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👍 | Laura's beautiful body was "organic vegetables" and 〇〇? !!

Photo Image: Laura Official Instagram

Was Laura's beautiful body "organic vegetables"? !!

If you write the contents roughly
"Healthy Sunday ✨🧘‍♂️🌱😋📝 Farmers market open on Sundays.

On the 18th, talent Laura updated her Instagram to reveal her dietary habits to maintain a beautiful body ... → Continue reading

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Farmers market

Farmers market (Farmer's Market) is mainly in the areaProducerFarmerGathered together and brought in agricultural products made on their own farmconsumerOf style to sell directly toMarketIs.Originally, it is called a farmer's market in the form of "the producer himself sells at the storefront",Direct sales officeEven though it is nothing more than a farmer's market, it can be seen in some cases.


In North America from the colonial era to the 19th century, the tradition of market law governed the availability of food and other necessities at fair prices.Public markets were set up in cities, groceries could only be purchased through the public markets, and off-market trading, resale, and hoarding were prohibited.For this reason, products in the public market were sold directly by producers, and the rules for local production for local consumption were followed.The current farmer's market is also based on local production for local consumption due to the tradition of the public market.[1].

For modern consumers, the farmer's market does not intervene, so the selling price can be kept lower than the general market, and the producers themselves sell face-to-face, so they can feel secure about the agricultural products that are the products. In addition, there are various merits such as excellent freshness of the product because it is completely shipped directly from the farm.For producers, they also sell their products directly to consumers (Agricultural cooperativeThere are merits such as being able to freely set the selling price, being able to know the direct reaction of consumers to the product, and being able to spread the understanding of agriculture through contact with consumers. ..

Farmers marketEurope,AmericaSuch,Developed countryIt is held in many areas of the country, and it is a deep connection between local producers and consumers.DepopulationWas progressingRuralRevived or rooted in the communitySpecialty goodsThere are many merits such as an increase inCitizenIt has gained recognition even among.In addition to selling agricultural products,BreadKindSweetsStores of processed products such asCafeIt also has an aspect as a "place of relaxation for the citizens", such as events such as live music and live music.Or alsowelfareThere is also a farmer's market that is widely used as a zone that not only sells agricultural products but also improves eating habits and revitalizes the region, such as distributing tickets to low-income earners as part of the service.

Organic Farmers Market

Especially in the farmers marketOrganic produceA style market that deals with (organic) things.Organic farmingIt is,Food safetyNot only is it a means of protectingPesticide,Chemical fertilizerBecause it is agriculture that does not useEcologyIs closely related to.It is thought that the organic farmer's market embodies a philosophy that goes beyond the commercial merits of producers and consumers by handling only those produced by these organic farming methods.


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