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🌏 | Appointment of a new commander to the Russian Black Sea Fleet and state-run communication, change of top in response to the situation in Crimea?


Black Sea Fleet appointed new commander

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In April, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the missile cruiser Moskva, was sunk.

LONDON (Reuters) - Viktor Sokolov has been appointed as the new commander of Russia's Black Sea Fleet, according to Russian officials. → Continue reading


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    Russian Black Sea Fleet

    Missile cruiser

    Missile cruiserWhat is (Missile Junyokan)?warshipOne of the ship types ofmissileIs equipped withcruiserIt's about.mainlyThe United States of AmericaRussian FederationIt is developed and operated in Japan, but its characteristics are different in both countries.


    In the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively1943From aroundShip-to-air missileHas begun development, and at the end of World War IIJapanese armyWentSpecial attackDevelopment was accelerating under the threat of (special attack).in America,1944Development is proceeding based on the Bumblebee project started in, and the medium range type derived from this is being developed.Terrier The1948, Long-range type that was positioned as a favoriteTarosAlso1950Entered a prototype[1].

    US NavyIn, these missiles are first of all existinga light cruiserHeavy cruiserWill be equipped by refurbishment to1952With a budgetBaltimore-class heavy cruiserTwo ships equipped with terrierBoston classIt was refurbished as a starting point, and the refurbishment proceeded in sequence.Also, at the same time as the missileization of weapons, the engineNuclear powerAlso planned "Long beachWas also built, but the same type of ship was not built due to the huge construction cost.[2]..Also, especially the terrier is smallerDestroyerIt turned out that the base hull was sufficient to accommodate it, so no further refurbishment to the cruiser was to be done, and the destroyer was expanded instead.Missile frigate(DLG / DLGN) Has been improved[1]..However, this missile frigate has become larger and more powerful, and1975 ship type reorganizationAt the time ofMissile cruiserWas renamed.Also1978DegreeTiconderoga classIt is,Sprue anth class destroyerBased on theAegis systemInitially, there was a history of modifying the design so that it would be installed.Missile destroyerAlthough it was categorized as a missile cruiser, it was eventually categorized as a missile cruiser.[3].

    on the other hand,Soviet NavyThen,1956We were developing a "destroyer equipped with guided jet weapons", but this was due to consideration for the upper navy who were worried about losing the cruiser.the 1960sEnterType 58 missile cruiserRenamed as Missile Cruiser (RKR)[Note 1]It became the beginning of.U.S. Navy guided missile cruiser armed with ship-to-air missilesAir defenseWhereas these Soviet Navy guided missile cruisers were ratherShip-to-ship missileWas the main armament, and the main mission was naval battle.[5].

    Also, the operator himselfMissile destroyerEven if it is categorized as a missile cruiser, it may be classified as a missile cruiser by external observers.for exampleInternational Strategy InstituteIn, the surface combatants with a full displacement of 9,750 tons or more are uniformly regarded as guided missile cruisers.[6],JMSDF OfAtago type destroyer(full load displacement 10,000 tons) andMaya type destroyer(Full displacement 10,250 tons),Korean Navy OfSejong Great Destroyer(Full displacement 10,290 tons)Chinese PLA Navy OfType 055 destroyer(Full displacement 13,000 tons) is treated as a guided missile cruiser[7][8][9].

    List of missile cruisers

     US Navy

     Soviet Navy/ Russian Navy

     Italian Navy

    A ship sometimes classified as a missile cruiser

     Soviet Navy/ Russian Navy


     Korean Navy

     Chinese PLA Navy


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    1. ^ In Russian, there is no distinction between guided missiles and rockets, both of which are "rockets" (Rocket), So it is often distinguished for convenience when translated into Japanese.[4].


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