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🌏 | New Year's Eve of Corona, event cancellations and popular spot closures around the world


New Year's Eve of Corona, event cancellations and popular spot closures around the world

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The annual "ball drop" will take place at Times Square in New York, but the audience will be limited to medical professionals and other front-line corona responders.

[Reuters] – Sidney, Australia, celebrating the New Year, leading the world's major cities, on the night of the XNUMXst ... → Continue reading


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Times Square

Coordinate: North Latitude 40 Degrees 45 Minutes 28 Seconds 73 degrees 59 minutes 09 seconds west longitude /40.75773 N, 73.985708 W / 40.75773; -73.985708

Times Square(British: Times Square) IsThe United States of AmericaNew York Cityマ ン ハ ッ タ ンAreaMidtownThe name of the downtown area / intersection in.


Manhattan Island Of42 chomeとFifth Avenue,BroadwayLocated in the center of the intersection, east and westFifth AvenueからFifth AvenueFrom around 39th Street in the north and south52 chomeIt spreads around, but there are no strict boundaries.So-calledBroadway MusicalIs located in each theater whereTheater DistrictIt almost coincides with the center of.

Many advertisements (bilboards) are installed on the outer walls of buildings in Times Square, and companies around the world are installing advertisements, huge displays, neon signs, electric signboards, etc., representing not only the United States but also the world's downtown areas. It can be said that it is a typical landscape.It is also a place where tourists from all over the world gather, and the intersection here isWorld crossroadsIs said.The installation of this billboard is required by law as a tourism promotion measure.[1].

The old name wasLong acre square[2]AndThe New York TimesHeadquarters is nowOne Times Square(New Year's EveToBall dropWhere the event takes place[3]), It was renamed to its current name, Times Square, in April 1904.

The northern triangle of Times Square is legal(English edition)It is a place name.This is New York City(English edition)Was a chaplain(English edition)It was named in 1937 after the name of.Duffy monument,(English edition)Statue, theater cheap ticket officeTKTS, And there are red staircase seats in this area.Duffy Square and Duffy Statue in 2001United States National History RegisterRegistered in[4].


1904,New York Times CompanyHeadquarters building42 chomeHorn (currentOne Times Square) Has moved.same year4/8, In response to thisGeorge B. McClellan Jr.MayorThe name was changed to the current one.A subway station was also built at the request of the Times editor.The Times headquarters building1913Moved a little west to Times Annex (43-229 west), but the name of Times Square remained.

1910 era~1920 eraOver the years, Times Square has grown rapidly with theaters, music halls, and glittering hotels.1930 era OfWorld DepressionWith the arrival of, the atmosphere changes completely.Like performing a dubious show or an erotic movie every nightGenre townAnd many danger zones are created.as a result,1960 era~1990 eraUntil the beginning, Times Square was said to be a representative of New York City's danger zone.[1].

1990 eramiddle,Rudolph GiulianiUnder the direction of the mayor, pornographic shops disappeared from the area (Brooklyn,QueensTimes Square has been reborn as a tourist-friendly area with improved safety (almost disappeared from the city after moving to).


From 1904 to December 12st to January 31st every yearCountdownIs world famous and in 2005 at Times Square100th anniversary of countdownAs a result, about 70 people from all over the world visited. In 2007Times Square BallIt is the 100th anniversary since the introduction ofLight emitting diodeA (LED) crystal ball was introduced.

The countdown has attracted a lot of spectators every year, but the countdown from 2020 to 2021 is2019 New CoronavirusDue to the spread of infection, the scale was reduced.virtualWas to be done in[5].


Manhattan Island OfMidtown,Southern end of Central ParkIt is located about 10 blocks south of Manhattan Island, slightly west of the center of east and west, and the actual address isWest sideBelong to.

There are a large number of users, including tourists, including above-ground and underground station premises, and inside the stationStreet musicianIt is a gorgeous place where you can often see the performance of, but there are some aspects that are difficult to understand, including transfer due to congestion and structural complexity.As with the general downtown area, attention is being paid to frequent pickpockets.Also, be aware that taking pictures of street performers without permission will require a tip (sometimes expensive).In addition, there have been cases of violence if refused.In addition, it is necessary to be careful about counterfeits and rip-offs at souvenir shops and street shops that are not major chains.

On the west side of Times Square is a bus terminal to nearby airports and cities.Port Authority Bus TerminalIs located.Also, this western areaHell's KitchenIt used to be one of the most insecure areas in the United States, but it is now crowded with international restaurants.The east side is the office districtFifth AvenueSkyscrapers are lined up along the line, and further to the eastRockefeller Center,Fifth AvenueShopping areas such as are adjacent.Bryant ParkIt's close.

In Times Square,1 Times Square, 2 Times Square,(English edition),4 Times Square, 5 Times Square,(English edition),7 Times Square,(English edition),(English edition),Bertelsmann Building,Paramount BuildingEtc. are built.



New York City Subwayof"Times Square-42nd Street StationIs located almost directly below,N-R-Q-WWith strain (yellow)1-2-3Lineage (red),7Lineage (purple),SThe lines (black) intersect.A-C-ESystem (blue) "42nd Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal Station"(Fifth Avenue42 chomeIt is also connected to (under the intersection) by an underpass.All express lines stop. Queens,DowntownからUpper West SideIt is often the case that you change here, such as when heading to.


New York City BusM7, M20, M42, M50, M104The fixed-route bus stops in Times Square.Also, one block west of the long-distance busPort Authority Bus TerminalIs located.


In Times SquareABC OfGood morning, America,MTV OfTotal Request LiveThere is a studio.

4 Times SquareToNASDAQ market siteIs installed.

On the western edgeNew York Times Headquarters BuildingThere is.


With 5,000 million tourists a year and live countdowns at the end of the year, it is a place that is easy for non-Americans to see, making it one of the best places in the world for billboard sellers. The market price for posting fees in 2007 is as high as $ 1 to $ 27 a month, depending on the location and space.[6]..For this reason, many signs use eye-pleasing gimmicks such as camel in the 1960s (smoke of cigarettes) and cup noodles in the 1990s (steaming up).

Times Square in popular culture

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