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📱 | Antiviral & antibacterial processing Clear case for iPhone 12 series


Anti-virus & anti-bacterial processing Clear case for iPhone 12 series

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All of them are said to have cleared the standards set by the SIAA (Antibacterial Product Technology Council), and have acquired the symbol marks "Antiviral SIAA Mark" and "Antibacterial SIAA Mark" of the Council.

SB C & S; (Minato-ku, Tokyo) is "SoftBank SELECTION" ... → Continue reading

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Antibacterial Product Technology Council

symbol mark

symbol markIs thatFamily tree,Company,Group,IndividualEtc.SymbolTodesign,マ ー ク.

SportsInternational competitions, etc.Event Ofマ ス コ ッ トIs also a kind of this.In the old daysRoman Empire"" Used in the timesFishesMark,knight Ofshield,Flag sashimono OfDesignFromFamily crestEtc. are also counted in this.other,EuropeIn the old town ofJapanese cuisine tavernAnd various specialty storesSignboardThere are many interesting marks and designs.

In Europe, study these thingsHeraldryThere is also a field called.

Some schools also have a symbol mark.In many cases,School emblemThe same design is used for, but some schools use different designs for the symbol mark and the school emblem.

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