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🌏 | Russian hackers, potential intrusion through Microsoft distributors


Potential intrusion through Russian hackers and Microsoft distributors

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Also, Cloud Strike does not use SolarWinds software.

[Washington, XNUMXth, Reuters] – Cybersecurity Cloud Strike Holdings ... → Continue reading


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SolarWinds Inc.(SolarWinds, Inc)network-management-softwareDevelopment company.1998Established.TexasAustinIs a US IT vendor headquartered in.


20095/21ToNYSEListed on.Expanded network operation product group Orion as a main product.

SolarWinds includes "Network Performance Monitor" that realizes network performance management.server,storage,IP address,traffic, Log events, virtual environment, etc. are provided as a tool to realize centralized management.


202012/13, Companies / institutions that have introduced the network management software "Orion" provided by the company and widely used by major companies and US government agenciesロシアSeen fromCyber ​​attackSuffering fromInside informationIt became clear that such things were stolen.Of the companyProduct developmentThe departmentcrackerInvaded and fraudulent to the productCodesEmbedded and unnoticedupdateIt was distributed to client companies / institutions.According to the company's website and government data, the company's products are sold to the United States.State Department, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance,Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC),Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI),U.S. ArmyAll XNUMX divisions,Fortune 500 companies425 of them are included, and alreadyHomeland Security, Ministry of Finance, Department of State, Ministry of EnergyIt is known that they were victims of cyber attacks.The attack started in March 2020 and the damage is estimated to be enormous, but as of December 3, the full extent of the damage is unknown.[4][5][6].


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