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🌏 | NY foreign exchange market = dollar flat, waiting for FOMC minutes released on 17th


New York forex market = dollar flat, pending FOMC minutes released on 17th

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On the other hand, the industrial production index for July rose by 7% from the previous month in the manufacturing sector, exceeding market expectations.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The dollar has almost changed against a basket of major currencies in the New York forex market… → Continue reading


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Increased by 0.7% month-on-month

    Indices of industrial production

    Indices of industrial production(Koukou Gyoshisu,English: Indices of Industrial Production, abbreviation: IIP) IsJapan,米 国(Industrial production index in US),India(Index of industrial production) Etc.Mining-Manufacturing industryな どMining industryComprehensively represent the activity status ofindex.Economic indicators,Core statisticsSee also

    Below, JapanMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryDescribes what has been created and published by.


    The Indices of Industrial Production provide a comprehensive view of the activities of the Japanese mining and manufacturing industries.We are not conducting a survey for this index, but it is created using the survey results of other statistical surveys centered on the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Production Dynamics Statistical Survey.Secondary statistics..As an index to see production activities because the coverage rate of production in the whole country is high and breaking news is high.Business trend indexIt has been widely noticed and used, such as becoming a recruitment series (matching series).

    Breaking news on production, shipments, inventories, and inventory rates will be announced at the end of the following month (end of May for the April index), and finals will be announced in the middle of the following month (mid-June for the April index).At the time of confirmation, the utilization index and capacity index will be announced.The department in charge is the Economic Analysis Office, Survey and Statistics Group, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


    The types of indexes are as follows.

    Production index
    Represents the quantity of products produced domestically.There are two types, value-added and production value-based, but the value-added index is widely used as a production index.Even when the index is featured in the news, the value-added production index moves the most.
    Shipping index
    Represents the quantity of products shipped domestically.The term "shipment" here means that the product was shipped from the factory.
    Inventory index
    Represents the amount of domestic product inventory.There is a monthly average inventory and a month-end inventory.
    Inventory rate index
    A further index of the inventory rate created by dividing the inventory quantity by the shipment quantity.
    Utilization index
    Announced at the time of confirmation.Calculated from the production index and capacity index.
    Capacity index
    Announced at the time of confirmation.An index of the production capacity of a factory.However, the scope is limited due to the restrictions of the survey on which the calculation is based.

    The above is the system of the Indices of Industrial Production, but when the breaking news is released, the following Manufacturing Industry Production Forecast Index is also announced at the same time.

    Manufacturing Industry Production Forecast Index
    An index of the results of a separate survey of production prospects conducted by the Economic Analysis Office for some individual companies.In the first place, it cannot be equated with the industrial production index because the target range is different, but while the preliminary report of the production index is announced at the end of the month following the target month, the manufacturing industry production forecast index is the production forecast of the target month at the time of announcement. Since the growth rate of the production forecast for the next month of the target is announced (for example, the forecast index for May and June will be announced at the end of May), it is highly prompt and will be used as an index to judge the economic trend at an early stage. Often.However, the index value itself will not be announced.The manufacturing industry production forecast survey tends to be more bullish than actual production when production is on an upward trend, and bearish than actual production when production is on a downward trend.

    How to make

    Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryOfficesWe use the production dynamics statistical survey (statistics that examine the scale and amount of production and shipment of products at each business site).For about 600 items, the monthly production volume is divided by the average value of the base year to create a monthly index.The formula for index calculation isLaspeyres formula.

    Indices of industrial production are quantityIndex (economy)Therefore, the production and shipment quantity are indexed.Amounts are used for some items, but when indexing, firstCorporate price indexAfter being substantiated in, the indexing process is performed.

    The weight for integrating each item is also created by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.Industrial statistics surveyIs using.Weights are expressed in terms of XNUMX minutes.

    Seasonal adjustmentUses the Census Bureau's X-12 ARIMA.

    Publication time and time

    The publication of the index

    • Breaking news at the end of the following month
    • For confirmation, the middle of the month following the month

    Will be published in.

    In addition, the annual correction (described later) to determine the value of the year will be announced in April of the following year.

    Breaking news is 8:50.Confirmation 13:30.

    In the past, both breaking news and breaking news were announced at 13:30, but since there were rumors of information leakage that the index value had flowed to the market before the breaking news was released, it was announced at 8:50 before the TSE opened. There is a history of publication.

    the term

    If the production dynamics statistical survey, which is the original data of the Indices of Industrial Production, is revised after the announcement of the final report, the revised value will not be announced each time, but will be announced together in April of the following year.This is called annual correction, and the index value after annual correction is not changed in principle.

    Indices of industrial production by region

    The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has created an index that allows you to see movements such as production nationwide, but each otherBureau of Economy, Trade and Industry,PrefecturesBut it creates the Indices of Industrial Production.

    Compared to the nationwide ones of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the number of adopted items and the composition ratio of weight industries, etc. are different.


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