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👍 | Mayuko Kawakita announces marriage to a general man Pair look coordination is also popular as "nice"


Mayuko Kawakita announces marriage to a general man Pair look coordination is also popular as "nice"

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The words "Congratulations" are overflowing on the Internet, and congratulatory messages from entertainers such as Maria Tani and Ai Takahashi are in the comment section.

Mayuko Kawakita announces her marriage.The other party is a general man, and two shots are also posted.Model Mayuko Kawakita on the 2th ... → Continue reading


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Maria Tani

Maria Tani(Maria Tani,19957/28 -) isTokyoFromFemaletalent-モデル.Star ray productionAffiliation (until December 2020)[2].


JapaneseとPakistaniHalf of.Started performing arts activities when he was in junior high school[3].Senshu University Matsudo High School-Type EI'm from. After a year of ronin, at the general entrance examinationWaseda University Faculty of CommerceEnrolled in[4]..During the Ronin era, I studied more than 1 hours a day from morning till night[5].

As of December 2020, 12, the agencyStar ray productionLeave the company[2].


Hobby,volleyball,Western music(My favorite singer isSelena Gomez).EnglishIs fluent.


tv set

Internet tv

  • You can buy AbemaTV(November 2018, 2 -,AbemaTV)-Guest appearance
  • 7 days in love with your tongue (August 2018, 8-August 4, AbemaTV)-Studio guest[7]
  • I want to have a romance drama (May 2018, 5 --July 26, 2018, AbemaTV) --MC[8]
    • I want to have a romantic drama 2 (December 2018, 12-February 1, 2019)
    • I want to have a romantic drama 3 (December 2019, 5-February 11, 2019)
    • I want to have a romance drama ~ Kiss to survive ~ (August 2019, 8-October 10, 2019)
    • I want to have a romance drama ~ Bang Ban Love ~ (January 2020, 1-)

As a model

TV drama


Photo album

  • MARIA (July 2019, 7, Kodansha)[12]


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