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🌏 | Disney, US 3.2 layoffs in the first half of next year Expanded from September announcement


Disney, US 3.2 layoffs in the first half of next year Expanded from September announcement

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The theme parks in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo are still open.

[Reuters] – US entertainment giant Walt Disney will be in XNUMX around theme parks on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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Theme park

Theme park(English: theme park) IsJapanThen, all the fins were produced based on a specific theme (culture of a specific country, story, movie, era).TourismFacilityRefers to. Including entertainment and leisure, various tastes that inspire intellectual curiosity,amusement park[1],Zoo,aquarium,博物馆[2],Hotel,Commercial facilityThere is also a place to be installed. In addition, in countries other than Japan, theme parks and amusement parks are often not distinguished.


TraditionalresortIs the localAttractions[3]In some cases the emphasis was on the content that came afterPlay equipmentIt was inconsistent because the vacationers exclusively played with them by setting up facilities and facilities. The theme park is called such a conventional "inconsistent recreation facility"DifferentiationIn order to achieve this, we have created a group of recreational facilities with a consistent theme, from playground equipment and facilities to individual souvenirs. Many of them tend to be large-scale facilities, such as consisting of multiple buildings, but there are also facilities such as "mini-theme parks" that offer attractions in line with specified themes, such as indoor facilities. Can be seen.

NaraNaraWas inNara Dreamland( 1961Opening),AichiInuyamaIt is inMuseum Meiji Village( 1965Opening)Kyoto City OfToei Uzumasa Movie Village( 1975Opening),Takamatsu OfShikoku Village( 1976It can be said that (opening) is the pioneer of Japan's theme parks, but in Japan, this word became popular and became known as a business model. 1983ChibaUrayasu cityOpened inTokyo Disneyland After being used in (TDL)[4].

The theme parks vary widely in character. I decided a general themeamusement parkFrom the one with a strong personality (typically Tokyo Disneyland), we emphasized social education and research while adding the aspect of entertainment.Open air museumPersonality (typical example isMuseum Meiji Village,Little world) AndWork experienceWhat can be done (KidzaniaThere are various theme parks.

Japanese theme park

Rise and fall in Japan

Bubble economyPopular name from the early 1990s to the mid-XNUMXsResortCalled lawGeneral Recreation Area Improvement Act( 1987Enacted), various facilities called "theme parks" were planned and constructed all over the country to make it a tourist attraction.repeaterMany facilities are not attractive enough to earnHeisei recessionPartly due to the influence ofCivil Rehabilitation Law,Corporate rehabilitation lawThe application of such as has become one after another. In order for a theme park to succeed, the appeal and enrichment of content is required. In particular, concrete verification using the leisure ladder diagram (= Travel-career needs (1992): Tourism:P261) that is common in the United States is required. The leisure ladder diagram is a basic theory for securing repeaters for theme parks used in the United States, and the lack of such research is also an issue for tourism universities.Third sectorIn the system theme parks, the overall business plan is not fixed, and although some related facilities have a certain amount of business profit, the operation of the whole is no longer possible. Against this background, it is pointed out that the basic theory regarding the operation of theme parks has not been learned, and the damage has expanded without proper analysis and planning of the situation.

It was a pioneer of theme park with its own theme of history of Nagasaki and introduction of the Netherlands.Nagasaki Dutch VillageBankruptcy due to failure to close and reopenNiigata Russian Village,Kashiwazaki Turkish Culture Village,Fuji Gulliver KingdomParticipated in the establishment of the three theme parks ofNiigata Central BankOr established by the third sector methodCoal historic village,Yubari ResortWith the failure of development and operation ofFiscal rebuilding organizationBecameHokkaidoYubariThere are quite a few people involved in the theme park business who were hurt.

In Japan, located in Urayasu City, Chiba PrefectureTokyo Disney Resort(TDR)WhenOsakaKonohana WardIt is inUniversal Studios Japan(USJ), the number of visitors does not decline, and the theme park industry has an operationally one-person win. ThatTokyo Disney ResortIn 2004 and 2005, the number of visitors decreased from the previous year for the second consecutive year, and the number of visitors increased from the previous year in 2, but it is not possible to be optimistic about the future situation. Above allWorld financial crisisThe business environment of rural theme parks has become even more difficult due to the recession triggered by.

It seems that the understanding of theme parks will be greatly advanced by going back in history.17st centuryAround Citizens Park in England and FranceMerry-go-roundPlayground equipment likeamusement parkThe history of 1843Was opened inデンマーク OfTivoli Park(In the atmosphere of nostalgia and exoticism with a unique personality, in addition to various machines, meals,concert, LightgamblingEntertain. Its charm has been miraculously preserved to the present), or 1950Opening NetherlandsEfteling Park (a core attraction of a fairy tale masterpiece created by a national painter), and around the same timeCaliforniaOne family startedNuts berry farmInspired by (recreating and recreating a real train and a small hotel in the pioneering era by attaching to a dining room that was started by the side of a strawberry field) 1955Walt Disney snow Whiteな どAnimeDisneyland, which was constructed using the directing techniques cultivated in the production, is said to be the beginning of a full-scale theme park. Disney has actually left footprints in two parts of Europe.

To redefine the theme park, as in the past (still in Japan),machine,flower,Pool,smallZooIn order to bring back memories that evoke repeats and word-of-mouth, above all, to bring out extraordinary emotions and impressions that are not possible at an amusement park with just a proper layout etc. Or the environment of each area,AttractionIt can be an evolution of an amusement park with a specific theme (single, multiple, abstract, concrete, etc.) and atmosphere as a production tool, such as around machines, food and drink sales facilities, menus and products. Therefore, tourist facilities and indoor/outdoor museums equipped with traditional resources for attracting customers such as history, culture and nature, orRamen,cakeIt is a category of theme parks, including commercial facilities that have accumulated a single type of industry and created a certain kind of emotion, as well as "urban theme parks" that have been set up to increase interest in experience games. What we must do is not welcome in the light of the expectation that the original theme park as an evolutionary form of an amusement park will be realized and evolved in Japan.

Mini theme park

The theme park has a strong aspect as a complex recreation facility, for exampleTokyo Disney Resort OfTokyo Disneyland,Tokyo Disney SeaIn addition to playground facilities including attractions, there are restaurants, souvenir shops, etc. in the recreation facility as well as in the surrounding area.hotel, There are shopping malls and theater facilities, and they provide comprehensive services such as improvement of transportation between facilities. Providing such integrated services requires a large amount of land, and it is difficult to secure such new land in metropolitan areas. On the other hand, in order to operate such a large-scale and comprehensive theme park, it is necessary to accept a huge number of vacationers, and the initial investment is huge, but in the rural areas the burden of developing that much land is required. In many cases, there is not enough financial resources to deal with.

As a direction different from such large-scale leisure facilities, an indoor facility called a "mini theme park" that occupies one floor or part of a large-scale commercial facility in an urban area is also in the metropolitan area and large cities. An increasing trend has been seen in the area since the 1s. These urban mini theme parksPublic transportIt is convenient because of the convenience of transportation, and the number of attractions and the time required are short and short so that users of commercial facilities can stop by while visiting, and it is an indoor facility, so it is also popular as an all-weather facility. Collect.

Among what are called mini theme parks,Food theme park,Retro theme parkAlthough there are many styles such as, there is a work experience type theme park where you can experience working.KidzaniaOr an attraction in the car showroomMEGAWEBThere are also styles that are completely different from existing recreation facilities such as. Since the facility is small, it is easy to handle as a tenant, and it is introduced when a large commercial facility is newly built to attract customers, and at existing facilities, the contents of attractions are replaced each season and repeat customers are acquired.

List of major theme parks in Japan (excluding food and retro)

Hokkaido and Tohoku


Central part


Kyushu, Okinawa

Theme park that once existed

Theme park closed

List of world theme parks

North America





Number of people attracting theme parks

Number of people attracting guests to Japanese theme parks (2016)

From Sogo Unicom, "Leisure and customer attraction facilities nationwide number of visitors ranking 2017".[5]

  1. Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea Urayasu, Chiba 30,004,000
  2. Universal Studios Japan Osaka, Osaka 14,600,000
  3. Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki 2,894,000

World theme park customer ranking

TEA Inc. attracts guests from theme parks around the world

TEA Inc., which is investigating the leisure industry, announced the number of visitors to the world's theme parks in 2019 announced on May 5, 22.[6]

1. Magic Kingdom フ ロ リ ダ 米 国 20,859,000
2. Tokyo Disneyland Anaheim United States 18,666,000
3. Tokyo Disneyland Chiba-Urayasu city Japan 17,907,000
4. Tokyo Disney Sea Chiba prefecture Urayasu Japan 14,651,000
5. Universal Studios Japan OsakaOsaka-Konohana Ward Japan 14,300,000
6. Disney Animal Kingdom Florida United States 13,750,000
7. Epcot Florida United States 12,444,000
8. Shanghai Disneyland Shanghai Chugoku 11,800,000
9. Disney Hollywood Studios Florida United States 11,258,000
10. Zhuhai Changlong Ocean Kingdom Zhuhai city China 10,830,000
11. Universal Studios Florida Florida United States 10,708,000
12. Disney California Adventure Anaheim USA 9,861,000
13. Disneyland Paris Paris France 9,843,000
14. Islands of Adventure Florida United States 9,788,000
15. Universal Studios Hollywood California 9,147,000
16. Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong Chugoku 6,700,000
17. Lotte World Seoul South Korea 5,960,000
18. Nagashima Spa Land MieKuwana City 5,920,000
19. Everland Gyeonggi-do-Yongin Korea 5,850,000
20. Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong China 5,800,000
21. Europe Park Rust ドイツ 5,720,000
22. Efteling North Brabant Netherlands 5,400,000
23. Walt Disney Studios Park Paris France 5,298,000
24. Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen デンマーク 4,850,000
25. Chimelong Entertainment World Guangzhou China 4,680,000

Forbes' Top 10 Theme Parks Selected by Forbes

American magazineForbes"The Top 10 World Theme Parks" (June 2006, 6)[7]

  1. : Magic Kingdom (USA)
  2. : Tokyo Disneyland (Japan)
  3. : Disneyland Paris (France)
  4. : Everland (Korea)
  5. : Blackpool Pleasure Beach (UK)
  6. : Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  7. : Ocean Park (Hong Kong)
  8. : Europe Park (Germany)
  9. : Paramount Canada's Wonderland (Canada)
  10. : Port Aventure (Spain)


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