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🌏 | Mr. Biden criticizes Trump administration for "not getting the necessary information" from the Pentagon


Biden criticizes Trump administration for "not getting the information it needs" from the Pentagon

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On top of that, "many of the government agencies that are important to security have suffered tremendous damage.

President-elect Joe Biden of the United States will provide necessary information from the Pentagon and others on the 28th. → Continue reading


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Government agency

Government agency(Seifukikan,British: government agency) IsCountrySuch as政府Institutions and departments[1].. Or a certain organization to which a part of the authority has been granted by the government[2].


Government agency means government agency or department such as national or local government[1].. Depending on the definition, the government and the government agency may be distinguished, and the government governs a country or part of the country (national or local government), and the government agency is established by the government and An organization that exercises exclusive access to some of its powers[2].

The synonym of public agency (government or government agency) is a private sector entity (private organization, private organization)Nongovernmental organizationAnd so on[2].

Quasi-government agency

Sometimes the concept of quasi-government agency is used[3].

The United States of AmericaTo the quasi-governmental example ofAmerican Olympic CommitteeA non-profit organization based on the establishment of federal law, but not a subsidiary of the federal government, and its staff are non-public servants.[3].. The U.S. Olympic Committee submits annual reports to the president and parliament once every four years[3].


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