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📚 | Various codes of Japanese history were hidden in "Kimetsu no Yaiba"!


Various codes of Japanese history were hidden in "Kimetsu no Yaiba"!

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Hidesato is also called Tawara Tota, and there are many anecdotes about exterminating youkai.

The manga "Kimetsu no Yaiba" which became a national blockbuster.Books that explore the secret are being published one after another.This book "The Code of Devil" Solution ... → Continue reading

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Hideto Fujiwara

Hidesato Fujiwara(Fujiwara Hidesato)Heian periodMid-term貴族,Australian,Military commander.ShimotsukeLSword-Fujiwara no MuraoChild.

Muromachi Period"Tawara Tota Emaki" was completed inOmiMt. Mikamiyama OfcentipedeFamous for the legend of extermination.Originally it was Shimono Jou,Taira ShomonThanks to the follow-upXNUMXth placeAscend to the bottom, in Shimotsuke and MusashiKokujiGuardian generalBeing swayed by, the power is expanded.Genji-TairaLine up withMaster of the samuraiAs manyFamily treeProduced and modernizedSecond placeThePosthumous recognitionWas done.


Fujiwara KitaFish nameThe style is generally accepted.Ryo OhtaDue toShimono countryIn ShiseikyoLocal tycoon・ There is also a theory[6], From ancient timesOfficials in the officeThere is a theory that Hidesato's mother's surname was given, but it is not clear.Hidesato's grandfatherFujiwara no ToyosawaFujiwara fish nameGrandchild ofFujiwara no FujinariActually, from the tendency of the place of residence and rituals,Mohno end streamThere is also a theory to see[7].

Tota bale(Tota Tahara, The reading is "Tawara no Touda", "Tawara no Touta", FujitaMr. FujiwaraThe first appearance of the name (meaning Taro, the chief of theOld and new stories』Volume 25" Shigeru Hirai, the fifth word that punishes Fujiwara no Hidesato ", and the name of Tota Tahara has not been found in Hidesato's contemporary sources.From the origin,Sagami countryTaaya-gunThe theory that Taharaso (Hadano City) was the place of surname, when he was a childYamashiroThe theory of the legend that lived in the suburbs of Tahara,Omi countryKurita-gunThere are several theories about the legend that originated in Taharago.


Year of birth unknown[2]However, according to the "Tahara Genealogy"Kanpei3 years(891年[1]Is said to be.In any case, it is said that he was quite old when he subdued Masakado.

HidesatoShimono country OfOfficials in the officeAlthough it held the power asEnki16 years(916年) Neighboring country(I.e.CountryParticipating in the opposition struggle against, with 17 (or 18) members of the clanExileIt was said.However, it does not appear that he was a descendant of the royal retainer, and that Hidesato's bravery made it impossible to execute the exile.[Note 1]..Two years later, an extension of seven years (929年) Has been issued a follow-up officer by Kunisuke Shimono because of the orgy.Karasawayama(CurrentSano City) Built a castle.

Tenkei2 years(939年),Taira ShomonRaises soldiers to conquer eight Kanto countries (Tenkei no Ran) And nephew (sister's child)[4]IsTaira no Sadamori-Fujiwara TamenoriIn association with Tengyo 3rd year (940年) In February, the home of MasakadoShimosaSarushima-gunAttacked and settled the disturbance.At this time, Hidesato was Utsunomiya Daimeijin (currentlyUtsunomiya Arayama ShrineIt is said that he defeated Masakado with the spirit sword given in).In addition, the helmet "XNUMX-ma star helmet" (national), which is said to have been worn by Hidesato at this time.Important artworkIs currently being transmitted to Utsunomiya Futa Arayama Shrine[10][Note 2].

Several historians speculate that he was appointed as the ambassador of Shimono, just before the settlement.[Note 3]..Due to this achievement, in March of the same year,SubordinateIn NovemberShimono country(Tochigi)ofKokujiIsMamoru ShimotsukeWas appointed to.furtherMusashi country(Tokyo-Kanagawa-Saitama) KokushiMusashi Mamoru,andGuardian generalAlso served as[Note 4].

Despite the great achievement of defeating Masakado, almost no name can be seen in historical materials after that.According to "Tahara Genealogy"Orthodox2年9/25(991年11/4) To 101 years old[1]It is said that he died inGenealogy summary"according to天徳2年2/17(958年3/10[3]Is said to have died.


Centipede extermination legend

The legend of the centipede extermination that can be seen in the "Tawara Tota Monogatari" has the following synopsis.

Biwa lakeNearOmi countryKarabashi of SetaA big snake lay down, and people were scared to cross the bridge, but Tota Tawara who passed there trampled the big snake without hesitation.The big snake turns into a person, and the clanMt. MikamiyamaHe complained that he was suffering from the centipede, and begged for the extermination of the centipede in anticipation of Fujita.Fujita shot with a strong bow, but the first and second arrows were bounced off and did not work, and when he spit on the third arrow and shot it, it worked and defeated a centipede.As a thank-you gift, he was presented with treasures such as an inexhaustible bale of rice and an inexhaustible amount of silk.RyuguInvited toRed bronzeThe bell was also donated to Mii-dera (Enjoji Temple) Dedicated[16][17].


The first appearance of the tale of the centipede extermination of Tota Tawara is "Taiheki』It is said to be XNUMX volumes[18][19]..However, there is an opinion that the old picture scroll of "Tawara Tota Monogatari" may have been established earlier.[20].Fairy taleSystemPicture scrollThe narrative became even more widespread as it was transmitted to the "Tawara Tota Monogatari" in the book.[16].

Incarnation of the Great Snake and Ryugu

In Otogi-zoshi, the big snake who asked for help is a person who lives in the Ryugu that leads to Lake Biwa, and appears in front of Fujita in the form of a woman.And after the centipede extermination is achieved, Fujita is invited to Ryugu.[21][22]..However, in Taiheiki, the big snake looks like a little boy and takes Fujita to Ryugu as soon as possible, and when a centipede appears there, Fujita is exterminated.[23].


Centipede is not Mt. Mikamiyama in TaiheikiMount HiraTo live in[24]..When a centipede strikes, itTorchesIs described as if two or three thousand are moving in a row.[25], Mt. Mikamiyama, which was seven and a half volumes long, can be seen in "Omi Koshiji Saku" (1723).[26][Note 5].

When you shoot a spit arrow, in Otogi-zoshi,HachimanjinIt is said that he "cut off the centipede" even after shooting.[27][Note 6].


In the story of Tota Tawara, after receiving an inexhaustible amount of silk, bales, and pots from the dragon woman, she was taken to the Ryugu, where she went further.Money bill(Koganezane[Note 7]Receive armor and swords[30][23].

As the times go by, the number of reward items will increase to ten.And also on the swordLate arrow(Chikushi"Akahori familyThe description that it became a heavy sword is "Japanese and Chinese three-year-old drawing society』(1712年) And "Tokaido Famous Places" (1797年) Looks[24][31][32].

The armor is "Hiraishi(Hiraishi"Shimono country OfSanoyaA different sentence that was transmitted to Ujisatoki (before 1713)[33]) Found[28][34], Although spelled differently, "Hiraishi(Hiraishi"When"Muromaru(MuromaruIt is said that the two territories were gifts of Ryugu.Arai ShiroishiIt matches the description of "Honcho Military Equipment" (1709).[35][36].

There is also a description that the pot was called "Kohaya Nabe" and the bale was called "Neck Yui" ("Ujisatoki").[28][37].

Ise ShrineThere are two swords dedicated to Hidesato, which are said to have been owned by Hidesato.One is said to have been sent by the dragon god to exterminate the centipede.Hair-pulling sword (Ise)so,Akahori familyIt is explained that what was a heavy sword was to be held in Ise by crossing multiple hands.[38]..The other is "KiriIt is said that it was made by a swordsmith of the 8th century, Shinto, but it is identified as a sword of the 14th century.[39][40].. other than thisShigaTakeo IslandIt is said that Hidesato is dedicated toKenukigata Tachi (Hogonji Temple)Exists[41][42].


In the second volume of Otogi-zoshi's "Taira no Tota Monogatari", the subjugation of Taira no Masakado is depicted.[21]..Also, with the help of Ryujin, he was able to detect and defeat the weaknesses of Taira no Masakado.


Similar to the centipede extermination of Tawara Tota in the "Kojidan" established in the early Kamakura period (around 1200).Awazu crowner(AwazukanjaThere is a tale of, and it is thought that this is the original story[Note 8][44]..When a rigid person named Awazu Crowner heads for Izumo in search of iron to cast a bell, he is hit by a storm, is picked up by a mysterious child who has rowed, is taken to the dragon palace on the seabed, and is pleaded to shoot his nemesis. It is a synopsis that the enemy's snake was tossed by the genus and was killed, and the bell that was obtained as a reward was stored in Mii-dera.[45].

There is also the consideration of Itsuo Wakao that "centipede" represents an iron vein, and "shooting" leads to "casting".[46][47].

Land legend

Shimono country

In Shimotsuke, the home of Hidesato,Nikko mountainAkagiyamaThe god of Mt. Akagi who changed into a centipede during the warSarumaru DayuThere is a story that (or the hunter Iwanji, Iwasaburo) will avenge (the legend that the name "Nikko Senjogahara" will remain from the battlefield at this time), and it is thought that this was linked to Hidesato.[48]..There is also a similar narrative in Utsunomiya, Shimotsuke Province, where Tota TawaraDevil-HyakumekiIs said to have defeated[Note 9][49]: 25-31[50]: 68-69 [51]: 307-309[52]: 47[53]: 1228-1229.

Iizaka, Shinobu-gun

Fukushima OfIizaka OnsenTota TawaraLoreThere is[54]..Fukushima CityIizaka Town TheNobuo SatoFujiwara no Hidesato's child千常Is said to be the founder.Oshu FujiwaraClan,Azuma mirrorThen,Hidehira FujiwaraIs a close relative as a brave military commanderTsunobu Sato-Loyalty,YoshitsuneI am escorting him to protect him.As for the content,FemaleTransformed intoSerpentAt the request of Tota TawaraCentipede [55]It is said that he was washed and healed at the newly boiled spring () to the north of the area.[56][57].

Offspring clan

Hidesato's descendants dominate central Kanto as a result of not advancing to central KyotosamuraiBecame the ancestor of all.

In addition, as a result of being respected as a famous family of Buke in Kyoto, the descendants were widely distributed as follows.


A shrine dedicated to Hidesato

About the shrines related to Hidesato and Taira no MasakadoTaira no Masakado #Related temples and shrinesSee also


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