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📱 | Don't miss a photo opportunity! Three techniques to instantly activate your iPhone camera


Don't miss a photo opportunity! Three techniques to instantly activate your iPhone camera

If you write the contents roughly
Go to Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Back Tap and assign "Camera" to either a double tap or a triple tap.

There are various ways to activate the camera on iPhone.It probably smells everywhere ... → Continue reading

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TabletopWas installed on a wall, etc.OutletAn appliance for powering multiple appliances at a distance from the home. in EnglishPower stripA good table tapJapanglishIs. There are also names such as "power strip".

Electrical Appliance and Material Safety LawIt is classified as a specific electric appliance.

NormallyCodesOn one sideplug, There is an outlet on the other side and extension cord (Extension cord, extension lead) Also called. If you don't have the code and branch into multipleCorner tap,Triple tap (3way socket adaptors).

Although it is an electric appliance itself, it is just a wire,resistanceOther than loss, in theoryelectricityThere is no consumption. (With the pilot lamp described later, it consumes a weak power)

Some outlets have a single outlet and simply extend the cord, but generally there are multiple outlets. The mainstream specifications for home use differ depending on the country or region. In Japan, the maximum rated voltage is 1V, current 125A, and maximum rated capacity 15W. Depending on the purpose, the cord length is widely lined up from 1500 cm to 10 m.

Additional functions

The additional functions are as follows. (Note: Not a feature that is always included with all products.)

Plug removal prevention mechanism
A plug that is locked and twisted inside the outlet to make it difficult to pull out[1].
There are cases where it is a whole switch and cases where it is an individual switch. For the whole switch, all connected devices. In the case of individual switches, since there is a switch for each outlet, the power of a specific device (or the whole) can be easily turned on and off, so it is the same as when the unused device is unplugged.Standby powerCan be 0W[2][3].. Normally, the switch uses a double-cut type (turns on and off both the ground wire and the non-ground wire), but cheaper products use a single-cut type (turns on and off only the non-ground wire) to cut costs. May be used.
Pilot lamp
When the above-mentioned switch is turned on, it may be lit to visually confirm that electricity is being supplied, and may be visually confirmed that electricity is being supplied to the tap itself.2013å¹´Most of the time LED Is used. In the case of the switch energization display, in recent years, there are some that have a print mark that physically displays "ON" when it is ON and "OFF" when it is OFF, eliminating the pilot lamp and further reducing power consumption. Products are also appearing[4].
A shutter is attached to the outlet of the outlet to prevent dust and insects from entering the electrical contact part inside when the plug is not inserted and is unused.Tracking phenomenonReduce the rate of fire. There is also a type in which the shutter does not open unless both the left and right plugs are plugged in at the same time. If there is no shutter, a plug-type lid that pierces an unused outlet is also sold as an inexpensive product, but it needs to be replaced in about a year.[5].
Simple waterproof outlet
Some plugs are covered with an insulating rubber cover when they are plugged in, and have a waterproof (but water-drop-like) function.[6].
Lightning surgedefense
LightningAs a result, when a voltage or current that exceeds the resistance of the product or connected device flows, a utility pole → a home breaker (if this breaker breaks off quickly, damage may be avoided) → lightning that invades from an outlet such as a wall. Built-in overvoltage and overcurrentbreakerOr cut off by the reaction ofVaristorProtects the connected equipment from overvoltage and overcurrent by escaping to surge protection devices such as. But,ThunderThe energy of the original is 1 million V, the current reaches 1000A-20A[7], Resistance to direct lightning strikes and breakers for buildings without lightning protectionGuided lightningAgainst this, the opponent's energy is greatly superior and it is completely powerless.
In addition, there are good misidentified products that show only poor performance in surge protection even if they are equipped with a lightning surge protection function, in which case the connected device will be broken even if it is not a direct lightning strike or a large guided lightning strike. There is. If you receive a lightning strike, the lightning surge protection device, especially the surge protection element such as a varistor, will self-destruct itself and protect the connected devices, so it is often not possible to handle the second lightning strike. Also, other parts of the table tap are likely to be damaged by overvoltage or overcurrent.
Circuit breaker
If the product is used in excess of the rated power, parts may overheat, which may lead to ignition.Therefore, a built-in overcurrent breaker is built into the product, which operates when the rated power is exceeded and shuts off electricity.[8].. In this case, the damage is incomparable to lightning surge, so it can be reused by resetting the breaker.
GroundOutlet with wire/ground electrode
When a device leaks,3P plugThe grounding electrode (a plug with a metal rod between ordinary plugs) and a grounding wire internally connected through it leaks electrical leakage to the ground and protects the equipment from damage. Products that have an outlet with a grounding electrode always have a ground wire, but the effect is obvious unless this ground wire is connected to the ground terminal of a wall outlet or grounded directly to the ground.
noise filter
From connected equipmentnoiseEquipped with a filter that does not transmit to the outlet side. It is a form of home LAN that uses the electric wire network in the home.PLCWhen using, the communication speed is reduced when noise is mixed in the electric wire, so that removing the noise is effective in preventing the decrease in the communication speed. However, most households have multiple outlets, and even if you prevent noise from entering from one outlet, all the wires are connected to the external power supply wire by the breaker box, so all outlets There are drawbacks that must be taken[9].. Also as a means of communicationADSLWhen using, the noise will be reduced for the power supply to the ADSL device, and the communication speed of the ADSL may be less likely to be reduced by the noise from the power supply.
It can be used by attaching a table tap to an iron desk or locker. Of course, a wooden desk/wall where magnets do not work is completely meaningless.
Energization interlocking device (2013å¹´(Currently only for PCs and their peripherals)
Equipped with multiple outlets on the tap, one of the outlets is dedicated to PC connection, and when the power of the PC is turned on, it detects the current change and starts supplying power to other outlets. Equipped. Also on the PCUSBThere is also a type that connects a tap to the terminal and supplies power to the USB terminal when the power of the personal computer is turned on by linking other outlets. In addition, a non-interlocking constant power outlet is also equipped on the same tap, so when you start using the PC, connect the monitor you want to link the power supply to the linked outlet, and the unlinked outlet will work with a PC such as FAX. Connect unnecessary equipment and always supply power. Conversely, when the power of the PC is turned off, it is detected that the power consumption has dropped to a certain level (in the case of the USB method, the power is no longer supplied to the USB terminal) and power is supplied to the interlocked outlet. Stop and turn off the monitor in the previous example. However, since the power is supplied to the non-interlocked outlet as it is, it does not stop so that it does not interfere with fax transmission and reception.[10].
Electric quantity display device
An integrated device that measures the amount of current (A), power consumption (W), converted electricity charges, etc. Although it is simple, it is possible to understand the electricity usage status and cost of connected equipment. In someCO2Some display the amount of emissions. However, on the device itselfPower savingOf course there is no effect. It is only a function of transmitting information to the user. You can also determine how much power you are currently using and how much more you can use up to the rated power.[11].
AC adapter対 応
The width of the AC adapter is wide, so if you plug it into a table tap, it will interfere with the adjacent outlet. For this reason, some products have been devised so that the intervals between outlets are widened to reduce the interference. There are also AC adapters that have outlets at different positions (sideways) from ordinary outlets.[12].
USB power supply対 応
Smartphone-TabletSome are equipped with a charging USB terminal for the purpose of charging information devices. In addition to being able to supply power of 5V 500mA (2.5W), which is the rated current of the USB standard, it is compatible with 5V 2A (10W) for large models and can supply power at high voltage such as 9V and 12V. Corresponding ones are on sale.

Something special

Winding type
Electric drum,Cord reelCalled. The former is often used outdoors such as at construction sites, and is often waterproof. The wire coating is round and sturdy (Cabtyre cable) Is used. However, since these coatings are vulnerable to heat, if the cords are not fully pulled out at the time of use, the coatings may melt due to heat generation, resulting in short circuit or ignition. In addition, as a construction site rule, in order to prevent electric shock, you may not be able to obtain a carry-in permission unless you use a connection cord for a three-core cable with a ground wire.
The latter often refers to the winding type of household table taps.
OA floor(For companies)
In recent years, in office buildings, etc., in order to facilitate LAN wiring, telephone wiring, and electric wiring, a floor raising member called the OA floor is spread over the original floor, and a wiring space is provided between the floor and the OA floor where the feet actually touch. Often have it. Taps installed in such a space do not use a plug, but integrate the electric wire of the tap with a dedicated connector, connect the integrated circuit to the trunk line, and connect the trunk line to the building's main power supply (EPS). In some cases, servers and other equipment may be directly connected to the main power supply unit of the building.
19 inch rackuse
There are many ratings and the number of outlets. Called the outlet bar. There are 10 or more with grounding and removal prevention. In addition, since the server in the rack is equipped with a hard disk that is weak against magnetic force, the magnet fixing that generates magnetic force is not used, and it is often screwed.[13].

Precautions for use

  • Exceeding the rated use causes excess electric energy applied to the device to be converted into heat because the flowing electric energy exceeds the limit of the table tap, and may cause ignition when the overheated component exceeds the endurance limit of the device. It is also common to use multiple stages to connect electrical appliances.Octopus foot wiringHowever, the octopus wiring itself is not dangerous, and it is said that the octopus wiring is dangerous because the outlet port is inflated and many electric devices are connected to it, and as a result, the rating is often exceeded. is there.
  • If a device with high power consumption is connected to one of the tap's outlets, abnormal heat generation may occur even if the outlet exceeds the endurance limit and the total is below the rating. Therefore, connecting an air conditioner, iron, dryer, electric kettle, electric rice cooker, microwave oven, electric stove, etc. to the table tap may cause a fire. In addition, products that do not have the indication (PSE mark) based on the Japanese Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law may have non-standard parts inside in order to reduce costs, which may lead to ignition from abnormal heat generation. Is high[14].
  • If the cords are left bundled, the heat radiation from the cords will not work properly and heat will accumulate easily, which may cause ignition. In particular, in products that have been older than 10 years, there are many cases where the wires are partially broken, and as a result, the number of wires inside is small, and when bundled, the temperature rises easily and there is a risk of ignition.
  • Be careful of water and dust. If water or dust adheres to the holes in the outlet, the left and right holes may leak or short-circuit, overheat and even catch fire. In particular, if the plug is inserted, dust is likely to accumulate and the risk is high, so regular cleaning is a preventive measure. thisTracking phenomenonThat is one of the causes of ignition. Outlets with lids are commercially available to prevent this. There is also a lid on the market that plugs into an outlet.


The recommended replacement of the power strip depends on the usage and environment, but some companies set it to 3 to 5 years.[15]..However, if the coating of the wiring is torn, the connection between the tap and the cord is cracked, the connection between the outlet is thermally deformed, or the part is burnt, it is extremely dangerous to use it as it is, so it needs to be replaced immediately.Most of them have the year of manufacture written on the code.


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