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👍 | FBI Asks For Public To Help Identify Capitol Ri…

Photo Another FBI image shows one individual who is suspected of placing pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC headquarters Wednesday. The FBI is offering a $ 50,000 reward for information that contributes to the person pictured. (Image: FBI)

FBI Asks For Public To Help Identify Capitol Ri…

More than 6 people have now been federally charged with trespassing, theft and possession of firearms and explosives. The photo of a man. 60 riots at the US Capitol show people posing in private offices and gleefully vandalizing the Capitol building. sitting at Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-California) desk with his feet up led to his subsequent arrest and charging with theft. From another viral photo, a Florida man was arrested after being pictured waving to a camera while carrying Speaker Pelosi's lectern. The FBI has publicly released an image with 12 people who… → Continue reading

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