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📚 | "Scared and Fun Swiss Picture Book Exhibition-The World of Clydorf, Fisher, Hoffman-" @ Kobe Fat ...


"A scary and fun Swiss picture book exhibition-The world of Clydorf, Fisher and Hoffmann-" @ Kobe Fat ...

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A Swiss-born picture book writer and a painter who has performed various activities.

"A scary and fun Swiss picture book exhibition-The world of Clydorf, Fisher and Hoffmann-" @ Kobe Fashion ... → Continue reading

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"Picture Book Navi Style" is a medium that connects picture books with child-rearing and lifestyles.

To help moms and dads who are raising children with no worries have more fun every day, we use the high expertise that we have introduced picture books as a picture book information site for about 15 years, and deliver information useful for choosing picture books and parenting To do. We will update a few articles every day.

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AuthorWhat is (chosakuka)?articleThewriteThatOccupationThe person whoWriter(Chojutsuka),Writer(Bunpitsuka),作家(Saka),Novelist(novelist, fiction writer),Writer(Shippitsuya),Writer (writer),WritingAlso called (monokaki).

Occupations included in the author

Official classification

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications"Japanese Standard Occupational Classification" (revised in December 9) includes the major classification "ProfessionalTechnologyThere are the following items under "Professional workers".

Poetry-Drama-NovelSuch asLiterary artsOf the workCreationThose engaged in the work ofliterature-AcademicRegardingbook-翻 訳Those who engage in the work of.

Classification example

Add "" to the example of "Occupation classification" above.Examples in a narrow sense are in parentheses.Examples in the Wiki Portal "Literature"Italic.

Writer in a narrow sense

Many novelists, essays, and non-fiction writers simply use "writer" as their title.

Writer in a narrow sense

Writerと 呼 ば れ るOccupationIs very broad because it refers to writers who are out of the typology of "novelists" and "critics."magazine,BookFrom the writing ofAdsMaking a copy of the machinemanual,WebsiteIt is the writer's job to write the document.Also, although these are not originally writer's occupationsカ メ ラ マ ン-Illustrator-DTPoperator·Web designerIn some cases, he does his job.In some cases, he also plays the role of an editor (editor), planning magazine articles, and coordinating the work of other writers.

The social status of the writer isfreelancerWith a freelance writer who works asEdit productionEither form belonging to (subcontractor) is common.The term writer mainly refers to the former, but the distinction between the two is ambiguous, as freelancer writers may be incorporated and started up as an editorial production.In addition, the staff who work in editorial production and handle both editing and writing may use the title of writer instead of editor.

In writing commercial magazinesInfomationThere are various ways to interact with.In cases where the publisher's editor edits and asks an external writer directly, the writer has a direct relationship with the publisher.In addition, there are various cases where the publisher outsources the editing to the subcontracting editing production, the writing is done by the writer in the editing production, or the writer is further subcontracted.

In general, a writer's job is not to "write what you want to write," but to write according to a certain format.Therefore, it is required to have the ability to collect information, plan, and analyze before the talent of writing and the originality of expression.Therefore, the content of duties and required abilities are higher than those of writers.記者Close to.For exampleInterviewThe work of a writer who works mainly onreporterIt is close to, and the judgment of "what to listen to and what to write" is important.

The reward is like a writerManuscript paperIn addition to the case of converting by the number of sheets, the number of characters andA4It varies depending on the business type, such as how many sheets are requested in the form of page unit price on paper in magazines.



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