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😀 | Slam Dunk movie announcement Tori Matsuzaka "Do you want to play Toyoda-Sanno?" Celebrity fans one after another

Photo Tori Matsuzaka

Announcement of slam dunk movie Tori Matsuzaka "Do you want to play Toyoda-Sanno?" Celebrity fans one after another

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With Sakuragi Hanamichi, who joined the Shohoku High School basketball club, as the main character, she became very popular by drawing confrontations with rival schools and the flowering of talent.

On the 7th, the author Takehiko Inoue tweeted that an animated movie of the popular manga "SLAM DUNK" was being produced ... → Continue reading

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Shohoku High School Basketball Club

Sakuragi Hanamichi

Sakuragi Hanamichi(Sakuragi Hanamichi)Takehiko Inoue OfComicThe work and the originalAnime"SLAM DUNK(Slam Dunk) ”OverheadPerson.アニメでの声優はThe voice actor in the animeKusao Yi.



The main character of the main story.Red hair is a trademark.In Wako junior high school, he was bad and had a fight, but he had a boyish dream of "going to and from school with his favorite daughter." He confessed to 50 women, but all were shaken and the 50th opponent. I hate basketball because my favorite opponent, Yoko Shimamura (from the anime version), was "Oda-kun in the basketball club".しかし、湘北高校に入学した直後に同学年の女生徒である赤木晴子に話しかけられた際、彼女にHowever, when she was spoken to by Haruko Akagi, a female student of the same grade, immediately after enrolling in Shohoku High School, she told her.love at first sightHe joins the basketball club as he is invited.当初はバスケの常識やルールを知らず、晴子の兄でバスケ部主将のAt first, he didn't know the common sense and rules of basketball, and Haruko's brother and captain of the basketball clubTakenori AkagiHe is squeezed and is forced to do boring basic exercises every day instead of flashy play, but gradually he awakens to the fun of basketball and grows up with his own physical strength and competition with various rivals.

He has a strong temper and is violent and overconfident.A person who is in good condition and wants to stand out.Fighting is fast, and since the bad times, fighting has been strong, so violence is often used, and if it is sharp and violent, it becomes unmanageable.A special skill in a fight is a head butt.このように絵に描いたような問題児ではあるが、根は繊細で真面目Although he is a problem child like this picture, the roots are delicate and serious.[Note 2]..女性に関しては、頭が上がらず、「さん」付けで呼ぶAs for women, they don't get up and call them with "san".[Note 3].

Regarding the trademark red hair, he was a regent at first, but after losing the game with Hainan, he changed his mind and changed to a shaved head.[Note 4], In the final epilogue, it was like a crew cut.

It's rude to teammates and players from other schools, such as "Gori" for Akagi and "Boss Monkey" for Uozumi.NicknamePut on and do it yourself[Note 5]Keep calling so[Note 6]..また作者の井上は花道が人の名前をあだ名で呼ばない時は、必ずカタカナにしていると語るInoue, the author, says that when Hanamichi does not call a person's name by nickname, he always uses katakana.[Note 7][2]..On the other hand, Kiyota, who nicknamed "Yaen", gave him the nickname "Redhead Monkey", and in the anime version, he was given the ada name of "Akabozu" by the Ryukawa Guards.

Academic grades were extremely poor, with seven red dots at the end of the first semester.[Note 8]..After that, I went to a study camp at Akagi's house with Ryukawa, Mitsui, and Ryota, and passed the additional exam at the last minute.He has a bad attitude in class, and he falls asleep during class and is regarded as an enemy of his eyes by teachers.

Regarding appetite, at the time of the 2 shoot training camp, I ordered a large serving of katsudon, croquette, saury, yakisoba, hoikoro, ramen, and packed milk by myself, and I had to refill the katsudon.[Note 9]..Also, in the anime, there is a scene after eating 5 cups of ramen a few days after the match against Shoyo.

I learned that Haruko, who I admired, had a crush on Ryukawa[Note 10]This triggered a strong attack on the star player, Ryukawa, even though he was an amateur.rivalYou will be conscious.With the help of Ryukawa's unfriendly personality, the two of them often collide and confuse their teammates, and are called "Shokita's specialty, Iji no Hariai."He ridicules Ryukawa's ability as "junior high school level" and refuses to admit it stubbornly.The rivalry towards Ryukawa is also reflected in the uniform number in the basketball club, and although Ryukawa was supposed to receive the number 10, he refused by saying "I don't like the uniform number below Ryukawa". At the end of a mess, Kogure suggested that he robbed Ryukawa of his uniform number 10, and as a result, he himself wore the 10th uniform and Ryukawa the 11th uniform.試合中でも流川との連携を頑なに拒み、作中において彼が流川に自らの意思でパスを出したHe stubbornly refused to cooperate with Ryukawa even during the match, and he gave a pass to Ryukawa on his own initiative during the work.[Note 11]There were only two times, one that was unavoidably issued when surrounded by Kiyota, Muto, and Takasago in the Hainan War, and the other at the end of the Sanno War, and any pinch was reluctant to give a pass to Ryukawa.[Note 12]..反対に流川からパスを受けた事は山王戦終盤の1度しかないOn the contrary, I received a pass from Ryukawa only once at the end of the Sanno War.[Note 13]..However, in the latter half of the story, although it never appeared on the surface, he gradually began to recognize the power of Ryukawa.

When Ryukawa is injured by a rough play in the south in the Toyoda battle, he reflexively jumps out of the bench and rushes to the south despite being a friend of dogs and monkeys.[Note 14]There are scenes that unknowingly ask for friendship, and even when Mitsui hits the basketball club, he is worried about the beaten friends, shows anger, and hurt him in a fight with Tetsuo. I hit him with all my might as if I was killing the enemies of Shiozaki, Kakuda, Nagarekawa, and Miyagi.[3].

Regarding the family, there was a description that the father collapsed in a state like a seizure when he returned home in the flashback scene of junior high school, but the family composition and family situation other than the father are unknown.父親が倒れた後の生死についても触れられていないがThere is no mention of life or death after the father's fall.[Note 15], The event became a lesson, and I noticed the incident of Anzai who collapsed with the shooting practice, and immediately called an ambulance with appropriate judgment and transported it to the hospital.As for housing, I lived in an apartment when I was in junior high school.

His back was injured in the Sanno match, and after that he was forced to continue participating until the end, and his injury worsened and he was hospitalized after the match.インターハイ終了後は療養中となっているAfter the inter-school athletic meet, he is undergoing medical treatment.[Note 16]..In a conversation with the doctor during the work, it seems that he is doing a fairly severe rehabilitation aiming for a return.In the blackboard manga after the original work, he continues to rehabilitate and shows his ambition to expand into the United States.

In the popularity poll held during the serialization, it was ranked first in both times.[4][5].

Play style

He has amazing physical ability, and his power, speed, and stamina are all first-class products.垂直跳びの最高到達点は赤木をも凌ぎThe highest point of vertical jump surpasses Akagi[Note 17], It takes a long time to reach, so Uozumi'sDunkFrom the top of AkagiblockThe more you do.特筆すべきこととして連続して最高到達点にジャンプ可能で、滞空時間も長いため安西や花形、河田らが息を呑むほどであり、リバウンドを取りまくるIt is worth mentioning that it is possible to jump to the highest point in a row and the flight time is long, so Anzai, Hanagata, Kawada and others are breathtaking and surround the rebound.[Note 18]..It is said that Anzai added rebound and guts to Shohoku.Kawada is also paying attention to the fact that he can lead the team immediately after landing even after jumping enough to block the opponent.In the early stages, "Hung Hung Hung Defense" is a continuous jump in front of the goal at a speed that is not noticeable to the eyes, standing up as if it were an alter ego, creating a wall and blocking the entire shooting course.[Note 19]Was shown.You can also take advantage of your own speed to steal your opponent's pass from unexpected places. The stamina that does not run out even if you run around and repeat power play despite one year, the amazing physical ability as mentioned above, and the bottomless ability to accurately acquire various skills are the mainstays of the director Anzai and other schools The players and managers also appreciated it very much.He himself fell in love with the "champion under the goal", and his ability was also applied to Sanno Kogyo, which was said to be the absolute champion of the high school basketball world, and Domoto, the director of Sanno, hit Kawada one-on-one to block the work of Hanamichi. The more he instructed him to do so, the more he played an active role as a rebounder.The god of Hainan says that the fact that he was immediately sneak around and blocked when he tried to shoot through the flower path was burned into his mind.前述のリバウンドのほか赤木やリョータから教わった「ハエタタキ」や「フェイク」などを得意技とするIn addition to the rebounds mentioned above, he specializes in "fly swatter" and "fake" learned from Akagi and Ryota.[Note 20]..The name became known at once in the brain dunk in the Miuradai battle.

Although he has such amazing physical ability, he is a "beginner" who has never played basketball in the past, so he is not very good at basic skills such as passing and dribbling.The play style is good for rough cutting, and he is also concerned about that, and he gets angry when he is ridiculed as an "amateur".Also, I don't have enough knowledge about basketball terms and detailed rules, so I sometimes hear from my teammates during the game.However, the play when the concentration increased is out of the ordinary, and the opponent who licked it is suffering from a painful return.In one-on-one defense, I am not good at switching to the screenplay of the enemy team, but sometimes I show help that is described as "cells react momentarily".

As a player, the better the matchup opponent is, the more the ability will bloom.Even during the game, he continued to beat the players who greatly exceeded the skill of basketball itself, and grew up to score points from Kawada in the Sanno Industrial Battle.However, since many movements are left to enthusiasm, it is incompatible with players who are not stubborn and devote themselves to solid play, such as Miyamasu attached to Hainan University.Initially, he had only rebounds that relied on his blessed physique, but his basic skills and brains are gradually increasing, as in the lay-up shoots described below, and he is aiming to steal offense fouls at national competitions. Is also drawn.

Although the growth speed is also remarkable, he is an "unfinished tycoon", but behind this growth there is a hidden effort and his own ingenuity, and he is also a hard worker who is not like a bad boy.Inter High4 games in a row in qualifyingExitAfter recording, the talent of the rebounder blossomed against Shoyo, who boasts the highest height in the prefecture.[Note 21]In the following Hainan match, Akagi's injury triggered him, and until now he had been asking for only prominent play, but he began to remember that he would "play for someone" and said, "Scoop the ball you are holding from below. The peculiarity of "throwing"Free throwBy devising a form, I overcame a free throw that I had never entered before[Note 22]..さらに、この予選期間中にゴール下In addition, under the goal during this qualifying periodshootYou will also acquire special training and will participate in attacks.And just before the inter-school athletic meet, I went through a tremendous middle shoot practice of 2 and learned the middle shoot.Partly because of that, in the Sanno battle, Anzai was called "Shohoku's weapon."バスケ部入部からわずか4ヶ月後の山王戦のラストに流川からのパスで逆転のOnly four months after joining the basketball club, the last of the Sanno match was reversed with a pass from Ryukawa.Buzzer beaterI decided.Shohoku has scored 10 points in the total of 1005 games including the official game up to the Sanno game and the practice game with Ryonan, but his score was only 25 points.However, he has scored double digits in the match against Sanno.In addition, ball handling has been quite skillful since the beginning of joining the club.Due to leaving, injury, tactical problems, etc., he has not participated in the official game for 2 minutes.

The play that is played during the game has the power to put the audience on the side, and even in the Shoyo game, Hainan game, Sanno game, etc. where there were few Shohoku fans, his play will trigger the change of the venue to the Shohoku support mood. I was able to do it.Especially in the Sanno match, while receiving a big boo with an unmanned victory declaration, he stole the loose ball while plunging into the press seat without regard for danger, which moved the hearts of the audience who were almost only Sanno fans, and the latter half of the game Then, the venue was changed to a mood that was full of cheering.また、武里戦では試合開始前にその姿が見えなかったAlso, in the Takesato match, I couldn't see it before the match started.[Note 23]As a result, some spectators were disappointed at the audience seats, saying, "I came to see him."In the following match against Ryonan, he received great cheers when he introduced the players before the start of the game, and he was even called a "famous man".However, they were completely disliked by the members of the Ryukawa Guard, and during the match they were often booed by the girls who were supposed to be on their side, saying "Go home!" And "Hikkome!".

In the Sanno match, Mikio finds out that he can only score under the goal and defends, and reads Sawakita's actions and suggests countermeasures to Akagi.[Note 24].

5 consecutive games sent off in the Inter-High qualifying[Note 25]Besides, in the final league match against LingnanOwn goalTake[Note 26], Ryonan's counter is overwhelmed in the crotch, and Sawakita's block is received on the face in the Sanno match, and the bounced ball is scored, and there are many rare plays.Although the skill was absorbed quickly, he was not stable and successful because he was an amateur, and the lay-up shot often failed until the end of the work, and he forgot the tips for rebound and middle shot immediately after practice.海南戦では牧に自らマークを買って出させ、さらにラスト19秒でブロックを行おうとした牧から会心のIn the Hainan War, Maki bought his own mark and tried to block in the last XNUMX seconds.foulAnd created a chance of reversal.However, he seems to be able to get more than his ability unless he is a strong opponent, and when he was used by Miyamasu who had never participated in the game in the same game, he missed all the shots under the goal that he had never practiced.


注 釈

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  5. ^ Only the Sakuragi Corps calls Shohoku members and players from other schools by the nickname given by Hanamichi.
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  10. ^ By setting a record for the first person in high school and the 1st person in total from junior high school, a project to recruit full-length songs for Hanamichi was planned.The author intended to be half a joke, but there were many applications such as parody songs and self-made recording tapes.
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