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🚁 | Rakuten offers drone delivery service on remote islands for 500 yen


Rakuten offers drone delivery service on remote islands for 500 yen

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The service can be used by the target residents of Masaki Island with a shipping fee of 500 yen (tax included).

Rakuten Co., Ltd. will offer a delivery service by automatic flight drone on Masaki Island, a remote island in Shima City, Mie Prefecture, 2021 1 ... → Continue reading


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Five hundred yen coin

XNUMX yen nickel brass coin
MaterialNickel brass
gradecopper 72%
zinc 20%
nickel 8%
直径26.5 mm
bamboo,Orange(Back side)
SurroundingsDiagonal knurled
Issue start2000(12)
Issuance endUndecided
Five hundred yen white coin
MaterialWhite copper
gradeCopper 75%
25% nickel
直径26.5 mm
DesignPaulownia (surface)
Bamboo, Tachibana (back side)
SurroundingsWith lettering
Issue start1982(57)
Issuance end1999(11)

Five hundred yen coin(Gohyakuenkou)Japanese GovernmentIssuedcurrency.XNUMX yen coinAlso called (Gohyaku-edama). Face value 500Yen Ofcoin.

High-value coins

Commemorative coinFor general circulation coins excluding such items, the face value of 500 yen isJapanese coinNot only the highest price in世界It is one of the leading high-value coins. When it first appeared,スイス5Franc,Germany(OldWest Germany) Of 5マ ル ク,スペイン500PesetaAlong with coins, it became a hot topic as high-value coins. This is South Korea500ウ ォ ンInviting a large amount of currency alteration cases (described below) due to low-value coins such as coins,2000(HeiseiIn 12), he was forced to recast.

In Germany and SpainEuroWas introduced and the maximum face value coin was 2 euros, so nowキ ュ ー バ5PesoCoin (Cuban convertible peso is 1.08U.S. dollarToPeg), alongside Swiss 5 francs. The face value of each coin isExchange rateFluctuation. However, although Cuban 5 peso coins are not commemorative coins, they are very rare in circulation.

XNUMX yen white coin (first generation)

1982(Showa57 years)XNUMX yen bill(IwakuraAppeared in place of the C XNUMX-yen coin of the portrait of[1][Note 1][Note 2].. On the surfacePaulowniaBut on the backbambooとOrangeIs designed, and the typeface of the number "500" on the back comes from the C XNUMX yen ticket[Note 3].. Made of 75% copper and 25% nickelWhite copperMade of the same white copperFifty yen coin-One hundred yen coinAs a matter of course, it should be larger, but as a result of examining the relationship between portable mail, discrimination from other currencies, balance with high-value currencies of other countries, vending machine, etc., the diameter is 26.5 mm. It has grown in size. The measured thickness is 1.85 mm.

The letter "◆NIPPON◆500◆" (lettering) is repeatedly engraved on the edge as one of the anti-counterfeiting technologies, and it is the first technology adopted since the establishment of the Mint Bureau. Since the front and back are not aligned with respect to the direction of the engraving, approximately half of the front and back are approximately half when placed so that the characters "◆NIPPON◆500◆" can be read correctly. Exists.

The year 62 had the smallest number of manufactured products (277), followed by the year 5 with the smallest number (64). Unused coins of these years are traded at prices exceeding the face value in old coin dealers.

Due to the frequent occurrence of currency alteration cases, which will be described later, issuance was suspended in 2000 (Heisei 12) in the form of being taken over by XNUMX-yen nickel brass coins.

2 yen nickel brass coin (XNUMXnd generation)

2000In August (12), the second generation with a different design and material appeared.[2][Note 4].. Many kinds of commemorative coins were manufactured and issued in Japan in the Heisei era, but this second generation 2 yen coin (XNUMX yen nickel brass coin) was the only one issued in Japan with new specifications in the Heisei era. It is a normal coin.

It was the year when the era changed from Heisei to Rewa.2019(平成31年/令和元年)の五百円硬貨については、平成31年銘の発行枚数が1億2616万4千枚だったのに対し、令和元年銘の発行枚数は7695万6千枚となり、令和元年銘の方が少なくなったのみならず、令和元年銘の五百円硬貨は、2代目五百円硬貨としては初めて1億枚を切って最少枚数の記録となったが、2代目五百円硬貨では、いわゆる特別年号(特年)と呼ばれる、未使用硬貨が古銭商などで額面を超える価格で取引されるほど発行枚数の少ない年銘はまだ出ていない。

Difference from the first coin

Paulownia on the diameter and surface, bamboo on the back[3][4]Although there is no difference in appearance from the original coins, such as the design of Tachibana and Tachibana, there are some differences as shown below mainly to prevent counterfeiting.


The first coinWhite copperIt was made of 2% copper, 72% zinc, 20% nickel in the second coin.Nickel brassIt was made. ThisElectrical conductivityBecause of the changes in the above, it became easier for machines to detect counterfeit coins. Along with this, the color is slightly golden and the weight is reduced by 0.2 g (7.2 g → 7.0 g).

Front/rear/side changes/anti-counterfeiting technology

In order to prevent counterfeiting, the front and back designs have undergone minor changes, and the side designs have also changed.

  • Fine line
    • On the surface, the background of "Japan" and "XNUMX yen" is convex, and fine lines thinner than the hair are applied to prevent counterfeiting.
  • Fine point
    • Fine dots are applied to the center of the paulownia on the surface.
    • Both fine lines and fine points use the latest technology in metal microfabrication.
  • Latent image
    • On the back side, there is no hole drawn inside the number "500", it looks like "5 ●●".Furthermore, the "0" part is provided with a latent image in which the characters "500 yen" and "vertical lines" emerge depending on the angle.However, since it is a coin, many of the used coins are crushed and difficult to see.
  • Micro character
    • MintAlthough it is not disclosed, it is hard to see with the naked eye, but 0.2 mm each on both sidesJAPANESEIs engraved with micro characters[5].
  • Diagonal serration
    • On the side, instead of lettering the first coin, a diagonal jagged (the number of which is 2) was inserted in the second coin, which is extremely rare in the world. In this way, the 181-yen coin uses more advanced technology for processing the side surface than other face value coins.


The first and second coins are designed to have the same thickness, but the actual thickness of the second coin is 2 mm, which is slightly smaller than the first coin's 2 mm. thin. This difference is due to the change in the edge of the coin from the intaglio to the smooth surface. Therefore, for the first 1.81 coinsCoin holderIn some cases, 2 coins of the second generation can be stored.

3 yen bicolor clad coin to be issued (XNUMXrd generation)

2021(ReiwaIn 3 years), a third generation with a different design and material will appear.[6]..Initially, it was planned to be issued in the first half of 2021 (3rd year of Reiwa),New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)2021 (Reiwa 3rd year) due to delays in repair work to make vending machines and ticket vending machines compatible with new coins due to the influence of the fashion1/22The Treasury has announced that it will postpone the issuance.The specific issue date will be announced again after assessing the situation in the future.[7].

  • Material: nickel brass, white copper and copper (bicolor clad)
  • Grade: Copper 75%, zinc 12.5%, nickel 12.5%
  • Weight: 7.1g (2g heavier than the second generation 7.0g)
  • Diameter: 26.5mm (same as the first and second generation)

It has been announced that the following new anti-counterfeiting technologies will be adopted:[6][Note 5].

  • Bicolor clad with 2-color 3-layer structure
    • Nickel brass is used for the outer circumference, and the inner copper is sandwiched by white copper. Although the copper part is not visible from the outside, this layer is useful when taking advantage of changes in electrical conductivity when working with machines.
  • Variant diagonal edge rim
    • Part of the diagonal knurls has a shape different from other knurls (eye spacing, slope, etc.). This is the world's first adoption of coins for distribution.
  • Fine characters
    • Fine characters "JAPAN" and "500YEN" are processed inside the edge of the surface.[8].

The fine lines, fine dots, and latent images that have already been adopted by the second-generation coins will continue to be adopted, but among these, the latent image is the characters of "2YEN" and "JAPAN" from the second-generation vertical lines and the characters of "2 yen". Will be changed to. Regarding the design of the back side, the bamboo on the top, bottom, left and right and the bottom bamboo out of the tachibana disappeared, and the letters of the year of manufacture on the bottom of the back side were changed from series to arcuate arrangement along the edge.[9].

Counterfeit/altered coins

In the same year that the 1982-yen coin was introduced in 57 (Showa XNUMX), South KoreaBut 500ウ ォ ンA coin was introduced. At the timeExchange rateAlthough it was worth about 170 yen in Japanese yen, the material and size were exactly the same as the 26.5 yen coin, it was made of white copper with a diameter of 7.7 mm, and the weight was only XNUMX g, so it was slightly heavy, so the surface Reduce the mass by slightly shaving or drilling holes,vending machineThere were many examples of coins that could be used as XNUMX-yen coins.[10][11].

The main technique is forgery(Korean version)Is inserted and the "return lever" is operated to take out the genuine 500-yen coins stored in the vending machine.By abusing the design mechanism of the vending machine that coins other than the inserted coins come out to the return slot, the difference profit at the exchange rate of 500 won and 500 yen is obtained.In addition to stealing genuine 500-yen coins, there is also a method of stealing goods, tickets, or change worth XNUMX yen from a vending machine by using a altered coin as XNUMX yen.

In order to deal with this trick, the structure of the vending machine has been revised so that the coins put in can be pooled and prepared for return.

Other than the 500 won coin, although the number was small,(I.e.1RiyalCoins andハンガリー20ForintCoins and 50 forint coins,PortugalOld 25EscudoCoins that are forged coins and counterfeit coins have been used.

In this way, the situation surrounding the 2000-yen coin became extremely bad, and in 12 (Heisei 2) it was changed to the current second-generation coin.

After issuing the second coin,TMJDue to the renewal of, the modified coins that were accepted as the first XNUMX-yen coins gradually became obsolete.2003From around (15), forgery of the second generation 2-yen coin began to be reported sporadically.

2005(17) At the end of JanuaryTokyo,Fukuokaas well as the Kumamoto Ofpost officeFinally, a large amount of forged 2 yen counterfeit coins of nearly 2 coins were found at ATMs and tellers at the post office, and the handling of coins at ATMs was temporarily suspended at post offices in the area.[12].. Many vending machines limit the number of 500-yen coins that can be inserted at one time to three.[13], Some vending machines are limited to one.

As of 2011 (Heisei 23), there is a strong demand for XNUMX-yen coins.Electronic moneySome experts pointed out that it would be hard to be affected by[14].

Due to the above circumstances, the original 33-yen coins are still legally valid, but due to improvements in the accuracy of vending machines and the like, there are increasing cases where they cannot be used.Also, XNUMX-yen coins before the XNUMX inscription (Giza Ten) Is also high in the ratio that it cannot be used in vending machines.[15]

2020At the end of the year (2nd year of Reiwa), counterfeit 3-yen coins were discovered one after another. There is also a view that the criminal will rush to use counterfeit coins before the issuance of the third generation coins.[16].

Number of issued sheets

"Independent Administrative Agency Mint Bureau Data on money "Number of coins manufactured by year"


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注 釈

  1. ^ at firstTemporary currency lawWas effectiveTemporary supplementary currencyIssued as1988(Showa 63)Law on currency units and issuance of moneyAfter enforcement1999It was still issued as "money" until (11).
  2. ^ The C-XNUMX yen note was manufactured and issued for a while after the issuance of the XNUMX-yen white copper coin.1985(60), suspension of payment from BOJ1994(6)).
  3. ^ This front and back is a convenient name at the Mint, and unlike coins of the Meiji era, there are no legal provisions for the front and back.
  4. ^ From the beginning of issuance, it has been issued as "currency" under the "Law concerning the unit of currency and the issuance of money".
  5. ^ Of this technology, the bicolor clad with a two-color three-layer structure and the deformed diagonal serrated edgesCommemorative currencyThen.2008Issued in (20)Currency commemorating the 60th anniversary of the enforcement of the Local Government ActHas already been adopted by.


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