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👩‍🎤 | Momokuro, singing with 5 sailor warriors "Moon Color Chainon" animation MV released!

Photo Momokuro, singing with Sailor 5 Warrior "Moon Color Chainon" animation MV released!

"Moon Color Chainon" animation MV released with Momokuro and Sailor 5 Warriors!

If you write the contents roughly
The song is the theme song of the movie version "Sailor Moon Eternal" whose first part will be released on January 1th (Friday) and the second part will be released on February 8th (Thursday / holiday).

[Click here for images] Momoiro Clover Z has released an animation MV for "Moon Color Chainon". ©… → Continue reading


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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon > Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Crystal

"Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Crystal(Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal) is a Japanese anime series.

Naoko Takeuchi OfComic"Sailor MoonAs a web animation based on2014From October2015Until MayNico Nico Live BroadcastThe 1st and 2nd periods will be distributed worldwide at the same time.[1]And later from April to September 2015TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting,TOKYO MXIt was broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting on 6 stations such as.The third period isMidnight animeAs2016It was terrestrial broadcast on the same station from April to June.


This work is1992から1997OverTV AsahiProduced and broadcast in seriesTV animation version OfRemake・ Not a sequel, but at the same timeNakayoshiWas serialized inOriginal cartoon OfAnimated.

The production company is the same as the TV anime versionToei animationHowever, the production staff is different from the former TV anime version,Voice actorThe team is also the main characterTsukino UsagiTo playThree StonesIt has been redesigned except for.Unlike the TV anime version, in which the characters and story development were arranged comically, the serious story basically progresses faithfully to the original manga, but it has also been modified independently.

20127/6ToNicofarreAt the 20th anniversary event of Sailor Moon held in Japan, a new animation was released2013Announced that it will be released in the summer[2]But in 20138/4At the production presentation held in Japan, "It will be distributed as a web animation on Nico Nico Douga, etc., and the distribution is scheduled to start this winter."[3]Was announced[Note 1]In January 2014, "Distribution will start in July of the same year."[4]And the postponement was announced again.

January 2013Momoiro Clover ZIs announced to be in charge of the theme song[3], The production staff was announced in January 2014, and the series director saidSweet Pretty Cure♪"ofSakai Munehisa, The character design is "Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion』And known as a general animation directorYukie SakoAnnounced that[4]..2014, which is also the birthday of the original author Naoko Takeuchi3/15In addition, the title will be "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal" and the key visual will be announced, and the original soundtrack board will be released.Nippon ColumbiaからKing recordEble line labelChanged to.

From March 2014Web animeThe 1st term "Dark Kingdom" and the 2nd term "Black Moon" will be held from 1:3 on the 19st and XNUMXrd Saturdays of every month.Nico Nico DougaIt was distributed worldwide at the same time, and it was distributed online at the same time as the TV animation version.[5]..And the pre-screening of the first episode is 1, which is the birthday of Tsukino Usagi.6/30It was held at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO.In addition to Japanese, the language isEnglish,Chinese(繁体字-Simplified characters),Korean,French,Italian,Spanish,German,Turkish,Portuguese,Indonesian,MalayIt has become. From April 2015, an upgraded version with modified animation will be available.Midnight animeAsTVQ Kyushu Broadcasting,TOKYO MXWas broadcast on TV[6].

The first full-length version of "Sailor Moon"Digital processAnime by[Note 2]So, as mentioned above, the content is based on the original[7]However, the original settings and stories are also included (details below#Main differences from the originalSee).In the second period, the transformation of Sailor Chibi Moon was transcribed by hand, and from the third period, the transformation bank was changed to the same hand-drawn animation as the TV animation version.

6/30With Tsukino UsagiChibiusa2015 to commemorate the birthday of6/29から7/4Until "Tsukino Usagi & Chibiusa Birthday Memorial Week"Nico Nico Live BroadcastMade a special delivery at[8]..It will be the first day6/29From 19:20, the opening and ending video of "Sailor Moon" was broadcast in a loop, and from 10:2, a roundtable discussion by Kotono Mitsuishi and others was delivered as "Birthday Eve Festival Nico Nama Special Program".The second day, which is the day of the birthday6/30 TheMusical versionOf the new Sailor Warrior roleSatomi Okubo,Yasuyo Koyama,Kanon Nanaki,Yu Takahashi,Shiori SakataAfter a live broadcast of a mini-live and talk show by TV anime "Sailor Moon R』60 episodes-72 episodes were broadcast at once. Day 37/1Will broadcast "R" episodes 73-88 all at once on the 4th day7/2Broadcasts episodes 1-12 of this work all at once on the 5th day7/3Broadcasts episodes 13-24 of this work all at once, the sixth day, which is the final day[Note 3]Delivered episode 25.

20159Announced the production decision for the 3rd term "Death Busters"[9],2016TV broadcast as a late night animation was announced in January[10],TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting,TOKYO MXIt was broadcast from April to June of the same year.From the 4rd term, the series director will say "Nodame CantabileSuch asChiaki Kon, The character designer saidPrecure seriesKnown asTakahashi AkiraSome staff have changed completely, such as being replaced by.Also in the same year5/6 - 8 DayOverTokyo DomeMade in巨人versusChunichiIn the three consecutive battles of "Sailor Moon Crystal x Yomiuri GiantsA collaboration event was held with the title.

2017In January, announced the production of a sequel as part of the "Sailor Moon 1th Anniversary Project".The same year is Tsukino Usagi's birthday,6/30It was announced that the 4th term "Dead Moon Edition" will be released as a theatrical animation in the front and back, and the director will be Chiaki Kon, the 3rd term series director.Next time20186/30At Tsukino Usagi's birthday event, he was in charge of character design up to the TV anime version "R".Kazuko TadanoHas decided to serve.further2019The theater title and release date will be officially announced at Tsukino Usagi's birthday event on June 6th.[11], It was announced that the key visual and the original author Naoko Takeuchi will be involved as supervision. On October 10th, with the opening of the official movie website, the script was written.Kureyuki KasuyasuIs in charge of animation production with Toei AnimationStudio DeanIt became clear that it will be done jointly. Official Twitter will open on April 2020, 4. On April 17, 2020, a new key visual was announced, and at the same time, the voice actors of PV and Elios were also released.Regarding the release date, it was initially announced that the first part will be released on September 4, 24.[12],2019 New CoronavirusIt was announced on June 2021, 1 that the first part will be postponed to January 8, 2 and the second part will be postponed to February 11, 2020 in view of the impact of the spread of the infection.[13].. On September 2020, 9, a “Who is the voice actor of zirconia” campaign was held on Twitter, and later the voice actor became a talent.Naomi WatanabeWas announced to play.

Voice appearance

Sailor warriors and their companions

Enemy character

ス タ ッ フ

1nd term-3th term

  • Original- Naoko Takeuchi
  • Executive Producer-Takuya MatsushitaAtsutoshi Umezawa
  • Chief producer[Note 4] --Takuya Matsushita
  • Producer-Junichiro TsuchiyaYu Kamiki(Episode 1-Episode 26) → Ruka Tanaka (Episode 14-Episode 39)[Note 5]
  • Series composition- Yuji Kobayashi
  • musics - Yasuharu Takanashi
  • Producer-Katsunori Kobayashi (Episode 1-Episode 3) → Shosuke Okada (Episode 4-Episode 26) → Yuki Ota (Episode 27-)
  • Art Design-Takashi Kurahashi, Yumi Hosaka (1st and 2nd term)[Note 6]
  • Art Setting-Yuri Sanan / Yuzuka Aoyagi (Episode 1-Episode 14) → Yuho Taniuchi (Episode 15-Episode 26) → Iizo (Phase 3)[Note 7]
  • Color design- Kunio Tsujida(1st and 2nd term) ・ Tomoko Kohioki
  • Cinematographer-Takeo Ogiwara (1st and 2nd term) → Nobuyuki Murakami (3rd term)
  • Character Design - Yukie Sako(1st and 2nd term) →Takahashi Akira(Phase 3)
  • Series Director- Sakai Munehisa(1st and 2nd term) →Chiaki Kon(Phase 3)
  • CG Producer-Samurai Himi (1st and 2nd term), Yuji Yokoo
  • CG Director-Yasuhiro Kato (1st and 2nd term) → Takayuki Chiba (3rd term)
  • Edit --Shinko Maki
  • Recording-Chikako Abe
  • Sound effect- Kurahashi Shizuo, Yasushi Ogata (1st and 2nd term)[Note 8]→ Yasuyuki Konno (3rd term)[Note 9]
  • Music producer - Junnosuke Miyamoto, Soichiro Hirano (3rd term)
  • Music production cooperation- King record・ Toei Animation Music Publishing
  • Recording Studio-Toei Digital Center (Episode 1, Episode 27-Episode 39)Tabac(Episode 1-Episode 26)
  • Sound production-Tavac (Episode 27-Episode 39)
  • Online editing- Toei Digital Lab
  • Animation production - Toei animation
  • Production- Kodansha・ Toei Animation

Theme song

Opening theme
"MOON PRIDE'[16](1rd and 2th period)
Lyrics, composition and arrangement- Revo / song - Momoiro Clover Z
"In love with the new moon(Phase 3)
Lyrics / Composition --Tika α / Arrangement- Yakushimaru Etsuko, Motoki Yamaguchi / Song --Etsuko Yakushimaru (Act.27 --29 & Act.38),Mitsuko Horie(Act.30 --33), Momoiro Clover Z (Act.34 --37)
Ending theme
"Moon rainbow'[16](1rd and 2th period)
Lyrics- White rose sumire / Composition / Arrangement- Akiko Kosaka / Song-Momoiro Clover Z
"Eternal eternity" (3rd term 1st ED, 3rd term final episode)
Lyrics- meg rock / Composition / Arrangement- Shinya Saito / Song-Sailor Uranus (Junko Minagawa) & Sailor Neptune (Sayaka Ohara)
"Recommendation of Maiden" (3rd term 2nd ED)
Lyrics- Saori Kodama-Konishi / Composition / Arrangement-Yasuharu Konishi / Song-Sailor Chibi Moon (Misato Fukuen)
"Only eternity can build two people" (3rd term, 3rd ED)
Lyrics- Goro Matsui / Composition / Arrangement- Toshiyuki Omori / Song-Tuxedo Mask (Kenji Nojima)

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescript(Storyboard)
Animation directorTotal drawing directorArt配 信
start date[Note 10]
tv set
Broadcast date[Note 11]
Phase 1 Dark Kingdom
Act 1Rabbit -SAILOR MOON-Yuji KobayashiSakai MunehisaKomatsu KozueYukie SakoTakashi Kurahashi2014
Act 2Ami -SAILOR MERCURY-(Naotoshi Shida)
Hiroyuki Sato
Miho Tanaka
Yumiko Ishii
Shoichiro Mutsura7/194/8
Act 3Ray -SAILOR MARS-Yoko IkedaHiromi Ishigami
Komatsu Kozue
Takashi Kurahashi8/24/15
Act 4Masquerade -Masked Ball-Mutsumi ItoHiroyuki SatoYasuhiro Ikutame
Ken Ueno
Shoichiro Mutsura
Shinji Saito
Act 5Makoto -SAILOR JUPITER-Takahide OgataNaoko Kuwahara-Takashi Kurahashi9/64/29
Act 6Tuxedo Mask -TUXEDO MASK-Yuji Kobayashi(Yoshio Suzuki,
Shigeho Yamauchi)
Yoko Ikeda
Miho TanakaYukie SakoShoichiro Mutsura
Shinji Saito
Act 7Mamoru Jiba -TUXEDO MASK-Mutsumi ItoNarumi KurodaPaul Annyonuevo
Aries Nario
Komatsu KozueTakashi Kurahashi10/45/13
Act 8Minako -SAILOR V-Yuji Kobayashi(Akira Shigino)
Hiroyuki Sato
Hiroshi Shimizu10/185/20
Act 9Serenity -PRINCESS-Mutsumi Ito(Naotoshi Shida)
Kumiko Habara
Momoko Makiuchi11/15/27
Act 10MOON -Month-Yuji Kobayashi(Takahide Ogata)
Masato Mitsuka
Takahashi Akira11/156/3
Act 11Reunion -ENDYMION-Mutsumi Ito(Yoshihide Yusumi)
Miho Hirayama
Miho Tanaka12/66/10
Act 12Enemy -QUEEN METARIA-Yuji Kobayashi(Naotoshi Shida)
Hiroyuki Sato
Paul Annyonuevo12/206/17
Act 13Decisive Battle -REINCARNATION-Mutsumi ItoYukio KaizawaYoshiyuki Ichikawa2015
Act 14End and Beginning -PETITE ÉTRANGÈRE-Yuji KobayashiSakai MunehisaTakahashi Akira1/177/1
Phase 2 Black Moon Edition
Act 15Invasion -SAILOR MARS-Mutsumi ItoNaoyuki ItoMiho TanakaKomatsu KozueTakashi Kurahashi2/77/8
Act 16Kidnapping -SAILORMERCURY-Yuji KobayashiYoko IkedaPaul Annyonuevo2/217/15
Act 17Secret -SAILOR JUPITER-Mutsumi Ito(Kazuhisa Takenouchi)
Kumiko Habara
Momoko Makiuchi3/77/22
Act 18Invasion -SAILORVENUS-Yuji Kobayashi(Yoshiko Mikami,
Munehisa Sakai)
Yukihiko Nakao
Takahashi Akira3/217/29
Act 19Time Warp -SAILORPLUTO-Mutsumi ItoYukio KaizawaYoshiyuki Ichikawa4/48/5
Act 20Crystal Tokyo -KING ENDYMION-Yuji Kobayashi(Kazuhisa Takenouchi)
Hideki Hiroshima
Miho Tanaka4/188/12
Act 21Complex -NEMESIS-Hiroyuki SatoKeiko Iwata
Paul Annyonuevo
Act 22Speculation -NEMESIS-(Yukio Kaizawa)
Nozomi Shishido
Takahashi Akira5/168/26
Act 23Dark leap -WISEMAN-Yukihiko NakaoPaul Annyonuevo6/69/2
Act 24Attack -BLACK LADY-Mutsumi Ito(Kazuhisa Takenouchi)
Miho Hirayama
Miho Tanaka6/209/9
Act 25Showdown -DEATH PHANTOM-Yuji Kobayashi(Munehisa Sakai)
Nozomi Shishido
Yoshiyuki Ichikawa
Yukie Sako
Act 26Play -NEVER ENDING-Sakai MunehisaTakahashi Akira
Yukie Sako
3rd Death Busters Edition
Act 27Infinity 1 Premonition, Part XNUMXYuji KobayashiChiaki KonTakahashi Akira-Takashi Kurahashi2016
Infinity 1 Premonition / Part XNUMX(Benyuu)
Nozomi Shishido
Yukiko AkiyamaTakahashi Akira4/224/11
Act 28Infinity 2 ripplesShun YashiroPaul Annyonuevo4/294/18
Act 29Infinity 3 2 people NEW SOLDIERS(Kou)
Daisuke Kurose
Yuriko Ikehara
Tomofumi Okuno
Eri Mori
Lee Bonzen5/64/25
Act 30Infinity 4
Nozomi ShishidoAyaka groundwork
Paul Annyonuevo
Takashi Kurahashi5/135/2
Act 31Infinity 5 SAILOR PLUTO Meiou Setuna(Tomohiro Furukawa)
Hideyo Yamamoto
Aya Nakanishi
Yue Takayama
Act 32Infinity 6 3 WarriorChiaki KonTakahashi Akira-Lee Bonzen5/275/16
Act 33Infinity 7 Makeover SUPER SAILOR MOONNozomi ShishidoJoji Sawada
Hitomi Matsuura
Naoko YamaokaTakashi Kurahashi6/35/23
Act 34Infinite 8 "Infinite Labyrinth" 1(Kou)
Yasunori Goto
Tomohiro KamiyaTakahashi Akira6/105/30
Act 35Infinite 9 "Infinite Labyrinth" 2(Yuki Ukai)
Masashi Abe
Miho Kaneshiro
Kazuhiro Oriki
Naoko Yamaoka6/176/6
Act 36Infinity 10 Infinity-SkyYukio KaizawaKumiko Kawashima
Kazuya Saito
Takahashi Akira6/246/13
Act 37Infinity 11 Infinity-RefereeNozomi ShishidoAyaka groundwork
Nakamoto Hisashi
Naoko Yamaoka6/20
Act 38Infinity 12 Infinity-DepartureChiaki KonTakahashi Akira-6/27


1st and 2nd term online distribution
DistributorDelivery periodUpdate dateRemarks
Nico Nico Live Broadcast20147/5 - 20157/181st and 3rd Saturday 19:00 --19:30 Update
Sohu Video1st and 3rd Saturday 20:00 update (local time)Chinese(Simplified characters)subtitles
Nico Nico Channel1st and 3rd Saturday 19:00 updateJapanese+12 languages[Note 12]字幕
Bandai channelDecember 2014, 7-September 19, 2015
Aiki (iQIYI)2015/8/15Update all at onceChinese (simplified) subtitles
Phase 1 and Phase 2 TV broadcasting
Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodAirtimeBroadcast seriesRemarks
FukuokaTVQ Kyushu Broadcasting20154/1 - 9/23Wednesday 17:30-18:00TV Tokyo series
HokkaidoTV Hokkaido20154/6 - 9/28Monday 1:05-1:35 (Sunday midnight)
AichiTV AichiMonday 1:35-2:05 (Sunday midnight)
TokyoTOKYO MXMonday 23:00-23:30Independent station
HyogoSun TV20154/8 - 9/30Wednesday 0:00-0:30 (Tuesday midnight)
All over JapanBS1120154/12 - 10/4Sunday 17:30-18:00BS digital broadcasting
Animax20155/23 -Saturday 12: 30 - 13: 00BS /CS broadcastingWith repeat broadcast
Third term TV broadcasting
Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodAirtimeBroadcast seriesRemarks
TokyoTOKYO MX20164/4 - 6/27Monday 23:00-23:30Independent station
HyogoSun TV20164/6 - 6/29Wednesday 0:00-0:30 (Tuesday midnight)
FukuokaTVQ Kyushu Broadcasting20164/9 - 7/2Saturday 1:58-2:28 (Friday midnight)TV Tokyo series
HokkaidoTV Hokkaido20164/11 - 7/4Monday 1:05-1:35 (Sunday midnight)
AichiTV AichiMonday 1:35-2:05 (Sunday midnight)
All over JapanBS1120164/12 - 7/5Tuesday 23:30-Next 0:00BS digital broadcastingANIME +frame
Third term online distribution
DistributorDelivery periodUpdate dateRemarks
Nico Nico ChannelOctober 2016, 4-Wednesday 0:00 update (Tuesday midnight)
Aiki (iQIYI)October 2016, 4-Tuesday 1:00 update (local time and Monday midnight)Chinese (simplified) subtitles

Main differences from the original

Produced based on the original (the latest version at the moment, the "complete version")[17]However, there are also the following differences.

  • Sailor Warrior costume designs and items are basically based on the original, but some may differ[Note 13]..According to Yukie Sako, who was in charge of character design for the 1st and 2nd period, it was designed based on the image of the cover of the complete book.[18].
  • In the original, the hair color of Princess Serenity is often painted in silver, but in this work, it is unified to blonde as in the TV animation.The hair color of Neo Queen Serenity is silver like the original[Note 14]..The color of the King Endimion's tuxedo is white (the same lavender color as the cloak in the original and TV animation).
  • In the original, Luna's eye color is basically blue, but until the third period, it is red like the TV anime version, and in "Eternal" it is blue like the original.Artemis eye color is green like the original[Note 15]..Diana's eye color was blue in the illustration at the time of the appearance announcement, but in the actual video work it is red close to pink (the original may be both blue and red, the TV animation version is red).
  • Some changes have been made to the background description and expression so that new viewers will not feel uncomfortable.Some people have smartphones in the city, the name of "stewardess" has been changed to "cabin attendant", the display of the personal computer has been changed to liquid crystal, and the floppy disk has been changed to optical disk.[Note 16].
  • There are many hints of memories of the previous life.
  • Individual decision lines have been added to each of the Sailor Warriors (mainly those that appeared in TV animation are diverted).
  • The underage drinking and buying and selling scene has been replaced with a scene different from the original.In addition, the cruel scene is also relatively mild like the TV animation.
  • There are no lines, but Ami Mizuno appears at the end of Act 1 and Rei Hino appears at the end of Act 2.
  • In the original and the TV anime, Ami is not brainwashed with a computer disk, but in this work it is brainwashed.
  • In the original, Mamoru Jiba from the beginninghealingHowever, in this work, the power of psychometry can be seen from the time when King Endimion's support was received in the second part.
  • In the original, Jedite was defeated in Act 3 (Sailor Mars first appearance), Nephrite in Act 5 (Sailor Jupiter first appearance), Zoisite in Act 7 (Sailor Venus first appearance), and Kunzite in Act 10. Is alive until Act12.In addition, the first appearance of Kunzite is Act4, the first meeting of Queen Beryl is Act9, and there is a scene where the four heavenly kings meet together (in the original, the first appearance of Kunzite is Act5, the first meeting with Beryl is Act11).Four Guardian Warriors = There are also scenes where the internal solar system warriors and the four heavenly kings fight against each other.Therefore, there are many scenes where the development of the four heavenly kings is different from the original.
  • The setting behind the original, "The four guardian warriors and the four heavenly kings are in love with each other," is delved into.Only Venus remembers that fact, and in the original, the four heavenly kings regain the memory of the previous life when Moon awakens to Princess Serenity, but in this work she regains it when she learns the true purpose of Queen Beryl. Be brainwashed.Reconciled by the four guardian warriors, but all were defeated by Queen Metalia.
  • In the original, it is Venus who defeats Queen Beryl, but in this work it is Moon.
  • In the original, Prince Demand was immediately defeated by Moon and Tuxedo Mask in an attempt to get Moon, but although this work was not converted, he counterattacked Wiseman with Moon, but was beaten up by Neo Queen Serenity. Mutter the name and die.
  • The coloring of the costumes of Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon in the 3rd period is almost the same as the TV animation (the original also has the same illustration as the TV animation), and the skirt hem line is a compromise between the original and the TV animation version. It is a design. "Eternal" has a skirt hem with the same gradation as the original.
  • The design of the space sword in the dagger state and the deep aqua mirror are different, and the design is a compromise between the original and the TV anime version.Sailor Uranus has pale blonde hair and a dark blue costume (in the original, the hair is white, which is close to blonde hair, and the costume is blue).
  • In the original story, Sailor Neptune usually has her back hair tied up with a ribbon, but in this work it is unified with Katyusha.In addition, Michiru in the original and the 3rd period has long hair up to the basic back, but in "Eternal" it is semi-long hair (in the flashback scene, it is the same length as the 3rd period).
  • In the original, the internal solar system warrior does not use the transformation pen after the third part, but in this work, the internal solar system warrior casts the transformation spell of "Planet Power" with the star power stick (the external solar system warrior is the same as the original).
  • Unlike the original, the 38th episode ends with the end of the XNUMXrd term "Death Busters" and the contents of the XNUMXth term "Dead Moon", reminiscent of future developments.
  • Sailor Saturn's tiara jewels and chest brooches are purple in the original and the third period, but in "Eternal" they are light purple, close to white.Also, the chest brooch of Eternal Sailor Pluto is black in the original, or light gray in "Eternal".
  • In the original, the brooch on the chest of Eternal Sailor Moon is pink, but in "Eternal" it is yellow like the TV anime.

Such.In addition, there are many other lines and scenes that have been cut or modified.

Olive Related Products


rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
BD first editionBD regular versionDVD first editionDVD regular version
1st and 2nd period
12014/10/15Episode 1-Episode 2KIXA-90451KIXA-451KIBA-2139
22014/11/12Episode 3-Episode 4KIXA-90452KIXA-452KIBA-2140
32014/12/10Episode 5-Episode 6KIXA-90453KIXA-453KIBA-2141
42015/1/14Episode 7-Episode 8KIXA-90454KIXA-454KIBA-2142
52015/2/11Episode 9-Episode 10KIXA-90455KIXA-455KIBA-2143
62015/3/11Episode 11-Episode 12KIXA-90456KIXA-456KIBA-2144
72015/4/8Episode 13-Episode 14KIXA-90457KIXA-457KIBA-2145
82015/5/13Episode 15-Episode 16KIXA-90458KIXA-458KIBA-2146
92015/6/10Episode 17-Episode 18KIXA-90459KIXA-459KIBA-2147
102015/7/8Episode 19-Episode 20KIXA-90460KIXA-460KIBA-2148
112015/8/12Episode 21-Episode 22KIXA-90461KIXA-461KIBA-2149
122015/9/9Episode 23-Episode 24KIXA-90462KIXA-462KIBA-2150
132015/10/7Episode 25-Episode 26KIXA-90463KIXA-463KIBA-2151
Issue 3
12016/6/29Episode 27-Episode 29KIXA-90656KIBA-92274KIBA-2274
22016/7/27Episode 30-Episode 33KIXA-90657KIBA-92275KIBA-2275
32016/8/31Episode 34-Episode 38KIXA-90658KIBA-92276KIBA-2276

Music cd

Release datetitleStandard product number
2014/7/30MOON PRIDEKIZM-295 / 6 (Sailor Moon Edition)
KICM-1533 (Momokuro board)
2014/12/24Sailor Moon Crystal Original SoundtrackKICA-3226 / 7
2015/4/29Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Crystal Character Music Collection Crystal CollectionKICA-3239
2016/4/27In love with New Moon (Yakushimaru Etsuko ver) / eternal eternityKIZM-423 / 4
2016/5/25In love with New Moon (Mitsuko Horie ver) / Recommendation of MaidenKIZM-427 / 8
2016/6/22In love with New Moon (Momoiro Clover Zver) / Eternity bridges two peopleKIZM-435 / 6
2016/7/27Sailor Moon Crystal Original Soundtrack IIKICA-3265 / 6


Movie version

It will be a sequel from January to February 2021Theater animation"Movie version Sailor Moon Eternal(Gekijoban Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal) was released in the front and back parts.[11][13]..Both the first part and the second part are limited as visitors' benefitsCarddassDistribute[19]. Also,Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau(Fukuoka City Subway) distributes goods in collaboration with the same work, and the main character, Usagi Tsukino, appears on the station premises broadcast.[20].

catch copy"Stars in my chest, keep shining and give me strength."[21](Teaser Visual), "We dream" many times. "[22](Part XNUMX), "Protecting this star, that is my dream"[23](Part XNUMX).

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

"Moon color Chainon(Both the first part and the second part)[24]
Lyrics- White rose sumire / Composition- Akiko Kosaka / Arrangement- Lunar eclipse / song - Momoiro Clover Z with Sailor 5 Warrior [Sailor Moon (Three Stones) & Sailor Mercury (Hisako Kanemoto) & Sailor Mars (Rina Sato) & Sailor Jupiter (Ami Koshimizu) & Sailor Venus (Shizuka Ito)]
"Want to be us(Part XNUMX)[25]
Lyrics- Akimoto Yasushi / Composition-Nozomi Inoue / Song- Ishida Yoko[Note 17]
Ishida specially covers the ending theme of the TV anime episode 128-140 ("SuperS" episodes 1-13)[Note 18].
"Let's go "likely"(Part XNUMX)[26]
Lyrics --Naoko Takeuchi / Composition --Masao Mizuno / Arrangement --Yuzo Hayashi / Song - ANZA[Note 19]
ANZA specially covers the ending theme of the TV anime episode 141-166 ("SuperS" episodes 14-39)[Note 20].

Music cd

Release datetitleStandard product number
2021/1/13Moon color ChainonKIZC-610 / 1 (Momoiro Clover Z Edition)
KIZC-608 / 9 (Eternal Edition)
2021/2/10Movie version "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal" Character Song Collection Eternal CollectionKICA-3288 (Regular Edition)
NKZC-31 / 2 (luxury edition)



注 釈

  1. ^ It is said that Naoko Takeuchi's retake was included.
  2. ^ In the 1st and 2nd period, some OP scenes and the transformation bank scene to Sailor Warrior3DCGIt is drawn in.
  3. ^ This day is the first Saturday, which is a regular delivery date from the beginning.
  4. ^ Newly established from episode 27.
  5. ^ Since February 2015, the joint name of Kamiki and Tanaka. With the departure of Shinboku in April 2, only Tanaka became credited independently.
  6. ^ Kurahashi and Hosaka were credited jointly, and then Kurahashi alone came to be credited with Hosaka's departure.
  7. ^ Joint name of Taniuchi and Ii from February 2015. With the departure of Taniuchi in April 2, only Ii became credited independently.
  8. ^ This distribution of episodes 1 and 2 is credited with the position of "sound effect assistant".
  9. ^ Konno is in charge of sound effects in the "Sailor Moon Series" for the first time in 19 years since "Sailor Moon Sailor Stars".
  10. ^ The 1st and 2nd periods are based on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, and the 3rd period is based on Niconico Channel.
  11. ^ The first and second periods are based on TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting, and the third period is based on TOKYO MX.
  12. ^ English, Chinese (Simplified Chinese)繁体字),Korean,French,Italian,Spanish,German,Turkish,Portuguese,Indonesian,Malay.
  13. ^ As an example, Sailor Moon wore goggles in the early days in the original, but not in this work.The same applies to the amulet on the waist of Mars and the chain belt of Potpourri from Jupiter.Mercury has three earrings for only one ear (there are also three illustrations for only one ear in the setting reference book).In the original, Venus has no division in the bangs, but in the 3st and 3nd periods, the bangs can be clearly divided only after transformation, and in the 1rd period, small divisions are drawn in common before and after transformation.
  14. ^ However, until the middle, he was blonde like the TV anime.In the recollection of Chibiusa in the third term, she is blonde again.In addition, Queen Serenity also has the same blonde blue eyes as Presense Serenity in the OP before Act 3 of the distribution version, and it was corrected from Act 5 to silver hair silver eyes similar to the original.
  15. ^ However, in the OP before Act 14 of the distribution version, it was blue like the TV animation, and it was corrected after Act 15.
  16. ^ Floppy and cabin attendants have been modified in the original as of the new or complete version.
  17. ^ The ending theme of the TV anime "R"Maiden's policy, And the insert song "Ai no Senshi"Yoko IshidaSing in the name.
  18. ^ The original song isMiwako FujitaniIs singing.
  19. ^ Musical versionI played a rabbit.
  20. ^ The original song is Meu (Miyuki Kajitani) Is singing.


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