions that undermine the fundamental values ​​we value, such as freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. Therefore, volunteer countries must come together and face with one voice. "[428].

The first full-scale summit meeting between Biden and Kishida was held on January 2022, 1, and Kishida announced his intention to fundamentally strengthen Japan's defense capabilities and to consider possessing "enemy base attack capability". Biden expressed his support for it.In addition to the 21 plus 2 conference in which foreign and defense ministers from Japan and the United States participate, a new 2 plus 2 conference related to economic security that promotes infrastructure investment in the Indo-Pacific region to counter China's "One Belt, One Road" will also be established. Were determined[429]..It was also agreed to hold a quad summit meeting in Japan in the spring.If realized, it will be Biden's first visit to Japan after taking office as president.[430].

On March 2022, 3, there was a telephone talk between Biden and Kishida, and Biden said, "Toward the invasion of Ukraine in Russia," regarding the Japanese government's sanctions against Russia over Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the transfer of part of LNG to Europe. I am especially grateful for Prime Minister Kishida's leadership in the response. Japan's strong response has become a message for the international community to confront the unreasonable and unjustified attacks by Russia in solidarity. " rice field.In addition, the intention to visit Japan a few months later was also announced.[431].

Arrived at Yokota Air Base on May 2022, 5 on a US Presidential plane.This will be his first visit to Japan since his inauguration as president.[432].

At the Imperial Palace on May 5TokujinMeeting with the emperor.In 2013, when he was a crown prince, the emperor had a talk with Biden, who was then Vice President, at the Tomiya Imperial Palace (currently the Sento Imperial Palace) in Motoakasaka, Tokyo.A press conference was held for about 30 minutes to discuss US-Japan relations, the new coronavirus, the Great East Japan Earthquake, etc.[433].

after thatAkasaka State Guest HouseI met with Kishida at the meeting, and then went to a joint press conference.They agreed to strengthen the Japan-US alliance, strengthen Japan's defense capabilities, criticize Russia for invading Ukraine, and criticize China's attempts to change the status quo.Kishida said, "We have expressed our determination to drastically strengthen Japan's defense capabilities and secure a considerable increase in supporting defense spending, and we have gained support." Biden also said, "Japan will enhance its defense capabilities. I appreciate. A stronger Japan, a stronger Japan-US alliance will bring good things to the region. I hope this will continue in the Taiwan Strait and continue in the East and South China Seas. "Kishida also announced that Biden was in favor of Japan becoming a permanent member of the UN Security Council.In addition, Kishida is a US-led economic zone advocated by Biden, "Indo-Pacific Economic Framework(IPEF) ”was welcomed and Japan announced that it would also participate.[434].

After that, I visited Akasaka Guest HouseAbduction case by North Korea OfVictim familyAnd visit.Biden knelt in front of her family sitting in a chair because of her age, and she spoke to each and every one of them, telling her family, "I feel the same as you."About this abduction victimYokota Megumi"President Biden knelt down at my mother and said to me, love, sympathy for us, or a kind heart. To be honest, I'm grateful that I couldn't stop crying. However, I am truly grateful for the warm aspirations. "[435].

Attended the quad summit meeting held at the Prime Minister's Office on May 5th.This is the second face-to-face summit meeting since it was held in Washington, DC last September.The leaders of the four quads discussed Russia's invasion of Ukraine, shared the recognition that "one-sided changes in the status quo by force should not be allowed in any region," and cooperated toward the realization of a "free and open Indo-Pacific." confirmation.Kishida said at a press conference, "India, with the participation of India, expressed concern over the tragic conflict in Ukraine and confirmed that the rule of law, sovereignty and the principle of territorial integrity must be adhered to in any region." However, in consideration of India, which has traditionally been closely related to the Soviet Union and Russia, the joint statement called the situation in Ukraine a "tragic conflict" and avoided criticism of the Russian name.The statement also stated that China would "counter the challenge of a rule-based marine order."[436].

Policy toward Taiwan

Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked Biden after Biden expressed concern over China's oppressive stance on Taiwan at the first U.S.-China summit on February 2021, 2.[437].

Chinese Foreign MinisterWang YiWhite House spokesman argued that he had requested the Biden administration to revise the policies of the former administration, which had strengthened relations with Taiwan.[438].

The US government has determined that the possibility of China's invasion of Taiwan is increasing, and at the Japan-US Security Consultative Committee (3 plus 16) on March 2, the US and Japanese governments said, "Peace in the Taiwan Strait. And shared awareness of the importance of stability[439].

On March 3, the American Association of Taiwan Economic and Cultural Representative Offices in Taiwan signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the establishment of the Coast Guard Working Group.The content is that the United States Coast Guard and the Taiwan Coast Guard Administration will improve communication, build cooperative relationships, and share information.The first US-Taiwan coast guard agreement under the Biden administration[440].

On April 4, the Department of State will hold a U.S.-Taiwan practitioner-level meeting in the federal government building, which was previously prohibited due to consideration for China, in order to promote intergovernmental exchanges with Taiwan. Announced a new policy.Regarding the reason, the State Department said, "It reflected the deepening of informal relations with Taiwan." "Taiwan has strong democracy and is an important security and economic partner of the United States." It is thought that this is a move with an eye on China.[441].

On May 4Richard Armitage,James SteinbergWe sent them to Taiwan as an informal delegation. "The selection of three senior Taiwanese friends and personally close to President Biden is an important testament to US commitment to Taiwan and its democracy," the U.S. government said.[442].

The joint statement of the Japan-US summit meeting between Japan's Prime Minister Suga and Biden on April 4 stated "the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait."A spokesman for the Presidential Office Building in Taiwan expressed gratitude and appreciation for this on the 16th."Peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait has been raised from cross-strait relations to the Indo-Pacific region and thus to the global focus," a spokesman said.[443].

March 10BaltimoreBiden, who was asked twice about Taiwan's defense when attending a dialogue meeting with citizens in Japan, said he was "responsible" twice.So far, successive U.S. governments have adhered to the foreign policy of "strategic ambiguity" that does not take a clear stance on how to respond when China attacks Taiwan, so I wonder if it will change. It was noticed, but later the U.S. government said that there was no change in the government's policy regarding Taiwan, and the relationship with TaiwanTaiwan Relations LawIt is said that it is in a position to continue to support Taiwan's self-defense and oppose the unilateral change of the current situation.In response to Biden's remarks, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China said, "The United States must not send any signal to separatist forces aiming for Taiwan independence. Should be. "On the contrary, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan expressed its appreciation for Biden's remarks and stated that "we will continue to strengthen our self-defense capabilities to fully protect Taiwan's democracy, security and the well-being of its inhabitants."[444].

Invited Taiwan to the Summit for Democracy held on December 12th and December 9th.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan expressed its gratitude and the IT ministersTang Feng(English name: Audrey Tan) and the representative of the "Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States", the representative agency of the Taiwanese authorities in the United States.Hsiao Bi-KotoAnnounced to attend as a representative of Taiwan.In response, Beijing's Chinese Communist Party government said, "We strongly oppose any form of formal exchange between the United States and Taiwan. We firmly adhere to the principle of" one China "for the United States and raise issues related to Taiwan. I ask you to handle it properly. "[445]..Hsiao Bi-Koto said, "By attending the summit, we can widely share the successful experience of democracy that Taiwan has had. China continues to promote the claim that democracy is not suitable for Asian countries and Hong Kong. Taiwan has proved that it is a mistake. "" Taiwan's survival as a free and open democratic society is crucial to the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific region. It is in the interests of all democracies. " Is complaining[446].

On March 2022, 3, a former U.S. government official on security issues, headed by former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Maren, was dispatched to Taiwan.[447]..China's Xi Jinping is threatening to exert military pressure on Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen administration to unify Taiwan in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, confirming the US's active involvement in peacekeeping.[448].

Policy toward South Korea

The Trump administration South KoreaThreatened to withdraw US forces in Korea unless the stationing expenses were increased five times.[380]In addition, more than 4000 Korean workers working in the USFK have been forced to take unpaid leave from April 2020 due to difficulties in negotiations on stationing expenses. After June, the South Korean government agreed with the U.S. government to pay their salaries until the negotiations were finalized, but there was no prospect of concluding the negotiations.[449].

About this, Biden announced on October 2020, 10, just before the presidential election, that South Korea ’sJoint newsContribution to the US-Korea AllianceKorean WarEmphasized that it is a "bloody alliance" that fought together[450], "Rather than forcing South Korea through the reckless threat of shrinking US forces in South Korea, as President of the United States, I will strengthen the alliance to support South Korea and protect peace in East Asia and other regions. "We will continue our efforts to denuclearize North Korea and unify the Korean Peninsula, aiming for rational diplomacy."[451].

Therefore, in Korea, the voice of relief is spreading for the time being to win Biden.The secretary-general of the U.S. Forces Korea Korean Trade Union in Korea said, "I sincerely congratulate Mr. Biden on winning the election. He requested that he work on improving the problem of unpaid leave.[449].

Since the US Democratic Party administration has traditionally emphasized security cooperation between Japan, the United States and South Korea, there are growing concerns within South Korea that Biden may intervene in historical issues between the two countries to restore Japan-South Korea relations.The Korean media said that the Japan-Korea agreement on the comfort women issue, which was concluded in December 2015, was that the Obama administration approached the two countries under the hood, and the Biden administration also embarked on similar arbitration on the recruitment issue. Communicating the view that there is a possibility[452].

Since the telephone conversation between Suga and Biden in Japan on January 2021, 1, in South KoreaWen ZaiyinThere were voices worried about the delay in Biden's telephone talks.[453], The first telephone summit meeting between Moon Jae-in and Biden was held on February 2th.Biden stated in the statement that he did not want a conflict between Japan and South Korea from the standpoint of emphasizing the strengthening of the alliance between Japan, the United States and South Korea, with a view to responding to China and North Korea, and requested that relations with Japan be improved. ..However, according to a South Korean government official, there was no mention of specific concerns between Japan and South Korea, such as the issue of recruitment work and the issue of comfort women.On the North Korean issue, the sentence called for "the importance of a dialogue solution," while Biden said, "the past way is not desirable," like Trump.金正恩He stabbed a nail if he did not take a top-down solution through the summit meeting.He also expressed his support for the "Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region," a concept common to Japan and the United States with China in mind, and expressed his willingness to cooperate as much as possible.[454].

Meeting with Moon Jae-in, who visited the United States on May 2021, 5.Sentence became the second foreign leader to meet with Biden after Suga in Japan.A joint statement by the two leaders included the statement that "diplomatic relations and dialogue are essential for the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and permanent peacebuilding" regarding North Korea.In addition, while avoiding the name of China in the Chinese issue, "the two leaders emphasize the importance of maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait."It also included the phrase, "I oppose any action that threatens and destabilizes the rules-based international order," which seems to have taken China's actions into consideration, and sought to respect freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.[455]..Biden also announced that it will provide the new coronavirus vaccine to 55 South Korean military personnel who work closely with the U.S. military.[456]..At the Japan-US summit meeting last month, Biden and Suga both masked and avoided shaking hands with Air Goo Touch, but from May 5st, the action guidelines for vaccinated people against the new coronavirus were relaxed. The meeting with Bun was held without a mask and with a handshake.For lunch with Biden and Bun, the East Coast dish "Crab Cake", which is a crab meat cooked like a hamburger, was served.The South Korean side was demanding more than a hamburger for lunch served in Suga last month.[457].

Moon Jae-in was also invited to attend the Summit for Democracy hosted by Biden on December 12th and 9th, but Moon avoided mentioning China and fake, an inward-looking issue within the democratic nation. Discussed news measures[458].

Winner of the Korean presidential election on March 2022, 3Yoon Seok-youHe promised to confirm the strength of the US-ROK alliance and to cooperate closely with North Korea.It was also agreed to hold a summit meeting early after Yoon's inauguration.Yoon also paid tribute to the United States leading international cooperation with its allies in Russia's resistance to the invasion of Ukraine, while Biden also said, "Korea plays a central role in issues such as Ukraine." Responded to[459].

He visited Korea for the first time after taking office as President of the United States on May 2022, 5.As the US-China conflict intensifies, we will confirm cooperation to strengthen the alliance with South Korea and the supply chain of semiconductors.On the same day Biden and the President of South KoreaYoon Seok-you TheSamsung electronicsVisited the Hirasawa semiconductor factory.At the factory, Biden said, "We need to secure a supply network so that our economy and security do not depend on countries that do not share values. We work with partners who share values, such as South Korea, to supply networks. It is important to strengthen the resilience of the economy. "Yoon also said, "I hope that today's visit will lead to the rebirth of Korea-US relations as an economic security alliance based on the cooperation of advanced technology and supply networks."[460].. On May 5, a meeting between Biden and Yoon was held at the former Defense Ministry building of the new presidential palace in South Korea.Biden reaffirmed his responsibility to provide South Korea with extended deterrence, including a "nuclear umbrella," and emphasized the importance of cooperation between Japan, the United States and South Korea.He also agreed to promote economic security cooperation and the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific" with China in mind, which is strengthening hegemony.In addition, Yoon expressed interest in South Korea's participation in the "Quad," which is a partnership framework between Japan, the United States, Australia and India, and Biden welcomed it.In addition, the US-led economic zone concept "Indo-Pacific Economic Framework(IPEF) ”, the United States and South Korea agreed to work closely together in terms of economy.[461].

On May 2022, 5, the Korean idol group "BTS (BTS)Invited to the White House for Asian residentsHate climbExchanged opinions on such matters[462].

Policy toward North Korea

north koreaThe Biden administration is expected to take a stricter attitude than the Trump administration, and the North Korean issue itself is also considered to have a low priority, so South Korea's North-South reconciliation policy has been promoted.Wen ZaiyinIt is reported that the administration is trying to contact the Biden camp, which has few connections, in an attempt to keep the flow of dialogue born in the Trump administration.[463].

Trump in North Korea at a TV debate in the presidential electionKorean Labor Party Chairman金正恩While he was proud of his achievements in building a good relationship with him and avoiding the war, Biden criticized him as "a villain" and defined Kim Jong Un as a "villain".Nazi GermanyToAppeasement policy"We areHitlerWas in a friendly relationship until the invasion of Europe, "said criticizing the dialogue-oriented North Korean policy.[412]..And he stated that he was not going to make a personal friendship with Kim Jong Un.[464].

The conflict between Trump and Biden over North Korea was also at the time of the North Korean missile launch in May 2019.At this time, the White House Chief of Staff demanded that North Korea take strict measures.John BoltonTrump did not criticize North Korea, but Biden took a critical position on North Korea, so North Korea'sKorea Central Communications"Slandered the Supreme Leader" about Biden "I'm obsessed with power and I'm not sensible" "His remarks are a sophistry of a fool who has lost even the minimum human qualities as a politician He cursed him as "low intelligence quotient" and "low-powered idiot" as "just"[465]..Trump said at a press conference, "I agree with Kim Jong-un," and Trump's sympathy with Kim Jong-un became a problem.[466][467].."The president's remarks are not suitable for the dignity of the presidential office. He was abroad on Memorial Day of the war dead and repeatedly tuned in to the bloody dictator to attack the same American former vice president. It's outrageous. The president has consistently neglected the country's roots and warmly welcomed the dictator. "[468].

In November 2019, Chosun Central News also described Byden as "boldly blaming the dignity of the Supreme Leader."dementiaTerminal illness "" Freeing a mad dog like Biden will hurt many people "" Need to get rid ofRabies"A dog with a sickness"[469]In response, a spokesman for the Biden camp said, "It is becoming more prominent that unpleasant dictators and their admirers perceive Mr. Biden as a threat." "Mr. Biden has made safety, national interests, and values ​​in the United States. It is possible to regain US leadership in the world as a pillar of foreign policy. "[469].

After Biden's confirmation came out, North Korea was completely silent.The official North Korean media has not yet reported Biden's election.It is unusual for the silence to last for such a long time, as the past US presidential elections were reported within 10 days.KoreanNational Intelligence ServiceAccording to Kim Jong Un, he has an unusual decree not to stimulate Biden.[470]..Kim Jong Un is the only leader who has not sent a congratulatory message to Biden.[321][471].

At the first press conference after taking office on March 2021, 3, he criticized the launch of a North Korean short-range ballistic missile as "violating a UN Security Council resolution."Japan set itself apart from former President Trump, who was not in a position to consider the launch of short-range ballistic missiles that could reach the United States even though they were in range, and showed an attitude of respecting cooperation with Japan.[472].

In a policy speech on April 2021, 4, North Korea's nuclear development was "a serious threat to the security of the United States and the world," and "I would like to work closely with allies and deal with it with diplomacy and strict deterrence." Stated.In response, the North Korean Foreign Ministry criticized that "it is outrageous and infringement of the right of self-defense to curse our self-defense deterrence as a threat," and said, "The United States faces a very serious situation. I issued a warning statement saying "It will be."[473].

Policy towards Australia

Australia has a strategic framework for ChinaQuad(USA / Japan / India / Australia)AUKUSIt is a participating country of both (US, UK, Australia) and is also emphasized by the Biden administration. With AUKUS signed in September 2021, the US government will provide Australia with technology for building nuclear submarines.Australian Prime MinisterScott MorrisonAims to build eight nuclear submarines[474].

In 12 monthCaroline KennedyWas appointed as the Australian Ambassador and showed an attitude of emphasizing cooperation with Australia.[475].

Policy towards Canada

Prime Minister of Canada for the first time since taking office on February 2021, 2Justin TrudeauConducted an online meeting with.Confirmed climate change and emphasis on China policy and discussed the liberation of two Canadians detained in China[476].

In order to restore relations with neighboring countries such as Canada and Mexico, which were jerky during the Trump era, and to strengthen cooperation in the North American region, we welcomed the leaders of Canada and Mexico to the White House on November 2021, 11 for the first time in five years. Held a summit meeting between countries. The three leaders have stated a policy of "prohibiting the import of products made by forced labor" with Chinese products in mind.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has frequently clashed with former US President Joe Biden, saying he is "strongly in agreement" on many issues, showing his willingness to work with the United States to confront China. Are[477].

Policy toward Cuba

Attention was paid to whether the Biden administration would return to the Cuban reconciliation policy of the Obama era or maintain the hard line of the Trump era, but on July 2021, 7, Biden was disappointed in the Cuban Diascanel communist regime and a poor new model. Regarding the problem of large-scale demonstrations protesting against Corona virus, "Cuba is a collapsed nation and oppresses its own people." "Communism is a failed system all over the world, and socialism is also very effective. "It's not a good alternative." "We firmly support the Cuban people who exercise their universal rights. We urge the Cuban government to refrain from violence to block the voices of the people." "To benefit the Cuban government." He criticized Cuba's communist regime, saying, "I'm thinking of ways to save the Cuban people in no way."Cuba under the former Trump administrationTerrorism-supporting nationThere is no movement within the Biden administration to withdraw the designation, and the Biden administration is ready to deal with Cuba with a strong stance for the time being.[478].

On July 7, the Cuban government's Defense Minister Miera and the Interior Ministry's special forces were sanctioned for committing human rights violations that unfairly detained demonstrators and "unfairly imprisoned people to silence the Cuban people. "Clearly condemns mass detention and fraudulent trials." "The United States supports the brave Cubans who have come out on the streets to oppose the oppression of the communist regime for 22 years."[479].

Policy toward India

India is the most cautious of the quad member countries (US, Australia, Japan, India) to be hostile to China, and has been in conflict with China since the armed conflict at the Sino-Indian border in mid-2020. I've avoided it.However, it is focusing on strengthening relations with the United States through joint exercises, weapon purchases, and technology transfer.It seems that it is necessary to monitor the movement of China while strengthening hegemony along the border and in the Indian Ocean, and it seems that it is trying to strengthen tracking technology etc.[480].

On March 2022, 3, Biden said that the resolution condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine was adopted by the UN General Assembly: "2 countries agreed with the resolution condemning Putin. China withdrew. India also withdrew. They also withdrew. "Isolated" and criticized India for abandoning by name[409].

A quad online summit was held on March 3, but again, India was reluctant to issue a resolution condemning Russia, so a joint statement could not be finalized.The distance between India and the other three countries (Japan, the United States and Australia) is expanding.[481].

At the Business Forum on March 3, there was a scene where the quad countries' response to Russia was mentioned, saying, "Quad may be an exception to India, which is a little weak in some parts, but Japan is extremely strong, Australia. Is similar in dealing with Putin's invasion. "[482].

Southeast Asia policy

Attended the ASEAN Summit online for the first time in four years as President of the United States on October 2021, 10.The Trump administration's disregard for Southeast Asia will be revised, with the aim of strengthening its military relations with ASEAN, keeping in mind China's supremacy-oriented advance into the ocean and expanding its influence in the region.At the conference, he stated that "the relationship between the United States and ASEAN is crucial for the future and the free and open Indo-Pacific", and announced that it would support a total of about $ 26 million in measures against the new coronavirus and climate change issues. bottom[483].

Policy toward Myanmar

By the military in Myanmar on February 2021, 2Coup d'etat"It's a direct attack on democracy and the transition to the rule of law," he said. "The international community immediately abandoned the power seized by the Myanmar Armed Forces, released detained activists and officials, and lifted restrictions on communications. And we should call for one voice to stop violence against the public. ""The United States has lifted sanctions on Myanmar over the past decade based on the progress of democratization. By reversing the progress, the law and authority on sanctions will be immediately reviewed and appropriate measures will be taken. It will be necessary, "he said, showing his willingness to revive sanctions.[484]

In this issue as well, Biden, unlike former President Trump's "US first principle", showed the idea of ​​demonstrating the power of the United States while keeping pace with other democratic nations, and with seven developed countries (G7) including Japan. After recognizing what happened in Myanmar as a "military coup" in the European Union (EU) to take power with illegal violence, it compiled a joint foreign minister's statement condemning the coup.On the other hand, the People's Republic of China has not criticized the armed forces and remains silent.At the UN Security Council, which includes China and Russia, which are suppressing freedom of speech in the country, it has already been factored in that strong criticism is not settled, but rather a siege network is created in democratic nations including India. The aim is to put pressure not only on Myanmar but also on China, which is becoming a major power by ignoring the values ​​of freedom and democracy, and Myanmar may become a new source of confrontation between the United States and China. Reported[485].

On February 2, a presidential decree ordered the military executives who led the coup, their families, and companies closely related to the military to be sanctioned.He also said he would prevent military executives from accessing the $ 11 billion fund of the Myanmar government in the United States and impose economic sanctions on trade.[486]..The Biden administration is ready to give up additional sanctions, depending on the military response.[487].

Security forces repeatedly fired at protesters protesting the military coup, killing more than 50 people (announced by the United Nations). Myanmar has issued additional sanctions and announced that it will effectively ban the export of U.S. products to Myanmar's Ministry of Defense and major military-related companies.[488].

On March 3, the Myanmar Armed Forces fired on civilians, saying, "It's terrible. It's definitely out of the ordinary. According to media reports, a large number of people have been killed without any need."[489]On March 3, all trade and investment under the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) signed with Myanmar in 29 as part of sanctions against the coup and its crackdown on protests was immediately suspended.[490].


Biden has a strong image as foreign transportation, but is known for being familiar with judicial policy.Especially the activities of the Senate Judiciary Committee1977It has been about 30 years since he first became a member of the committee.Therefore, he has abundant work experience in the committee, and as mentioned above,1987から1995In addition to serving as chairman for eight years1981From 19871995から1997Twice, he was a ranking minority member of the committee. (A "minority party representative in a committee" is a representative of a member from a minority party in each committee and is treated in the same manner as a vice chairman in the committee (actually appointed as vice chairman). It is a key position (including committees). In many committees, the position, along with the chairman, is a member of all subcommittees under each committee, and when the ruling and opposition parties are reversed in parliament. In many cases, a minority party representative will be appointed as the next chairman.)

He is also a member of five subcommittees connected to the Judiciary Committee, and as mentioned above, he is the chairman of the subcommittee on crime and narcotics. The five subcommittees are as follows.

  • Subcommittee on crime and narcotics
  • Subcommittee on Antitrust Competition Policy and Consumer Rights
  • Subcommittee on Human Rights and Law
  • Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Refugees
  • Subcommittee on Terrorism / Technology and Homeland Security

In parallel with the above committee activities, the Senate International Narcotics Control Committee (which monitors and advises the federal government on drug policy.The United States Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control) In addition to chairing the SenateNATOオ ブ ザ ー バ ーHe is also the co-chair of the group.

Main policies

As a judiciary, Biden is working on a variety of issues, but he is enthusiastic about drug policy.In addition to drug policy, it is also actively working on crime prevention policy and human rights policy.

Supreme Court Approval Issue

One of the key tasks of the House Judiciary Committee is the approval of the US Supreme Court judge.The Judiciary Committee prior to voting at the Senate plenary sessionPublic hearingBiden, as chairman of the committee, hosts two highly controversial hearings, in which the president-nominated candidate for judge is examined by question-and-answer and voting.

  • Robert BorkHearing to candidates (1987
    Biden's first hearing of a candidate judge was for conservative tycoon Robert Bork.
    BalkRonald ReaganBiden, who was nominated as a candidate for judge by the president, stated his opposition shortly after the nomination.However, the early opposition was angry with conservatives, saying that he could not run a fair hearing, as he had expressed his willingness to agree in an interview he received when Balk's nomination was confirmed the previous year. Bought.However, he ended up organizing the hearing fairly, with great humor and courage, despite his presidential election campaign being frustrated and withdrawn during the hearing. It was highly evaluated.
    Opposition to the Balk nomination is persistent in the first place, and he is a moderate and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee within the Republican Party.Arlen SpecterThe situation was such that lawmakers expressed their opposition.At the hearing, Specter andEdward KennedyThey asked Balk a fierce question.Biden asked in his questionUnited States ConstitutionThe rights of freedom and privacy stipulated in the above are expanded beyond what is clearly stated in the Constitution, and this point is centered on the issue that Balk's strong power may be ideologically incompatible. I asked a question.
    Eventually, Balk's proposal was rejected by both the House Judiciary Committee and the Senate plenary session.By the way, the Judiciary Committee had 5 votes in favor and 9 votes against, and the Senate plenary session had 42 votes in favor and 58 votes against.By the way, Biden himself voted against it, as he had previously expressed his opposition.
  • Clarence ThomasHearing to candidates (1991
    Biden's second hearing on the candidate judge was for conservative candidate Clarence Thomas, as was Balk.
    Thomas was known as the first black federal Supreme Court judgeThurgood MarshallAs a successor toGeorge Herbert Walker BushThe president nominated him as a candidate for judge and held a hearing.Biden at a hearing against ThomasProperty rightI asked about constitutional issues about the question, which was often long and complicated, and the answerer, Thomas, forgot the question.Thomas later described this time as "Mr. Biden's question was like a hit by pitch."[491].
    However, a major problem becomes apparent when the hearing is nearing the end.Formerly a subordinate when Thomas was chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity CommitteeAnita Hill(CurrentBrandeis UniversityProfessor) said, "From Mr. Thomassexual harassmentWas receiving "AccusationWith the Judiciary Committee stating what they didFBIReport,National public radioIt was leaked to Nina Totenberg, a reporter in charge of the Supreme Court, and this triggered the sexual harassment issue of Thomas to be taken up in the media every day, and it suddenly emerged.The hearing at that time was televised nationwide and attracted a great deal of interest from the American people.
    At this time Biden1987Hesitated to step into personal issues due to his own bitter experience in the presidential election (described later), and announced the facts of the accusation within the committee because Hill himself did not intend to swear. I didn't make it public completely.In addition, after Hill testified at a hearing, Angela Wright, who had made similar accusations,harassmentHe did not allow any further testimony by other witnesses who supported her, such as the expert in question."It's a step taken to protect Mr. Thomas' right to privacy and the dignity of the Commission," Biden said.
    After all, Thomas's proposal for approval was SenatorArlen SpecterHowever, after a heated debate, such as asking offensive questions, that Hill's testimony was unreliable, it was passed by the Senate plenary session with 52 votes in favor and 48 votes against.Biden again voted against, but then heliberalHe was strongly criticized by a group of lawyers and women's groups, saying, "I did not fully support the witness Hill (although he was the chairman) and made a mistake in the proceedings of the hearing."After this, he searched for women working on the Judiciary Committee and made an excuse, emphasizing that "the issue of women is one of the legislative agendas of the committee."

Enactment of crime-related bills

Biden has been involved in a number of crime-related federal legislations.1984In the enactment of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act, which he was involved in while serving as a member of the Democratic Party's proceedings, some provisions were amended, but the amendments passed and passed the law. Citizen as it had a great influence onLibertarianismReceived high praise from the person (Civil Libertarian).

また1994"Violent Crime Prevention and Law Enforcement Law"Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (VCCLEA)), He took the lead in drafting the law and its related laws, and made efforts to enact it.This law, commonly known as the "Biden Crime Law," is widely recognized as his greatest achievement.The main points stipulated by this law are as follows.

  • "Violence against women" (Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) )
    The "Violence Act against Women" (VAWA) was established in the form of Chapter 4 of VCCLEA. VAWADomestic violenceIs epoch-making at that time in that it stipulates that is a crime and pursues the responsibility of the perpetrator, and is particularly highly evaluated in the series of bills on VCCLEA (Violence Crime Prevention and Law Enforcement Law). ing.In addition, the law will invest $ 16 billion in federal budgets to strengthen the investigation and prosecution of violence against women, increase pretrial detention of defendants, and enforce and automatically indemnify them if convicted. It was stipulated that the lawsuit should be imposed and that civil remedies should be granted even if the person is not prosecuted.
    VAWA (Women's Violence Act) is a five-year time-limited legislation that requires parliamentary re-approval to extend. VAWA (Violence against Women)20002005Has been re-approved twice.But in 2Federal Supreme CourtHowever, regarding the provisions regarding civil remedies,FederalismFrom the point of view ofUnconstitutionBecause of the decision, the business that was being carried out in accordance with this clause has virtually stopped.
    "We consider VAWA to be the only and most important legislature involved in 35 years of senator life," Biden said of VAWA.
    In this regard20043ToTexasAustinWhen the related organization "National Domestic Violence Hotline" based in Japan had a problem, it investigated the problem with the cooperation of a major technology company and donated equipment.
  • Abolition of education for prisoners
    The VCCLEA (Crime Prevention and Law Enforcement Act) stipulates important provisions regarding education for prisoners.1965Stipulated inHigher educationIt is an amendment to the law.The Higher Education Act allows prisoners to receive higher education after their release, even during imprisonment with the Pell Grant,Ministry of EducationIs a scholarship funded by the above-mentioned Higher Education Law.The name Pell is named after Senator Claiborne Pell, who was instrumental in enacting the relevant provisions. However, this amendment changed the policy by 180 degrees and "must not give a basic scholarship to anyone in prison in a federal or state prison." It was decided.This amendment is for low-income prisoners during their sentencecollege educationIt is controversial because it effectively deprives prisoners of the opportunity to receive them and leaves the education level of prisoners in prison unimproved.
  • Enactment of the Federal Death Penalty Act
    The Federal Death Penalty Act was enacted in the form of Chapter 6 of this Act.Originally, the United States of America is a country with a death penalty, but under this lawterrorism60 crimes, including acts, illegal drug trafficking, and murder by shooting from a moving car, have been newly added to the death penalty.This law is still in operation without major changes.
    By the way, a few months after this law came into forceOklahoma City Federal Government Building Bombing CaseThere has occurred.Was the main culprit in the caseTimothy McBayWas executed by this law.
  • Regulation of semi-automatic firearms considered as anti-personnel weapons
    Chapter 11 of the law regulated 19 types of semi-automatic firearms that were considered anti-personnel weapons.DetachableMagazineHaveAssault rifleWas regulated, and guns equipped with two or more of the following six types of equipment were subject to regulation.
Biden said, "Semi-automatic firearms are difficult to handle. For self-defense," the law was invalidated in 2004 and sales of semi-automatic firearms increased.shotgunShould be used. "But,National Rifle AssociationAnd the gun possession supporters criticized that "shotguns have a heavy reaction and are not particularly suitable for women's self-defense."
  • Strengthening the police and prison system
    This law strengthened the police and prison system.It was decided to hire more than 10 police officers as a measure to strengthen the police organization.In addition, as a measure to strengthen the prison and rehabilitation system, a corrective boot camp for juvenile delinquents was started, and刑 務 所It was decided to allocate a sufficient budget for the construction of.The enforcement of this clause is estimated to have lowered the crime rate in the United States to the lowest level in a generation.
  • Designation of a new federal crime
    Under this law, 50 new crimes are federal crimes (Federal Bureau of InvestigationWas designated as a crime with investigative authority).Especially famousgangIt is a clause that is guilty of joining the company, and in some respectsBill of RightsGuaranteed byFreedom of associationThere is a debate that it may be infringing.

For Bill Clinton's scandal problem

In the 1990s, during Bill Clinton's presidency, Whitewater allegations (ClintonArkansasIt is suspected that he may have made fraudulent land transactions and loans in connection with the real estate development company "White Water" that he co-owned with his acquaintance when he was governor. ) AndMonica RuinskyA number of scandals about the president emerged, including allegations of affair with him and Vincent Foster, who was the president's deputy legal adviser at the time, committed suicide.George HW BushIn the administrationLitigation SecretaryServed asKenneth StarWas appointed to, and a strict investigation and pursuit was carried out.Biden is particularly critical of Star's investigation into two cases, Whitewater and Lewinsky, against Clinton.impeachmentHe also voted against the bill.

Drug policy

As mentioned above, Biden is the chairman of the "Senate International Drug Control Conference," which is made up of volunteers from the Senate, and is enthusiastic about drug control policy.As chair of the conference, Biden drafted a bill to create a "Drug Czar" to oversee the federal government's drug control policy.
2002Rave method (RAVE Act) Was proposed to Congress.The law covers all acts related to personally regulated drugs, from the act of intentionally holding a drug to make it usable, the act of making a profit from manufacturing and sales, and the act of actually using it. Is prohibited.
This bill was proposed and deliberated during the 107th Congress, but it was closed during the deliberation.20031/3Proposed again at the beginning of the 108th Congress, which opened in (the official proposal date is20031/7).At the time of the re-proposal, then Senator Tom Daschle was the main proponent, and Biden was named as one of the ten supporters.However, at this time, the approval failed because two lawmakers withdrew their approval.
After this failure, the rave law itself was never re-proposed.However, the "illegal drug anti-diffusion method" has almost the same content (Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act) Was enacted on April 2003, 4, and it can be said that the purpose of the rave law was achieved.
It became a social problem because it was used by many athletes and the general public.Androstenedione(Andro)steroidThe law that outlaws2004Was established in.During this time, Congress said, "It is a foul to get stronger with medicine.Not American. Chris Bell, even though he gave a speech with[492]On the other hand, "No, I think it's the other way around, and it's very American. I argue.
The drug-related policies he is currently working on are:Date rape・ A type of drug called a drugEcstasy (MDMA)-KetamineThere are two types of drug regulations.Of these, the former isFlunitrazepamIt is a drug represented byAmnesiaIt is often abused for date rape because it causes symptoms such as.The latter is a drug that is rapidly spreading mainly among young people and has become a serious social problem.

Other achievements

Among Biden's judicial achievements, lesser-known is education-related legislation.He is "Kids 2000" (kids 2000) Involved in the enactment of the law.
The bill decided to support the following items:
  • Supporting and promoting household spending on higher education
    For the purpose of supporting and promoting household spending on higher educationincome taxIt is a system to deduct.Households that provide tuition assistance to higher-educated families or take tuition loans are now eligible for a deduction of up to $ 1 per year in income tax paid by the family.
  • Digital divideCorrective support
    It aims to establish a partnership between public institutions and the private sector with the aim of providing digital education to young people.This partnership provides young people with computer centers and professional teachers,インターネットThe goal is to improve the level of computer and internet education by providing access and other professional training, correct the digital divide, low household income and potential delinquency. The boy is the main target.


AbortionI have taken a position in favor of a policy that allows.

1984 United States Presidential ElectionAtDemocratic PartyNominated by the First Female Vice Presidential Candidate in U.S. HistoryGeraldine FerraroWas a Catholic but tolerated abortionPapal OfficeThere was a turmoil over the issue of abortion.Not only Ferraro but also Ferraro due to this turmoilMario Matthew Cuomo,Edward Kennedy,Daniel Patrick MoynihanAt that time with Catholic politicians who tolerate abortionSenatorBiden was also involved[493].

20196/6Stated in favor of federal funding for abortion costs[494].."Let's make a law recognizing the right to abortion, and we're not afraid of anything," he said at a rally in southern South Carolina in June of the same year.[495].

Prestigious Catholic University on March 2021, 3Notre Dame UniversityIt was reported that members of the university had submitted a signature to the president asking him not to call him at the graduation ceremony because President Biden had tolerated the abortion (now at the university).1984 United States Presidential ElectionAt that timeNew York Governor OfMario Matthew CuomoSince giving a speech tolerating abortion1992 United States Presidential ElectioninsideBill ClintonBut in 2009 he was then presidentBarack ObamaIs giving a speech tolerating abortion).At this time, it is also reported that President Biden will not attend because the schedule is not met.[496].

On June 2021, 6, the U.S. Catholic Bishops' Council became a politician tolerating abortion, including President Biden.聖 体 拝 領It was reported that he was considering refusing to do so, and on the 18th President Biden said, "It's a private matter, and I don't think that will happen." Was done.When this matter was reported on the 14th,Papal OfficeIt is also said that he had warned the Bishops' Council not to refuse communion.In October, President BidenRomePope FrancisHe received communion directly from him and was also called "good Catholic".Finally, on 11 November, the Bishops' Council only approved a guidance document that did not include specific cases such as abortion.[497].

Southern on September 2021, 9TexasPresident Biden criticized the enforcement of a law banning abortion in Japan as "violating constitutional rights."[498].


Suspicion over pressure on Ukraine

2016As Vice President of the United StatesUkraineJoe Biden's second son when he visitedHunter bidenWas suspected that the investigation was terminated after demanding the resignation of the country's prosecutor-general, who was in a position to oversee the investigation of the country's gas company where[499]..However, there is no evidence that Hunter Biden was the subject of the investigation.[500].

またDonald TrumpThe president raises this suspicionPresidential electionMaybe because he tried to use it as a material to overthrow the leading opposition Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden just before the UkrainianWolodimir ZelenskyThe Trump administration's diplomatic team pressured the president to investigate the alleged natural gas company and negotiated directly with him, but instead abused diplomatic security for private bargaining. A whistleblower was accused by the U.S. intelligence agency of betraying the people for violating the constitution and the president's oath, and the House of Representatives was impeached for "abuse of power."[500].

Suspicion of sexual harassment and sexual assault

Biden has been to women so farSexual harassmentSuspicion has been raised.

Female Democrat and former Nevada Parliamentarian in March 2019(English: Lucy FloresSaid Biden approached from behind during the 2014 campaign, smelled his hair, and slowly kissed his back of his head, accusing him of "I've never experienced such a blatantly inappropriate imitation."[501][502]..Biden argued in a statement on March 3 that he had no perception of improper behavior, but subsequently a second woman claimed to have been improperly contacted by him.She said she was disappointed with his response to the matter and filed a complaint herself.[503].. April 4rd, BidentwitterI explained about my sexual harassment problem in the video posted on[504]After that, the accusations continued, and as of April 2019, 4, seven women have come forward.[505].

Since his time as Vice President during the Obama administration, his excessive contact with women (including minors and children) has been talked about in some media and the Internet.[506][507]..In April of the same year, Amy Rappos, an aide to Congressman Jim Hines (Democratic Party), accused Biden of being improperly touched in the kitchen by wrapping Rappos' face with both hands and rubbing his nose.[508]..Rappos says, "A man who touches inappropriately or sexually harasses and promotes rape culture should not be in power." "Such behavior is called" just a favor, "" like a grandpa, "and" friendly. " That in itself is a sign of a great deal of disregard for this issue and is part of the issue. "[501].

As a background to the growing criticism, the Democratic Party thoroughly pursued the past allegations of sexual assault by Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, while Biden's allegations of sexual harassment are trying to dismiss it as "no problem". , From both the left and conservativesDouble standardIt was criticized as "hypocritical response", and Biden himself once criticized the suspicion of others to listen to the woman's claim that "you should believe in the woman who came forward".[509]In addition, the Democratic Party of Japan, which is the supporting body, has also actively condemned the alleged sexual assault of Trump, the political enemy of the presidential election.[510]was there.

Biden2019He apologized for alleging that four women had been improperly contacted in a video when he announced that he would run for the presidential election in April, saying that social norms are changing. I posted a video on Twitter that says, "We will give more consideration and respect to people's personal spaces."[511].

20203/26Tara Reid, a female office worker in her twenties at the time, was hired by Biden in 1993.Tara Reade) Claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Biden[512][513][514]..According to Reed, Biden kissed after pressing against the wall and put his hand in the skirt.genitalHe inserted his finger into and whispered, "Would you like to go somewhere else?"[515]..Reed criticized the Biden camp, saying the Democratic Party "is in a position to create a country where all women can speak safely, but I didn't have the opportunity," and evidence from Biden's supporters. WithoutRussia OfspyI was accused of being murderedSocial MediaAccountThehackingAnd said that personal information was extracted[515].. On May 5, Biden totally denied Reed's allegations as untrue[515][516][517].


Honorary degree

Biden from the next universityHonorary degreeIs receiving.


  • From Syracuse UniversityChancellor Medal (1980)George Arents Pioneer Medal (2005)Was awarded[533][534]
  • In 2008, he said, "We have improved the quality of life for Americans through a family-friendly labor policy."Working motherThe magazine awarded the Best of Congress Award[535]
  • In 2008PakistanSenator said the government "contributed to continued support for Pakistan"(English editionと と も に(English editionWas given[536]
  • In 2009(I.e.In the 1990s, a free gold medal was awarded as an achievement to support Kosovo's independence.[537]
  • (English editionToPalaceEntered[538]
  • In 2009(English editionNamed in[539]
  • August 2016, 5,Notre Dame UniversitySpeaker of the House of RepresentativesJohn BoehnerTogether with them, it is regarded as the highest honor of American Catholicism.(English editionWas given[540][541]
  • August 2016, 6,Ireland-LouthWas awarded[542]
  • 20171/12Is the highest honor in the United States, which has only been given to a very limited number of people.Presidential Medal of FreedomThe presidentBarack ObamaWas given by.Obama praised Biden, saying, "I believed in my fellow Americans, loved the country, and spent my life devoting myself to the country."According to Biden, he was not informed of the award at all, and was deeply moved to tears.[543].
  • 201812/11,University of DelawareThe Faculty of Political Science is "Joseph R. Biden, Junior Faculty of Political Science (Joseph R. Biden, Jr. School of Public Policy and Administration) ”.Biden Institute (Biden Institute) Also exists there[544]
  • 202012/10, With BidenKamala HarrisBut"time』Magazine"Person of the YearWas selected. Time magazine describes the two awards as "demonstrating that the power of empathy is greater than the wrath of division, and providing a healing outlook for the grieving world."[545].


New Castle County Parliamentary Elections

Delaware(English edition4th ward election member election
Election yearBidenOpposition candidate
CommentAffiliation partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateCommentNameAffiliation partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rate
1970[29]Green tickYThisDemocratic Party10,573 vote55%Red XNdropLawrence MezicRepublican Party8,192 vote43%

Senate election

CongressSenateDelawareElection member election
Election yearBidenOpposition candidate
CommentAffiliation partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateCommentNameAffiliation partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rate
(English edition[546]Green tickYThisDemocratic Party116,006 vote50%Red XNdrop(English editionRepublican Party112,844 vote49%
(English edition[34]Green tickYThisDemocratic Party93,930 vote58%Red XNdropJames BaxterRepublican Party66,479 vote41%
(English edition[35]Green tickYThisDemocratic Party147,831 vote60%Red XNdropJohn BarrisRepublican Party98,101 vote40%
(English edition[547]Green tickYThisDemocratic Party112,918 vote63%Red XNdrop(English editionRepublican Party64,554 vote36%
(English edition[548]Green tickYThisDemocratic Party165,465 vote60%Red XNdropRay KratworthyRepublican Party105,088 vote38%
(English edition[549]Green tickYThisDemocratic Party135,253 vote58%Red XNdropRay KratworthyRepublican Party94,793 vote41%
(English edition[550]Green tickYThisDemocratic Party257,484 vote65%Red XNdrop(English editionRepublican Party140,584 vote35%

Presidential / Vice Presidential Election

President-Vice PresidentTerritorial election
Election yearOwn campConflict camp
CommentPresidential candidate
(Vice Presidential Candidate)
Affiliation partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateElectorCommentPresidential candidate
(Vice Presidential Candidate)
Affiliation partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateElector
2008Green tickYThisBarack Obama
(Joe Biden)
Democratic Party69,498,516 vote53%365Red XNdropJohn McCain
(Sarah Palin
Republican Party59,948,323 vote46%173
2012Green tickYThisBarack Obama
(Joe Biden)
Democratic Party65,915,795 vote51%332Red XNdropMitt Romney
(Paul Ryan
Republican Party60,933,504 vote47%206
2020Green tickYThisJoe Biden
(Kamala Harris
Democratic Party81,268,924 vote51%306Red XNdropDonald Trump
(Mike Pence
Republican Party74,216,154 vote47%232



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