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📷 | Meguro Ren Behind the honesty, Space Six "For those who pushed me out, in a life that I find fun"


Meguro Ren Behind the honesty, Space Six "For those who pushed me out, in a life that I find fun"

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The teacher of the day was Masashi Asada, who takes pictures with humorous scene settings.

The program "Continuous Documentary RIDE ON TIME" that closely adheres to the back side of entertainment. Seas ... → Continue reading

 Fujite Review !!

A medium that provides entertainment information from the "Fuji TV perspective". Under the theme of "There is a continuation in that flower," we will deliver "intelligence that only the staff can know" and "the real intention of the performers" in text and video. It is full of information other than TV such as entertainment, fashion, gourmet, outing, and beauty.

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Masashi Asada

Masashi Asada(Masashi Asada,1979å¹´7/6 -) isJapan OfPhotographers.MieTsu CityI'm from

Mie Prefectural Tsu High SchoolAfter graduation,Japan Institute of Photography and FilmEnrolled inOsakaLive in.同校卒業後はAfter graduating from the same schoolTokyoWe are developing activities in various places around.家族The theme is photography, and in his masterpiece "Asada Family," he used his own family as a subject.Ramen shop,Fire brigade,GokudoI took a family photo in a fiction setting.The movie "The Asadas" and "The Power of the Album" based on this photo book "Asada family!Will be released in October 2020.


  • 1979:MieTsu CityBackground
  • 2000:Japan Institute of Photography and Film Graduated from Graduate School (at that time: Suminoe-ku, Osaka)
  • 2003: Moved to Tokyo, worked for Studio Fobos for two and a half years from 2004
  • 2007: Independent as a photographer
  • 2009: 34th at "Asada Family" Kimura Ihei Photo Award(2008) Award
  • 2013: Served as a deliberation committee member of the 25 Mie Council for Cultural Affairs.

Main exhibitions

  • March:GEISAI-1 (Tokyo Tower Amusement Hall [Tokyo])
  • March:GEISAI-2 (Tokyo Big Sight [Tokyo])
  • May: Solo exhibition at Aura Cross Opening Photo Exhibition.Masashi Asada Photo Exhibition "Asada Family" ( Aura Cross)
  • October: Masashi Asada x Handa Shotaro Exhibition "self PHOTOGRAPHIC" ( Aura Cross)
  • January: Participated in the comical & cynical "One Cross Section of Contemporary Photography" (Dawn Center (Osaka Prefectural Women's Center))
  • February: PhotoOnebo Exhibition(Guardian Garden [Tokyo])
  • September: Exhibited at the New Artist Selection Series Exhibition (HONMACHI ART GALLERY [Osaka])
  • October: Masashi Asada Photo Exhibition "Asada Family 10" ( GUILD GALLERY OSAKA)
  • November: Exhibited at the group exhibition "ROLL PLAY: Role-playing" (Makii Masaru Fine Arts & Tanaka Gallery [Tokyo])
  • February: Participated in Comical & Cynical (Gallery Jijihyang [Korea])
  • July: Masashi Asada Photo Exhibition "Asada Family" (Ginza Nikon Salon [Tokyo])
  • July: ON THE MOVE -Sow the seeds of photos-Participated in the Hokkaido slide show tour (all over Hokkaido)
  • August: Masashi Asada Photo Exhibition "Asada Family" (Osaka Nikon Salon [Osaka])
  • August: Participated in 8 PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOW (GALLERY ILLUM [Korea])
  • October: Guest exhibition at Kansai Onaeba (CASO [Osaka])
  • October: Masashi Asada Photo Exhibition "Asada Family" ( GUILD GALLERY OSAKA)
  • January-: Masashi Asada Photo Exhibition "Asada Family" Photo Exhibition at Strawberry Garden (Kiss Farm [Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture])
  • October: Photo communication class of Faculty of Communication Studies was held at Marunouchi Morning University.
  • March 3-April 15: Exhibited at Shibu Pal Exhibition (Shibuya Parco Parco Museum)
  • April 4-September 26: Exhibited at LOVE Exhibition (Exhibited at LOVE Exhibition (Mori Art Museum)
  • August 8st-October 31th: Art Picnic vol.10 Exhibited at My Home Your Home (Ashiya City Museum of Art)
  • February 2-March 13: Masashi Asada x Satoshi Fujimoto "The Power of the Album" "3 WALL, 11 TOHOKU" Series Exhibition "(KANEIRI STANDARD STORE [Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture])
  • June 6-August 18: Masashi Asada Photo Exhibition "Almost Family" (Taikichi Irie Memorial Nara City Museum of Photography)
  • September 2017, 9-February 2, 2019: Participated in Dogo Onsenato 2

Photo album

  • October "Asada Family" (published by Utrecht)
  • April "Homework for Graduation Photos" (published by Akakasha) ISBN-978 4865410136, Co-authored)


Books and other books

  • August "Family photo is" ". 」(亜紀書房刊(Published by Aki Shobo ISBN-978 4750513195)

CD jacket

Video shooting

Music video


Starring program

  • NONFIX "Please take a picture of Japan today." (August 2011, 8) (Program HP)
  • Extracurricular class Welcome senior"Make a photo? Take the power!" (April 2012, 4) (Program HP)
  • 500 colors I like (December 2012, 12) (Program HP)
  • Kokoro Kasane Awa Odori ~ The Enthusiastic Town Seen by Photographer Masashi Asada ~ (August 2013, 8) (Program HP)
  • Mirai Theater(November 2013, 11) (Program HP - Wayback machine(Archive on December 2013, 12))
  • NHK Shikoku Pilgrimage 1200 Campaign Goshuin Recommendation (November 2014, 11)
  • help!Kiwamebito "I want to take a picture of a" smile "" (September 2015, 9) (Program HP - Wayback machine(Archive on December 2015, 9))
  • Shinsai Mirai School "+ Protect Inochi with Creative" (January 2016, 1) (Program HP)
  • ABU Digista Teens 2015 International Tournament-Young people in Asia draw happiness (February 2016, 2) (Program HP)
  • Sunday Art Museum "Photographs brought up by the earth Brazilian immigrants Haruo Ohara" (May 2016, 5) (Program HP - Wayback machine(Archive on December 2016, 6))

Lecturer / Workshop

  • Marunouchi Morning University "Photo Communication Class-Communicating with one photo from one million words-" (April-June 100, July-September 1)
  • Marunouchi Morning University "Photo Communication Class-New Discovery!" Marunouchi People "-" (October-December 2011)
  • SPBS Photo Workshop 2012 "Workshop to create only one photobook in the world" (April-October 2012)
  • Marunouchi Morning University "Photo Communication" Petit "Class-Let's decorate the cover of the leaflet in class-" (September-October 2012)
  • Kitakyushu Theater Festival 2013 Pre-planning "A" drama "shopping street created with photographer Masashi Asada! !! Photo Workshop (November 2012-February 11)


外部 リンク

Setting (story)

ConfigurationWhat isstoryIt means the foundation building or the foundation itself, which is performed at the earliest stage in the work of constructing.


There are many different things called settings.Time,Place(stage),Character(Human relations) is a major example.Also, it was different from realityVirtual worldIf is the stage, the differences between the world and the real world, common sense in the world, history, etc. are also included as settings.In some cases, these and the times and places mentioned above are included in the world view.

These have been established even for characters and places where there are only a few turns, and the story will be created based on them.

Main items and specific examples of settings

  • Make it clear when the story will be spun.There may be multiple times.
  • Specific examples are "modern" and "modern".Edo Period""Sengoku periodThere are various ways of saying things such as "2000" and "2XXX".Sometimes it's just "summer" or "August".
  • Since Jomon pottery was used, the name of the era is often given from the symbolic props, as in the Jomon period.
  • Sometimes the name of the era is given from the name of the place or royal family that governs like the Kamakura period.
Place / stage
  • Determine where the story goes.There are many cases where multiple places appear, and it is rare that there is only one place.

 In some cases, environmental characteristics and local rules peculiar to the area are included.

  • Specific examples: "Tokyo", "Japan", "Space Colony", "Magic Kingdom", etc.This may also be detailed or rough in some cases
  • Specific example XNUMX: There are many cases where the stage is set up and it is clarified as the story progresses.moviesMonkey planetFor example, if you thought it was a different planet, it was the Earth of the future.
Characters / human relationships
  • An arrangement of the elements that make up a person, such as the name, gender, age, appearance, and personality of the person appearing in the story.AnimeIn the work, it is generally called character setting.
  • Human relationships are a summary of the relationships between the above-mentioned people.This includes things like parents and children, childhood friends, and one person being in love with another person.
Rule system
  • The law in the story.For example, psychic things such as the type and type of supernatural powers.
  • The rule system that is common in old tales is missing, prohibited, violated, recovered, and returned.
  • Common rule-playing games in detective novels are mystery, cover-ups, fake alibis, truths, requests and agency.
  • Often used as a subsystem of a rule systemSimulationismAnd the characters have a rule systemCut up,sampling,RemixTo do.In psychology, it is separation, substitution, and reconstruction.

Importance of settings in production

Without the settings, the story will not progress at all. Even if there are two people and just calling the other person's name, it is necessary to set a "name", and it is also necessary to decide where the two people are.Furthermore, in order to decide the clothes of the two people there, it is necessary to set the era and the person.

In this way, of the elements of "when, where, with whom, who, why, what, and what happened", the setting is directly related to the minimum "when, where, who, who". The "why / what do" part will be influenced by the person's gender, personality, hobbies, and tastes.

Since it is an important item in determining the composition of the story, once it is set, it cannot be changed easily.

If the story that should have been set in Japan suddenly moves to Europe, or if the character who should have been a man suddenly becomes a woman, the story becomes inconsistent and the story itself becomes It will go bankrupt.

Also, some settings may or may not have been added later to make the story consistent, which is commonly referred to as(English edition)That.


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