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🐈 | Hayabusa / Hikaru's beloved cat is "a cat like a dog".

Photo Hikaru, who loves to hug, and Moko, his partner 

Hayabusa / Hikaru's beloved cat is a "dog-like cat" A partner who doesn't ring, doesn't get angry, and loves to hug

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He has been familiar with enka and folk songs since he was a child, and made his debut on February 2012, 2 as the song group Hayabusa with "Yokohama Yokokoimu".

The cat of the Kayo group Hayabusa Hikaru (XNUMX) is Moko (male, XNUMX years old) with exotic shorthair.Little la ... → Continue reading

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Yokohama yokorenbo

"Yokohama yokorenbo"(Yokohama yokonbo) isHayabusaDebutsingle.2012å¹´2/22ToVictor EntertainmentWas released by.

recorded music

  1. Yokohama yokorenbo
    Lyrics:Toshiya Niitani, Composition:Satoshi Hibara, Arrangement:Norio Ito
  2. Body and soul ...
    Lyrics: Toshiya Niitani, Composition: Satoshi Hibara, Arrangement: Norio Ido
  3. Yokohama yokorenbo(Original Karaoke)
  4. Body and soul ...(Original Karaoke)
  5. Yokohama yokorenbo(Karaoke with melody)
  6. Body and soul ...(Karaoke with melody)
  7. Yokohama yokorenbo(Karaoke for female voice)

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