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🌏 | China Industrial Sector Corporate Profit, Up 11% in November, Up for 15.5 Consecutive Months


China's industrial sector corporate profits increased by 11% in November for 15.5 consecutive months

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Growth accelerated further from the 1% increase in January-October.

[Beijing, XNUMXth Reuters] – The National Bureau of Statistics of China announced on the XNUMXth that the industrial profits of the industrial sector in November were XNUMX year-on-year ... → Continue reading


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10(Jugatsu) isGregorian calendarYearsThe ninth ofMonthThere are 31 days.

JapanThen,Lunar month septemberTheKannazuki(Kannazuki, Kannazuki (also written as "Kannazuki")[1]), Kaminashizuki, Kaminashizuki[2])New yearAlso used as an alias for October.

EnglishThe month name October inLatinSame as the notation, this is the Latin word for "eighth"octo"Is derived from the word. Although it is the tenth month in the general calendar,46 BCWas used up toRoman calendarSo, it means that March of the general calendar is the beginning of the year, and it is the eighth counting from March.[3].

For normal years, January is the year1Same asDay of the weekBegins with.

Etymology of "Kaminatsuki"

MoreKannazuki # EtymologySee.

The etymology of "Kaminatsuki" is unknown.There are the following theories, but they are not certain.いずれにしても漢字「神無」はIn any case, the kanji "Kanna" isJapanese alphabetAnd

  • Month of brewing: Month of brewing new sake with new grains (Sea of ​​wordsby)
  • God month: NewMonth to prepare for (Niiname)
  • Kaminazuki: Meaning of "God's Moon"
  • Thunderless moon: ThunderNo moon

Izumo OfIzumo TaishaSince gods from all over the country gather to discuss the year, there is a meaning of the moon when there is no god other than Izumo, and this has come to be said since the Heian period.Folk etymology(LinguisticsThere is no specific basis for this, and it is an etymological origin)[4][5][6].. In IzumoKamitsukiIt is said.しかし、出雲へ行かずHowever, I did not go to Izumovillage,HomeStay inField god・There are also gods who have a divine personality, and not all gods go to Izumo.[7].


Kami Arizuki (Kamizatsuki)[8], Kamisarizuki (God last month), Kaminakarizuki (Thunderless moon), Kannazuki (Kannazuki), Kengaigetsu (Kenbetsu), Koharu (Koharu), Shigurezuki (Shigurezuki), Joto (Upper winter), Taigetsu (Otsuki), Hatsushimotsuki (Hatsushimotsuki)

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