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🌏 | Arrested former director of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, suspected of accepting bribes Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office Special Investigation Department


Former director of Tokyo Olympic organizing committee arrested, suspected of accepting bribes Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office Special Investigation Department

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As an official partner of the Tokyo 2020 Games, the company has worked on official uniforms and other items.

AOKI Holdings Co., Ltd., a major menswear company, has signed a sponsorship contract for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. → Continue reading


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      2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

      Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games(Tokyo Knee Zero Knee Zero Olympic and Paralympic Games[Annotation 1],Tokyo 2020) Is2021(Reiwa3 years)7/23から9/5UntilJapan OfTokyoHeld atComprehensive sports competition.Global pandemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)ReceivingPostponed by one year from the schedule for the summer of 2020Became[1]..Although the holding year will change due to the postponement of the tournament, "東京 2020There is no change in the name of[1]..In addition, in the official textXNUMXnd Olympic Gamesas well as the XNUMXth Paralympic GamesNotation is also used[2].. Also,"Tokyo OriparaIs also abbreviated[3][4]..In this tournamentPandemicNot only the tournament postponement due to, but also the resignation of the operator one after another,Emergency declarationHeld below,No audienceUnprecedented situations happened one after another[5][6][7].

      20139 of the month125th IOC General AssemblyでTokyo will be the host citydid.In tokyoOlympic-ParalympicIs held1964 competition57 years since then[Annotation 2]Will be.The Games Organizing CommitteeTokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee (TOCOG).TournamentHonorary President TheEmperorTokujin[8].

      The motto of the tournament is "United by Emotion"(Reference Japanese translation: Impressed, we become one)[9].



      The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have been postponed for one year from the original schedule20217/23から8/8Was held until.Held in Tokyo1964 Games2rd time following[Annotation 3], It will be the first time in Asia to hold multiple times in the same city.


      The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic GamesTokyo 2020 Olympic GamesWas held in succession toDisabled sportsInternationalGeneral tournament.International Paralympic Committee The 16th under the supervision of (IPC)Summer ParalympicsAnd it was postponed for one year from the original schedule20218/24から9/5Was held until.

      Tournament vision

      The basic concept of the tournament vision is "everyone is personal best," "diversity and harmony," and "Inheritance to the futureWas listed[11].

      Diversity and harmony

      In 2014RussiaでSochi OlympicsIn public space just before the eventHomosexualityThe "Homosexuality Prohibition Law" was enacted to prohibit people from talking positively about anti-gay propaganda law, which was criticized by Western countries and government officials.Opening ceremonyToboycottOne after another[Annotation 4], In 2015International Olympic Committee (IOC)Olympic charterIn the basic principle ofSexとSexual orientationProhibit discrimination against people. "In accordance with this philosophyOrganizing CommitteeFrom the beginningLGBTShows a policy of giving consideration to[12].

      Inheritance to the future

      Host city by holding the tournamentTokyoAnd host countryJapanA legacy that can be enjoyed for a long time (Olympic legacy) Was developed and inherited, and examinations and proposals were made.The heritage in this case is simplyCompetition venueNot only buildings such asRedevelopmentAccompanyCityscape,Environment-sustainabilityIt also includes "intangible heritage" such as sports culture and hospitality cultivated at the Olympic Games.Cultural program,Promotion of Tourism NationEfforts were implemented in various fields such as.In addition to thisPandemicThe track record of holding the tournament in such a situation has also come to be touted as a legacy.


      Concept when inviting the tournament"Compact tournament to be held in the center of Tokyo"Player villageIt was planned to concentrate about 8% of the competition venues within 9 kilometers from. 2014,"Olympic Agenda 2020Was adopted at the IOC Session and of the Olympic GamessustainabilityThe Olympics were de-compacted, giving priority to low costs, and more competitions were held in areas other than Tokyo.

      The main stadium is1964 Tokyo OlympicsBecame the main stadium inRebuilding the National StadiumConstructed byOlympic Stadium(National Stadium).In addition, the competition was held mainly in each venue group divided into the heritage zone in the inland area and the Tokyo bay zone in the coastal area.

      It is one of the soccer venuesSapporo TheSapporo Olympics in 1972Was held,EquestrianWith the competition (1964 Tokyo Olympics)curling(1998 Nagano Olympics) Was heldKaruizawaFollowing this, it is expected to become the city where the venue for both the summer and winter Olympics, which is the second in the world, is located.OlympicmarathonとRacewalkThe IOC has decided to move the venue to Sapporo City due to concerns about the heat wave.[13]. But,SapporoBut the climate is hot and humid,Summer vacationIt didn't make much sense in that sense[14].

      Traffic congestion measures

      August 2019, 2,Organizing CommitteeThe Tokyo Metropolitan Government will hold a "Traffic Transportation Technology Study Group" and charge in addition to the regular rate.Road pricing"SuchShuto ExpresswayStarted discussions to reduce traffic volume.For other companies, etc.Staggered commuting,Working from homeHowever, we decided that this was not enough and confirmed the need for additional measures. There are also plans such as "license plate regulation" and "introduction of HOV (multi-passenger) lanes" that provide dedicated lanes for multi-passenger vehicles, but since equipment and personnel are required, we will continue to study and one of them during this year Decide additional measures for[15][16].


      Olympic torch relay

      The Olympic torch will be on March 2020, 3Ancient olympicThe birthplaceGreece OfOlympia Ruins(English edition)Fired in front of the official airlineJapan AirlinesAfter arriving in Japan on March 3th,Miyagi,Iwate,FukushimaIt was exhibited at.After that, it was postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and on March 2021, 3, the following day, in Fukushima PrefectureJ VillageDepart fromGreat East Japan Earthquake(Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake) Withstood the tsunamiMiracle PineAndKumamoto earthquakeDamaged byKumamoto CastleIn addition to the disaster areas such asworld HeritageEtc. also pass. It took 121 days to travel around 857 cities, wards, towns and villages nationwide, and on July 7.Opening ceremonyIgnished with[17][18].

      About 1 torchbearers were selected by open recruitment[19]..As the first Japanese torchbearer to run in Athens2004 Athens OlympicsWomen's Marathon Gold MedalistMizuki NoguchiWas chosen[20].

      Olympic StadiumToMaurice Ravel"Bolero" is flowing大 坂 な お みIgnized the torch stand as the final torchbearer of the Olympics[21].

      Torch torch

      The torch used in the torch relay is a designerTokujin YoshiokaIs working on the design.aluminumMade length 71 cm, Weight 1.2 kg..The upper part is shaped like cherry blossom petals, and five petals emit flames.A mechanism that keeps supplying a certain amount of gas to keep the size of the fire and flame constant, and the center of the combustion partplatinumThe mesh dome keeps the flames from extinguishing in winds of 17 meters per second or more and rain of 1 millimeters or more per hour.Some of the materials are temporary housing due to the Great East Japan Earthquake.Aluminum sashWe are reusing the waste materials of.ShinkansenIt is also characterized by being made into a seamless torch by utilizing the vehicle manufacturing technology of[22][23].

      Torch stand

      The torch stand is for the Olympic stadium, which is ignited at the opening ceremony, and for the outdoors, which is ignited during the Games (Dream bridgeTwo types are manufactured.The torch stand has a sun-themed sphere on top of Mt. Fuji, and when ignited, the sphere opened like a flower.The fuel ishydrogenuse.[24].


      Tokyo 2020 OlympicsandParalympic OfMedalRecycled metal is used for the medals, and the 100% recycling rate medal was the first attempt in the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.[25].Games Organizing Committee (TOCOG) has installed a box for collecting used mobile phones, etc. from April 2017, and will use metal as a material for medals.Urban minesStarted an electronic equipment recycling project to obtain from[26]..For manufacturing medalsFri32kg,Silver3,500kg,copperIt is necessary to collect 2,200 kg, and the target amount was reached in 2 years.[27].

      The design of the Paralympic medals is the work of Sakiko Matsumoto.fanRocks, flowers, trees, leaves, and water are drawn with different tactile textures.On the front side, there is a strip of "Tokyo 2020"Braille in englishMarked with, on the sideFri,Silver,bronze medalThe number of round dents is given so that each can be touched and identified.[28]..The medals are made in Japan for both the Olympics and Paralympics.TamoIt is housed in an indigo case made from wood.[25]..The certificate of commendation given to the winnersMino handmade Japanese paperIs used[28].


      Mascot character

      On May 2017, 5, the Organizing Committee announced that it would openly recruit mascot characters to be ambassadors.[29]..After the open call for participants, some candidate works will be announced and elementary school students will vote for the finals.

      Three candidate works announced on December 2017, 12[30], Japanese elementary school students voted until February 2018, 2. February 22, 2018, got the most votesFukuokaResident and designerRyo TaniguchiDecided on the (a) plan designed by[31]..The names were decided on July 7nd of the same year as Miraitowa and Someity.[32].

      Commemorative license plate

      2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics MemorialLicense plateIs a license plate with a white tone and a design associated with the Olympic Games.[33][34].

      Record movie

      For the OlympicsNaomi KawaseDocumentary film by the directorTokyo 2020 Olympics SIDE: A"When"Tokyo 2020 Olympics SIDE: BWas produced and released in June 2022.However, the situation continues to be unfavorable in terms of entertainment.[35].


      Concept of the 2020st anniversary event after the Tokyo 1 Games[36]In addition, the concept of developing the results of the efforts at the Tokyo 2020 Games as a legacy and connecting them to the affluent lives of the people of Tokyo.[37]Was also announced.



      In May 2017, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that the cost of the Tokyo Olympics would be about 5 trillion yen.[38]..The breakdown is 6000 billion yen for the Organizing Committee, 6000 billion yen for Tokyo, and 1200 billion yen for the country.[39].

      In January 2020, "The final budget proposal announced by the Games Organizing Committee at the end of last year is 1 billion yen, of which the national burden is 1 billion yen."[40]Was reported.

      As of March 2022, the Games Organizing Committee has indicated that the final cost of the Games will be slightly less than 3 billion yen.[41].

      International comparison of costs

      The Brazilian government is proud to have cut costs more than in past host cities2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsIs a total of about 120 billion dollars (about 1.3 trillion yen), 2012 London OlympicsThen, the cost of sports only was about 140 billion dollars (about 1.5 trillion yen).[42]..As a result, 8 ranked first in the total of eight summer games since the Los Angeles Olympics.Beijing OlympicsIn 3.4, London was second with about 2012 trillion yen.[43]..The announcement at the end of 2021 in Tokyo is 1 billion yen, which is lower than that in London and Beijing.

      Economic effects

      Even private companies are located between the main stadium and the Olympic Village.Toranomon, Minato-kuInvestment and development by private companies related to the Olympic Games is also active, such as investing 5800 billion yen to redevelop the area.[44]..The Tokyo Metropolitan Government estimates that the total economic effect of inviting the Tokyo Olympics in Japan will exceed 32 trillion yen, and that new employment will increase by 3000 million.[45].


      Venue selection flow

      September 2011, 9, IOCBaku,Doha,Istanbul,Madrid,Rome,TokyoAnnounced that it has accepted candidacy applications from 6 cities[46]..Rome withdrew its candidacy in February 2012 due to financial difficulties, Doha and Baku were rejected in the first round of selection in May 2, and three cities, Istanbul, Tokyo and Madrid, which were recognized as capable of hosting the tournament, officially Elected as a candidacy city[47].

      Tokyo holding plan

      Candidate for TokyoJapan Olympic Committee (JOC) ChairmanTakekazuAnd the Governor of Tokyo at that timeShintaro IshiharaLed the Bid Committee and held Rio de JaneiroBid for 2016 GamesIt became two times in a row from. In March 2Craig ReedyThe IOC Evaluation Committee, which consists of 10 members, visited the three candidate cities on-site and published an evaluation report on June 3, describing the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate city.In order to maintain fairness, the report does not include words that directly indicate the superiority or inferiority of each city, but Tokyo did not point out at the core, and received high praise for finance, security, etc. overall.[47].


      Held in Buenos Aires on September 2013, 9125th IOC General AssemblyThe host city selection vote was held in.1 votes were required for the first and selection votes, and 48 for the second vote.Tokyo collected the most votes out of the three cities in the first vote, but did not reach 2 votes.Because the votes for the other two cities were the sameSelection voteWas held, and Istanbul proceeded to the second vote with Tokyo.Tokyo, which won 2 votes in the second vote (final vote), won Istanbul and IOC presidentJack RogerAnnounced that the host city was Tokyo at around 5:20 pm local time.[48].

      2020 Summer Olympics host city voting results
      cityCountry1st voteSelection vote2st vote
      TokyoJapanese flag Japan42—60
      IstanbulTurkish flag Turkey264936
      MadridSpanish flag Spain2645—

      Test tournament

      Tokyo 2020 Olympics-ParalympicFor a total of 56 competitionsTest tournament(Tokyo 2020 test event) is scheduled to be held, and it was held in earnest from the summer of 2019, the year before the scheduled event.Domestic and domestic for test competitionsInternational FederationTo be incorporated into existing competitions hosted byGames Organizing Committee Some are sponsored by (TOCOG), and the test tournament in charge of TOCOG was held under the name of "READY STEADY TOKYO".[50][51].

      Every day during the Tokyo 2020 GamesIntense heatWas expected, and measures against the heat were required for the event. At the 2019 summer test tournament, there will be a tent-shaped rest areaMist showerInstallation of theArtificial snowmaking machineVerification such as introduction of was repeated. The test tournament after mid-March 2020Postponed due to COVID-19 epidemicAnd the schedule was reviewed.

      Postponed to 2021

      The Tokyo Games were originally scheduled to be held from July 2020, 7.New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) OfPandemicBy March 2020, 3,prime minister-Shinzo AbeとInternational Olympic Committee(IOC) ChairmanThomas BachHeld a telephone talk and agreed to postpone the schedule for about a year and hold it by the summer of 1, which was decided by the IOC Executive Board immediately after.[1][52]..PostponementModern olympicFor the first time in historyodd numberIt is also the first time to hold the year. March 2020, 3 with the IOCGames Organizing Committee,Tokyo,Japanese govermentAgreed to hold the event from July 2021, 3 (Reiwa 7)[53].

      With the decision to postponeTorch relay,Test tournamentEtc. were officially suspended[54].

      Negative side


      Suspicion of bid fraud

      On May 2016, 5, the English newspaper "GuardianIs divided into two parts, July and October 2013, before and after the decision of the Tokyo Olympics.Tokyo Olympics Bid Committee Singapore"" Company (Black Tidings), which was based in Japan but was the representative [55][56][57][58]It was reported that a total of 130 million euros (about 1 million yen) had been remitted to the account. On May 6000, 2016, the French prosecutor's office announced that it had confirmed that it had exchanged 5 million Singapore dollars (about 12 million yen) with the Tokyo Olympic Games Bid Committee.

      In December 2018, French investigative authorities over the bid for the Tokyo OlympicsbriberyOn suspicionJOCChairman'sTakekazuDecided to start an investigation with the suspect[59][60].. In response to this, in March 2019, it was reported that "the resignation of the chairman is inevitable"[61].. March 3 Takeda announced at the JOC Board of Directors that he will retire from his post as chairman in June.[62].

      Alleged bribery to the International Athletics Federation

      In January 2016, the World Anti-Doping AgencyInternational Athletics Federation (IAAF) In a copy of the conversation quoted in a report detailing the conversation between former chairman Lamine Diack's son Karil Diack and Turkish officials in Istanbul, a Japanese bidding teamIAAF Diamond LeagueOr concluded to one of the IAAFs suggesting that $ 400-500 million as a "sponsorship" payment could have been a bribe.The Tokyo side has denied this[63].

      Suspicion of lobbying costs of 8.9 million yen

      April 2020, 3Reuters CommunicationsOver the bid for the OlympicsDentsuAdvisorHaruyuki TakahashiReceived $ 820 million worth of funding from the Bid CommitteeIOCTo the committeeLobbyingPart of the payment was sponsored by the sponsors for reporting that they were doingcommission(Commission) "[64].

      Sponsor bribes to the Games Organizing Committee

      1 year after the event20227After that, at the time of the sponsor contractGames Organizing Committeewas a director ofHaruyuki Takahashiwas a tournament sponsorAOKI Holdings,KADOKAWAからbribeIt was revealed that the suspicion that he had received[65].

      Former Chairman of AOKIHironori AokiIt is,IT ConsultingAfter several meetings with Takahashi, who was also in a position to run the company "Commons",20179In addition, AOKI Group's asset management companyAnniversaireA contract was signed with HOLDINGS.In this contract, Takahashi asked Aoki if the company would be a sponsor, and in return, the 201710from after the tournament to20223In the name of Commons, Takahashi's consulting company, for five years untilaccountThe AOKI side paid 50 to 100 million yen each month, totaling 5100 million yen.[66][67].

      Separately from this, AOKI will reduce the sponsorship fee, which is 15 billion yen at the lowest line, to 7.5 million yen, which is half the price, with Takahashi's advice. Involved in sponsor selection as a dedicated agencyDentsuFirst, 7.5 million yen out of 2 million yen was paid to the subsidiary under the name of advance payment requested by Takahashi.Of this, 5000 million yen goes to Commons, and the remaining tens of millions of yenADK HoldingsSuch asAdvertising agencyThroughJapan Olympic Committee(JOC)Japan Equestrian FederationとJapan Sailing Federationsaid to have passed to[68][69], Part of the 1 million yen that went to Commons is in Tokyo run by Takahashisteakof shopdebtallegedly used to repay[70]. 2.5 million yenBusiness embezzlementapplication is also in view.

      In addition, AOKI is a former president of the Games Organizing Committee until February 2021.prime minister OfMoriThere is a suspicion that he handed over 200 million yen to[71][72].

      Aoki was selected as a sponsor in October 1, one year after the start of this contract.AOKI is an official supporter (the smallest Olympic sponsor,logouse of the mark is prohibited),suitSales of official tournament goods such as the Tokyo Olympics on July 2021, 7Opening ceremonyAtRepresentation from Japan OfuniformHe was involved in the Olympics by working onThe sponsorship fee for official supporters presented by the organizing committee to other companies in the same industry was 15 billion yen or more, but AOKI was able to become a sponsor for 3 million yen, one-third of the amount, thanks to the arrangement of the director. allegedly[73].

      Tokyo Inspection Special Investigation DivisionIs 20227/26,TokyoSetagayaTakahashi's company and homeHouse searchtook the plunge.In addition, Tokyo where Takahashi served as managing director and advisor in the pastMinato-ku OfDentsuA search of the headquarters was also launched.[74].

      On the following day, the 27th, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office special investigation departmentShibuyaAoki's house and TokyoShinjuku OfTokyo Metropolitan GovernmentOrganizing Committee in 20226/30liquidation corporation) was searched[75][76].Furthermore, on the 28th, the AOKI Holdings headquarters in Yokohama was searched.[77].

      20228/17, The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office special investigation department has three Aoki executives including AokibriberySuspected TakahashiBriberyArrested on suspicion[78].

      Takahashi of the tournament organizing committeeDeemed civil servantIt is a position that it is illegal to receive money and goods from companies.On the other hand, AOKI's Aoki admitted that he did not know that former director Takahashi was a ``deemed public employee'' before his arrest, but he claimed that he was not a bribe.[79].However, after his arrest, Aoki stated, "Mr. Takahashi was a powerful member of the Organizing Committee, so I instructed my subordinates, 'Since you are paying 100 million yen every month, please do your best,'" and was arrested at the same time. The former president of AOKI also made a statement admitting bribery, saying, "I was aware that Takahashi was a director of the organizing committee."[80].

      Also, according to the special investigation department, Takahashi was the same official supporter as AOKI.KADOKAWAIt was also revealed that he was involved in the selection of sponsors and received bribes through an acquaintance's company.[81], Takahashi's junior in high school and universityYoshihara YoshiyukiKADOKAWA advisors were arrested, and Takahashi was re-arrested.[82]. Regarding the bribe from KADOKAWA, Takahashi's junior at DentsuKazumasa Fukami(20229/6arrested on suspicion of bribery)managementToTokyoChuoConsulting company ofName OfDeposit accountIt is said that a total of 7600 million yen was paid through[83].


      Many by the people involved in the tournamentScandal[5]Occurs, the schedule changes drastically many times, etc.Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee(TOCOG)GovernanceLack of[84].

      Science neglect

      Of the Government Measures SubcommitteeShigeru OmiWith the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics held by the chairmanNew coronavirusRegarding the recommendations for the risk of spreading the infectionNorihisa TamuraMinister of Health, Labor and Welfare "announcement of independent research"[85],Tamagawa MarukawaThe Olympic minister said, "Words seen from a completely different horizon."[86]And so on, the silence was flickered implicitly.Besides this, the governmentTOCOGBy rigid political judgmentExpertIt has been pointed out that he often ignores or silences the recommendations from[6][87]..In addition, there are many institutional holes in the method of isolating tournament officials using the bubble method.[88], Dinner outside the bubble even before the opening[89]And Ugandan players' escape ruckus[90]Happened.

      Disregard human rights

      From TOCOG executives and directorsHuman rights violationsThere were a series of rants that could be taken, and a series of criticisms from overseas.[91][92][93][94][95]..As a result, important figures in the operation of the Olympic Games became a domino-like resignation one after another.

      Resignation of Chairman Mori due to misogynistic remarks

      Japan Olympic Committee(JOC) At the board of councilors, in connection with increasing the percentage of female directors to 40%, "Women have a strong sense of competition. When one person raises his hand, he also says. You think you have to do it. That's why everyone speaks. "," If you want to increase the number of female directors, you have to regulate the speaking time to some extent, so it will be difficult to finish. Criticism rushed in for making publicly disdainful remarks such as "I do not say that I said it."MoriWas forced to resign as TOCOG chairman[96].International Olympic Committee(IOC) also said Yoshiro Mori's remarks, "Mr. Mori's recent remarks are completely inappropriate and contrary to the IOC's commitment and the reform of the Olympic Agenda 2020."[91]..Yoshiro Mori himself once expressed his remorse, but after resigning as TOCOG chairman, it was held in Tokyo.Takeo KawamuraAt the party of the former Chief Cabinet Secretary, he made a discriminatory remark about a veteran female secretary at Mr. Kawamura's office in the House of Representatives, saying, "There is a very aunt in Mr. Kawamura's room. It is too old to be a woman." , Again flooded with criticism[97].

      Resignation drama of directors
      Dentsu's forcible change of production supervision and resignation of successor production supervision due to appearance insult plan

      DentsuAbout the production of the opening and closing ceremony that was ordered from the IOC2020In March, when preparations for the opening and closing ceremony were suspended due to the postponement of the Olympic Games, Dentsu supervised the production.MIKIKOI promise to contact you when the preparations are resumed, but after the preparations are resumedDentsuIs a creative director from Dentsu who is in charge of directing without contacting MIKIKO at all.Hiroshi SasakiWas replaced by.As a result, Dentsu left the production team led by MIKIKO for about half a year and asked MIKIKO to participate in the ongoing project under the new production supervision in November 2020, but MIKIKO resulted. He declined because he could not take responsibility for the project and Dentsu responded in a dishonest manner.It was widely controversial that Dentsu did not apologize for this statement of decline and justified it so as to dismiss MIKIKO's allegations.Also,2021Hiroshi Sasaki said that it was less than half a year before the Tokyo Olympics in July.Naomi WatanabeIt became clear that he proposed an insult to his appearance, and Hiroshi Sasaki also resigned.[98][99].. The JOC has decided not to have a director who will succeed Hiroshi Sasaki because the opening and closing ceremony is nearing completion.[100].

      Resignation of music manager at opening and closing ceremonies due to past violence and discrimination

      I was in charge of the music for the Olympic opening and closing ceremonyKeigo OyamadaThe violence and discrimination that he had done before his debutthe 1990sDecided to eliminate all discrimination about what he was proud to say in an interview with a music magazineOlympic charterInundated with criticism as contrary to[101][102]did.Initially, Oyamada himself intended to continue casting.[103]As a result, he announced his resignation on July 4, 2021, four days before the opening.[104][105]..There is no atonement from Oyamada to the victim, and the fact that he barely wrote an apology in his resignation statement is also objectively interpreted as no remorse.[106][106][107]..In addition, Oyamada argued that magazine articles contained statements that differed from the facts that emphasized fun, but if so, there was a problem with the magazine editing and interview system.[106]..One of the editors and interviewers involved in the article in questionYoichiro YamazakiAlso announced an apology on his official website[108].

      Dismissal of director due to past genocide of Jews

      A few days before the opening ceremony of the Olympics, formerRahmen's OfKentaro KobayashiBut,1998Video software "Neta de lol dictionary live Vol.4" that introduces young entertainers on sale[109]so,Nazi GermanybyJewGenocide(Holocaust)Anti-SemitismTypicaljokeWas showing offSocial MediaInMovieBecame widely known for its spread.This case is July 7UnclearAlso informed by JOC Chairman Hashimoto,Olympic charterKobayashi was immediately dismissed as show director due to diplomatic issues as well as violations.[110][7]..Regarding the production, although there is a person in charge for each scene, Kobayashi, who was in charge of overall production coordination, was dismissed, so it became necessary to urgently review the entire production for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on the 23rd of the next day.[111][112][113][114][94]..However, there was no directing by Kobayashi, so there was no change in the directing of the Olympic opening ceremony.[115]..Before the dismissal, someJapanese Social MediaOverseasHuman rights organizationContinues to accuseAmerica OfSimon Wiesenthal Center (SWC)Against discriminationBlame声明Was announced[95].HolocaustHappenedGermanyThen,Nazi,HolocaustActions that lead to the reproduction ofVolksverhetzungIs also defined[116][117].

      Leakage of trade secrets

      文藝 春秋Obtained the internal materials for the opening and closing ceremonyWeekly BunshunBy reporting in, JOC is against Bungei ShunjuCopyright infringementHowever, Bungeishunju also shows a thorough anti-war stance from the viewpoint of public nature.There is a possibility that internal materials may be leaked regarding the publication of the production content in Shukan Bunshun, and a thorough internal investigation is being conducted by the JOC in consultation with the police. If the JOC's allegations are legally recognized, those who participated in the leakage of internal materials willUnfair Competition Prevention LawViolation charges andBusiness interruptionMay be asked[118].

      Criminal cases involving people who came to Japan

      Assault case

      2021年7月16日21:00頃、愛知県内の大学を休学して会場内のプレスセンターで食事を提供するアルバイトに就いていたウズベキスタン国籍の30歳の男が、国立競技場で20代のアルバイト女性を「閉会式のリハーサルを一緒に観よう」などと言って誘い出し観覧席や通路で性的暴行を加えたとして、2021年7月18日に警視庁組織犯罪対策2課に強制性交等の疑いで逮捕された。警察発表時にはウズベキスタン国籍の男の素性が把握できておらず、管理体制の杜撰さが指摘された[119][120].Man of Uzbek nationality later dropped[121].

      On August 2021, 8, at a hotel in Ota Ward, Tokyo, at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, a male security guard in his 12s was assaulted by a Georgian men's 100-kilogram class representative of Judo, and was strangled and completely recovered, including breaking his ribs. Severely injured for a month.The athlete who committed the assault was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Organized Crime Countermeasures Division 60, and was subsequently stripped of his qualification to participate in the tournament.[122].If he was arrested, there was a fear that it would develop into a diplomatic issue between Japan and Georgia, but the Georgian Paralympic Committee commented, ``We will deprive Gogochuri of participation qualifications and not allow him to participate.'' proceeded to arrest[123].The Georgian side has apologized to the injured security guards and has begun talks about compensation.[123].


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