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🌏 | Germany, the first confirmation of corona mutant infection in Japan


Germany confirms the first corona mutant infection in Japan

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Symptoms are mild, and he says he has moved from the airport to his relatives' home in Baden-Württemberg by a car driven by his relatives and is quarantining himself.

[Frankfurt, XNUMXth Reuters] -Germany's Baden-Württemberg authorities inspected in the UK on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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Württemberg Free People's State

Württemberg Free People's State
Freier Volksstaat Württemberg
Kingdom of Württemberg1918 - 1945Baden-Württemberg
Württemberg flagWürttemberg national emblem
(National flag)(National emblem)
Position of Württemberg
1925 Württemberg Free People's State
Official terminologyGerman
1933-1945Wilhelm Mule
Prime Minister Württemberg
1918-1920Wilhelm Bros
1933-1945Christian Margent Thaler
German Revolution191811/9
State Constitution19199/29
Suspension of autonomy19334/7
Baden-WürttembergEstablishment of19524/25
NowGerman flag Germany

Württemberg Free People's State(German: Freier Volksstaat Württemberg) Is1918 OfGerman RevolutionByKingdom of WürttembergWas established after the monarchy ofGermanyState.

German Revolution

World War IThe German Revolution at the end was partly accompanied by massive violence,Kingdom of WürttembergWürttemberg due to the bloodless revolutionWilhelm IRetired on November 1918, 11 and moved to a republican system.With no change in territory or internal affairs, the Württemberg Constitution of the Free People's State of 30Weimar ConstitutionWürttemberg Free People's State by the enactment ofGermanyBecame a member of[2].

Weimar RepublicGermany was in political turmoil during the period, but the Württemberg Free People's State Government maintained its continuity and stability from the time of the monarchy.For example, from 1920 to 1932German ChancellorHas changed many times, but the Württemberg Free People's State Legislature has expired its four-year term without being disbanded.He was also the ruling party in many other states.German Social Democratic PartyWürttemberg lost its influence on the state government early on, and the conservative coalition government ran the state government from 1924 to 1933.Germany was affected by the financial crisis many times in the 1920s and 1930s, but the Free People's State of Wurttemberg is more economically developed than most other states and is the capital of the state.StuttgartWas a financial and cultural center.


1933 yearsPower of the Nazi PartyAnd followForced identityWith the elimination of all but the Nazi Party, the Free People's State of Württemberg and all other German states were virtually abolished.Württemberg Free People's StateFree State of PrussiaWürttemberg-Hohenzollern together with Hohenzollern ProvinceGreater ProvinceWas integrated into.Second World WarLater, Württemberg Free People's State was north and southAmerican Occupation ZoneFrench Occupied ZoneDivided into the American Occupation ZoneRepublic of BadenIt was merged with the northern half of Württemberg-Baden.In addition, the territory of the former Württemberg Free People's State in the French occupied territory became Württemberg-Hohenzollern, and the southern half of the former Baden Republic became Baden.These three states merged in 3 and are still alive todayThe Federal Republic of Germany OfBaden-WürttembergWas established.

PorscheThe emblem of Württemberg, where the headquarters is located, andStuttgart cityIt was inspired by the coat of arms of.


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  2. ^ Article 1 of the Württemberg constitution (25 September 1919) states: "Württemberg is a democratic republic and member of the German Reich. Its state authority is exerted in accordance with both this constitution and German national law". Article 2 of the Weimar Constitution ( 11 August 1919) states: "The territory of the German Reich consists of the territory of its member states."

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