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👍 | Ryoma Takeuchi "I'm gonna put a photo on it" Ayami Nakajo and Ayami Nakajo are flooded with likes for off-shots

Photo Image: Ryoma Takeuchi Official Instagram

Ryoma Takeuchi "I'm gonna put a photo on it" Ayami Nakajo and Ayami Nakajo are flooded with likes for off-shots

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The archery scene that was first released on Ryoma Takeuchi's Instagram on the 8th.

"I'll post a photo hard. This person is surviving a zombie. Now ... please. Spread Kimiseka ❗️🙏 ... → Continue reading

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Ryoma Takeuchi

Ryoma Takeuchi(Ryoma Takeuchi,1993 (5)May 4 -) isJapan OfAn actor,モデル,talent.

TokyoBackground[3][4].HoriproAffiliation.雑誌オーディションを通じてThrough a magazine audition2013 Debuted in. In 2014Kamen Rider DriveStarring in ""Chick"Overprotection KahokoIt was noticed in appearances such as.


His real name is Ryo Takeuchi. Parents who liked the sound of "Ryo" assigned the word "Rai", which was rare in the name at that time[5].. Growing up as the eldest son of three siblings: parents, himself, younger sister, and younger brother[5][6].. He started playing soccer at the age of 4 due to his uncle and belonged to Verdi Soccer School Sagamihara.[5].. Also in high schoolTokyo VerdyI belonged to youth. For synchronizationRyushi Sugimoto,Hidehito Minami,Shunsuke Tateno,Takahiro TanakaWas there[4][7].. The position was DF[8].. Going to college with soccer recommendation[4].

Not only Takeuchi had a prominent personality, but because he liked movies and dramas, he also showed a little interest in the entertainment world.[5].. In April 2013, the women's fashion magazine "mineThe first male exclusive model audition "mina Carre Grand PrixI applied for it at the recommendation of an acquaintance and won the grand prix from 2,457 people[3][4].. Became a member of Horipro and started performing arts under the name "Ryoma Takeuchi"[9].. From before debutKamen RiderThe goal was to play a role[3][4][10].. August the same year, "8rdTokyo Motor Show2013"[11]"The second son is you !! Audition" conducted by "Car House People" formed as the official supporters family of[12]Was selected as a Grand Prix at the same year, and made his debut as an actor in the mini-drama "Car House People" broadcast from October of the same year.[9][13][14].

From May 2014, ``Kamen Rider Drive』Starring Shinnosuke Tomari / Kamen Rider Drive[10][15][16].. From October 1, after the end of the one-year broadcast, TBSSunday Theater"Downtown rocket]. In the latter half of Gaudi's plan, he was selected as the leader of the development team of the artificial heart valve "Gaudi", although he was a newcomer, and attracted attention.[17].. In 2016, won the "Best Styling Award" "Beauty Hairstyle"[18].

From January 2017,NHK serial TV novel"ChickThe first morning drama appearance in the role of Junichiro Shimatani. From July of the same year, Nippon Television "Overprotection Kahoko”Mugino's first role, in October TBS's Sunday theater “Rikuo』, Such as the role of Hiroto Mogi, appeared in a series of notable works. Selected as "Hit of the Year" by Nikkei Trendy of the same year[19], And won the 1st place in the break actor ranking[20].. It also records the number one sales record for 2017 male photos.[21].. In 2018, won the 42nd Erandole rookie award[22].. Also"Emperor's country] The 30th Daily Sports Movie Award, Yujiro Ishihara Award for Otaka[23], 41st Japan Academy PrizeWon the New Actor Award. August of the same year,Sensei monarchThe first starring in a romantic comedy movie[24].. From January 2020, "Theseus Ship』, Starring the Sunday Theater for the first time[25].


"Kamen Rider Drive" related

  • Producer'sTakamori OmoriMochizuki Taku said that the reason why Takeuchi was appointed in this work was that he emphasized the ability to listen to people's stories and the ability to output what he absorbed, rather than acting well, and evaluated his attitude toward issues in the audition. Said that there was a big growth in the pilot version shooting[29].
  • Of the main writerRiku SanjoInitially assumed that the character image of Shinnosuke Tomari was "a little twisted cool guy", but decided that the image was different from Takeuchi who was actually appointed, and from episodes 9 to 11 "cool" I changed it to suit Takeuchi himself, saying, "I was dressed as a character, but the roots are hot."[29].
  • Takeuchi was a suit actor when he watched the first episode.Seiji TakaiwaI had a strong feeling that Kamen Rider Drive after the transformation played by was not myself, and I felt regret.[30].. But in episode 20DubbingI felt that Takaiwa and my feelings became one because what I called out without witnessing Takaiwa's shooting site was completely synchronized, and after that, dubbing became fun.[30].


TaiziIs the leading character.

TV drama


Web drama

original video

  • Drive saga
    • Kamen Rider Chaser (April 2016, 4) --Shinnosuke Tomari / Kamen Rider Drive
    • Kamen Rider Mach / Kamen Rider Heart (November 2016, 11) --Shinnosuke Tomari



Anime movie


Music video

Variety documentary

Special supporters


  • May 2021-Musical "17 AGAIN』- Microphone


Photo album




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