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🌏 | Mr. Abe apologizes, eve problem "political responsibility is extremely heavy" denial of resignation


Mr. Abe apologizes, eve problem "political responsibility is extremely heavy" denies resignation of lawmaker

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Mr. Abe will explain the process at the House Steering Committee of both Houses of Representatives on the afternoon of the 25th.

[Tokyo XNUMXth Reuters] -Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will pay for the eve of the "Sakura wo Miru Kai" sponsored by his sponsorship on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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Parliamentary Steering Committee

Parliamentary Steering Committee(Ginuneiinkai) is from JapanDiet lawStipulated inStanding CommitteeOne ofHouse of Representatives,House of CouncilorsIt is installed in each.Abbreviation isLuck(Giyun).

It is a key committee in the Diet, and acts as a control room for the Diet, which distributes the deliberation of bills to each committee.In view of its importance, the chairman of the House of Representatives Steering Committee has generally adopted the practice of allocating ministerial-class personnel.

Members are appointed according to the ratio of the number of members of each parliamentary group.Committee directors and members of each partyDiet Countermeasures CommitteeIncludes many executives (vice chairman / committee members) (but less than 10 in the House of Councilors)Hospital groupIs not allocated).


Jurisdiction matters

House rulesThe above matters under the jurisdiction are as follows (Article 92 of the House of Representatives Regulations, Article 74 of the House of Councilors Regulations).

  • Matters concerning the operation of the House of Representatives
    • Plenary sessionDiscuss the operation of the plenary session, including the schedule, agenda, speakers, time, and voting method.
    • Establishment of committees and investigation committees
  • Diet lawAnd matters concerning the laws and regulations of the House of Representatives
  • ChairMatters concerning consultation
  • Impeachment courtas well as the Judge Prosecution CommitteeMatters concerning
  • National Diet LibraryMatters concerning (establish a library management subcommittee)[1]

In addition, of the members of the DietRequest for arrest permissionExamination[2], Plenary session / committee TV broadcasting / Internet broadcasting, general affairs related to members of the Diet (Parliament House-Parliamentary dormitoryIt is also in charge of room allocation).In addition, the House of Representatives Steering CommitteeParliamentary MuseumIs also in charge of the operation of.


  • Matters concerning the operation of the House of Representatives
The Legislative Chamber Steering Committee is a standing committee stipulated in the Diet Law, and is in charge of matters related to the operation of the Legislative Chamber.The chairman may discuss the order of proceedings and other matters deemed necessary with the chairman of the House Steering Committee and the members of the proceedings appointed by the House Steering Committee, and may delegate the presidency of the Council to the Chairman of the House Steering Committee (Parliament). Article 55-2 of the Act).The chairman of the House of Representatives can, in principle, meet at any time during the session, especially when there is an urgent need (Article 67-2 of the House of Representatives Regulations, Article 74-5 of the House of Councilors Regulations).
  • Right to approve the personnel of counselors and other staff (Article 27, Paragraph 2 of the Diet Act, Article 131, Paragraph 5 of the Diet Act)
The Secretary-General shall appoint counselors and other staff members of each house with the consent of the chairman and the approval of the House Steering Committee.In addition, the director of the Legislation Bureau of each House of Representatives shall appoint and dismiss the councilors and other staff members of the Legislation Bureau of each House with the consent of the Chairman and the approval of the House Steering Committee.
  • Procedure for changing the number of parliamentary groups after the appointment of members (Article 46, Paragraph 2 of the Diet Act)
Regarding the allocation of each denomination of the members of the Standing Committee and the Special Committee and the members of the Investigation Committee of the House of Councilors, the number of members belonging to each denomination changed after the appointment, so it is necessary to change the allocation of each denomination of the members In some cases, the chairman may change members after the parliamentary steering committee.
  • Hearing an explanation of the purpose (Article 56-2 of the Diet Act)
If you find it particularly necessary for a bill proposed or submitted to each House, you can hear an explanation of the purpose of the bill at a meeting of the House.

Procedures at the committee

In principle, the meeting is held in the chairman's reception room, except when deliberating the bill referred to the committee by the chairman's advice, and the chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary-general are present in addition to the members (chairman and vice-chairman). Has a separate seat).In addition, members invited to hear opinions by the committee and members who are specifically admitted to attend the committee for remarks will also attend (however, the chairperson's permission is required for these persons to speak).

By convention, the House Steering Committee organizes the agenda, and the chairman manages the agenda accordingly.In addition, as with other committees, the deliberation in the parliamentary group steering committee is rarely asked and answered by the members, and it is customary for the representatives of each parliamentary group to make a decision after making their own claims.Substantial negotiations between parliamentary groups regarding the scheduling of minutes are carried out by the board of directorsNational Diet CommitteeIt is held at meetings, etc., and the deliberation by the House Steering Committee will confirm the result.However, if a situation different from the flow that was decided in advance occurs during the plenary session, the directors of the parliament will gather in the meeting place to discuss and the chairman will manage the proceedings according to the conclusion.

Each faction council

House of Representatives general electionSince the House of Representatives has not yet been organized and the Vice-Chairman is lacking, the Secretary-General of the House of Representatives gathers representatives of each denomination and holds a council of each denomination to discuss matters normally handled by luck.If luck has not yet been constructed after the election of the chair, the chair will convene a council of each faction to discuss matters normally handled by luck.[3].


55 yearsAt that time, most of the members of the House of Representatives Steering Committee have been in the cabinet the next time they are organized after they retire.If the chairman served for one year without any problems, it was customary to prepare a letter of recommendation for admission under the joint name of all directors, regardless of the ruling and opposition parties, and submit it to the Prime Minister.Today, it is common for experienced ministers to take office, and along with the budget chairman, it is generally regarded as an important post at the ministerial level.[4].

Special cases etc.

The deliberations of the House Steering Committee are usually on TV, radio andインターネットBy etc.Diet broadcastAlthough it is out of the scope of2017年(29)6/1Made inDeportation Special LawThe House of Representatives Steering Committee for deliberating the proposal is open to the public on the House of Representatives Internet broadcast as a special case.[5].

1960 yearsShinsuke Kishi(Security struggleRegarding the pros and cons of restricting demonstrations around the Diet with police rights amid intensifying demonstrations), October 1971Eisaku Sato(US-Japan textile negotiationsReported the progress of), October 1975Takeo Miki(Tadao KariyaMinister of ConstructionApologized for saying at a meeting of the Aomori Prefectural Federation of the LDP, "I will not say anything as ridiculous as the Diet's answer."Prime MinisterAgainstQ & AIt was not uncommon for this to take place, but after that it ceased for nearly half a century.

On April 45, 2020, 4 years after the case of Takeo Miki mentioned above.Shinzo Abe(New coronavirusIn March when the infection spreadNew influenza measures special measures lawAt the time of revisionIncidental resolution(Based on the "advance report to the Diet" specified when the "state of emergency" is invoked)[6][7], From the oppositionConstitutional Democratic Party OfYukio Edanorepresentative,National Democratic Party OfYuichiro Tamakirepresentative,Japan Restoration Party OfTohruGeneral Affairs Chairman,Japan Communist Party OfAkira KoikeSecretary General, etc.Party leader・ The party's three-role class asked questions.Along with this, the National Assembly was broadcast on TV, radio, and the Internet.[8][9][10].


The number of members of the House of Representatives Steering Committee is 25 in both the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors (Article 92 of the House of Representatives Regulations and Article 74 of the House of Councilors Regulations).In each case, one chairperson and nine directors are elected or nominated.

Successive House Steering Committee Chairs

  • (Finger) is nominated by the chairman, and (this) is elected by voting.The chair in this case includes the vice-chairman who performs the duties of the chairman.
  • (Full) is resignation due to the expiration of the term of office of a member of the Diet, (Congress) is a natural resignation due to the resignation of a member of the Diet, (Resignation) is the resignation of the chairmanship, (San) isDissolution of the House of RepresentativesUnemployment due to (law) is a natural retirement due to the revision of the Diet Act or the Parliamentary Procedure
  • (Public) is the natural loss of the chairmanship due to the appointment of a minister or other administrative officer.
  • The customary resignation of the chairman at the time of half-election in the House of Councilors is not distinguished because the reason for the resignation is not clear in the record, unlike the chairman and vice-chairman of the House of Councilors.
Chairman of the House of Representatives Steering Committee
1Inejiro Asanuma1947年6/3(Finger)- 1948年10/10(law)Japanese Socialist Party
21948年10/11(Finger) --194810/23(Letter)
3Kikuichiro YamaguchiOctober 1948, 10 (finger) --2312/23(San)Japan Democratic Party
4Seiichi Omura1949年2/19(Finger)- 1950年7/27(Letter)Liberal party
5Ozawa SaekiJuly 1950, 7 (finger)- 1951年12/12(Letter)Liberal party
6Hirohide IshidaJuly 1951, 12 (finger)- 1952年8/28(San)Liberal party
7Kenji Fukunaga1952年10/25(Finger)- 1953年3/14(San)Liberal party
8Kiroku Kanke1953年5/22(Finger)- 1955年1/24(San)Liberal party
9Umekichi Nakamura1955年3/22(Finger) --195511/9(Letter)Japan Democratic Party
10Saburo Shiikuma1955年11/22(Finger)- 1957年1/31(Letter)LDP
11Shigeru HouriOctober 1957, 1 (finger) --3112/20(Letter)LDP
12Shinjiro YamamuraJuly 1957, 12 (finger)- 1958年4/25(San)LDP
13Masumi Esaki1958年6/12(This)- 1959年6/30(Letter)LDP
14Seijuro ArafuneJuly 1959, 6 (finger)- 1960年7/22(Letter)LDP
15Hideo SutouOctober 1960, 7 (finger) --2210/13(Letter)LDP
16Kenji Fukunaga1960年10/17(Finger) --196010/24(San)LDP
17Hisao Kodaira1960年12/9(Finger)- 1961年7/18(Letter)LDP
18Fukuda Hajime1961年9/25(Finger)- 1962年July 7 (resignation)LDP
19Hideyo Sasaki1962年8/4(Finger)- 1963年July 10 (resignation)LDP
20Kenji FukunagaOctober 1963, 10 (finger) --1710/23(San)LDP
211963年12/7(Finger)- 1964年12/24(Letter)
22Shinzo TsubokawaJuly 1964, 12 (finger)- 1966年1/26(Letter)LDP
23Toshio TsukaharaOctober 1966, 1 (finger) --2612/3(Letter)LDP
24Shinzo Tsubokawa1966年12/15(Finger) --196612/27(San)LDP
251967年2/15(Finger)- 1968年1/27(Letter)
26Shigejiro InoJanuary 1968, 1 (finger) --December 27, 1968 (remark)LDP
27Tadaharu KunoJuly 1968, 12 (finger)- 1969年7/28(Letter)LDP
28Toshio TsukaharaJuly 1969, 7 (this) --2812/2(San)LDP
29Motosaburo Tokai1970年1/14(Finger)- 1971年7/5(Letter)LDP
30Kichiro Tazawa1971年7/14(Finger)- 1972年11/13(San)LDP
31Toshiki Kaifu1972年12/22(Finger)- 1973年12/1(Letter)LDP
32Hideyo SasakiJuly 1973, 12 (finger)- 1974年12/14(Letter)LDP
33Kichiro TazawaJuly 1974, 12 (finger)- 1976年1/23(Letter)LDP
34October 1976, 1 (finger) --2312/9(Full)
35Kanamaru ShinJuly 1976, 12 (finger)- 1977年11/28(Letter)LDP
36Yoshizo HosodaJuly 1977, 12 (finger)- 1979年9/7(San)LDP
37Takao Kameoka1979年10/30(Finger)- 1980年5/19(San)LDP
38Yamashita Mototoshi1980年7/17(Finger)- 1981年12/21(Letter)LDP
39Hideo UtsumiJuly 1981, 12 (finger)- 1982年11/26(Letter)LDP
40Shinjiro Yamamura1982年11/30(Finger)- 1983年November 11 (San)LDP
41Ichiro Ozawa1983年12/26(Finger)- 1985年12/28(Letter)LDP
42Minsuke Watanuki1986年1/27(Finger) --19866/2(San)LDP
43Ichi Ochi1986年7/22(Finger)- 1987年11/6(Letter)LDP
44Hiroshi Mitsuka1987年11/10(Finger)- 1988年July 12 (resignation)LDP
45Toshio Yamaguchi1988年12/30(Finger)- 1989年July 6 (resignation)LDP
46Kokonoki HikosaburoJuly 1989, 6 (finger)- 1990年1/24(San)LDP
47Norio YamashitaJuly 1990, 2 (finger)- 1991年1/18(Letter)LDP
48MoriOctober 1991, 1 (finger) --1811/5(Letter)LDP
49Keisuke NakanishiJuly 1991, 11 (finger)- 1993年1/22(Letter)LDP
50Kaoru YosanoOctober 1993, 1 (finger) --226/18(San)LDP
51Keiwa OkudaJuly 1993, 8 (finger)- 1994年July 7 (resignation)New Party
52Shozaburo NakamuraJuly 1994, 7 (finger)- 1995年9/29(Letter)LDP
53Sadakazu TanigakiJuly 1995, 9 (finger)- 1996年9/27(San)LDP
54Hiranuma Yoshio1996年11/7(Finger)- 1997年July 9 (resignation)LDP
55Yoshiyuki KameiJuly 1997, 9 (finger)- 1998年7/30(Letter)LDP
56Nakagawa HidenaoJuly 1998, 7 (finger)- 1999年10/29(Letter)LDP
57Oshima RimoriJuly 1999, 10 (finger)- 2000年November 6 (San)LDP
58Takao FujiiJuly 2000, 7 (finger)- 2001年1/30(law)LDP
592001年1/31(Finger)- 2002年1/21(Letter)
60Suzuki MuneoOctober 2002, 1 (finger) --212/4(Letter)LDP
61Kunio HatoyamaOctober 2002, 2 (finger) --410/18(Letter)LDP
62Ohno IsaoJuly 2002, 10 (finger)- 2003年10/10(San)LDP
63Takebe2003年11/19(Finger)- 2004年9/27(Letter)LDP
64Jiro Kawasaki2004年10/12(Finger)- 2005年8/8(San)LDP
652005年9/21(Finger) --200510/31(Letter)
66Genichiro Sada2005年11/1(Finger)- 2006年9/26(Letter)LDP
67Ichiro AisawaJuly 2006, 9 (finger)- 2007年9/10(Letter)LDP
68SasagawaJuly 2007, 9 (finger)- 2008年8/11(Letter)LDP
69Kenji Kosaka2008年9/24(Finger)- 2009年7/21(San)LDP
70Takeaki Matsumoto2009年9/16(Finger)- 2010年10/1(Government)Democratic Party
71Kawabata TatsuoJuly 2010, 10 (finger)- 2011年9/2(Government)Democratic Party
72Tadamasa Kodaira2011年9/13(Finger)-2012年10/1(Government)Democratic Party
73Yoshiaki Takaki2012年10/29(Finger)-November 2012, 11 (San)Democratic Party
74Genichiro SadaDecember 2012, 12 (finger)-July 16, 2013 (remark)LDP
75Takeshi TakagiAugust 2013, 8 (finger)-September 2, 2013 (public)LDP
76Ichiro AisawaOctober 2013, 10 (finger) -November 15, 2014 (scattered)LDP
77Mikio HayashiDecember 2014, 12 (finger) -October 24, 2015 (public)LDP
78Takeo KawamuraJanuary 2016, 1 (finger) -September 4, 2016 (remark)LDP
79Tsutomu SatoOctober 2016, 9 (finger) -November 26, 2017 (scattered)LDP
80Keiji FuruyaNovember 2017, 11 (finger) -October 1, 2018 (resignation)LDP
81Sanae TakaichiOctober 2018, 10 (finger) -September 24, 2019 (public)LDP
82Takeshi TakagiOctober 2019, 10 (finger) -Current positionLDP
Chairman of the House of Councilors Steering Committee
1Shiro KiuchiJune 1947, 6 (finger)-October 3, 1948 (law)Democratic Party
2Yasumaro ShimojoOctober 1948, 10 (finger)-October 12, 1948 (public)Ryokufukai
3Giichi MurakamiJanuary 1948, 10 (finger) --December 23, 1949 (remark)Ryokufukai
4Shinryu UmeharaJanuary 1949, 5 (finger) --December 11, 1949 (remark)Ryokufukai
5Hiroshi TakadaJanuary 1949, 10 (finger) --December 25, 1950 (remark)Ryokufukai
6Toyoji TakeshitaJanuary 1950, 2 (finger) --December 13, 1950 (remark)Ryokufukai
7Yoshitoshi SatoJanuary 1950, 7 (finger) --December 12, 1950 (remark)Liberal party
8Saichi YamadaJanuary 1950, 11 (finger) --December 29, 1951 (remark)Liberal party
9Matsusuke KawamuraJanuary 1951, 11 (finger) --December 30, 1952 (remark)Liberal party
10Yutaka TeraoJune 1952, 6 (finger) --May 25, 1953 (full)Liberal party
11Takayuki KusabaOctober 1953, 5 (finger)-October 21, 1954 (public)Liberal party
12Yutaka TeraoJune 1954, 1 (finger)-October 25, 1955 (law)Liberal party
13Yuichi KoriJanuary 1955, 3 (finger) --December 23, 1955 (remark)LDP
14Mikiichi IshiharaJanuary 1955, 12 (finger) --December 2, 1956 (remark)LDP
15January 1956, 11 (finger) --December 13, 1957 (remark)
16Ken YasuiJanuary 1957, 11 (finger) --December 1, 1959 (remark)LDP
17Shintaro TakahashiJanuary 1959, 1 (finger) --December 28, 1959 (remark)LDP
18January 1959, 7 (finger) --December 3, 1960 (remark)
19Noboru SaitoJanuary 1960, 7 (finger) --December 22, 1961 (remark)LDP
20Kiichi MiyazawaJanuary 1961, 10 (finger) --December 4, 1962 (remark)LDP
21Kyutaro OzawaJanuary 1962, 8 (finger) --December 10, 1963 (remark)LDP
22Shigeho TanakaJanuary 1963, 1 (finger) --December 21, 1965 (remark)LDP
23January 1965, 7 (finger) --December 30, 1966 (remark)
24Naoshima NaoshimaJanuary 1966, 12 (finger) --December 15, 1967 (remark)LDP
25Tokunaga MasatoshiJanuary 1967, 12 (finger) --December 4, 1968 (remark)LDP
26January 1968, 8 (finger) --December 3, 1971 (remark)
27Naoshima NaoshimaJune 1971, 1 (finger) --May 27, 1971 (full)LDP
28January 1971, 7 (finger) --December 20, 1972 (remark)
29Yuko KuriharaJuly 1972, 7 (finger) --November 12, 1972 (congress)LDP
30Ueki MitsunoriJanuary 1972, 11 (finger) --December 13, 1974 (remark)LDP
31October 1974, 7 (finger)-October 27, 1974 (public)
32Naoshima NaoshimaJune 1974, 12 (finger) --May 14, 1977 (full)LDP
33Mutsuo KimuraJanuary 1977, 7 (finger) --December 30, 1979 (remark)LDP
34Taro NakayamaJune 1979, 11 (finger) --May 16, 1980 (full)LDP
35Tokutaro HigakiOctober 1980, 7 (finger)-October 17, 1981 (public)LDP
36Juro SaitoJanuary 1982, 12 (finger) --December 1, 1987 (remark)LDP
37Kaname EndoJune 1983, 7 (finger) --May 18, 1986 (full)LDP
38Hitoshi ShimazakiJune 1986, 7 (finger) --May 22, 1989 (full)LDP
39Shinichiro ShimojoOctober 1989, 8 (finger)-October 7, 1990 (public)LDP
40Tomoo IeOctober 1991, 1 (finger)-October 18, 1991 (public)LDP
41Takashi InoueJune 1991, 11 (finger) --May 8, 1992 (full)LDP
42January 1992, 8 (finger) --December 7, 1992 (remark)
43Masaaki TakagiJanuary 1993, 1 (finger) --December 22, 1993 (remark)LDP
44Isao MaedaJanuary 1993, 3 (finger) --December 12, 1993 (remark)LDP
45Akira OmoriJanuary 1993, 8 (finger) --December 23, 1994 (remark)Japanese Socialist Party
46Jinichi OgawaJune 1994, 9 (finger) --May 30, 1995 (full)Japanese Socialist Party
47Yutaka ShitomaJanuary 1995, 8 (finger) --December 4, 1996 (remark)Japanese Socialist Party
48Shimoinaba KokichiJanuary 1996, 1 (finger) --December 22, 1997 (remark)LDP
49Hirofumi NakasoneJanuary 1997, 6 (finger) --December 18, 1998 (remark)LDP
50Yu OkanoJanuary 1998, 1 (finger) --December 12, 1998 (remark)LDP
51January 1998, 8 (finger) --December 7, 1999 (remark)
52Yoshihiro NishidaJune 1999, 8 (finger)-October 13, 2001 (law)LDP
53Masaaki YamazakiJanuary 2001, 1 (finger) --December 31, 2001 (remark)LDP
54January 2001, 8 (finger) --December 7, 2002 (remark)
55Hideki MiyazakiJune 2002, 12 (finger) --May 13, 2004 (full)LDP
56Kenzo MizodeOctober 2004, 7 (finger)-October 30, 2006 (public)LDP
57Ichiro IchikawaJanuary 2006, 9 (finger) --December 28, 2007 (remark)LDP
58Takeo NishiokaJanuary 2007, 8 (finger) --December 7, 2010 (remark)Democratic Party
59Suzuki SeijiJanuary 2010, 7 (finger) --December 30, 2011 (remark)LDP
60Yosuke TsuruhoJanuary 2011, 10 (finger) --December 21, 2012 (remark)LDP
61Mitsuhide IwakiOctober 2012, 10 (finger) -September 29, 2014 (remark)LDP
62Masaharu NakagawaOctober 2014, 9 (finger) -September 29, 2016 (remark)LDP
63Masashi MatsuyamaNovember 2016, 1 (finger) -October 4, 2016 (resignation)LDP
64Yamamoto JunzoSeptember 2016, 9 (finger)-October 26, 2018 (public)LDP
65Shinsuke SuematsuOctober 2018, 10 (finger) -24LDP
66Satoshi MatsumuraOctober 2019, 10 (finger) -4LDP
67Toshie MizuochiOctober 2020, 10 (finger)-Current positionLDP


  1. ^ From November 1947, 11, when the current Constitution of Japan came into effect27th House of Representatives general electionUntil March 22, 1955, when the 3nd Special Diet session was opened by the House of RepresentativesStanding CommitteeThe "Library Steering Committee" was set up as one of the above, and independent deliberations were held.
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