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🌏 | Corona herd immunity acquisition, 9% of the population needs vaccination = Mr. Fouch


Corona herd immunity acquired, 9% of the population needs vaccination = Mr. Fouch

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To date, more than one million people have been vaccinated for the first time in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

[Reuters] – Director Fouch of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is a collection of new coronaviruses ... → Continue reading


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Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Center for Disease Control and Prevention(American Schippy Center,English: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:CDC) Isアメリカ合衆国 OfGeorgiaAtlantaIt is inMinistry of Health and WelfareJurisdictionInfectionComprehensive measuresgraduate School.

officialJapaneseThere is no reason, besides the item names in this sectionUS Centers for Disease Control[1]-Disease Prevention and Management Center-Disease Control and Prevention Center-Quarantine CenterEtc. are called variously. JapaneseMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareAnd Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareQuarantine stationTranslated words are not unified even in sentences published by[2][3].

The abbreviation CDC is used exclusively in the Japanese literature published by CDC.[4].. In this sectionCDCUnify with.


CDC1946Founded in the United States and abroad, it is in a position to lead the protection of people's health and safety.United States Federal GovernmentInstitution.The main purpose is to provide reliable information on health and to improve health.tuberculosisIt plays a leading role in investigating and taking countermeasures against threatening diseases both in Japan and abroad.[5].

Documents recommended by this center are created and published based on the collection results of a large number of documents and data.World standard), And is actually referenced and utilized in Japan and the United Kingdom.Themes such as unknown viruses and infectious diseasesmovies-NovelOften appear in.

Extremely lethalBiosafety level4(BSL-4)[6]Is compatible with Level 4 laboratories (also called P4, BSL-4, PC4, MCL, etc.[7]), the one in the CDC is one of them.

Ebola virusな どResident EvilThe world is dependent on CDC for measures against. It also stores dangerous viruses, and it was confirmed that they were eradicated.Smallpox virusThe officially stored institution isロシアOnly at the National Virology and Biotechnology Research Center[8].

By the way, in CDCBiological weaponsThe risk of pathogens that are likely to be used as is being rated. It is evaluated in 3 stages of categories A, B, and C, and as the highest risk and priority category A pathogen,Ebola virusSuch asHemorrhagic feverVirusSmallpox virus-Anthrax-Plague bacterium-Clostridium botulinum-TularemiaAre listed.

It also acts as a vector for these plaguesmosquitoSuch aspestIt also gives detailed information on the methods and regulations for disinfection.[9].


  • Headquarters: United StatesGeorgiaAtlanta (State capital), Clifton Road
  • Branch: Washington DC-Colorado-PennsylvaniaAll over the United States and other countries
  • Infrastructure: National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID), National Center for Human Immunodeficiency Virus/SOD, and Tuberculosis Prevention (), National Center for the Prevention and Health of Chronic Diseases (), National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), National Birth Center for Abnormal and Developmental Disorders (NCBDDD), National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC), National Immunization Program (NIP), Epidemiology Program Office (EPO), Public Health Practice Program Office (PHPPO),National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health(NIOSH)

Number of staff

CDC guidelines

  • Blood vesselInsidecatheterCDC guidelines for origin-derived infection prevention
  • CDC guidelines for hand hygiene in the medical setting
  • MRSAとERVGuideline for Prevention of In-hospital Transmission of Cancer
  • CDC Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Medical Health Facilities
  • Dental careCDC guidelines for infection control in the field
  • CariesFor preventionFluorideCDC guidelines for using[10]
  • Medical care relatedpneumoniaCDC guidelines for prevention
  • surveillanceCDC guidelines for
  • Other


  • Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)(Weekly morbidity and mortality rate): The CDC's public relations magazine will promptly post the spread of infections such as emerging infectious diseases and legal infectious diseases.

Information service

In CDC,CDC Newsroom[11], MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report)[12][13], Health Information for Travelers[14]Information such ase-mail magazine,HypertextIt is delivered in the format.

It is a valuable information source and a news source for the press, which allows you to quickly know the latest information on clinical trials and research and the detailed contents such as which disease is occurring and to what extent in the United States.[13].


20115/21Was widespread in parts of the United States at that time"The end of the world is near"To sayFalse rumor,rumorIn response to the officialBlogTo thezombieEven if "the end of the world by" comes, we can prepare."Disaster preventionFor advice,ユ ー モ アPosted with[15].

Appearance work


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1000000(million, Hyakuman, Momoyorozu)Natural number,AlsoIntegerIn, the number after 999999 and before.in EnglishOne million(one·million)andmillionIs written asOrdinalThen 1000000th,One millionthBecomes Also,1MSometimes abbreviated.


Other things related to 1000000

An integer between 1000001 and 9999999

  • ―― 2 × 11 × 17 × 2741
  • 1048576 - Power of 2. twenty four20 = 410 = 165 = 324..It ’s also a fifth power,HexadecimalWill be 100000.
  • 1111111 - Repunit
  • 1118481 - HexadecimalRepunit in
  • 1398101 --Repunit in
  • 1508598 --Repunit in
  • 1594323 --Power of 3, 313
  • 1679616 --Eighth power,68 = 364 = 12962.HexadecimalBecomes 100000000. 28× 38 = 256×6561. twenty fournThe one before is 1 (2799367), Next is 10077696 (6)9).
  • 1889568 --Fifth power,185.. Will be 100000. 25× 310 = 32×59049. twenty fournThe one before 104976(184), Next is 34012224 (186).
  • 1948717 --Repunit in
  • 1953125 --Nine powers, 59 = 1253
  • 2000000 - ダ ブ ルmillion
  • 2000719 --Repunit in
  • 2015539 - HexadecimalRepunit in
  • 2097152 --Power of 2, 221 = 87 = 1283
  • 2146689 <p>2019<p>3
  • 2391484 - Ternary systemRepunit in
  • 2396745 - Octal systemRepunit in
  • 2441406 - QuinaryRepunit in
  • 2613660 --Repunit in
  • 2796203 - Binary systemIn(English edition)
  • 2985984 -XNUMXth multiplier,126 = 1443 = 17282.Decimal systemBecomes 1000000. 212× 36 = 4096×729. twenty fournThe one before is 1 (248832)5), Next is 35831808 (127).
  • 3000000 - Triplemillion
  • 3200000 --Fifth power,205.Decimal systemBecomes 100000. 210× 55 = 1024×3125. twenty fournThe one before is 1 (160000)4), Next is 64000000 (206).
  • 3257437 - Decimal systemRepunit in
  • 3368421 - Decimal systemRepunit in
  • 4194304 --Power of 2, 222 = 411
  • 4782969 --Power of 3, 314 <p>2019<p>7 = 21872. twenty fournThe one before is 1 (1594323)13), Next is 14348907 (315).
  • 5229043 --Repunit in
  • 5380840 --Repunit in
  • 5592405 --Repunit in
  • 5764801 --Eighth power, 78 = 494 = 24012
  • 5882353 --5882353 = 5882 + 23532 = 100000001 / 17
  • 6725601 - Seven decimal systemRepunit in
  • 7174453 --Repunit in ternary notation
  • 8108731 --Repunit in
  • 8388608 --Power of 2, 223
  • 9765625 - 510 = 255 = 31252

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