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🌏 | US Consulate in Western Sahara Approves Morocco's Sovereignty


US consulate in Western Sahara approves Morocco's sovereignty

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The Algerian-backed Polisario Front seeks independence.

[Washington, XNUMXth Reuters] – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on the XNUMXth that President Trump will be in Western Sahara this month ... → Continue reading


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Polisario Front

Saguia el-hamraandRio de OroLiberation Popular Front(Spanish: Front Popular de Liberación de Saguía el Hamra y Ríor Oro, POLISARIO), popular namePolisario Front(Polisario Front,Spanish: Polisario Front) IsEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euInIndependent stateArmed and political organization aiming for construction.Effectively control the areaモロッコConflict withアルジェリアGet support from.The number of members is estimated to be about 1. The general secretary as of 2016 (Secretary-General)(English edition).

Spain takes sovereignty over Western Sahara1970If you give upモ ー タ ニ ニMorocco began the divide and rule rule.1973In addition, the Polisario Front was formed among the local residents who wanted to become independent.With the support of Algeria and Libya, the Polisario Front19762/27ToSahara Arab Democratic RepublicDeclared the establishment of.This is the capital of AlgeriaAlgiersWith Abdelaziz as presidentExile governmentMet.Sahrawi Arab Democratic RepublicAfrican UnionAlthough recognized as a member state, it is not a member of the United Nations.Morocco has withdrawn from the African Union in protest of joining the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. 76 countries have approved the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, most of which are African or Latin American nations.Although some countries have not given national approval, they do recognize the Polisario Front as a representative of the population of Western Sahara.Morocco claims sovereignty in Western Sahara, but there hasn't been a long-standing nation that recognizes Morocco's sovereignty, but President Trump of the United States said on December 2020, 12, Morocco and Israel had normal diplomatic relations. It announced that it had agreed to the conversion, and in exchange it announced that it would recognize Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara.However, the United Nations and the African Union do not agree.

The armed struggle with Morocco has been going on for a long time,1991The Polisario Front and Morocco ceasefire, mediated by the United Nations.A referendum will be held asking whether it belongs to Morocco or is independent.United Nations peacekeeping operationsAs (PKO)United Nations Western Sahara Referendum Observatory(MINURSO) was founded.But in this area遊牧民There are many,VotersVoting has been postponed indefinitely due to the extreme difficulty of certifying. As of 2017, the activities of the monitoring team are continuing[1].

As of 2020, the effective territory on the Polisario Front side was mainly inland, and the Moroccan side was in control of the area facing the coast.In November of the same year, the Moroccan government sent troops on the grounds that the traffic of trucks running between Mauritania was obstructed, and entered into a state of war with the Polisario Front near the border town of Guerguerat.On November 11, the same year, the Polisario Front warned that the ceasefire would collapse, but Moroccan troops did not stop and the ceasefire collapsed.[2]. (2020 Western Sahara clash)


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